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A judiciously-selected two-CD compendium of Peter Gabriel's finest moments, Hit offers a far more generous windfall than can be found on the only previous Peter Gabriel best-of selection, the 1990 Shaking the Tree. The devil, after all, is in the detail, particularly on the second disc (self-deprecatingly entitled Miss), which really traverses the whole gamut of Peter Gabriel's globally-visioned artistry. It includes recent soundtrack work (the haunting "Cloudless" from Long Walk Home: Music from the Rabbit-Proof Fence), material from 2002's sterling Up ("Signal To Noise", featuring a compelling vocal from the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and some ominous string arrangements, really does sound like a thinking man's Massive Attack) and goes right back to that fourth album when marrying the reticence of cold, synthesised new wave with insistent African percussion seemed like a good idea (it was). The first disc--including the MTV smash "Sledgehammer", anti-apartheid war cry "Biko", "Big Time" (interesting how the styles of Gabriel and his former group Genesis seem to converge at this time) and "Games Without Frontiers"--really speaks for itself, although with hindsight it seems the single-buying public-at-large had a particular taste for a certain kind of Peter Gabriel record. Universally excellent throughout, the collection is rendered even more desirable by the inclusion of three previously unreleased tracks: a live rendition of "Downside Up", a shorter version of "Blood of Eden" and "Burn You Up, Burn You Down", latterly included on a video game and initially earmarked for the Up album but jettisoned at the last minute. --Kevin Maidment

Customer Reviews:

  • The songs are good, but what happened to the first two LPs?
    As a compilation, "Hit" is certainly *not* definitive, as some reviewers here have attested, but my complaint stems from the consistent historical revisionism (also present on "Shaking The Tree")in which Gabriel acts like his first two albums don't exist outside of "Solsbury Hill" (and, perhaps, "Here Comes The Flood", although the 1990 version is included here). There were some great tracks scattered on those efforts, including "Humdrum", "On The Air" and "Mother Of Violence", and no compilation (outside of "Revisited", which focused specifically on those first two albums) has addressed them.

    If the first two albums are ignored, his last two--"Ovo" and "Up"--are over-emphasized, with three tracks taken from the little known, Euro-only "Ovo" and a whopping five from the just-released "Up". Although both were good albums, and it's nice to see fine overlooked compositions like "Father, Son", "Downside Up" and "The Drop" given their due, it still seems like PG just wants to forget his illustrious past and concentrate on the present. Nowhere is this more evident than in the relative dearth of tracks from the essential PGIV ("Security"); where's the minor hit "I Have The Touch", or the crowd-pleaser "Lay Your Hands On Me", for example? As for his popular 1992 album "Us", I would've thought "Come Talk To Me" (which was even used in that phone commercial) would have been preferred over the repetitive "Love To Be Loved".

    The quality of Gabriel's work (and I am a fan of that work from his earliest days in Genesis right through "Up") has been so high that even if "Hit/Miss" is not definitive, it is still filled with mostly classic cuts. The new track, "Burn You Up Burn You Down", is nice, although it seems a bit presumptuous to include it in the "Hit" CD. So, although it is recommended, I would strongly suggest checking out the first two albums and "Security" in their entirety as well, for these are severely underrepresented in favor of more recent material....more info

  • Interesting but not exciting
    I bought this album because I have two Peter Gabriel DVD concerts and I love them both ... the truth is that the studio versions kind of disappointed me ... it seems like his magic is on tour ... and that is not a bad thing ......more info
  • Better than 'Shaking The Tree' by a long shot!
    Almost everything on Peter Gabriel's previous collection 'Shaking The Tree' and more is now available on the two CD set 'Hit.' This compilation holds a special place in my CD collection.

    All of the fan favorites are here. 'Sledgehammer,' 'Shock The Monkey,' 'Big Time,' 'In Your Eyes' and one of my personal favorites, 'The Tower That Ate People' all appear on this two CD collection, released on Geffen, Gabriel's longtime home in 2003.

    It's great to hear all of these songs digitally remastered. The sound quality is superb!

