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While Blink-182's pop-punk has given more than its share of entertaining moments over their career, "sonic experimentation" is hardly what you'd expect from their sixth studio album. Within their guitar-bass-drums template, however, they offer moments of playfulness and lyricism that stretch their definition of sound. The tempo changes and uses of (relative) silence in "Violence" and "Stockholm Syndrome" borrow post-punk conventions, and lend a new feel to the band's trademark cranked-upness. (The use of treated piano on the latter song also suggests that they've bent an ear to a few psychedelic-pop classics in their time.) As with 2001's Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, a theme of loneliness emerges upon the first couple of listens, but this time it feels as if Blink wants to connect it to something larger than before. Growth from the guys who once jokingly celebrated man-on-dog intercourse? Yeah. And best of all, it's worth hearing. --Rickey Wright

Customer Reviews:

  • punk-pop matures, surprising results
    There are indeed pros and cons to a band maturing and/or experimenting with their sound. On the pro side you have the possibility of new, exciting ideas from the band, not to mention the potential of reaching new fans. Therein lies the con, however: with every new fan said band obtains with their new sound they also stand to lose one. Such a time comes for every band, good or bad. That time for blink-182 is here...

    So now the big question ensues: was it worth blink's time and energy to dirvert from "rock show" and "small things"? The answer: a rather resounding (and surprising) yes. blink-182 have done what so many bands attempting to do have not: they have progressed seamlessly from their last outing to this one.

    Like a rosebud blossoming into the beautiful flower it knows that it is, blink's new sound seems to point to a rather natural progression, one that was destined from blink's conception. There's not a hint of forced metamorphosis or the stench of let's-change-this-for-the-sake-of-changing-it.

    For evidence, look no further than the first single "Feeling This." Sure, it has the poppy-hooks that have defined blink-182's career, but the lyrics have gotten a tad serious. More proof? How about a more obvious change: "Violence" has a guitar line that comes through the speakers like that annoying fly you can't get out of your house - but in a good way. Then the main riff hits and you think, "Hey, this isn't so different." Oh, yeah? How about the first verse when the wall of guitar disappears like PETA's logic and you hear Tom sing over what sounds like blink's take on lounge music before exploding into the chorus - and it works!

    It's songs like "Violence" that suggest between albums Mark, Tom, and Travis listened to a rather wide variety of music; usually what happens when a band tries to mature. Hell, not only did they clearly listen to The Cure but they had Robert Smith come and sing on "All of This." "I'm Lost Without You" points to a Joni Mitchell-esque influence, which is never bad when discovering your feelings. Which brings me to another point: the lyrics.

    The music is only half of a band's experimentation. The lyrical ideas also seem to change with the sound. This album is no exception. Sure, blink-182 has always had songs about love, or the lack thereof. But it's on this album where they get serious and lament over lost love ("All of This", "Always"), or express their I'm-sorry-let's-try-this-again ("Always").

    The thing I love most about this album? Travis's drumming, of course. It's always been impressive, to be sure; but here it's gotten to the point where i'm continually stunned song after song. Best evidence: "Feeling This" where he goes from a flowing rock rhythm to a prog-rock rhythm and back again before your brain can even fully process how good what you just heard was, or "Stockholm Syndrome" which is impressive from it's stuttering, schitzo beginning to drum-rolling end.

    If this in fact the last album for these 3 they have chosen the right note on which to end their career. After such great bursts of entertainment like "What's My Age Again"? it makes me wonder which would be worse: Having blink return with a miserable come-back album or just staying gone?

    ...more info
  • Best Blink yet
    This album sat on my shelf for months before I listened to it--having all the other Blink albums, I figured I knew what it'd be like before I even heard it. When I finally did listen to it, I was amazed. This is by far their best album. I can't believe all the one-stars...if you're only looking for throwaway lyrics and fart jokes, then this album won't have much appeal. I was blown away by the honesty and intensity of the lyrics, and by the fact that these guys do, after all, really know how to play their instruments. Travis Barker's drumming is unbelievable, and their willingess to experiment with strings and percussion adds a lot of depth to what might have been mediocre songs. "Violence", "Asthenia", and "Always" are, I hope, hints of great things to come. If you're a Cure fan, don't miss the track with Robert Smith "All of This"....more info
  • "Let her slit my throat, give her ammo if she'll use it."
    This was a pleasant surprise. The first single off this record, "Feeling This", sounds like normal Blink-182 except with less singing. But luckily, the band broke out of their creative rut and delivered a solid, enjoyable album that deviates from their common pattern throughout.

    None of the songs are really amazing or stand out that much, but almost all of them have something unique to like. The second single, "I Miss You", is an interesting acoustic song with strange lyrics. "Violence" is catchy and ends with a reading of a love letter from the bassist's grandfather to his wife. "Asthenia" contains a pretty original opening and guitar part. "Easy Target" and "All of This" share a tune, and the latter features Robert Smith of the Cure. "I'm Lost Without You" is over six minutes long, which sounds like it would be an eternity for a Blink-182 song, but it actually goes by pretty quick.

