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Peter Gabriel - Growing Up Live
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Product Description

Studio: Uni Dist Corp (music) Release Date: 10/03/2006

Peter Gabriel: Growing Up Live presents the complete 2003 Milan concert from Peter Gabriel's tour based around the album Up, featuring 17 tracks across 134 minutes. Literally central to a memorable show is a revolving stage that sees Gabriel going for a cycle ride in an exuberant "Solsbury Hill," performing "Growing Up" inside a Zorb ball, and delivering a gravity-defying sky walk in "Downside Up" with daughter Melanie. Accompanied by regular sidemen David Rhodes (guitar) and Tony Levin (bass), Gabriel is joined by the legendary Blind Boys of Alabama for the spine-tingling "Sky Blue," throughout mixing recent tracks like the abrasive "Darkness" and "The Barry Williams Show" with established crowd pleasers such as "Red Rain," "In Your Eyes," and "Sledgehammer."

Gabriel may be less wired than before, but he commands the arena with effortless charm and charismatic presence, his voice retaining all its paradoxically fragile power. Presented in an understated blue light and shot in an unobtrusive, gimmick-free style, the concert begins and ends in virtual darkness with Gabriel alone at a keyboard; from the opening "Here Comes the Flood" to the final "Father, Son," Growing Up is rock theater of rare intimacy, emotion, and intelligence.

The DVD is presented with a flawless 16:9 anamorphically enhanced picture and three soundtracks: rich and clear stereo, excellent Dolby Digital 5.1 and even more precise and detailed DTS. The Story of Growing Up is polished nine-minute documentary in which Gabriel talks about his ideas for the tour and the presentation of some of the songs. Tony Levin's View (five minutes) sets the song "More Than This" to photos taken by the bass player. --Gary S. Dalkin

Customer Reviews:

  • Supper's Done and Over
    I am a big fan--but I really can't fathom the point of all of this. Peter has walked "right into the machinery." Saint Peter, indeed. I'll listen to Steve Hackett instead. He's still alive....more info
  • Peter Gabriel is Truely a Visionary Artist!
    This concert was mind-blowing!! We saw it first as a Special Concert, & couldn't tear our eyes away from watching it despite the fact that we'd just driven 7 hours & were exhausted from the long drive! The artistry in the choreography was top-notch. The integration of the technology into the overall show, was as it should be: hard to perceive by the audience. It reminded me of the "magic" of a Cirque du Soleil's production!...more info
  • Excellant!
    What a wonderful work of art from one of the hardest working rock artists ever. Peter Gabriel takes 10 years to make a record and it shoes. I own the Secret World Live dvd as well as Growing Up and each one is great in its own right. Growing Up displays the maturing sensibilities of this artist. Audibly, the sound is better than Secret World Live. Every track is wonderful. The highlights are Red Rain which displays some of bassist Tony Levin's best work and Signal To Noise which is a Pink Floydian rock track in an orchestral string setting. Visually, the film (which, fortunately, uses cinematic lighting) is a feast for the eyes with its minimalistic props and dramatic lighting. One of the best examples in popular music that less is more. The arrangements are excellant, the performances wonderful. I even like daughter Melanie's singing which is very understated. Gabriel's voice is in fine form and Ged Lynch is a great drummer. Gabriel's music is intelligent and artful at every turn. This is how pop music should be written, recorded and filmed. Long live Peter Gabriel!...more info
  • greatness, once again
    I saw this tour in person, and once again, was reminded of Gabriel's greatness. His passion for sound and vision is unsurpassed. Every moment on stage is a feast for the eyes and ears. Peter takes you on a journey, exploring the inner workings of your mind. Is that not what a performer is supposed to do? As Peter travels through his life, he has asked us to tag along, and it is an honor to go with him....more info
  • The Great Peter Gabriel
    I purchased this DVD for my fiance and he has watched it around 10 times within a week or so. This is one of the most entertaining and original concerts that we have ever seen. The performance of "Upside Down, Downside Up" is just awesome. I also love the "Blind Boys of Alabama" and to see them with Peter Gabriel was a real treat. I would love to see this concert live but until then, this is FANTASTIC!!!!!!...more info
  • Fantastic
    After watching Still Growing Up and Secret World I think this is the best of the three in terms of the song list, production and performance. It is simply a joy to hear and watch. I've never seen PG live in person, but this DVD is a good way to experience it, especially if it's on a good surround system & screen....more info
  • Wow!
    Great show, sounds great and has some cool effects. Never a dull moment in this one!...more info
  • Superlative!
    This DVD compares favorably with Gabriel's last live outing, 'Secret World Live'. 'Up' has the considerable advantage of being produced with DVD in mind, while 'Secret' was originally made for VHS, with all the limitations imposed by that now-obsolete format. While 'Secret' did make the upgrade to DVD, the video was compromised (excellent DTS sound, though).