    But, there are several flaws here. 'Shock The Monkey' is the radio edit version and not the original 'Security' album version. They chopped it down from 5:32 to 3:54 because of CD space. And there are several other radio edits here too. And, as a previous reviewer pointed out, there is nothing from his second album, which doesn't really bother me that much, but it is a tad disappointing.

    But despite those flaws, this is an excellent PG compilation. Highly recommneded for any Gabriel fan. A great set. ENJOY!!!...more info
  • 2nd album not missed
    I was intrigued with the 2nd album and songs like "On The Air" and "DIY" and the fact that Robert Fripp was involved. But, this album does not really hold up well enough IN MY OPINION to have anything on a greatest hits album. Maybe "DIY" should have been included just as a representative.

    And, in my opinion, "Steam" and "Big Time" could have been left off, and "I have the touch" and one or two other songs added! All just personal preferences that do not represent others opinions.

    All in all it is hard to fault the selection based on my preferences. Gabriel is so worth listening to, and that is why we are peeved at the song selection.

    Why not a disc three - with all the missing favorites? Maybe a fan club can take a poll and suggest a selection for a third disc....more info

  • What's here is good, but it shortchanges PG1 and PG2.
    The album is for the most part a "Shaking the Tree" upgrade -- a bunch of songs from the 80s, only now with 90s/00s material added. But it falls short precisely where "Shaking the Tree" does: only 1 song ("Solsbury Hill") from the 1st 2 albums.

    In addition, Gabriel includes 5 songs from his latest album, which begs the question: Why? "Up" was no doubt strong, but it does not merit 30 minutes of disc space at the expense of his early work.

    "Hit" is not a representative sampler of Gabriel's output....more info

  • Good collection, but easy to criticize
    Peter Gabriel is one of the most innovative and challenging people in the mainstream music business today, and this collection is a very good introduction to his ever-evolving style. However, as with every other review here, I have some pretty solid reservations to the selection.

    1) Nothing from album 2, of course. "DIY" and "On the Air" are the most obvious candidates.
    2) "Here Comes the Flood" in Shaking the Tree version-Not that it's a bad version, but the 1st album version has an arrangement that matches the apocalyptic vision of the lyrics, and since the early albums just went through remasters, it would be nice.
    3) "Games Without Frontiers"-havent heard the original album in a while, since I only had it on vinyl, but I could swear that the chorus is different the second time around. The line in the first chorus reads "kissing baboons in the jungle" while the second chorus has "piss on the goons in the jungle" a minor change, I'll admit, and probably done to increase radio airplay when Shaking the Tree came out, but the original 2nd chorus lyric seems fitting to a song that progresses into "Lord of the Flies" territory. "Hit" uses the STT alteration.
    4) The song selection is a bit "UP" heavy, though mercifully without the "Barry Williams Show" song, probably the only PG song I've actively disliked.
    5) I realize that PG probably prefers to let the music speak for itself, but it would be nice to have some commentary, a brief essay maybe.
    6) A few of the songs are in radio edit versions. It would be nice to have the album tracks.

    All of that being said, if this collection is a contract ender, as many people suspect, it is a damn good one, and better as a representative collection than Shaking the Tree was. There are a few nice soundtrack contibutions, and the import-only OVO gets a few numbers. And, if it should get a few more people to listen to Gabriel's pre- and post- "So" material, it would be well worth it....more info

  • BAD Remaster
    While I ordered this set primarily for the song selection (I only had "So") I was eagerly awaiting the newly remastered sound.

    Friggin' HORRIBLE remaster job. I can compare sledgehammer from this set and from "So" side by side and this set's version sounds awful. The mastering guy cranked all of the mid-range and treble up way too high and ruined almost every song on here. There is a major peak from 2Khz-6Khz. I get a headache after about 10 minutes of listening. Extremely harsh sounding vs. the softer orignal recording.

