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The Diary of Alicia Keys
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Alicia Keys has more than lived up to the promise of her formidable debut Songs in A Minor, pushing beyond her flirtation with old-school soul and venturing into the modern world, even hiring Timbaland to guide her through the shoals of anthemic hip-hop on the breathless and funkified "Heartburn." Sounding like a hyperthyroid cheerleader, Keys unleashes a quirky sense of humor that no one even suspected she possessed. Her effortless singing on the beat-driven "Karma" is a wonder of sonics on this uplifting piece of pop philosophy, giving countless anxious woman hope that everything will work out as it's meant to, or on "Samsonite Man," where it won't. But despite her edgy styling and jazzy vocal posturing, Keys hasn't abandoned her love for old R&B and travels back in time, giving Gladys Knight's "If I Was Your Woman" a face lift it may not have needed, then turns around and recasts the song as the winsome and dramatic "You Don't Know My Name." But at its heart, The Diary of Alicia Keys is a gross misnomer. After listening to the disc, fans will know little more about the elusive diva than they did before, her lyrical style consistently more narrative than confessional. In fact, the title track doesn't delve into the singer's inner life, but instead is about a long-distance love affair, with Keys promising the object of her affection that: "I won't tell your secrets/Your secrets are safe with me/I will keep your secrets/Just think of me as the pages in your diary."--Jaan Uhelszki

Customer Reviews:

  • True Talent.
    Alicia Keys. One of, if not the best female artist in the world. On The Diary of Alicia Keys, she puts her heart and sould into every song. The vibes and beats are unbelievable. If I Ain't Got You is one of the best songs that I have ever heard, having written this entirelly herself, Alicia really won me over with this song. You Dont Know My Name gives you a slight, slight taste of Alicia's acting ability, which you can see more of in her If I Aint Got You Video, or in the Feature Film she is starring in, due out sometime soon (???). Karma is another great one, with a hot beat and powerful lyrics. Wake up is also one of the better songs on the album with more powerful lyrics and a great beat. All in all Alicia Keys 2nd album into her career is a must have. Highly reccomended....more info
  • All around good album...
    If you like soulful music and true singing get this album. Alicia keys is truly talented and she will continue to be a driving force in female R&B....more info
    I thought that Alicia Keys would not top the success of her outstanding debut album,Songs In A Minor,but she has proved me wrong.Most of the songs have a 70's influence,such as the beautiful "You Don't Know My Name" and "Heartburn".She really shines on the track"If I Ain't Got You",which proves what a phenomenal songwriter and artist she is. All the songs sound as if you really are listening to Alicia's diary.Alicia has proven that with real talent and hard work,instead of wearing skimpy outfits and singing about sex,can result in multi-platinum albums and a truckload of awards.And I should also commend Kanye West on doing an excellent job as the executive producer of this album.This album is a modern classic!...more info
  • The Diary of a Legend....
    If you are looking for a fusion of r&b meets classical meets soul meets hip hop, look no further than "The Diary of Alicia Keys." The young musical prodigy has done it again. This time, we get a more intimate sense of the woman behind the keys........This woman has grown since "Songs in 'A'Minor," and it is evident, both musically and lyrically.

    We get a taste of Keys' technical versatility, as a classically trained pianist, with the intro, "Harlem's Nocturne." Keys moves gracefully between r&b riffs and popular classical tunes, adding flavor and edge as she progresses. This intro guides us gracefully through the pages of this woman's musical diary. Whether she is spurning a selfish lover ("Karma"), encouraging emotional intimacy in a companion ("Diary"), or elaborating on her idea of a foundation for love ("When You Really Love Someone"), we are graced with the privilige of glimpsing her inner most thoughts.

    "Diary" succeeds to showcase Alicia Keys' talent as a musician, songwriter and poet. This is someone who will inspire many little girls to keep taking those piano lessons!

    ...more info
  • Great Deal
    Love this cd. Got it in less than a week and it was more than worth what I paid. Thanks...more info
  • No Sophomore Jinx
    Most artist with a blazin' first album suffer from "Sophmore Jinx" where their second album don't even come close to being a brilliant as the first...well I'm glad to say Miss Keys doesn't suffer from the "jinx".

    The "diary" is as elegant, soulful, and as good as her first album Songs in A Minor. She and her production partner Kerry "Krucial" Brothers (her partner in KrucialKeys, I'm sure you've heard her say it) have found the right groove for producing great songs. Alicia is definitely in her own groove and that's a good thing where we have all these acts coming out being produced by The Neptunes or Timbaland.

