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Old Stone Oven 14-Inch by 16-Inch Baking Stone
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Product Description

Let's say your kitchen doesn't have a wood burning brick oven in it, yet you love the texture of the crust from a real pizzeria. Don't despair! This stone will produce an amazingly "genuine" crust right in your own oven.

Professional pizza and traditional European bread ovens are often lined with stone or brick. This is so heat is stored up and redistributed evenly. The resulting blast of heat from the Old Stone Oven rectangular pizza stone gives bread and pizza a nice chewy crust. The rustic French tarts called galettes are also well suited to a baking stone. To use the stone, place it in a cold oven and preheat to 500 degrees for pizza, or according to the recipe for bread or galettes. The stone is made of the same material that lines blast furnaces and kilns, so it can handle ultra-high temperatures.

Wait until the baking stone is entirely cooled before attempting to clean it. Let it dry completely before using again. Some discoloration will occur over time; this is natural and will not affect baking. Using baking parchment may help delay that discoloration. Do not bake cookies, turnovers or other high-fat items on the stone; the stone would absorb the fat and proceed to produce smoke and bad odors. The stone comes with a flyer that contains detailed use and cleaning instructions, as well as recipes for bread, pizza dough, and two pizza toppings. --Garland Withers

  • Pizza stone duplicates crispy pizzeria-style crust
  • Firebrick construction offers superior heat retention and distribution
  • Flat surface releases pizza or bread quickly and easily
  • Durable texture resists cracking caused by high temperatures
  • Measures 14 by 16 inches; includes recipe collection

Customer Reviews:

  • No problem with shipping - packed well
    I received this stone last week. It arrived quickly, in one piece and very well packed (packed in a box within a box and the stone itself was surrounded by a cardboard support and cushioned with butcher paper). I used it for the first time this past weekend for homemade pizza with much success....more info
  • Baking Stone
    Well, it's just a stone, so it's hard to get too excited about the product. Does the job, what more can be said? Packaging is rather poor, so shipping can be problematic. The first one was broken, so had to have another one shipped. ...more info
  • za greatest
    This is really a great buy. it's the best value for the money. Sturdy won't break under heat stress like the others I have had....more info
  • It came broken
    The stone came broken. Packaging was the problem. I will try to get one locally....more info
  • This thing is great
    I use two of these in gas oven at temperatures reaching upwards of 700 degrees and they have performed admirably for over five months.

    I whole heartedly recommend these....more info
  • well built
    This is replacement for a similar size baking stone that was dropped and shattered. The one that broke was just a flat piece of fired clay. This one has ridges that seem as though they should make it a little more sturdy although I hope not to test that assumption....more info
  • Bread baking stone
    The breadstone was delivered on time and the purchase was smooth and very satisfactory! The shipping was free so the price was very competitive with any local merchants in my area. I am enjoying the stone and have baked MANY wonderful breads on it since it arrived. Lita Baum...more info
  • Three years and no problems
    I bought(2)of these in 2005 for ten dollars less each here at amazon. It was a good price then. Too bad it has gone up so much. Nevertheless, I believe they are great for pizza and bread. I have always left them in the oven and take them out to scrape them clean on occasion. I figure they are heat cleaned. I tried the unglazed tile (home depot) in a pan years ago but they did not create a crisp crust. They do not absorb moisture which is why they can be used outside in cold climates..not brutal, but cold. In addition, they are not not for eating off of. Maybe it does not matter but I would not assume they are safe. These stones from Old Stone are great and make a great pizza at 500 deg. and preheated for almost one hour. ...more info
  • Baking Stone Extremely Well Packed
    Old Stone Oven 14-Inch by 16-Inch Baking Stone

    I was hesitant to order this baking stone because of the reviews saying it arrived broken. These reviews were as recent as last spring - so I don't know if the packaging has been redesigned but mine came through fine.

    It struck me as extremely well packed. It's in a heavy-duty corrugated cardboard box, held securely in place by corrugated cardboard braces. Then packed as other Amazon shipments are in a larger box, padded with crumpled brown paper. Shipped UPS.