    What a dissappointment. This thing will sit on the shelf. I have had this bad experience with more than a few remasters. If you are any type of audiophile, skip this and try to find the originals. Bummer....more info
  • What it could have been...
    This is a really good CD for those who want an overview of PG. But I'm guessing that most of those who will pay for this CD are already PG fans, and thus have already heard all these songs before (and already own them all). What PG needs to do, it seems to me, is to go back and redo some of his older material with the current sound he's mastered. When he released US about 10 years ago, he remade "Games Without Frontiers" and it was awesome. He also did a mellow, moody version of "Steam." On the GROWING UP DVD there's a great new mix of "More Than This" that illustrates my point completely. Instead of giving us the same stuff over and over (like Sting who has released I believe 3 different 'Greatest Hits' compilations in the past 10 years--of the same batch of songs), give the true fans something worth our $15.00. Another idea would be to go back through the studio recordings from the past 15 years and find some alternate recordings and demos. You know they'd sound good--PG is known for being a perfectionist in the studio. And, from everything that's been said about PG, you know that there's a lot of material there. I read somewhere that he started with about 100 songs and riffs that was eventually boiled down to 10 songs for UP. The process took about 10 years, working off and on. Why can't some of that be made available for the true fans? Anyway, these are just my personal gripes... I love PG--always will--he's a brilliant artist in a music world full of tripe and garbage. If you want a good look at his career so far, this is better than "Shaking the Tree."...more info
  • Innovation
    For so many artists, they always seem to be manufactured, rather than set the field for technology and innovation. Very few artists seem to really respect that, and that is just a shame. Still, there are some already who truthfully seem to understand it in full format. Other than everyone else, Peter Gabriel is absolutely one of those performers. He has always made music an innovation and just an excitement all around. Nearly about 35 years after he started his way on stage, as the first frontman of Genesis, he continues to shock audiences and people all around. Finally, his time as a solo act gracefully has paid off.

    The 2003 album, Hit, ironically titled, consists of nearly 30 of Peter Gabriel's tracks from his solo era. The collection is nothing new from his loyal fans from the 80's. The songs truthfully range with all his dynamic innovations with technology and music that keeps getting better. The collection also adds a little more than his previous collection, Shaking The Tree - 16 Golden Greats. The collection consists of a majority of songs including Sledgehammer, Shock The Monkey, Big Time, and Red Rain. Still, there is absolutely a little bit more than meets the eye, as the collection also includes hit songs like In Your Eyes, a track that was misplaced from Peter's previous greatest hits collection, as well as tracks that were from his last two full-length records, Us and the lackluster Up, like Steam, and Love To Be Loved.

    Although it is just a shame that many people don't seem to respect Peter Gabriel as an artist anymore, largely because of what seems to be hot in "Manufactured Corporate Pop" like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez on the market today you can't help but enjoy the art and the majestic voice he has made with music throughout the 70's, 80's and 90's. Yet with all the phoney and fictional acts now, Peter Gabriel has something no other act seems to have, a sense for real music out there....more info

  • One Of The Great Gifted Artists Of Our Times
    You will probably never hear a more diverse and consistently brilliant Hits collection than this tour de force from Peter Gabriel. Most of his best known songs (not all, alas) are here: Biko, Don't give up, Steam, Solisbry Hill, Games without frontiers, Sledgehammer etc are all on Disc 1 which is subtitled: HIT. But it is Disc 2, subtitled MISS that is more rewarding as it showcases songs like Rhythm of the Heat, Family Snapshot, Cloudless, Downside Up, Father Son and San Jacinto. Two new tracks are BURN YOU UP BURN YOU DOWN (good funky stuff!) and CLOUDLESS (sublime reworking of the song SKY BLUE featuring vocals from the Blind Boys From Alabama)

    There are always songs you would like to see on a Hits package and some that could be jettisoned and this album is no exception. I cannot understand why SHAKING THE TREE is not included. This is a song he co-wrote with Youssou N'Dour and there is a remastered version on his earlier hits album, also called Shaking The tree. It is a wonderful song in praise of Women with a gentle voal by Gabriel. Must be a legal reason or maybe a falling out with Youssou. One of his classic songs: IN YOUR EYES is buried on the MISS side and that is on the USA version. It is not even included on the European version. That is an amazing oversight. Also songs like LOVE TO BE LOVED from US is reather boring and does not belong here. He could have included from the same album, KISS THAT FROG, COME TALK TO ME or SECRET WORLD, especially the live version which way surpasses the studio version. Also SKY BLUE or an edited version of THE BARRY WILLIAMS SHOW from UP might have been a better selection than I GRIEVE. It would have been great to merge SKY BLUE and CLOUDLESS together for one magnificent closing track. The really weird THE TOWER THAT ATE PEOPLE, LOVETOWN and THE DROP could also have been left off so earlier PG material could have been presented. INTRUDER is not included and nothing from Peter Gabriel 2, although DIY is on the European version as is NO SELF CONTROL and I HAVE THE TOUCH. There are cut versions of some songs which actually help in the case of BLOOD OF EDEN, GROWING UP and MORE THAN THIS. Maybe STEAM could have been edited also as it is on the long side. Hopefully an anthology is on the way to encompass all relevant Peter Gabriel tracks....more info
  • Please - No More Radio Edits

