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Summer Infant Sure and Secure Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate in White
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Product Description

Taller than the average safety gate at a full three feet high, Summer Infants Sure & Secure is the perfect solution for families with climbers. The fact that it only takes one hand to operate is also a blessing when youre arms are full of laundry, toys, or baby. To open it form either side (the gate is designed to swing both directions), simply slide the lever at the top of the gate with your thumb and then lift up. Closing doesnt require any hands at all: the gate will automatically shut and lock behind you, providing extra peace of mind.

Taller than the average safety gate at a full three feet high, Summer Infant's Sure & Secure is the perfect solution for families with climbers. The fact that it only takes one hand to operate is also a blessing when you're arms are full of laundry, toys, or baby. To open it form either side (the gate is designed to swing both directions), simply slide the lever at the top of the gate with your thumb and then lift up. Closing doesn't require any hands at all: the gate will automatically shut and lock behind you, providing extra peace of mind.

Summer Infant's strong, all-metal safety gate can be pressure or hardware mounted and is able to fit in almost any standard doorway. Since one 5-inch and one 10-inch extension kit come with each gate, the device can be securely fastened in openings measuring from 28 inches to 47.5 inches wide. A notch at the bottom of the gate (and the included extension pieces) means the device can even be placed on a wall with baseboards.

The vertical bars curb curious toddlers from trying to climb over, are spaced to help prevent painful accidents, and provide ample visibility through to the other side. This safety gate is JPMA certified and meant for use with children 6 months and up.

  • Durable metal gate used in doorways, openings or at the top of the stairs
  • Includes wall cups, one 5" and one 10" extension-so no additional purchase is necessary
  • Non-swinging hinge from top of the stairs which prevents the door from swinging over the stairs
  • Fits doorways 28" to 47.5" wide and is 36" tall for extra security
  • Simple one-handed operation-closes and locks automatically

Customer Reviews:

  • Very useful gate - nice height.
    I like this gate a lot. I used to have a white one from the same company and they've made a couple changes. I cant get the tension right so that it locks on its own when it swings shut like my old one did. Also, it has a little blocker so that it only opens one way - a safety feature. It still works for me, yet I liked the first one a little better....more info
  • Great buy!
    After A LOT of research of all different fences, we bought the right one. We use it for the top of the stairs and if you don't want it to shut everytime, you are able to leave it opened a couple of inches, otherwise it will swing shut. It is easy to use, yet hard enough for a young one not to be able to open since you have to lift up then slide a thing on the top. It is a one handed fence and awesome!...more info
  • Easy setup, very secure
    I purchased this baby gate about 4 years ago for our first child. It was very easy to install, easy to open and close, and it is very secure. Best of all, no screws in the wall or stair rails.

    After a couple of years in storage, we have another crawling infant in the house, so it was time to re-install the gate. I discovered that I had lost one of the pressure mount pads. I searched the web for a few minutes looking for a place to order spare parts - I found nothing. I made a quick call to the manufacturer, Summer Infant. After 2 minutes on the phone, they're sending a replacement part out - free of charge!

    An excellent product, with excellent customer service to back it up!!...more info
  • Very Functional Gate
    We are using this gate at the top of the basement stairs. It is very sturdy and has a safety function to keep the gate from opening down the stairs. It is a little limited on the size of opening it will fit it, but it does come with two extensions to help fit various sized openings. Very happy with this gate and its functionality....more info
  • Easy to install, Effective
    We have a dog that can "pop" open our storm door with her paws and had chewed her way through (and jumped over!) the traditional baby gate we were using to make sure she didn't escape out the front door. This is taller and easier for us manuver around. It's not as easy to use a the pet gate we bought to use in another part of the house, but it works and it looks MUCH better from the street than the traditional baby gate did....more info
  • Great!
    I've gone through several gates. I love this one it is durable, definitely the best gate I've used and could find....more info
  • The perfect fit!
    I ordered this gate for our chihuahua so that she could stay in the backyard instead of being cooped up in her kennel all day. Our patio gate's spindles were too wide, but we could not completely cover the gate. This gate was perfect, it had the extensions needed to fit our patio gate and still looks very nice. Set up took me all of 10 minutes (I did not have to screw in anything, just twisting to get the right tension). I would recommend this to any dog owner or kid owner....more info
  • Like it but....
    ... I suggest you pay particular attention to the width of your stairway/doorway before purchasing this gate (or any other gate for that matter). I bought this gate because of the height and other good features. I measured the stairway width before I bought the gate and at 38-39 it was well within the limits. BUT, when we installed the gate, it just turned out that my width at 38.5 is in the .5" limbo between the maximum for the 5" extension and the minimum for the 10" extension.

    This means that the gate is too loose in the stairway. I wanted a pressure gate to avoid drilling into my banisters but I had to for the safety of the little one. Unfortunately, it's still not as sturdy as it should be so I am going to get little slabs of wood to attach to the banister to decrease the stairway width - hopefully this "solution" will be enough to make the gate more sturdy.

