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Maverick RediChek Remote Wireless Smoker Thermometer
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Product Description

Monitor the temperature of smoked meats from up to 100 feet away! Wireless receiver with LCD beeps and flashes when smoked meat temperature surpasses programmed temperature or if smoking chamber temperature falls out of programmed range. Receiver features count up/down timer, back lighting, belt clip and stand; transmitter has food probe wire, smoking chamber probe wire and stand/hanger. Can also be used with grills and ovens. Includes 4 AAA batteries.

Smoking meat and fish properly can take days. So, rather than going out to the smoker to check the temperature time and time again, simply install a RediChek Remote Wireless Smoker Thermometer and rest at ease. This handy thermometer monitors smoker air temperature and food temperature from up to 100 feet away. And, if the temperature drops too low or jumps too high, the RediChek alarm goes off, so there are no spoiled batches-just certainty that every batch of smoked salmon is perfection. The RediChek can also be used with an oven or grill for peace of mind while baking, barbecuing, and broiling and for fewer trips to the kitchen. Best of all, the RediChek is wireless, so installation is a snap. Your purchase includes four AAA batteries for out-of-box use. --Brian Olson

  • Remote, wireless smokehouse/meat thermometer
  • Monitor smokehouse/meat temperatures from 100 feet away
  • Can be used with oven or grill; batteries included
  • Alarm sounds if temperature drops too low or jumps too high
  • 4 by 2-1/2 by 1 inches; imported

Customer Reviews:

  • A Must Have
    If you have a smoker or grill and cook meat at temuratures lower than 400, it is a must. It is especially needed if your grill or smoker is NOT gas or electric as it can become quite tiresome running in and out of the house checking on the dome temp.

    The only complaint I have is the range is not great through walls. I have a wireless meat thermometer by Weber that has a much greater range. But, it is still worth the purchase....more info
  • Good but not great
    This thermometer is a great tool. Its a little quirky in spots. For example on the receiver piece, you have to take the battery cover off to turn it on, not so with the transmitter. Nice and accurate, and the alarm features are pretty nice. The range is not as good as advertised, but perhaps about 50'....more info
  • Great luck with mine - I love 'em
    I bought two ET-73's when they first came out about a year ago. I have had excellent luck with mine. I use them almost every weekend as I do a lot of overnight cooking sessions in my smokers. I dangle the smoker probe down a lid vent in my Weber Smoky Mountain smoker, insert the meat probe in the meat de jour, let the temp get settled in, and go to bed. I put the receiver in the bedroom window about 80 feet from the patio, and very easily check meat and smoker temps throughout the night.

    There was recently a bad batch of ET-73's made their way out of the factory. Maverick is supplying outstanding customer support in replacing these units that are proving to be faulty in reception....more info

    I love this thermometer. Works great on the grill, wouldn't cook without it, can't over cook the meat. Highly recommend it....more info
  • Decent Product
    I am an avid griller, BBQ'er and Smoker (year rounder, competitions, 15 pound meats etc...). I purchased this product after enjoying using the Williams/Sonoma remote probe temperature gage for quite some time. I now believe that a remote temperature gage is a must.

    This particular product works as advertised and I am happy with it. I would describe it as average, nothing special. It seems to work well, has a decent transmitting distance (although I hear there was a bad batch out there that were very weak). The digits are large and easily readable in a glance. The alarm couldn't be louder. The back light is bright. And the probes seem high quality that will last a while.

    However, it has a few annoying traits: 1) The on/off switch on the Transmitter is located behind the battery door which means you have to take off the battery door to access it, not a huge problem as the door access screw only takes a quick half turn with a penny or fingernail. 2) Setting the Food and Smoker alert levels is also an annoying as the device only has one "adjust" button that scrolls up one degree at a time. This means that if you currently have a 180 degree setting (beef well done) and wish to change it to 140 degrees (beef rare) you must scroll the digits past the max setting 370 degrees (who cooks anything to this temperature?) around to the minimum setting, and if you miss it or forget to push enter you have to go all the way around again. It reminds me of the early digital alarm clock radios where if you passed 7 AM wake up time you had to go all the way past 7 PM to get back to 7 AM. The feature can be VERY annoying, especially since most other remote probes have both and UP and DOWN buttons, but they don't have the smoker temperature probe that this one does.