    I was thinking about picking this one up - until I read it is another record company rip-off.

    Like Forty Licks, the label issues radio edit versions of some songs.

    I would rather see these companies include one or two less songs on these compilations, so fans can get the full length tracks.

    Here is a great artist who doesn't need edited versions on packages like this one.

    Watch the record companies wait 2 or 3 years and then come out with 'New & Improved' Greatest Hits collections with unedited songs from your favorite artists....more info
  • Listening This While I Am Waiting For The Gabriel BOX!

    13 years after his first collection Shaking The Tree it is good time for new Gabriel collection. Instead of fact that he has made only two studio albums between these collections.

    Allright! Let's see what songs he and his recording company has chosen. First cd has been named `Hit`(cd1) There are Gabriel's most succesful single tracks such as Sledgehammer(1#, most played video on MTV), Shock The Monkey(first chart hit which went on top 40), Don't Give Up( top 10, a great duet with Kate Bush) and Steam(top 40) My personal favourites on this Hit are interesting Games Without Frontiers, an emotional More Than This and a catchy pop song Red Rain Overall, Hit(cd1) sounds very good and I would give it 4,5 stars. Selections are made by care and with good taste!

    Second cd has been named Miss and there are for exemple songs which aren't hits or singles at all. A peaceful San Jacinto, a wild The Rhythm Of The Heat, in posivive way strange Signal To Noise and a beautiful Downside Up are best songs on this Miss cd. The Tower That Ate People and Lovetown are songs that I would drop out this collection because these are booring and horrible songs.

    In my opinion, this is not definitive collection because you can not find some important songs here. 2(stratch) album has chosen nothing which means that Gabriel do not like this album at all. Also Passion and Birdy soundtrack has forgotten! But if you are lucky, you can find German Hit edition. There are D.I.Y(2) and A Different Drum(Passion) which means that it is little bit more diverse than original Hit collection. Buy it if you find it! I have heard that Gabriel is going to release box on this year. Hopefully, then I can find many rarities, B=sides and live performances on that box.

    This collection is good start for people who wants to know what kind of music Gabriel has made from 1977 to 2003. For fans this collection is not give a lot because there is only one new song(Burn You Up, Burn You Down) and one new recording Downside Up(original version can be found on OVO)
    Finally, Hit is not perfect but it is the best official collection want you can find. ...more info
  • Peter Gabriel truly has a showcase to show
    This rendition of the otherwise failed hit package of 1996 captures...somewhat... of what Peter Gabriel is more than capable of.

    My ghost has to travel and here it spades. The mixes are gorgeous, it's just that some of them are radio remixes. I am not for certain, but when was Peter Gabriel last played on the radio?

    This starts out with his landmark hit Solsbury Hill, and sends us into the world which Peter Gabriel has held us captive for so many's a good me.

    The editing in spots is a bit, well, selected, however, the sound quality is superb. What I find odder is that selections from OVO and Rabbit Proof Fence are on this. To many these will appear to be new songs. They are not. Even sadder, is that these classics were NOT issued in the USA. Ovo, to me, remains one of his best works. One hopes some of the songs here (the undeniably toned down live version of Downside Up for one) will prompt Real World to finally issue this classic worldwide so that the original can be heard.

    One other bonus is the original I Grieve from the film City of Angels. Unknowing to most, this one has more meat to it. The remix on UP is a bit more subtle in the mixing of the percussion and me, you will FEEL the difference.