    The new live DVD is simply a pleasure to behold. 'Blue Sky' is worth the price of the DVD all by itself; the Blind Boys of Alabama deliver spine-tingling harmony. The other songs are no less impressive. I do miss Manu Katche on drums on this disc, however. His playing is as much a part of the Gabriel sound as Tony Levin's or David Rhodes - no doubt about it. Gabriel's use of props and the circular, moving dual-level stage is both original and an enhancement to the concert in general. Somehow Gabriel manages to pull these things off without seeming cheap or overly theatrical. Other reviewers have complained about the under-stage shots and stage hand work as being a distraction - I disagree. Far too frequently the yeoman work roadies do is invisible. Apparently Gabriel saw fit to include them in the overall scheme of the concert, and wanted to show just how much his success over the years has been owed to these unsung heroes (I was once a roadie/soundman for a band, so I do indentify).

    The DTS sound is simply among the best I've heard in ANY concert DVD; all 5 channels are clear and precise. One feels covered in sound from all directions. Marvelous!

    Overall, this is a terrific concert DVD. Now I don't feel quite so bad about not seeing this tour in person! I just hope I don't have to wait another 10 years before P.G. decides to tour once again!...more info

  • Best Live Concert
    Seeing the preparation, then the perforance, is what makes this concert in the round, a great video concert expirence....more info
  • Best live music DVD in my collection
    In short, this live DVD is tremedous. The concert itself is phenomenal and the production quality of the dvd match this quality. I highly recommned it.

    I'd also plug the Soundstage Tom Petty DVD for incredible quality....more info
  • Por partes
    Vayamos por partes:
    1.- Calidad de im®Ęgen. 5 estrellas. inmejorable
    2.- Calidad de sonido. 5 estrellas. Creo que es el mejor sonido que he esuchado en DVD.
    3.- Repertorio. 4 estrellas. Bueno, pero podr®™a haber inclu®™do alg®≤n tema m®Ęs de los 4 primeros discos.
    4.- Concierto en si. 3 estrellas. Espectacular, como casi todos los conciertos de Gabriel. Sin embargo lo encuentro excesivamente cirquense y, en ocasiones algo infantil. Los efectos pirot®¶cnicos (en un tema canta con su hija andando boca abajo, en otro, se introduce en una esfera transparente que va andando y saltando por el escenario, en otro m®Ęs, recorre el escenario circular montado en una bicicleta, etc.) m®Ęs que resaltar aspectos de la canci®ģn, hacen que ®¶sta pase a segundo plano y la cosa se convierta en una aut®¶ntico circo. En ese sentido prefiero los efectos de su otro DVD y gira (Secret world) donde, con elementos mas sobrios, realzaba la belleza de las canciones, en lugar de sepultarlas....more info
  • The Most Stunning Concert DVD Yet!
    I purchased this DVD the week it came out and have watched it probably 40 times since then. I've taken it to friends houses, all mild-to-non-Peter-Gabriel fans mind you, and they have stopped in their tracks watching it, especially as the stage evolves throughout the show. I won't give anything away for anyone who didn't see this tour in person, but this is the greatest, most technologically advanced stage in music history!