    Almost all of the songs that weren't mentioned also have something about them that makes them worth listening to. This may not be your kind of music, but unlike their other albums, it still may be worth a listen or two....more info
  • AMAZING ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DUDE! this album is AMAZING! i never gave blink ANY credibility until this album. their previous albums had some very entertaining songs with some very good melodies, but they've grown up & i with them. i can feel the broken heart in this album and how a broken heart is sometimes necessary to help a person mature. blink has DEFINITELY done that in this album. COVER to COVER this album still AMAZES me, i've been listening to it constantly for months and am STILL amazed. blink 182, you just gained a HUGE fan, can't wait for the next....if there is one!...more info
  • Blink's Best and Most Musical Album
    It was in 2003, Blink-182 came out of the studio with their best and self titled album. Over two years, the Punk/Rock group had put together an entire collection of hits creating Blink-182's most musical sounding album. The group had come even more together as a band and were even stating their political beliefs on the War. For this record, Blink-182 relied more on keyboards to further their expressions of melodies and harmonies. Once again, drummer Travis Barker shines as the band's music prodigy, but the rest of Blink-182 also displays their own progression of their musical talents. BLINK-182 is an excellent record and a must have for any music collection. My personal favorite track and my favorite Blink-182 song is "Violence". Enhanced CD features contain footage and music videos. ...more info
  • amazing =]
    Firstly if you're going to buy this album then you've probably only just got into Blink 182.
    Well take it from me this sounds NOTHING like any other Blink album so don't start here.
    Oh and FYI this is that last Blink album other than thier greatest hits as the band are no longer together.

    This album is post Boxcar Racer, pre Angels and Airwaves and it shows.

    The lyrics and music is very emotional and definitely not for the light hearted.

    Every track is amazing.
    But if you're looking to just download one i'd recommend - "Feelin' this"

    RIP. Blink 182...more info
  • Not a Blink fan, but...
    After hearing the absolutely stunning Angels and Airwaves "We Don't Need To Whisper", I decided to check out some Blink 182. I never had any interest in them, but Angels and Airwaves really peaked my interest.

    It's really interesting to hear the progression that Tom DeLonge is making with his career. This Blink 182 CD is quite amazing. There's a lot of fun to be had and also a lot of sobering moments.

    Hilights include "I Miss You", "Down", and "All Of This" (featuring Robert Smith of The Cure- finally getting his dues as an influential icon).

    The potty humor of old Blink 182 is nowhere to be found on this CD and they're really showing how skilled they are as musicians and songwriters. It's a perfect lead-in to Angels and Airwaves. Well done Gentlemen!...more info
  • Blink 182's Best Effort
    In my opinion, this is the band's best effort. While this album has the classic Blink formula of catchy rock hooks and infectous drums, it departs into new ground. This is an album that sees Blink develop from pop-punk into the alternative fray. with songs Like Obvious and I Miss You, you can clearly see an attempt at crafting songs that aren't the usual playful formula that they have applied in the past.
    For what it's worth, I wasn't disapointed by this record, I celebrated the band's departure and evolution. I Highly recommend this record to any returning Blink fan or anyone who enjjoys a good alternative record.
    ...more info
  • not their best
    Old Blink 182 fans, be prepared for a new 'maturer' direction in their music. It's a shame that in my opinion they don't pull it off. They're better off as the childish 20 somethings we know. They try to overcomplicate stuff and in my opinion, it doesn't work(Violence, Not Now). However, there are some good elements of the album,which are reminiscent of the old Blink 182 (Always, Down, I Miss You, Feeling This). Furthermore, i wouldn't recommend this to new-comers to Blink 182. Instead try their Greatest Hits to fully appreciate their sound....more info
  • blink 182 leave on a high
    ok blink are sooo underated i mean ok enema and toypaj were very poppy but dude ranch was brill and this album is astonishing.
    feeling this 8/10 great ending and very catchy but a more poppy song
    obvious 9/10 very punk and very dirty sound excellent lyrics and catchy ending
    i miss you 9/10 AMAZING live aswell they punk it up more
    violence 9/10 great idea for a song and ACE chorus
    stockholm syndrome 10/10 AMAZING probably the best song on the album unbelievable just amazing!!
    down 8/10 a great song with a loud chorus and calm bridge
    fallen interlude 8/10 mellow, experimental, very hip hop for travis i think
    go 9.5/10 ACE!! short, sharp music, great lyrics and vocals by mark this REALLY shows him off
    asthenia 8.5/10 very good riff and cool punk bridge with a mini travis drum solo
    always 8/10 probably the worst song on the album and its a single!! catchy but a bit too poppy for me
    easy target 9/10 shud have been a single amazing loud angry drums and riff and a very angry bridge by mark at the end
    all of this 9/10 the legendry robert smith from the cure sings the verse which shows how good this song is. its a follow on from easy target but completley different manner of tacklin the same issue, easy target is angry and frustrated and all of this is calm, sad and subdued, great contrast
    heres your letter 8.5/10 great music cool openin and another great hoppus song
    im lost without you 8/10 very pink floyd excellent drum solo to end the album on