    A must for anyone who enjoys this truly fine artist....I did....more info

  • PG = Pure Gift
    don't get me wrong, peter gabriel is a truly gifted artist. i own each and every one of his albums. but i think it remains to be said, until now, that his music could really use more cowbell......more info
  • save money, get the new song...?
    Not sure if I am buying this album since I have all of the songs but the new one: "burn you up, burn you down" which I think is from the game "MYST." The single for that song is $12 and has 2 songs on it. "Hit" is a 2-disc collection of PG's greatest hits is $11. Simple math says - better buy to get HIT. weird.

    Couldnt be a bigger fan....more info

  • Proof of the Prodigy, Peter Gabriel
    For as long as I can remember I've enjoyed Peter Gabriel's music, but I never really went so far as to buy many of his albums. Truth be told, I fancied the tracks I heard from Peter on the radio, but I was always hesitant to buy his albums because I thought they'd be a little too odd for my liking. The exception to all of this was Peter's 1986 album, So, which I bought and loved and played incessantly - as with my most cherished albums, I owned that one on cassette and vinyl back in the 80's.

    So was my only LP exposure to Peter Gabriel until about three years ago, when I was reading about a forthcoming album, Up, that took Peter 10 years to make. Intrigued by what I read about this disc, I bought it when it hit the market and was rewarded with an hour of OUTSTANDING music. Up was unlike anything I was hearing anywhere at the time, and like the other PG album I had owned 17 years prior, I found myself playing Up over and over and over again, discovering melodies, lyrics, sounds, and harmonies that resonated with me on a multitude of levels. (I wrote an Amazon review on Up, if you're interested...)

    My love for Up spawned a desire to buy another copy of So, this time on CD. When I went to buy my third version of that album, I was delighted to find this two-disc compilation of Peter Gabriel's work spanning across his entire career and including all those older hits that I never owned because I was afraid I'd dislike everything else on those older albums. Here are digitally remastered recordings of classic PG tunes, such as "Solsbury Hill," "Shock the Monkey," "Games Without Frontiers," and "Biko;" a number of beloved tracks from that old 1986 album I know so well; some great tracks off of Up; and many other amazing songs I'd never heard before from albums I never owned. Twenty-nine songs (count em, 29!) fill this two-disc set, and as I sit and listen, I just marvel at Peter Gabriel's gift. The man is a true prodigy, an incredible musician, one who has clearly emphasized his art over commercialism but has received worldwide acclaim in the process. This album contains a new song, "Cloudless," which is an appealing variation off of Up's "Sky Blue," building off that tune's memorable choral chant.

    Hit offers an abundant sampling of Peter Gabriel's music. These tunes are intense, sophisiticated, challenging, and rewarding. Having been more exposed to Peter Gabriel's work through this compilation, my prior hesitations are gone, and I'm eager to go back in time and buy some of Peter's earlier releases. I highly recommend this album if you are like I was, someone who enjoyed Peter Gabriel's music in the past but wasn't 100% convinced as a devoted fan. Hit will change all that; you'll love this album and acquire a great appreciation for the magnitude of the music this man has created over the course of his career. ...more info
  • Haven't listened but bought for my brother who loves it
    I purchased this for my brother who has heard it and loved it and put it at the top of his Christmas list. I do love almsot all of Peter Gabriel's songs. ...more info
  • Worth buying
    I bought this CD just for Solsbury Hill. The song is in Vanilla Sky which is one of the all time greatest movies. Every time I hear Solsbury Hill I think of that crazy movie. I've played the song and the movie lots of times and never get tired of either one. Peter Gabriel is one in a million. ...more info
  • "Hits and Misses"
    It's about time Peter Gabriel came out with a best of collection, this was long overdue. While many of the songs on this 2 CD set are quite good, I have just a few disappointments to share. First off, why oh why is: "In Your Eyes" on the "Miss" CD? That song was a hit song from day one. Also, what happened to songs like "Come Talk To Me", "I Have The Touch", and "Washing Of The Water"?

    Instead, Gabriel included totally ridculous songs on this compliation like "Cloudless" "The Tower That Ate The People", and "Signal To Noise". What in the hell was he thinking?!
    On the other hand I was very impressed with the live unreleased track on the "Miss" cd "Downside Up" a beautiful duet he sang live with his sister (I believe).