    Now, the stage is great, but so what if the performance stinks, or the audio is muddy, or the picture is fuzzy? However, unlike the Secret World Live DVD, which seems to be a laser disc transfer that appears grainy the larger the monitor, Growing Up Live has the most sparkling, mind blowingly beautiful picture. It looks like the performers will walk into your living room at any time. And the audio is equally breathtaking, it sounds like you are sitting in the front row of a perfectly mixed concert, it actually sounds better than 99 percent of the live concerts I have ever been to.

    And while Secret World Live may have had a slightly more energetic performance, when you realize it has been 12 years since that tour, and PG is approaching 60, you will be amazed at the things he does. He is MORE active in this concert then in Secret World Live. Yes, the version of In Your Eyes does not live up to the wonderful version on Secret World, but that is about the only let down. All of the new material at first could be a turnoff but the songs are so wonderful, performed by some of the most highly respected musicians in the world. And Animal Nation is incredible! The crowd reaction and cheering that leads into and through the band introduction is one of the standout moments on the entire disc.

    Instead of being simply a repackaged version of the Secret World Tour, where most of PG's hits were performed, this is a great addition. Peter Gabriel didn't give in and do one last huge greatest hits tour to rake in the money, instead he performs mostly new material with another amazing band and stage.

    In short, the entire disc is crisp, clear, and wonderful.
    A must have not only for any Peter Gabriel fan, but one of the best discs to show off a home theatre....more info

  • Wow!! what a Concert
    I grew up loving Peter Gabriel, Sadly enough I never had a chance to see him live. My library of music artist mainly consists of female artists but Peter has been my one male artist besides Gary Numan that i've always stuck with. Peter Gabriel has never really been recognized for his amazing talents. He truly is a superba musical and vocal artist. This DVD made me appreciate him even more. AMAZING, SUPERB! I turned around and bought his Secret World tour DVD the minute i finished watching it. I didnt care to much for the camera shots from under the stage but overall its well worth the money. I could watch it over and over. I love every song on it. What an amazing performer with a voice like no other! Buy it if your a Gabriel fan!!! A++++...more info
  • The very best of Peter Gabriel
    This concert , is by far the best live apresentation of Peter Gabriel .
    The sound is incredible , and the video , is good .

    Great DVD !
    ...more info
  • Growing up, getting old and tired?
    I was very disappointed with this concert; it had very few up-tempo songs ("Solsbury Hill," "Sledgehammer," "In Your Eyes," "The Barry Williams Show," and "Digging in the Dirt" if you think that qualifies). Gabriel seems content to spend most of his time behind his keyboard/processor. There are some cute gimmicks - hanging upside-down for the song "Downside Up" and bouncing in a big Zorb(?) ball. Riding a bike for "Solsbury Hill" provides some movement. I don't know why Melanie Gabriel climbs into a wood rowboat for "Mercy Street;" it adds nothing to the show and in fact she's hardly shown at all.

    The majority of the songs are low-key and lack energy. Starting with "Here Comes the Flood" and ending with "Father and Son" were not the best choices. The second-to-last song, "In Your Eyes," would have been a much better finale - it would leave viewers feeling like they'd FINALLY gotten a Peter Gabriel show.

    Melanie Gabriel may be the star's daughter, but she's not much of a backup singer. Bring back Paula Cole!

    I thought that "UP" was a pretty dreary album, so this definitely influences my opinion here.

    If you want a good show, buy "Secret World Live." It has great energy and almost all of the best songs. (Why doesn't he play "Biko" anymore? Apartheid may be over, but it's still a great song.)...more info
  • Great condition
    I could have picked it off the shelf myself, but didn't have to ...more info
  • Growing Up--A Mixed Bag, But Worthwhile
    First off, I have to say that I consider Secret World Live to be one of the great live concert documents of all times. I can't even begin to count how many times I've watched it since it came out, and it still moves me. Now that I've watched Growing Up a couple of times I can say it is a worthwhile purchase for a solid Gabriel fan but that in some ways it just doesn't stack up to Secret World Live. For one thing, Gabriel is simply a decade older now: bald and looking decidedly chunky, he doesn't have quite the same presence that he used to. Secret World Live was a very physical--even athletic--concert and that aspect of the Gabriel show has been toned down quite a bit in the present release.