    (bonus songs)
    not now 9.5/10 their last ever single and an amazing riff with mark getting his bass solo!! very original idea for this song about tom wantin to say goodbye to his lady but its too late because hes died-'god has a bastard plan'
    anthem part 11 live excellent live very very punky and a bit of humour at the beginning!! very funny!!

    overall this album has everything...a bit of pop punk but alot alot alot!! of punk rock such as go and stockholm syndrome
    SOOO much better than green days' pop fest of american idiot where the only good songs are the singles and some of them (septemeber ends)are rubbish aswell!!blink never got the recognition they deserved hopefully there other bands (plus-44 mark and travis) (angels and airwaves tom and others) will do. BUY IT!! well worth the 7 or whatever form music zone if u live near leeds!!...more info
  • Blink's Best
    Blink 182 was awesome when they were immature, but none of their other work can even touch this album musically. They grew up big-time on this, really seeming like a different band.

    1. Feeling This - Good verses, annoying chorus. It has some really good beats in it, though. (4/5)

    2. Obvious - Once again, awesome drums, as throughout the whole album. Shows an extremely dark side of the band, great bass in the chorus. (5/5)

    3. I Miss You - Great acoustic song, very emotional lyrics and tune. (5/5)

    4. Violence - The intro is awesome with the guitar string bends and everything. The bridge in this song has a very creepy feeling to it, with Mark faintly saying things in the background and Tom's voice echoing. (4/5)

    5. Stockholm Syndrome - Really heavy guitar intro, the main lyrics are fast-paced and mostly yelled (in a good way) by Tom. A song to stand up and rock out to. (5/5)

    6. Down - Very atmospheric song. The whispering between the verses and chorus really adds a lot to the feel of this song. (3/5)

    7. The Fallen Interlude - The only member of blink who is actually in this song is Travis. It's completely instrumental except for one line that is repeated a few times at the end of the song. Has some mean drums in it. (3/5)

    8. Go - Short, angry song about domestic violence, sung by Mark. The lyrics have a genuine forcefullness behind them, and Tom yelling "GO!" over and over again in the chorus pushes the anger of this song even further. (5/5)

    9. Asthenia - Overrated, but still a good song. The beginning is the perfect way to relieve the anger of "Go" before the real song starts. Catchy riff in-between the verses and chorus... Heck, the whole song is catchy. (4/5)

    10. Always - Modeled after music of the 80s. The perfect blend of pop and rock. (4/5)

    11. Easy Target - All I can say is WOW. The drums at the beginning set the tempo for the song perfectly. It's awesome how Mark's voice in the chorus starts with relatively no emotion, but then by the end of the chorus it picks up so much anger. I hear all the time that song is too short. Well, I think that it is best off that way. The guitar part leading into "All of This" at the end is awesome. (5/5)

    12. All of This - This song and Easy Target actually make up a two part song, with this song being a far darker tune, almost haunting. Robert Smith from "The Cure" does most of the vocals on this song, and his voice is perfect for it. The lyrics on this tune have so much impact in them. I heard that if blink wouldn't have gone on indefinite hiatus, that this would have been their next single. I think that this song is the kind of song that would've had the all the critics going "WOW!!!!", the kind of song that would've launched blink to a new level of success. It's too bad they couldn't stay together for just a little longer. (10/5)

    13. Here's Your Letter - People don't give this song enough credit. The lyrics are powerful, the bridge is amazing, especially as it moves into the final chorus. (5/5)

    14. I'm Lost Without You - My main problem with this song is that it goes on for too long in between the final chorus and the closing drum solo. But the verses are amazing, with so much emotion. Whatever that instrument in the second verse is that starts playing when Tom sings "Where are you now..." really adds to the effect of the song. All in all: A haunting love song with a sweet drum solo to finish off the album. (5/5)

    ...more info
  • Going out on a high note.
    So, I've never cared much for Blink 182. In fact, I've always pretty much hated them. Aside from acknowledging that Travis Barker is a pretty damn good drummer, they've just never really been my thing. However, their final album turned out to be pretty good. This is much more solid and mature songwriting, and a huge step forward for a band that previously seemed to be perpetually trapped in adolescence. Barker, who was by far the most talented member of the band, is given much more room to do his thing, contributing some really interesting and killer drumming.

    The band try a lot of new things here, and to good effect. "Feeling This" ends with a really cool overlapping vocal harmony which becomes acapella as the rest of the band fades out. "Violence" has a spoken word part superimposing a soft piano melody. This is a bit cheesy, but it works ok, and I really like the woman's voice (sounds a bit like Jane Seymour, but I have no idea if it is). "The Fallen Interlude" is mostly instrumental, with an excellent groovin' drum beat.