    Overall I'd buy another one but I wouldn't pay too much for it.
    ...more info
  • Super Remote BBQ thermometer
    I really enjoy using this thermometer. It lives up to expectations, and is essential for good BBQ. Minor annoyance-- the on/off switch on the transmitter is behind a weather proof cover. Rather than removing the cover every time, I simply leave the cover off and put the transmitter inside a plastic baggy if there is a possibility of rain....more info
  • Maverick ET-73
    Just smoked some salmon and baked potatoes. I watched the cooking surface temperature and the internal potato temp to see how it would do. The receiver was over 75' away and it was no problem. It works great!...more info
  • Perfect for BBQing
    my husband is getting into competition cooking and found this product. it has been perfect for his use. he is able to walk away from the grill/smoker and still have an eye on the meat and internal temps. we would highly recommend it to anyone that just likes to walk away!...more info
  • Range is only 10 feet!
    The thermometer and timer appear to work fine, but the range of the transmitter limits the receiver to about 10 feet. That makes the remote feature almost useless. First, I tried the batteries that come with the device; then I changed them for fresh new cells, suspecting the batteries were weak, but that didn't improve the transmission range. I gave the unit one star as a remote monitor. It would deserve four or five stars if it were really useable as a remote monitor....more info
  • Great product overall
    This is a great product, it had been recommended by several people on various grilling reviews. I love it; I've used it several times and the two temperatures (one at the 'grate' level for accurate surface temp., and one that goes into the meat) make it so much easier to regulate the cooking and get the meat off at the correct time.
    The only negative is that the surface temp. probe died after about a week (which I understand is too common with this brand), but since I bought this through Amazon, it was promptly replaced (they actually RA'd the whole unit instead of just the probe). Overall, a great product that I hope to use from now on for my grilling....more info
  • Don't use on a grill
    I admit I purchased it to measure grill temperature and not smoker. Unfortunately, that means I cooked the probe, even though I didn't go over the specified tempertature. Maybe the end touched the grate or something. Anyway, some red stuff oozed out the back and it doesn't work any more. At least I still have the food probe; and I got to get a good idea of how temperature relates to the gas settings bvefore it died....more info
  • Great device for Smokers; Grillers and other Cooks
    This is a must for serious and amatuer BBQers and cooks. This device not only measures the meat temperature, but most importantly the cooking temperature; it also has a timer. I've been using this with my Bradley Smoker for two months now, and have been receiving excellent results. I am satified with the transmission distance. Like with most radio devices, reception depend on what the signal has to travel through to get to the receiver. Also, as for myself, if I place the receiver too near my computer, it will not receive a signal.

    Comments: As mentions in another post, setting the meat, and smoker maximum and minimum temperatures can get annoying, but you don't have to select one diget at a time. Holding the button down, you quickly scroll to the temperature you want. The alarm needs to be louder; but it is adequate if you are near the receiver. For smokers, whose cooking time may take twelve hours or more, battery life may be a problem. If there is a battery failure you need to reset the system, after installing fresh ones. Maverick customer support is excellent. My meat probe failed and they sent me one out immediately.

    I give it 4 out of 5 stars, because I feel the documentation that accompany the ET-73 could better, there should be up down buttons to adjust temperature settings, and a belt clip should be included....more info
  • great product
    this 2 probe system works as advertised. the alarm works on the way up and on the way down. a great cooking / smokeing tool. ...more info
  • Great Remote Thermometer
    This is a great addition to my smoking/grilling equipment. It allows me to leave the smoker or grill and work on something else without having to worry about the grill temperature. It records both the grill temp. as well as the temp. of the meat and will warn you when the temp. is too low or too high and then when the meat is done. Its a great GREAT tool for making smoking and grilling much easier....more info
  • Not bad
    Works almost as good as I thought it would from all the reviews. A couple things that I didn't like though were that there were a few times that the units lost communication from each other, the on/off switch on the meter is inside the battery compartment so you have to open it everytime to turn it off or on, and lastly, the battery compartment door has 2 gaskets that both fell out after only a couple of uses. Sure, I can put them back in but they seem to easily pop out now. Temperature metering work great though and that's the most important thing....more info
  • I Hate Electronics Made In China
    I hope you have better luck with your's then I did , mine broke after turning the main unit off twice, piece of junk micro on/off switch, I will never buy a remote thermometer again, this is the second one I tried and this is a bigger piece of junk then the Weber model, which also died after one use, what a joke.

    I'd rate it zero if I could but 1 in a minimum...more info
  • Would be a nice product if it had any range...
    This would be a great product if you could use it as a "Remote Smoker Thermometer" as the name implies. Range on mine was about 15ft, rendering it almost useless. Since I can't use it for it's intended purpose, what good is it all? Unless you are going to use it like the picture on the box (your smoker right outside your window) I wouldn't recommend it. Also there is a certain order in which you have to turn the units on in order for them to recognize each other. Even turning them on in the suggested order I have problems. It gets frustrating...
    It is very disappointing that it has these issues, otherwise it would be a real handy gadget & time saver!...more info