    Secondly, I'd have to say that the Growing Up band is just not up to the absurdly high standard of the Secret World Live group. Mainstays Tony Levin and David Rhodes are still on hand of course, but drummer Ged Lynch is no Manu Katche and, most significantly, Gabriel's daughter Melanie is no Paula Cole--but then, she's not trying to be. Melanie Gabriel has a sweet little voice which is used to good effect, but the memory of Cole's powerhouse vocals on Secret World Live is pretty much impossible to get beyond. The new guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Richard Evans is fine too, but Shankar's electric violin added something special to Secret World Live. It's just a different flavor, I guess.

    A major stylistic difference between the two films is that Secret World Live was shot on two nights and carefully edited so that you almost never see a technician or a camera person onstage--it was pretty much seamless. Growing Up is shot with the absolute opposite idea--the guts of the production and the crew are an integral part of the film. They're all dressed in these odd orange smock outfits and they're crawling all over the stage throughout the concert. I found it rather intrusive. With one notable exception--a rather awful new song titled Animal Nation (what was Gabriel thinking??)--the material on Growing Up is quite strong. After performing Animal World, Gabriel's introduction of the band members seems to go on forever.

    The staging of Growing Up is pretty amazing and full of neat visual surprises. If you're a Gabriel fan, you'll want to own this, but if you loved Secret World Live as much as I did--the music and the film--the comparison between the two may find the new release somewhat lacking. Remember the incredible energy of In Your Eyes on Secret World Live, with the whole audience going nuts with Papa Wemba and the band? Remember the buzz during the song Secret World when that huge video screen starts spinning? Spectacular though it is, there's nothing that quite matches those moments on Growing Up. Nonetheless, I'm glad I got it. Gabriel is one of the greats....more info

  • very disappointed
    After becoming a Peter Gabriel fan after watching Secret World I was very disappointed with this DVD. I felt that it was being done to make money and for nothing else. The energy was non existent. I couldn't believe that Peter Gabriel would do something like Barry Williams Show, what a joke that was and when he rode a bicycle around the stage I was done. Buy Secret World it is a much more entertaining DVD, and Paula Cole was much better then Gabriel's Daughter.
    ...more info
  • more delicate, still of usual PG products quality
    More I watch this DVD, more enjoy it. It is little different from SecretWorld in the way it is quieter, more academic. Sometimes you can hear the very sounds of Genesis in their blossom, sometimes you enjoy the relationship of father and child - Peter's daugther is singing there in her young beauty, face so much reminds father years ago, nice contrasts... Tiny sounds, requiring attention, also BIG RHYTMS are here, imagination and quiality artists' work, surprising decisions, quality of sound - all is there. Figures, as big, as Peter is in contemporary music, just have lost ability to do wrong. Just expect right....more info
  • Amazing with Digitial TV and Surround Sound
    I wrote a review when I first got this DVD. Well, we just sprung for a DLP 720p 42 inch wide HDTV. And, a progressive scan DVD player - with a surround sound system. This is an amazing DVD in that format. Some have complianed about the orange men - well if you saw the concert you would understand. Some think its too dark, with this TV it is just right (it was dark much of the concert ("darkness").

    This DVD rocks hard and brings back great memories. I saw him the first time over 20 years ago. Unfortunatly it is a great Swan Song - I think he is done.

    I want that Bubble Plastic ball!