    But, best of all is "All of This", which features guest vocals from Robert Smith of the Cure. This is easily the best song they've ever done IMO, and is really more like a Cure song than a Blink song (with Smith doing almost all of the vocals), so if you're a Cure fan (and if you're not, then shame on you :), you should at least hear this one. Also, I really like how the previous track segues into it. The guitar melody starts at the end of the song, played at a faster pace, and then they gradually slow it down until it segues into the next song. Very cool stuff.

    So anyway, while I for one am not really gonna miss these guys (especially since they've broken into two bands, The Transplants and Angels & Airwaves, which both blow them out of the water), I'm glad they at least went out on a high note. This is something I never thought they'd do, so I have no complaints. ...more info
  • Best Blink CD
    This CD shows a lot of growth for the band and shows a broader range than their previous cds. It was a very good album to end on....more info
  • From Fisher Price 2 Priceless!!!!
    This album from Blink is priceless and I mean it! It's just like those mastercard commercials where they end it with that saying! Even as cheesy as it may be, it is solely true on their part. This album had to have taken massive amounts of work and long hours from the guys for months, days, and weeks just to complete. Which probably explains their decision to take time off from recording for awhile. They are married with kids these days, which is a sign they are all grown up men in the music business now!!

    On the bright side, they do have a Greatest Hits Album out Nov. 1 2005, so buy that!!!! All the songs on here are amazing and they are fantastically put together and done.

    I especially am fond of the bass and drums in a lot of the songs and how they are able to solo themselves out and shine, while coming forth to sound stable and rock. The electric guitar is amazingly performed and Robert Smith is outstanding on this album! How many bands get him to be on their album? Shows all you people who try and call them punk to take a 2nd look!!! This is worth the purchase whether you are 15 or 55!!!!...more info
  • Erratic Pop-Punk Bonanza
    I wish Blink 182 had stayed together to make more albums like this eponymously titled record- it showcased an exciting new direction for pop-punk to take. This album only loses out on a full five star review because I find the two closing tracks ('Here's Your Letter' and 'I'm Lost Without You') are a disappointing end to an otherwise spectacular album! They aren't bad songs, I just find them lacklustre compared to the rest of the album.
    Travis' drumming is awe-inspiring throughout (check out 'Feeling This', 'Violence', 'The Fallen Interlude' and 'Always' for the best examples) and Tom is on top form and clearly enjoying their new direction.
    My favourite tracks are 'Feeling This', 'Violence', 'Asthenia', 'Always' and the double whammy of 'Easy Target' and 'All Of This' featuring The Cure's Robert Smith which is unlike anything Blink have previously recorded.
    Even more straightforward punk blast's like 'Go' and 'Obvious' have more of an edge to them then previous Blink albums. 'I Miss You' was a well-deserved UK Top 10 hit.
    The bonus track and final ever Blink single 'Not Now' is also highly inspired and a brilliant song.
    What a way to bow out! ...more info
  • Different direction
    Blink 182 made a different approach to this album. Their is not one toilet-humor song on this record. One of their biggest hits on here is I Miss You. Feeling This is a song about sex. All Of This features Robert Smith doing vocals. Stockholm Syndrome is about a psychological conditon wherein hostages identify with their captors. The Fallen Interlude is a completly instrumental album. Always has the 80's influence sound with lyrics about wanting to get back together with their girl. To bad they broke up after this. They could have a great future. This album proves they got talent and their are above the toilet-humor, party jokes they are known for...more info
  • blink's underrated gem
    One thing that I dislike is when people call this album "pop-punk". Now, I know what pop-punk is; one fine example of good pop-punk are blink's previous two albums, but it is a genre of music that is looked down upon by many music listeners. If this self-titled effort by blink-182 is pop-punk, than this is pop-punk in its most beautiful form. For years, blink-182 had been a band known for their immaturity and catchy hooks, as well as their lack of musical talent. In my opinion, it takes some sort of talent to write albums like enema of the state and TOYPAJ, but this album is a complete departure from those and all their albums. With this album, blink-182 in their twilight years proved that they are in fact talented individuals, capable of writing serious, heartfelt, and most importantly, GREAT music.

    From the very beginning of this album with the high-energy "Feelin' This" down to the haunting love anthem "I'm Lost Without You", this CD pushes the limits of what people had probably convinced themselves blink-182 was capable of. This is not typical blink, and is not a good album to start out with if you want to get into their music. This CD showcases what those three guys are capable of, and if this is their last CD, then it was a damn good way to go out. Songs like "I Miss You" and "All of This" create a very haunting yet beautiful auroa when you listen to them, where as songs like "Go" and "Violence" carry that very high-energy, punk sound that blink came from.

    This is one of those albums that is sort of up in the air as to who may like it. If you like blink's previous albums, you may or may not like this. However, this album is really just so phenomenal from beginning to end that I would recommend it to anyone who is open-minded about music. Don't buy this album expecting to hear a bunch of songs like "All the small things" or "First Date". Blink have grown up on this album, and really, it was about damn time.