    I would tell you what the HOT tracks are, but all the songs fall into one of two catergories HOT or seriously WARM. This looks like another classic for Miss Keys, but of course...she's always been a class by herself.
    ...more info
  • Alicia Keys
    First off I would like to say that Alicia Keys is an talented singer. She has a different style then alot of the singers out today. Well the few singers we have today considering everyone wants to be a rapper now!!! This cd proves why she will be around for years to come. Come on now who can take a vacation and come back and still drop another hot cd. Oh yea Usher but it toke him a while to come out with a cd that put on top of his game. Alicia Keys came out on top with her debut cd. This is such a great cd that anybody can listen to. Young old and in between. so stop reading the reviews and buy the ALBUM!!!! I WILL QUARENTEE THAT U WILL LOVE IT!!!! ALICIA KEYS IS HERE TO STAY!!!!...more info
  • Fantastic!
    Shipment was fast and the CD was brand new- just as advertised- thank you very much!!!...more info
  • Good album
    from one of the most talented and potential artists around. It delivers some killer old-school rnb and soul music. Stand-out tracks are the single "You don't know my name, If I ain't got you, Karma, her rendition of If I was your woman/walk on by, the great When you really love someone, Wake up, the catchy Samsonite man, the innovative "Heartburn".
    I think she's somewhat lacking in the lyric department, but other than that a solid album.
    ...more info
  • Great Sophomore Album
    Alicia Keys has really cemented herself in the world of RnB megastars among the likes of Aretha Franklin, Prince, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder.
    Her piano playing magic along with her soulful crooning have made her a favourite with all ages.
    One of the reasons why so many people are attracted to her music is that she isn't flaunting her body and is more respectable than many other female RnB artists at the moment.

    Like she demonstrated on her debut she has an undeniable talent and to me this effort far surpasses her previous.
    She is more mature and aware of herself.
    On "Songs In A minor" she was too dismissive at times yet on this album she confirms what she wants to say and gets her message across without side-tracking.

    Album opener "Harlem's Nocturne" is exactly like the intro to her other album yet the piano is better and she seems to have matured alot. Her voice is way more solid and fluent.
    "Karma" is a standout on the album with her strong belting during the choruses and the lyrics really seem to come across. The production on this song is superb.
    "Heartburn" is an amazingly funky song where Alicia finally breaks out of her ballad persona, this girl doen't just sit behind a piano all day. Man, she has a gusto voice.

    The next track is a song that is a classic and you will instantly know it. "If I Was Your Woman/Walk On By" strikes a chord with me as it has funk yet that subtleness that confides within Alicia. "You Don't Know My Name" is the Kanye West produced track that is just so daring. Not many could get away with a phone conversation during the middle of a song but Alicia gets away with it. Naturally.

    "If I Ain't Got You" is the best song on the album and grabbed a GRAMMY nomination for Best Song. It is reminiscent of her biggest hit "Fallin'" and wins me over again. "Diary (ft. Tony! Toni! Tone!)" is a very personal track where Keys really connects with the listener. Her vocals are excellently superb.

    "Dragon Days" is a great lyrical piece of work that uses superb metaphors and imagery. The beats steal the show this time as they add to the story trying to be portrayed. "Wake Up" is another song where Ms. Keys gets in the mood for loving. This track is the perfect example of Alicia's talent.

    "So Simple" has a great chorus, beats and vocals. But probably the factor that contributes most to this song being so good is the voice of Lellow in the background, it's just so damn cute.
    "When You Really Love Someone" is just another "Woman's Worth" yet it is more daring and has better vocals and instrumentation. On this track she tells you what it's like --when you really love someone--.

    The interlude "Feeling U, Feeling Me" has a nice calm beat and
    a superb piano section and hushed vocals from Alicia. Short and sweet. "Slow Down" has a nice chorus which pulls the song through from a relatively dull verse. The piano reigns supreme and the chorus beat is just tremendous.

    "Samsonite Man" is another of my album favourites and leaves me wonder what a samsonite man does or did to her. I love the whole song on a whole and the vibraphone works well with the slightly creepy piano. "Nobody Not Really" sounds like a day-time soap theme song. It has this strangely magestic flow to it, with the horn section and the soft, dreamy vocals. Overall very good.

    Alicia Keys is the saviour for the sex-driven female RnB scene at the moment. She is so well respected and her music is truthful and speaks to you from the heart and is really good.