    Of course, though it's called a "stone" it's actually a ceramic tile, so it is breakable. But mine came through fine and I can't wait to use it....more info
  • old stone oven pizza stone
    I have made many a glorious pizza and many wonderful free form breads with my baking stone...I even got one for my brother in law...more info
  • Old Stone Oven Baking Stone
    The first Old Stone Oven Baking Stone that I ordered through Cook's Direct via arrived broken. It had been shipped in the original box the stone comes in which is not sufficient for UPS type shipment. However, my money was refunded without problems. Instead I then purchased the same item directly from Amazon which packed the original box into another box with plenty of peanuts. It arrived in fine condition.

    As for the Stone itself it truely is a great cooking utensile and makes a not crispy crust pizza. I highely recommend using it....more info
  • Perfect fit, I have a small oven!
    I love it! When not in uses I leave it in the bottom of oven. This helps the oven stay at a consistent temperature. Blocking the red hot coils from my cookie sheets, and glassware. I cover the stone with aluminum foil. I don't want grease and oil to stick to it.
    This stone and high gluten flour have made my pizza dreams come true(and a wooden peel).
    ...more info
  • Holds the heat, makes my oven great
    I do use this large stone, on the lowest rack of my oven, for baking bread, pizza, and cookies, ALWAYS on a sheet of parchment paper, no matter what I bake. I use parchment paper for baking any product with a large amount of flour. I keep the stone in my oven for all baking because, after the longer heat-up time, the temperature in my oven stays constant through every cycle of the electric element heating up and cooling down.
    I saw on a PBS breads cooking show that parchment paper can be used on a stone in any hot oven, over the 420 degrees F of the Reynolds brand paper; up to 475-500 degrees F is what I saw. The paper can turn brown and black, get crisp, and still be in one piece. You throw away parchment paper after use every time anyway....more info
  • It arrived broken
    Yes, I also ignored the warning of the other reviewers who wrote in to complain that their stone arrived broken.
    My stone also arrived broken!!! :-(
    I'm not sure who I am more annoyed with. Myself or Amazon.
    I spoke with an Amazon Rep who assured me that the damage issue has been resolved and that they were
    packing these items more carefully to avoid damage.
    Sorry, but any High School physics student could look at the packing and tell you that it is woefully inadequate for the weight and fragility of this item.
    If this is their idea of an improvement, I can't even imagine how poorly packed it was before.
    The item is packed in a box that only supports the outside edges of the stone and provides virtually NO SUPPORT underneath or above the stone to keep it from shifting inside the box. Thus, it breaks...
    They do a miserable job of packing this item for shipping. Maybe their next idea of improvement will be
    to put small rocks in the box.

    Amazon is going to have to do some serious groveling to resolve this issue for me.
    My recommendation, do not buy this stone. It is very fragile and Amazon does an atrocious job of
    protecting the item for shipping....more info
  • Amazon - Please mark it "FRAGILE"
    I ordered this as a treat for myself. Because of the snow, it took a week and a half to get here. I was pretty excited when it finally arrived. When I opened the box, it was broken. It was clearly marked on the product box as "fragile" - but not on the shipping box. Who knows what the shipper did with the box during transit. I was pretty disappointed. I asked for a refund and going to go purchase one at a local store. ...more info
  • Pizza Baking Stone
    Turn your oven into a brick oven with the Old Stone Oven Pizza Stone... Now with a specially designed HEAT CORE. Absolutely the best Pizza Stone available. This specially-engineered design concentrates heat at the center delivering a delicious crispy crust evenly throughout your pizza. No more under-baked center on a large pizza.

    Elizabeth's Pick "I use my Rectangular Pizza Stone for baking pizza and breads. This stone is so durable you can leave it in the oven all the time.... making storing the stone easy, I just bake all my foods with the stone on the lowest rack in the oven."