    ...more info
  • Incredible
    I always categorized Blink as some no talent happy go lucky pop wanna be rock wanna be alternative band until hearing this CD. I heard "Down" at the gym one morning and was floored by the depth of the song. I raced out and bought it and was captivated even further by the deep and meaningful lyrics of the rest of the album. This is not the Blink 182 of the past. I don't know what happened but this CD takes a very serious turn into the anguish and hurt experienced obviously after the break up of Tom DeLonge and his girlfriend, or another member of the band and his, but this CD takes a much more SERIOUS tone than previous. The lyrics are incredibly meaningful, the music is compelling to say the least. I was never a fan until now, and now I anxiously await the follow-up. I cannot think of anyone that cannot relate to the feelings and angst of this album. It is amazing and deserves much higher accolades than I am giving it now. If you wrote off the band years ago like I had, please do yourself a favor and listen to this masterpiece, you will not regret it....more info
  • Just Not Blink... But Still Pretty Good
    After growing up, through my teenage years, with Blink rocking my earphones and getting more of the same catchy tunes I always loved with "Take Off Your Pants And Jacket", I eagerly awaited the release of their new self-titled album, released in 2003.
    The first song "Feeling This" was released before the album here (in Australia) and sounded, surprisingly a little different, but still rather similar to their usual, powerchord driven, choruses.
    But when The album arrived and i finally got to listen through it, I was upset to discover that my all-time favourite band was not, and probably never again would be, the same Blink 182 I had loved all my life.
    This was especially evidenced, when I got to track 4, "Violence", which, during the chorus, begins to build up to, what one would think, is going to be a predictable powerchord, only to plummet to a strange chord which just doesn't seem to fit.
    I know this is only one song, but it is a taste of things to follw.
    The songs on this album show glimpses of the band's old style, but, overall, sound like a different band is playing.
    I realise, that to many people this is a good thing, as Blink's previous offerings were "too similar" or "too immature".
    But surely, this is why we love them. People should listen to other bands, if Blink doesn't suit their taste.
    I think Blink should have stayed with their old style; kept pleasing their loyal audience, mostly pubescent teens like me, and left the serious stuff to the other bands...
    But it's not all bad.
    Even though songs like "Violence" are different, they're not that bad, I just prefer Blink's old style more.
    Don't get me wrong. This CD is still great, just not what I was hoping for.
    There is no real "terrible" song to be heared on it and, on the upside, there are a few absolutely fantastic tunes.
    I absolutely love "Stockholm Syndrome", Travis Barker shows his incredible skill and originality, while the guitars hammer out and make this song my equal favourite on the CD.
    Equal favourite, that is, with "Always", which has an absolutely awesome riff, which actually reminds me of some of Blink's older stuff (I did say there are snippets of this album that are similar to classic Blink), which is certainly a good thing!
    The aforementioned "Feeling This" is catchy, as is "Down" and "Here's Your Letter" reminds me of the good old days.
    The CD ends with the wonderfully haunting "I'm Lost Without You", which always brings a tear to my eye, alerting me to the fact that I really will be lost without Blink 182, in my view, the greatest band, at least for a troubled teen, the world has ever known.
    I would probably not reccommend this CD to die-hard Blink fans, unless they are open to new stuff, but to someone into an alternative kind of rock, this would be a good choice.

    All i can say is, "Dammit! Well I guess Blink is growing up":(...more info
  • Great, and Robert Smith only helps
    I got the CD for the Christmas after it came out ('03), and I'm quite happy with it. It's not a perfect CD, but it's still good. I think it's better than Enema of the State, but Adam's Song still owns.

    Feeling This: 8.5/10 Pretty much what the rest of the album is like. If you like this, you'll like the rest of the CD.
    Obvious: 9/10 Awesome chorus, great track.
    I Miss You: 10/10 I loved this song the first time I heard it. An all-acoustic song where Mark sings most of the verses.
    Violence: 8.5/10 Great chorus, but the verses could've been better.
    Stockholm Syndrome: 9/10 Of all the songs with this as their title, Muse's is first, followed by this.
    Down: 9/10 Song where Travis' drumming really kicks in.
    The Fallen Interlude: 8/10 Not very good, but it's only an interlude.
    Go: 9/10 "This song deserves to be played loud" -Tom
    Asthenia: 8/10 Slow intro, not too great a song.
    Always: 9.5/10 Total 80's song, which is awesome.
    Easy Target: 7.5/10 Not my favorite.
    All of This: 15/10 It would've been a 10/10 rating WITHOUT Robert Smith. He just adds an extra 5 points.
    Here's Your Letter: 7.5/10 This and Easy Target are my least favorite songs on the CD.
    I'm Lost Without You: 8.5/10 Good ending to the album.