    It is a very good looking gate. And contrary to a review I read, it does not swing both ways. I like it because I know there is no way my little one is going to figure out how to open it - you have to slide the top latch and lift simultaneously to open. Closing it is a breeze and she loves to close the gate for mommy!...more info
  • not as durable as...
    Summer Infant Extra Tall Decorative Walk-Thru Gate. The closure is plastic, flimsy, and if your kids open it wide it will slam shut loudly! Not quiet like it advertises....more info
  • it does the job!
    i bought this gate for my puppy boxer, kiefer, so that he could come to work with me. it does the job, the only thing i would have to say is that it wasn't wide enough for the walk way we had to adjust it by using a 2x4, the walk way is not that wide so the gate should have been useful on its own this is with extensions.
    it keeps kiefer where he needs to be and thats all that matters!!...more info
  • Walk-Thru Gate Makes Life easier
    Totally great! Easy installation, very very nice quality. Very good price for what you get. Keeps my two boxers from rushing to the front door to greet the guests. Especially for the two three year old grandkids that don't really like the kisses from the Boxers. ...more info
  • Easy to Use!
    I have been using an accordian type wooden gate in my hallway to keep my kids in the areas of the house that they can play freely. It was such a pain to put up and take down and step over that I started looking for a new gate. This gate is wonderful. Not only was it super easy to put up (it comes with two extensions that help it fit most spaces) but it is also easy to use. It can be opened with one hand and swings closed. Also, it can easily be propped open with a doorstop if I don't need it for the moment. I got the taller gate because my three year old has easily scaled most things in my home but this gate is perfect because there is nothing to use as a step or foothold. The bars and close enough together that my kids can't get stuck or even be tempted to try. The pads are easy on my walls. I couldn't be happier!...more info
  • very good product
    It was just what I was looking for. My daughter is 9 months old and I needed a sturdy gate. I have it on the way down to my basement. She will stand and hold on to it and it won't move at all. I like the fact that it opens towards you and not the stairs. Very tall and good....more info
  • Not what I expected
    The product was too complicated for me, I guess I am not that smart, but it is difficult to align correctly and the latch doesn't work great. I would not buy this product again....more info
  • perfect gate
    This gate is perfect, not only does it keep the baby from getting up the stairs it also keeps the dog from rushing the door. ...more info
  • Best Dog Gate Ever!
    We've got 4 of these in our home and we love them! They work really well with our 65-lb, 14-month-old Yellow Labrador Retriever, Phoebe. We have not encountered any of the difficulties listed in the negative reviews. Use with the optional hardware mountings to increase security/stability. (BTW, the customer image from A. Nichols is of a different product...not sure what.)...more info
  • Top Notch Gate
    We put this gate between the kitchen and living room to keep our new puppies confined in the kitchen. This gate is sturdy and was easy to put together. It also came with extensions. I also like that it is tall. When my hands are full it is easy to just reach down a litle to open it. ...more info
  • Great for tall parents
    I have used this gate in a wide kitchen doorway without the permanent mounts, and it is now in use at the top of the stairs with the mounts. I used the included extensions both times. The extensions being included makes this gate a real value!

    The gate is there to contain our 1 year old, but it is very easy for my 5 year old to use. Also, my 5 year old is autistic and has really abused this gate by slamming it shut and running into it. It has stood up admirably.

    My favorite feature is the height of the gate. When I'm carrying the baby or an armload of laundry, I don't have to stoop over to get the gate open. Great product, I would buy another one.
    ...more info
  • bad design
    The locking feature is a bad design that if pulled hard enough (by my two year old) it will just come undone. I feel that I totally wasted my money, but to return it would have cost the same as what I paid. ...more info
  • Not true hardware-mounting, not self-closing, not worth my money
    I am terribly unhappy with this gate. The two features I was excited about proved to be worthless: the gate can't really be hardware-mounted and the self-closing door never closed without extra fiddling (instead, the door just bangs--very loudly--against the door frame).

    A hardware-mounted gate is one where the gate itself is mounted to a structural part of the house (a wall, for instance). This gate cannot be mounted in this fashion, despite what the manufacturer says. Instead, you screw little "mounting cups" (1/4"-inch-deep plastic things) onto the wall and then pressure-mount the gate into the cups the same way you'd pressure-mount the gate into a doorway. If your child can push a pressure-mounted gate down, the mounting cups are not much more of an obstacle.

    I'm returning this gate and never buying another Summer Infant product. I can't afford to have my 8-month-old son tumbling down the stairs because of a product that doesn't perform the way it was advertised....more info
  • Great gate for babies or puppies!
    We actually bought this gate to keep our new puppy in the kitchen and couldn't be happier with it. Is is very sturdy, easy to use and install and best of all it looks very nice. The gates we had previously (for our son as a baby) were nowhere near as stable and were quite ugly. This is great, especially if you have a wider opening. It comes with 2 extensions allowing it to fit a variety of opening widths right out of the box....more info
  • Great for containing dogs
    This is the ONLY product that could contain our brittany puppy. We tried two different styles of the extra tall baby gates, one even had a clear insert instead of the grate and she still managed to get over it. This gate is on our kitchen door, it is attractive, very easy to get thru and our brittany does not attempt to climb or jump it. I highly recommend this product!...more info