    A baking stone for home oven use reminiscent of the stone baking ovens of earlier times. Over 30 years ago the Old Stone Oven Company first introduced the baking store for home use and it is still the best. Thicker than other stones available, it has a porosity and heat retention that is perfect for a good crust. The Old Stone Oven Pizza Stone duplicates crispy pizzeria quality pizza - crust and all- in a standard kitchen oven. The Stone can also be used to bake bread, rolls and biscuits giving them a very special texture and quality or as a warming tray to keep waffles, pancakes, fried chicken, etc warm until ready to serve.Pizza Stone - Rectangular...more info
  • Great Stone
    This is a great pizza stone. It is easy to fit a normal oven because of the rectangular size, and it heats up well and cooks evenly. I would definitely recommend this product. I actually saw it recommended on "America's Test Kitchen", and I agree with them....more info
  • Great Pizza Stone
    This stone is great for warming up products like pizza, rolls, and empanadas. Fits the oven perfectly and provides plenty of room to warm products....more info
  • Best Pizza Stone for the money
    To anyone looking to make great home made pizza's, look no farther! As a advid Internet shopper, I shopped a gazillion sites and looked at all sizes and prices. If you are reading this review and have not purchased
    yet..STOP READING and BUY THIS PIZZA STONE! I've done all the research, I
    own this stone. It makes excellent pizza, put stone in oven, set oven for 500 degrees,once oven it at temp. turn down to 450 and put your pizza in.
    Set timer for 8-10 mins. for thin crust. You will love it!!!...more info
  • Excellent, heavy baking stone
    I've had this stone for roughly 1.5 years now and it's held up to a lot of use. It's quite large ... nearly fills an oven rack ... so making large loaves or large pizza crusts are easy. Being very thick and heavy, the stone cooks evenly. Do note that the stone is quite heavy ... roughly 11 lbs ... but the little "feet" on the bottom make it easier to hold onto and move around (when cold, of course.) I'm quite pleased with this stone (even more pleased that the price was $10 less when I bought it compared to the $40 listed in 12/2008!...more info
  • pizza stone
    good size and good durability. I accidently knocked it off the counter and it didn't even chip....more info
  • eventually cracks
    I bought this as a gift for my husband last Christmas, and he loved it. However, it cracked within six months, so I'm now seeking a replacement, will not repurchase this brand....more info
  • Good product and good service from
    Product arrived broken, insufficient packing on the part of mfg. and amazon. Of course pkg. was open and retaped by UPS (probably.) Great service from amazon customer service, replacement arrived within a few days.
    Thank you...more info
  • Very heavy
    Works great but it's very heavy. Course it is stone. Does give my bread a nice crust. ...more info
  • Produces great crusts
    I'm sorry so many customers received broken stones in the mail. I ordered mine about 2 months ago, and I was nervous about receiving it in one piece -- but I lucked out. I have been using it regularly since for both pizzas and European-style artisan breads, and it has done a great job of creating crisp, crackling, golden-brown crusts. Paired with the recipes from the book "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day" I've had wonderful results. I now keep it in the oven all the time as most of my oven use is for baking various types of breads. ...more info
  • Arrived broken, poorly packaged by Amazon
    Packaging looked OK from the outside, but upon opening the inner box, saw that the stone was cracked in half.

    Amazon could have done a better packaging job - the inner box (original product) was well padded and said FRAGILE on it, but this box was knocking around inside a larger Amazon box with insufficient padding and no FRAGILE markings on the outside.

    Since there's no way to ensure a better job will be done a 2nd time, I'm returning this for a refund (rather than an exchange).

    Moral of the story... be home when it's delivered and shake the box - if you hear busted crockery noises, send it back!...more info
  • Makes better bread
    I had been baking my bread on a cookie sheet and had always had a problem with the bread sticking to the pan, no matter how much cornmeal I used. Problem solved with this baking stone. This, plus a Julia Childs trick of steaming the oven, now gives me the old-style european hard crusted bread that I've always loved....more info