    One Last complaint: another fan on here talked about how they cut off the beginnings of "Sledgehammer" and "Don't Give Up" on this compilation. Those intro's are what set the mood for these songs, an akward mistake for whoever thought that was a good idea.

    In my opinion the albums "So" and "Us" were PG's best albums along with the double live CD: "Secret World". This compilation does have a few gems to offer, but then again what Peter Gabriel CD doesn't??
    ...more info
  • phenomenal compilation!
    This is truly a fine and comprehensive collection of one of the greatest musical geniuses of our time.The live release version of "Downside Up" by itself makes this album worth its salt.The rest is absolutley an intoxicating audio experience.I highly recommend this compilation to those who do not own a complete collection of Peter Gabriel's music....more info
  • he just keeps putting out the hits!
    wow, peter gabriel has once again made an excellent album. eventhough this album is almost all previously released material, i personally think he chose all of his best work. the sound is well mixed and clear. i give it 5 stars!!!!...more info
  • One of the best, ever
    Peter Gabriel is such a quality musician and this is a great "testament" of his achievements over the years...more info
  • hits and a whole lot of misses
    Peter Gabriel tries to be arty but his poor composition skills and squeal vocals get the best of him. Thus, most of his material suffers from lack of good composers- he is really missing the talents of Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford. He also tries to be too funky and "womad" infusing as many different sounds as possible but not really amounting to anything of substance. Almost a one star rating but the wonderful Solisbury Hill and Games Without Frontiers save this dreadful compilation. It's is a shame that he did not continue along the lines of those two wonderful early tunes. Nice to have Sean Connery as a special guest- or is that Gabriel??? Go back to Genesis 007 !!...more info
  • Great compilations of Peter's greatest hits....but with crappy sound quality
    5 stars for the album/compilation itself
    3 stars for the sound quality
    average rating becomes 4 stars.

    I bought this compilation cause I wanted a decent greatest hits album that had pretty much all the hits and songs that made Peter solo work great. All the songs you want are here but unfortunatly not in a chronological order as one would like.

    I also bought this cause I was excited that all the hits have been REMASTERED. Unfortunatly the sound quality is nothing to brag about. I think the original albums where the songs come from had equel or better sound quality than this. If you are looking for a Peter Gabriels hits all in one package.....this is the one to get.....but if you are like me and are looking forward to a better sound quality due to the tracks all being Remastered...then you are going to be disapointed.

    ...more info
  • Misleadingly subtitled "The Definitive 2 CD Collection"
    (Music: 4.5 Stars Compilation: 1.5 Stars)

    The outside packaging of "Peter Gabriel Hit" boasts the phrase "The Definitive 2 CD Collection. How misleading! This collection of songs (29 tracks; 151 min.) is neither a "greatest hits" as several hit singles are missing, nor a "best of" as several key album tracks were overlooked. Instead, I think this is Peter's idea of what in his mind his "definitive collection" should sound like, rather than giving the fans a straight-forward collection of his biggest and best tunes. The collection is divided up between the "Hit" CD1 and the "Miss" CD2. Why the CDs are subtitled that way is not clear, as certainly not all tracks on CD1 are "hits", and some tracks on CD2 in fact are.

    Gripe 1: it's clear that Peter is quite fond of his 2002 album "Up": 5 of its 10 tracks are on here! Nevermind that none of them in fact was a hit, and to add insult to injury the only song fron "Up" to be released as a single ("The Barry Williams Show") is not even on here!. Ironically, I also like "Up" as an album a lot, but it simply does not deserve 5 songs on here.

    Gripe 2: There is only one, yes you read right, ONE song ("Solsbury Hill") from Peter's very successful debut album. "Modern Love" and "Moribund the Burgermeister" are inexplicably absent. ("Here Comes the Flood" is on here in the 1990 re-recorded version, with Peter solo on piano.)

    Gripe 3: there is not a single song from "Peter Gabriel 2". Can you say "selective memory"? (The album was also overlooked on the 1990 "Shaking The Tree" compilation.) "On The Air" and "DIY" should have been included on this "definitive" collection.

    Gripe 4: While there are 4 songs from "Us", missing in action nevertheless are "Kiss the Frog" (a genuine hit, actually), and "Come Talk to Me", an essential song in Peter's catalogue.