    Overall, buy it if you like the singles (Feeling This, Down, Always, and I Miss You), or if you like Blink 182....more info
  • Take a bow, Blink 182, you've earned it.
    During my awkward preteen-early teen years, I was an arguably big fan of Blink 182. I had a few of their albums and enjoyed their teenage anthem-like songs. As any other fan, I bought this album and it drew me aback. Is this the same band that sang about sodomy and toilet humor? Being the musically inexperienced child that I was, I cast this album aside. Why would I want to listen to this when I have Enema of the State? A couple years past and my taste in music became more and more eclectic. My pop-punk phase has far since been over; I sold or disowned every other Blink 182 album that I have ever owned. In realization of my musical maturity, I gave this album another shot. It was amazing. No longer were they the immature, 30 year olds singing about high school and parents. They were actually evolved! This is a whole new band. The post-punk influences are obvious and shines in every song. THIS IS NOT POP PUNK!!! I will personally fight anyone who says otherwise. This is post-punk and college radio done right. Besides, any band who gets Robert Smith to sing on their album has got to be worth a listen....more info
  • response to matt walker
    Before criticizing a songwriter/band's abilities to write music and lyrics, you may want to brush up on your own English skills. It is impossible to take your review seriously, because there was not a single sentence without a grammatical and/or spelling error. I haven't even heard this album, and I don't necessarily like blink-182 much, this is just for you....more info
  • Blink's last, and also their best
    Blink 182 pretty much from "Enema of the State" has been a band that not only has everyone heard of, but has also heard their music. No doubt with such popularity, it's sure to bring on the criticism. And sure enough, Blink has had plenty of it, and for good reasons too. But, strange as you think it might be, I consider Blink in the category of such bands as Korn, Staind, and Metallica. Not necessarily because of the style of music, but for what these bands have done in the music world. Each of these bands have made their name known pretty well for their genres, and Blink has most certainly done the same for the Punk/Rock world.

    Before even purchasing this CD, I had heard the radio-friendly songs such as "Feeling This", "I Miss You", and "Down". All very well put together songs, and also having the classic Blink sound to them. But until actually popping this CD into the player did I realize where Blink had really gone with their music; Somewhere they haven't gone before.

    For those who like the hilarious and vulgar Blink, this album may not appeal to you. This album has some pretty deep meanings in it, some of which you may not catch right away. But the more you listen to it, you start actually feeling quite depressed in an addictive sort of way, if that's even possible. The chemistry between Tom and Mark's vocals in this album blend very well. They certainly have a way of sucking you into this one, and the more you listen, the better it gets.

    Truly, Blink found a way to go out on a high note. They put together an amazing piece of work for their last time around. But now, we have AVA and +44 to look forward to. But for Blink, their last was most certainly their best, if not at least their most mature.

    ...more info
  • Give It A Chance
    This is how a band should finish their career. It's an absolute musical masterpiece. What makes this cd so great is that it will please long time blink fans, but also appeals to the mainstream even more. You won't find any joke songs or teenage sex anthems on this cd. There is still profanity, but it's only on a few songs and it isn't thrown in just to be cool. I have liked blink 182 for awhile but their songs got a little bit stale after listening to them a hundred times. Except Adam's Song. That was a damn good song. But this album, in my opinion, doesn't get old. That's due mainly to the fact every song is different. Maybe two songs have even a somewhat similar guitar line. No repetitive drum or bass loops here. I just love this cd so much. I think it's better than Green Day's American Idiot album even. I encourage everyone to buy, or at least listen to this. I think you'll enjoy it, especially if you hated/never liked blink 182 before....more info
  • The grown up Blink 182

    All of the songs deserve 3,5-5 stars.
    With this album, blink 182 grew up. And also broke up. Some of the songs are quite poppy, (I miss you, Asthenia, I'm lost without you etc.) but oh well.
    Though I like take of your pants and jacket better, this really is an awesome album. You won't get me to say this is a dark album, but for blink, this is deeper and darker.
    If you expect some funny lyrics and Toilet humor, don't go buy this. 'Cause it's actually a pretty serious album.

    Feeling This: 9/10 This song is about sex. I like the way Tom and Mark sing this one. Great.
    Obvious: 7/10 Not one of the best on the album.
    I Miss You: 10/10 Blink really became popular with this one. And they deserve it, 'cause it really is a great song.
    Violence: 10/10 A favourite! Very good with the whisper part and then the fantastic chorus.
    Stockholm Syndrome: 10/10 The start with the letter part, I think is too long. But it's sweet. And when the song finally starts it's great.
    Down: 8/10 I don't think it's very special, but a good song.
    The Fallen interlude: 7/10 It's a relaxing song, kinda boring when you've heard it more than 5 times.
    Go: 10/10 I love this song. Great drumming and everything.
    Asthenia: 8/10 I don't know why there's such a long boring intro, but when the song starts it's pretty good.
    Always: 8/10 It's overrated, an average track.
    Easy Target: 9/10 Cool song, I like the "Mark-part" best.
    All Of This: 7/10 It get's kinda annoying after a couple of listens. But okay I guess.
    Here's Your letter: 10/10 One of the best tracks.
    I'm Lost Without You: 6,5/10 My least favorite song on the album. But hey, you might love it!

