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Warmrails Hyde Park Freestanding Towel Warmer and Drying Rack, Chrome
List Price: $210.00

Our Price: $128.25

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Product Description

For a more luxurious bathroom that is cozy and welcoming, we recommend this Hyde Park towel warmer. You can keep towels dry and fresh, even in the summertime, because the towel warmer helps reduce dampness for rooms that suffer from mold and mildew growth. This unit was designed to run continually, 24 hours a day, so you can enjoy warm towels any time. Yet it uses less power than a regular light bulb at a cost of just a few cents a day! Features a chrome finish. Has an on/off switch. Stands alone and plugs into any standard wall outlet. White cord is 7 feet long. 24" wide. 38 1/4" high. 13 3/4" deep.

This free-standing Hyde Park drying rack and towel warmer from Warmrails adds luxury to your daily routines and cuts down on daily chores. Designed to get towels deliciously toasty, the rack also helps keep them dry and fresh, reducing the need for laundering and the overall presence of mildew. Its dry electric Filatherm element runs without the use of oil or liquid and uses less energy than a typical light bulb. Styled like a ladder with a subtle curve to the rungs, the rack features a handsome chrome finish. Warmrails recommends running it 24 hours a day but includes a discreet on/off switch for when it is not needed. Both UL- and CUL-listed, the rack plugs in with a standard three-prong power cord and can easily be transported from the bathroom to the laundry room or nursery. Measuring 24-1/8 by 13-3/4 by 39 inches, it requires minimal assembly and carries a one-year warranty. --Emily Bedard

  • Large Freestanding unit. Great for entire family.
  • Minimal assembly required.
  • Keeps towels dry, warm, and fresh. Great for drying delicates, hand washables and swimwear. Save on unnecessary laundry loads. Great for year-round use!
  • 24 1/4-by 13 3/4-by-39-Inches
  • For Warmrails Customer Service please dial Toll Free 1-877-927-6724.

Customer Reviews:

  • Did not work as advertised
    Towels were just warm in spots, not what I expected, I have returned the product for a refund,Amazon makes the return process very easy!...more info
  • Love It!
    Easy to assemble. Keeps my towel & wash cloth warm and dry. No more drying off with a damp towel!...more info
  • Towel warmer
    This product, a towel warmer was a gift for my daughter's new home. Personally I never needed one but my daughter loves it. Now, I wonder if I'm missing something....more info
  • Warm and dry
    We liked our Warmrails so well we bought this for our 4 kids. It's great because it's portable, but very stable, and we load 4 big towels on it after every bath. This is PLENTY big! It keeps the towels dry and fresh, extending their pre-washing life. We only turn it on to dry them out, so we cheat the boys out of the warmth, but someday they'll care enough to turn it on! We also keep it on a plug-in timer so it doesn't use an excessive amount of power. Great value, great product....more info
  • Takes the chill out of a chilly bathroom
    This towel warmer heats up quickly. I find that if I lay the towel on it when I get into the shower, it's nice and toasty warm by the time I get out. If you have never had a warm towel waiting for you after a bath or shower- you don't know what you are missing!...more info
  • Very useful item
    This is a very useful item to own. It is easy to assemble. It does a good job of drying towels. My husband and I hang our bath towels on it at night and then shut off the unit in the morning. We get a lot more use out of our towels this way. The unit does get a little hot, so I would not recommend its use around young children. It does need a bit of floor space, so if your bathroom is tight, you might want to keep the unit in your bedroom or hallway....more info
  • sturdy and does the job
    We had a cheaper version of this brand that was OK, but was not very steady on its feet. This is much better, and the plug attachment is less prone to break. That said, it doesn't seem to heat the towels any better, which is somewhat of a disappointment. It may even be a little worse at that task. Still, it's very nice to have dry towels, particularly in the summer when the humidity is high....more info
    this was one of the most disappointing gifts i have given or received in my life (all 58 years of it!). you want dry warm towels? throw them in the dryer for 5 minutes. place them in the sunny window for 10 minutes. this piece of junk does not work. i gave it to my best friend and his wife (an outlay of 119 bucks!) and it now sits in the junk heap only weeks after christmas. it was meant as a christmas gift. don't buy anyting from this manufacturer! its a rip off. it doesn't work taking upwards to an hour and a half to half warm towels. ...more info
  • Nice, but....
    First of all, I have to say Amazon did a great job of shipping, I ordered it on Sept 6 and received on Sept 11.
    Upon close examination of the product, I found some nicks of the top corners that the metallic surface was scrapped away and the dark material inside was showing. It was probably caused by the item moving around during transportation because it wasn't packed very well by the manufacturer (no foam or bubble wrap, it was just placed inside a large plastic bag). Also there are stickers on the heating rails that left a sticky residue behind after removal.
    We live in a city apartment that the windows and shades of the bathroom must be closed most of the time for security reason. That doesn't leave a lot of air circulation and wet towels create odor pretty quickly. This product seems to work well so far, it dries and warms the towels and the odor is gone.
    I would give Amazon 5 stars and Warmrails 3, average 4 stars.
    ...more info
  • towel warmer rack
    I bought the towel warmer rack as a gift for my daughter. She is raving about it! She loves the warm towels and the fact that she can dry hand washed clothes on it or things that get wet in the rain. A definite winner!...more info
  • For the price I took a gamble
    Well first thing I noticed was this wasn't packaged very well. No padding whatsoever, but it arrived unscathed. Next thing was the two screw holes didn't line up. This only has 2 screws and I couldn't get it put together. Frustrated, I was ready to return it, but tried one last time with my wife helping me pull the rails to align the holes.