    This by no means implies that the music on this collection is not good, not at all. There are many great songs on here. In addition to many familiar songs, the unreleased "Burn You Up, Burn You Down" is a great track, with heavy grooves, and "Lovetown" (from the 1994 "Philadelphia" soundtrack) is another gem, and appears for the first time on a Peter Gabriel record. But ultimately, this is not about the quality of the music, but about the quality of the compilation. Strictly on that account, this album flunks. Not a surprise then that it also flunked at retail....more info

  • This shouldn't be this tough...
    Shouldn't be that difficult to put together a definitive best of from such a great artist. 1st 2 albums under-emphasized, missing "I Have The Touch", one of my favorites - didn't realize it was not on the CD until I got it home - it's such an obvious choice (& better track than a lot of what made the cut)that I didn't even bother to make sure it was on the CD. Does have "In Your Eyes", which the prior "Shaking The Tree" compilation inexplicably omitted. Plus, "Games Without Frontiers" sloppily cuts in and begins in the middle of the first note of the song instead of the actual start - this will be annoying to anyone who really likes this song(if they needed to cut time, why not fade a song or two out a bit earlier, no one would notice). It's this kind of stuff that pushes folks to the internet for downloads......more info
  • Super CD
    An amazing compilation of Peter Gabriel's best recordings ever! I was shaking with anticipation for this CD and I was not let down. 2 CD set, one called "Hit" one called "Miss" portraying what I feel is PG's classification of songs he feels were righfully successful and songs he felt should've been, but were never given a chance. Peter Gabriel was one who always walked the fine line between commercial and indie music and his fans were always the beneficiaries. I have worn out these CD's and made copies for both my cars. I absolutely LOVE it!...more info
    Definitley need a re-issue, with all the songs on it now, On The Air, DIY (for certain, i mean we can all complain about the track selection but this 'definitve collection' skips a whole album!) & the ones added on the german release, as well as 'Out, Out' from Gremlins & When Your Falling from the Afro Celt collaberation (if he can get the rights). Theres too many (essential) things missing for this to be a 'definitive collection'. B-sides (soft dog, dont break this rythym...) would be nice, more live versions-this is box set territory, but that at least, is definitive. Casual listners start here, die-hards buy it. Those in between-write angry letters & reviews!
    ...more info
  • Good collection; why are there different versions?
    I enjoyed this collection of Peter Gabriel tunes; especially having the opportunity of gettting some songs and mixes not available on previous album releases.
    It should be noted that there are 2 versions of this release; 1 in the US and 1 in the UK. Disc 1 is the same for both but disc 2 varies in content. On the UK disc they ADDED "D.I.Y." from the 2nd album, "No Self Control" from the 3rd album, "I Have The Touch" from Security, "Different Drum" from the Passion soundtrack, and "Washing of the Water" from "US" and it is MISSING "I Don't Remember", "Love To Be Loved", "Family Snapshot" (one of my favorites) and "In Your Eyes" (What the??)
    The UK disc can be found at

    Why the 2 different versions on the 2nd disc? I don't know....more info

  • Excellent condition
    I was positively surprised because this collection seemed to be BRAND NEW :-)
    I can highly recommend this place...more info
    This is an awsome cd , the first disc has his greatest hit's and disc 2 has less popular songs that were not hit's , great packaging. A++++++++++...more info
  • Great for average music fans,bit too less for advanced fans
    for everyone who want to know Pg music and for everyone who want to have only 1 Peter Gabriel album "Hit" is a great choice.featuring many important songs,few new ones ("Downside up","Growing up",unreleased "Lovetown" it igves a portrait of an amazing artist who creates such a rich,powerfull and gentle in the same time and also catchy music.
    the only thing that i complain is that "In your eyes" (from "so") is missing here and also some songs from very good although underrated second album "Scratch" (Where is "DIY","On the air" or "Mother of voilence"? these are fantastic songs!)

    but anyway - it's very good (but maybe not definitive as it says on cover),it fits perfectly the gap between compitations like "Shaking the tree - 16 golden greats" (1978 - 1990) and "Growing up live tour dvd " (many tracks from 1992 - 2003) with nice addition of few new tracks.i am sure it will be a worldwide Hit!...more info

  • Great music -- shame about the enhanced content

    This is a great selection of tracks from Gabriel's career -- even some from his most recent disk, 'Up', of which he is clearly proud. For me, CD#2 is better than CD#1, as it concentrates on the less well-known material.