    Jim...more info

  • Diamonds in the Dirt.
    "Growing Up", Peter Gabriel's first recorded concert in ten years is in many ways better than his previous work "Secret World Live". The audio is significantly superior having been recorded in 5.1 and the picture quality is obviously better since technology has improved from "Secret World". The song selection is predominantly from "Up" with many different lighting effects and creative approaches to the songs. Peter Gabriel does not fail to entertain and captivate just as equally as he did with "Secret World". My only complaint is that at 2 hours and 13 minutes, his music can grow monotonous. I attended his "Secret World" tour and felt the same way ten years ago. I thoroughly appreciate his musical sensibilities and show direction, but most of his songs are mid-tempo with a few upbeat selections thrown in. So, "Growing Up" is a suitable successor to "Secret World" (which I also own) and it's sure to please any Gabriel fan and earn some new converts along the way--and with the nice price it's listed at it's practically a steal!...more info
  • Terrific Concert!
    This concert is a feast for your ears and your eyes. I knew I'd like some/most of the music, being a fan since the mid-70s. But, the creativity and spectacle of the concert's staging is amazing. Very, very well done.

    Peter Gabriel, like myself, has aged 30 years since "So", Sobut he still has the look and the voice setting him apart, and beyond, most of his rock and roll peers.

    I rate this concert right up there with Pink Floyd's 1994 "Pulse" concert Pulseand The Moody Blues 1992 Concert at Red Rocks, CO. A Night at Red Rocks with the Colorado... ...more info
  • greatest show on earth!
    I never really did like Peters music from his cds, but, i was very impressed with his concert.This was a super show and i continue to play this video over and over again. i enjoyed his show so much that the next day i went out and bought the secret world live video also, which i think is just as good as this one. I would highly recommend this dvd to anyone who at least listened to Peter Gabriel songs because i think his stuff from the last cd is better than the earlier stuff and most of the tunes on this video are from that cd. IF YOU LIKED HIM THEN , YOULL LOVE HIM NOW Just can get enough of Solsbury hill!...more info
  • Outstanding
    This is a great DVD. I really enjoy the staging and the production was nearly flawless, except as noted elsewhere the somewhat irritating shots of under the stage. I got it the first time... I have listened to the studio versions of these songs and find that they are so much better live. It is also great to see these great musicians perform live and interact with one another. If you are a hard-core Gabriel fan, this is a must buy. Gabriel has not missed a step. The only thing that was missing for me was Manu Katche on the drums, but oh well....more info
    This show is truly epic. I first saw it on TV. and knew that I had to own it. Pete sings a full list of classics and almost every song has its own unique stage arrangement. It's as if the stage is a transformer, constantly moving to help tell the story that is "Growing Up". Yes, there are some scenes that were spliced together kinda funny (filmed over two nights, and used the best footage), but I don't think that takes away from the show in any way. A great buy for any one who appreciates Peter Gabriel's pure brilliance. He is a true entertainer; constantly working the crowd which makes the time spent watching this show that much richer. That and "In your Eyes" always gives me goose bumps, it never fails. Love It!...more info
  • Brilliant sound, visuals didn't do much for me
    I'm a big PG fan and have been since the second album, and I was eager to see this disc. I'm not a big fan of concert videos usually, and I probably wouldn't watch this more than once. However, the sound is excellent - the best thing I've heard on my DTS system and I've played the disc with the TV off and the audio only - it's fantastic!...more info
  • The best music DVD I have seen.
    This is the first time that I have watched a DVD and felt compelled to review it right away.

    This performance in my opinion, is THE best music DVD I have bought. I own approx. 350 various DVD's and I would even go so far as to say that it is one of the best DVD's in my collection. I have been a fan of his since the 80's so I may be biased.

    I have had the day off work today, and was lucky to receive it in the mail this morning. With no housework or shopping to do, I immediately started it up. To my surprise, even the menu screen is flowing with superb sounding music and effects. I took that to be a good indication of what I was about to watch.

    I was not disappointed. As you would know from reading other comments, this is a live concert recorded in Milan, Italy. From the first song, you could tell that the audience were there to listen to HIM, not to just another foreign performer. The majority appeared to be genuine fans, who were singing along in English.