    I think most people will like this album.

    ...more info
  • OMG! What happened to BLINK?
    Terrible CD! None of the songs are catchy enough to want to listen to more than a couple of times. It's pretty sad that the best part of the entire CD is when the woman with the sexy voice reads her love letter at the beginning of one of the songs. SAD! Hope Blink does better next time....more info
  • Sad
    This album is upsetting to hear. blink-182's self-titled sixth release is one of the best punk-pop albums ever recorded. When it appeared in the winter of 2003, it obliterated the predictable similarities of the radio-friendly genre, with unusual time signatures, off-kilter hooks, treated pianos and sprawling moody pieces such as the disquieting "Violence" and the atmospheric "I'm Lost Without You." The band was beginning to grow ambitious, and then they broke up, leaving us dozens of excellent songs, but only this one masterpiece of a album. If you want ambitious punk-pop, this is where to go, because Green Day's 'American Idiot' went too heavy on the propaganda and not heavy enough on the songwriting. Here, what you get is a headphones album that is sprawling, restless, meaningful, and a sad reminder of what could have been....more info
  • Musical Genius
    Sure, blink-182's other records are catchy. Songs like Dumpweed, Everytime I Look for You, both Anthems, Stay Together for the Kids, and All the Small Things make you want to jump up and dance, and they're pre-Travis Barker albums are the best punk you'll ever hear(which really isn't saying that much). But this album is not only catchy, but a musical masterpiece. And thankfully, they've for the most part ditched the punk and gone more rock(with the exception of "Go," which I'm still glad they included on the album), while still keeping the punk influence and catchiness that we've all fell in love with. Everything on this album flows so perfectly. There is a perfect mixture of heavy and light songs, and even some mood-setters like the NASA recordings on Asthenia to help keep things smooth. And just when things get relaxing, such as in The Fallen Interlude, blink throws the loud, fast "Go" at you to keep you on your toes. It's almost as if each song were specifically made to follow one another, the album flows that smoothly. I give every single song on the album a 5 out of 5 (which is very rare for me), not just because they are good songs, but because they contribute to the overall affect of this album so perfectly. Oh and of course I can't forget to mention Travis's drumming. This guy is a genius. period.

    Feeling This starts the album off right, getting you pumped and off your feet. Obvious changes the mood to blink's new style while keeping the blood flowing, making it the perfect song to place between Feeling This and I Miss You. I Miss You is a very unique song that slows the pace a bit. Is that a xylophone in the background? Love it. Violence took my awhile to like, but now it is probably my favorite blink song ever. Everything about it is brilliant: The powerful intro, the lyrics, the explosive chorus and the brief relative silence that follows it the first time then the beautiful interlude that follows it the second time, the effects, just . . . everthing. The introduction to Stockholm Syndrome is also on this track: a beautiful but short piano part repeated over and over as a woman reads Mark's grandfather's letter to his grandmother when he was in the war. Then, suddenly, Stockholm Syndrome explodes onto the scene leaving you emotionally drained and ready for the next two, more relaxing, tracks: Down and The Fallen Interlude. Down is an amazing song, and The Fallen Interlude is an incredible jazz-ish interlude that is almost entirely instrumental. This song is especially neat because it is such a far cry from anything that blink has done in the past. After you have been thoroughly relaxed, it is time for the explosive Go. Following Go is Asthenia, which has an old blink feel to it, but it also has a very new blink feel, making it a very memorable track. Always is very catchy with awesome drumming. Easy Target and All of This are really one song, but Easy Target has a much faster tempo and All of This features Robert Smith of the Cure(he gives the song a rather creepy feel). Here's Your Letter reminds me the most of blink's previous two albums, it is a very good song. I'm Lost Without You is the final track on the album, and one of the best songs I have ever heard. It really is a masterpiece. I can't understand why the band members want to start these new bands after making such a beautiful and fulfilling song. It will never be matched by Angels and Airwaves or Plus-44.

    In closing, if you've been in a coma for the past few years or whatever and haven't picked up this album yet: DO IT! No fan of modern rock can be without this amazing and unique album. ...more info
  • blink-182's Masterpiece
    Since their breakthrough with the song "Dammit" off of 97's 'Dude Ranch', blink-182 have mostly been known for their songs about teenage rebellion mixed with their own brand of teenage humor, making for a catchy and funny listening experience. This was only fortified with the release of their albums Enema of that State, The Mark, Tom and Travis Show, and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket (Ha... I get it...). Although each of their albums has a different sound to it, all of their albums stayed in the same vein of SoCal pop-punk. Until 2003, when they released their most aspirational album, the untitled (or self-titled) album, blink-182. Ranging from hard rock (Stockholm Syndrome) jazzy love songs (I Miss You) and blistering punk (Go), this album could be called blink-182's "masterpiece". This was the only album where blink put over two year's worth of effort into a CD, and it shows by having great production value and cool sounding instrumentation. This was the only album that didn't include any joke songs, like the classic "Happy Holidays, You Bastard" off of TOYPAJ. This album is moody, dark, and strange when compared to the other albums in their discography.