    After using it for a couple days I find it works rather well. I'm used to having a regular dry towel so any warmth is a plus. My daughter who had her towels tumble dried says it's not warm enough. (she's spoiled) It doesn't heat the entire towel so we end up layering several towels and it retains the heat pretty well.

    Is this product worth the retail price of $200? I don't think so, but for the sale price, I think it's a nice addition....more info
  • warm is good
    I plug this in through an outlet timer so it warms up and dries but does not run all day. Great product....more info
  • Warm Towels Every Morning
    We love our Warmrails warming towel rack. It solves the problem of not having enough towel racks installed in our home and provides dry warm towels every morning or whenever you need them. We are truly pleased we bought it.
    It is also constructed well and is pleasing aesthetically....more info
  • improve your mom-in-law rating
    my daughter-in-law will love me forever. this was the best Christmas present i could have gotten for her. i got huge brownie points!!!!!!!!!! try one of these for yourself or for that special someone you need to upgrade your own rating from. this is larger than most other warmers. it is quality merchandise and can be moved if needed. it is also very attractive with or without towels on it. ...more info
  • Sturdy and Functional
    I've been using the Hyde Park Freestanding Towel Warmer and Drying Rack for about one month. It appears to be very well-built - it is sturdy and does not tip easily. Towels don't get nearly as warm as they would in a clothes dryer (a clothes dryer uses far more energy). However, it dries them thoroughly, allowing them to absorb more water far more quickly. I put a timer (about $10 at Lowes) on the receptacle, keeping the rack energized only a few hours before and after normal towel use times. This should minimize the impact on the electricity bill....more info
  • Disappointing
    I greatly enjoyed the warm towels in the bathroom at a hotel in London. I hoped to recreate that feeling daily with my own towel warmer - this was a real disapointment - toasty is an overstatement - the heat imparted to the towels overnight dissipated in less than a minute - pretty mediocre. I returned it to Amazon for refund ...more info
  • A problem solver!
    My old house is without the benefit of central heat/air. As a result, parts of the downstairs are perpetually dank. Towels would stay damp from one bath to the next, unless I ran them through the clothes dryer. Time and trouble. Having guests meant constantly monitoring the bathroom.

    I was rather desperate for comfort when I ordered this, and I wasn't expecting much. What a pleasant surprise! My towels now dry completely and quickly. If I want a warm towel after my bath, I flick the switch while I run the water. Usually, though, it's only used for drying towels and hand washables. (Wet bedroom slippers dry promptly when hooked over the poles.)

    The only reason this treasure is not awarded five stars is that I've not yet gotten a utility bill for the time period after its arrival. Info when I get it. ...more info