    But why does Gabriel use this enhanced CD to encourage us to go to the wretched 'Noodle' site. I have wasted a good hour of my life trying to get this software to work, and I still have very little idea what it is going to do for me. I feel utterly depressed by the experience, when I was hoping to feel uplifted.

    So five out of five for the music selection, but several hundred minus points for the Web content.
    ...more info
  • Stellar, But Not Comprehensive Gabriel Collection
    "Hit" is a double-CD collection of Peter Gabriel's greatest hits, one disc labelled "Hit," and one labelled "Miss." The great Mr. Gabriel is the former lead singer of Genesis and one of pop/rock's greatest talents because of his clever and inventive lyrics, and notable visual style on videos and in concert. Moreover, his selfless devotion to popularizing world music has made him a champion of otherwise unknown Third World musicians.

    "Hit" captures early Gabriel ("Solsbury Hill" "Shock The Monkey"), middle Gabriel ("Sledgehammer" "Steam") and later Gabriel ("I Grieve" "The Drop") and many other songs that capture the flavor and essence of Gabriel's soulful, eclectic style. But as good as this collection is, it's not comprehensive. Missing is "I Have The Touch" and "Mercy Street," and other fans would think of other songs that should have been included.

    But this much Gabriel is always a great thing, and "Hit" is worth having for that reason alone....more info
  • Good Music
    I am a Peter Gabriel fan, good music, If they put all the songs that were great on 1 cd or even 2 thier will be little money to be made.
    I listen and enjoy this set....more info
  • Simply AWESOME
    As a long, long, long time fan of Peter Gabriel, I must say I was a tad skeptical when I heard of this release. But, after having these discs for 2 weeks, nothing else has been put in my CD player. It is an unbelieveable compilation (not perfect, but what is?) that old and new fans should love. BUY IT TODAY!! While you're at it, buy the GROWING UP LIVE DVD, wowww!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • 'I Don't Remember' seems to apply to his first two albums
    Peter Gabriel is a fascinating artist who has released many masterpieces ('Security', 'Peter Gabriel 3', 'So') and has never showed any signs of selling out or pandering to popularity. This collection ups the antie of 'Shaking The Tree', with material from 'Us', 'Up' and his soundtracks over the years, but definitely misses the opportunity to give the public a definitive collection of his work. To have all of his great songs, it would be impossible with a two disc set, much like Bob Dylan or The Beatles, but to achieve a two-disc set that can at least represent the various stages of his career would be more than feasible.

    The problem with this set is that it relies much too heavily on his latest album, 'Up' and has nothing from 'Peter Gabriel 2: Scratch', and nothing from 'Passion', which is criminal. 'Peter Gabriel 1: Car' is only given one slot here, with the obvious 'Solsbury Hill' (the version of 'Here Comes The Flood' is from the 'Shaking The Tree' collection, not from the first album). It seems that Gabriel is ashamed of his first couple albums and seems to think that his new work is his best. The breakdown of the distribution of songs from albums are as follows: There is one song from his first album, nothing from his second, four songs from his third, three songs from 'Security', five songs from 'So', nothing from 'Passion', four songs from 'Us', five songs from 'Up', and the rest are from soundtracks, or are unreleased songs.

    It is strange that his last few albums have so much time on this release, but his first few albums seem to get the shaft. Also, some omissions seem strange, like 'Come And Talk To Me' from 'Us', which was a hit, and 'I Have The Touch' from 'Security' which was on his previous greatest hits collection. I guess he, or the record label, didn't want those albums to go out of print.

    'Hit' is a solid, if not top-heavy, collection of songs by a pioneering, creative artist who defies categorization. I guess people who only know a few songs won't care that a few tracks from his second LP and 'Passion' are missing, because they never get played on the radio. This collection isn't to be avoided, but definitely buy some of his great albums before or after getting 'Hit.'...more info