    Feeling This- As the story goes, Tom and Mark were in two different rooms writing two different songs, and when they came out, they had both written about the same thing, with Tom writing about the more sexual aspect of a relationship and Mark writing about the other side of it, about true love. Great guitar riff, amazing drums. I really like the bridge, great singing by Mark. This song got me into Blink-182. 10/10

    Obvious- This song bridges the gap between hard rock and punk in a strange way. Very angry lyrics. When Tom sings it, you know he means it. Very crunchy guitars, and average drumming by Travis. When the 2nd half of the song begins, it gets SO much better. 9/10

    I Miss You- I know, I know, it's their biggest hit (behind All the Small Things) but there are so many better blink songs than this. Don't get me wrong, it is a really good song, just not the best off the album. The use of stand up bass and Travis's light drumming make the beginning the best part of the song. The piano interlude at the end is also very beautiful. I don't like Tom or Mark's singing on this song. 8.5/10

    Violence- Weird... this song opens with a strange technoish beat and a creepy guitar sound over it. Travis comes in with an awesome drum fill, and the verse kicks in. Tom singing over Mark speaking, with the same techno beat from the intro. But then the chorus hits, and the track sounds normal. Then a bridge that focuses mostly around Mark's bass line. Doesn't use enough drums to make it a great song. The 2nd half of this song is just a lead in to Stockholm Syndrome, a woman reading letters apparently written by Mark's grandmother. Overall, this song works only because of the chorus. 8.5/10

    Stockholm Syndrome- Another song on the border between punk and hard rock. One of the better songs on the album, and Tom's guitar is at its best on this track. The singing during the intro (chorus?) is a great mix of Tom and Mark's singing. The bridge is badly produced, with Mark's voice sounding distant, which doesn't fit the music, but it barely hurts this great song. 9.5/10

    Down- Very mellow and poetic. Tom sounds sad in this song, the story of a man in pain. Mark in the chorus sells it, with the piano in the background and a solid beat provided by Travis. 10/10

    The Fallen Interlude- A mostly instrumental song, using looped piano, drums, vocals and guitars. At the end is a series of solos by Travis over someone singing the chorus from Down. Not really a major part of the album. 6/10

    Go- The most personal song on the album, about domestic violence. This is the closest thing to the old blink that you'll get, with fast drumming and power chords. This is where Mark shines on the album, and if it were longer, it would probably be the best song on the album. 10/10

    Asthenia- This is the best song on the album however. With a minute long intro (using real NASA transmissions) the tension builds until Travis breaks it with a snare fill. Tom then comes in with a cool riff chock full of effects. The verses tell the story of an astronaut looking down on Earth and remembering what it was like there. The chorus, featuring some of the best guitar and drum work on the album, is the astronaut thinking about whether he should go back to Earth or stay in space forever. Tom has said that this song is about the loss of hope, and the looking at the lyrics, you can feel what this fictional astronaut is feeling. Also, the bridge sounds like classic blink, and is followed by a drum solo from Travis. The best song of the album, and one of the best songs made by Blink-182, period.

    Always- A classic 80's love song, featuring keyboards, synth, and heavy bass overdubs. However, when the chorus comes in, you know it's not some throwaway 80's song, but a full on blink rocker. Travis has great fills in this song, and Mark's bass is at the forefront. Tom's singing could get annoying after a while; it's very nasally and whiny. The lyrics are not great for a blink-182 song, but the instrumentation more than makes up for it. 9/10

    Easy Target/All of This- Basically the same song with different tempos. Easy Target is FAR superior to All of This, which features Robert Smith from the Cure. All of This is very minimalistic and sad, while Easy Target is big and angry. Easy Target features much more emphasis on drums and guitar than its predecessor, which is not really a Blink song, because Robert Smith doesn't really fit with their style of music. It's more like they tried to cope with Smith's style then the other way around. It is actually very depressing, and it's not all that fun to listen to. Easy Target- 9.5/10 All of This-7.5/10

    Here's Your Letter- Another Mark fronted song (the other being Go), this is very reminiscent of the future recordings of +44, and Travis has magnificent drumming on this song. This song is not very strong, but the chorus is good, and the lyrics are very deep. The bridge is the best part of the song, having the best singing and guitar on the song. 9/10

    I'm Lost Without You- Beautiful. This is the best singing Tom has ever done. This has to potential to make you cry. Basically a piano driven song through the first verse, while the first chorus introduces the full band. Again, the most melodic and beautiful song Blink-182 has ever written, and a great way to end a great album. 10/10

    Although this album is not their best, it is their most thoughtful, meaningful, and ambitious album ever released, and it is totally worth the buy....more info