    One of the features is that whilst the concert is being performed, we are also shown bits of what is happening under the elevated stage. All of the stagehands are dressed the same and are very impressive to watch. Why? Well, because the choreography is like nothing else I have ever seen in a concert. It was similar to the Genesis concert I saw live here in Sydney some years back, but much more professional. Fans of Gabriel will know why it may remind you of Genesis.

    Many, many moves were impressively choreographed with all performers joining in. The giant plastic air ball which suddenly appears in the middle of the stage is great eye candy and even more impressive when you see Gabriel actually climb into the thing and walk, or roll, around the circumference of the round stage whilst continuing to sing with a headset microphone.

    I have a few other music DVD's which offer DTS sound, but this clearly stands out from the rest. So too does the picture quality. I came away thinking that the concert was made purely for DVD.

    Unfortunately, the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is no longer with us, however that doesn't stop us being treated to his wonderful voice on the track "Signal To Noise".

    Lastly, having recently lost my father, his final song "Father, Son", which naturally he dedicated to his father, was performed with so much feeling that it bought a tear to my eye.

    If you like Peter Gabriel, or just like to watch a good concert, of even if you have a semi-professional home theatre set-up and want to test it capabilities, this is one DVD you must own....more info

  • Incorrect Region Code
    I'm disappointed as this DVD is of Region Code 1, whereas my player (as logical in Finland!) can play only Region Code 2 DVDs. Region Codes are not mentioned at your web-site and when making the order/purchase.

    Your return policy is also unclear. I see it unfair that I should pay for a postal charge, or any other compensation, when you send a product that I can not use with my DVD player....more info
  • Growing Up
    I was never a Gabriel fan before. But this live performance in Italy is fun! His music shows an intelligence I never noticed before. I'm a Gabriel fan now. If you like music DVDs, this is a must see. ...more info
  • The very best of Peter Gabriel
    This concert , is by far the best live apresentation of Peter Gabriel .
    The sound is incredible , and the video , is good .

    Great DVD !
    ...more info
  • waste of time
    Obviously the other reviewers have never been to a concert before. I have always been a fan of Peter Gabriel and i like his music but here he is in my opinion a pale glimmer of his former self. There was no energy and everybody looked like they were just going through the motions. Maybe all who wrote a review were captivated by the strange looking bald bass player
    but i really am mystified as to the high marks on this one. This one just did'nt have the energy i've become acustomed to in a concert but was more like a tv studio production....more info
  • Don't Expect Secret World...
    I saw this tour TWICE last year, in both Toronto and Vancouver and loved it. Being a professional musician myself, i am usually very critical of concerts and music in general, so i am very happy when i find something that impresses me as much as this concert did. This being said, i am a little disappointed with the quality of music on the dvd. I bought the secret world dvd when it came out, and the music on it is amazing and flawless. This in combination with how much i loved the growing up tour, i was really anxious for growing up live to be released. However now that it has been, i wish the musicality was as good as on secret world live. First and foremost, Ged Lynch (drums) doesn't even come within worlds of being able to top Manu Katche form the secret world tour. His grooves don't lock in with Tony Levin (bass), his drums sound terrible, and his fills are tasteless. The absence of Paula Cole from the secret world tour is also greatly missed. Even though the background vocal parts are not always very present, Melanie Gabriel (vocals, and Peter's daughter as well) certainly is no substitute for Paula Cole.

    Now with that criticism out of the way, the other additions to the band are great. Tony Levin (bass) and David Rhodes (guitar) are long time members of Peter's band, and there's no doubt as to why he has kept them around for so long. The addition of Rachel Z on keyboards is also very impressive, and does a great job juggling between her piano skills and synth skills (which are very demanding in Peter's more recent music).

    All in all, i think maybe my anticipation for this DVD was too great, which is what has caused my frustration. If you're expecting music that can match up to Secret World LIVE, then you're in for a disappointment. But Peter does still put on a great show, and the DVD is still worth viewing to see how he can still entertain arenas the way he does....more info