    ...more info
  • i left it in for about a month
    This is a very, very enjoyable CD to listen to over and over again straight through, esp. when you can sing along to every track after a while

    I don't know if its groundbreaking R&B or anything, but I flat wore it out. I really like her voice, and to know she plays and writes the stuff adds somthing to it. Most importantly, she knows the value of the hook.

    my favorite songs are the ones that never made radio...more info
  • You don't know my name
    Well I did not purchase this album but the songs that they played on the radio over and over and over again did not grab my attention. What's up with the song where she sings "You don't know my name" Well in that song says "and when we had our first kiss..." Well if he don't know your name how did you to have your first kiss. Her writing ability is overated. She can sing alright and play the piano but lyrically she's not representing. But that's just my opinion....more info
  • Alicia Keys IS THE BOMB YALL
    Alicia Keys is like my top favorite singer IN THE WORLD, her music and videos dont have anything like beyonce would, its so smoothing and calming. For example:
    1. Harlem's Nocturne: I love the beginging, it has a smooth contact
    2. Karma: One of my favorite songs, its so catchy
    3. Heartburn:Another personal famous, very nice beat and her voice is fenomale
    4. If I Was Your Woman/Walk on By: ONE OF THE BEST SONGS I HEARD! Its just so calming, I can just drop something and sing this song over and over.
    5. You Don't Know My Name: Another BEST SONG I HEARD! from beginging to end, the lyrics r so fabulos!
    6. If I Ain't Got You: BEST SONG EVER WRITTEN IN THIS WORLD! no one can top this song for life, her voice, the lyrics,beat song IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!
    7. Diary: Another favorite, i love it when tone toni tony is in this.
    8. Dragon Days: Love this song, espcially when she sings in her raspy voice.
    9. Wake Up: This is a hot song!
    10. So Simple : one of the best it!
    11. When You Really Love Someone: Another best song i heard as well.
    12. Feeling U, Feeling Me (Interlude) Great song! and beat
    13. Slow Down:This is my favorite beat in a song
    14. Samsonite Man: love the lyrics
    15. Nobody Not Really (Interlude): LOVE THIS BEAT
    Alicia Keys is a talent and great person, this cd is one of the best u'll hear in ur life....more info
  • good effort
    I heard this and thought it was much better than songs in a minor and much more personal but I think her first album is way better though this one is awesome too. There is very sophisticated songwriting and music on alicia's part and very reminiscent of 70's soul music and motown. ...more info
  • Thematically unambitious
    Although art can address a wide scope of what make's life human, the cd reveals not so wide a variety of themes and interests. Instead, it seems principally about her own romance. Grant due respect to her musical genius; as to genre-expanding musical creativity, it is hard to think of many that equal Keys. However, the stories of her romance quickly become tiring to this reviewer.

    The editorial review notes:
    But at its heart, The Diary of Alicia Keys is a gross misnomer. After listening to the disc, fans will know little more about the elusive diva than they did before, her lyrical style consistently more narrative than confessional. In fact, the title track doesn't delve into the singer's inner life, but instead is about a long-distance love affair...
    "--Jaan Uhelszki...more info
  • Miss Keys is It
    I love Alicia and this cd. To me it was alot better than her first. Her vocals are incredible and beats go great with the music. Alicia has all the class and talent of what a true R&B diva should be. If you want a touch of real music, then you need to add this to your collection. I feel Miss Keys has a long time coming, in the industry....more info
  • One of my favorite albums..EVER!
    I thought Alicia's first album,Songs in a Minor, was okay but I was BLOWN AWAY by her second album! Alicia added AMAZING uptempo numbers like Karma and Heartburn(which I felt should have been a single). Alicia's writing is good, but even better is the way she crafts her melodies. Every song is unique and memorable. My personal favorites were "Karma", "Heartburn","Dragon Days", and "So Simple". "Nobody, Not Really" was an amazing interlude that I feel should have been a full song! Give this CD a listen because she has matured for the better since Songs in a Minor....more info
  • Different Tone Than Her First Album
    The Diary of Alicia Keys, the singer's second album, is not what I expected. I had to listen to it a second time to appreciate the CD for what it was. This album is like an urban beat mix with vocal fillers.

    Songs in A Minor had funky, exuberant, joyful lyrics that were personal and poetic. The songs spoke about the female heart and about female independence. They were also a lot of fun.
    The Diary of Alicia Keys lacks such soulful lyrics. In A Minor, Keys' voice was always singing. In Diary, much of the tracks are beat filler. Entire songs sound like a song does when it is winding down. You feel like Keys used up all the poetry she had ever written in the first album, and had writer's block with her second album.

    An exception is the fantastic song Dragon Days. I cannot get enough of this song. It has an intoxicating rhythm, and lovely lyrics. Track 7, titled "Diary," has a lovely notion of someone being so trustworthy that you can think of them as "pages in your diary." Wouldn't we all love someone like that with whom to share our secrets? Track 5, "You Don't Know My Name" is a cute song about a waitress having the courage to call a customer she has a crush on....more info
  • Exceptional Service Review
    My purchase experience was exceptional. I had made this purchase for a loved one that is in a program that has some limits if they can receive mailed items or not. This seller immediately contacted me to let me know the mail had been rejected and inquire if there was another address to mail it to. I gave them the 2nd address and it was immediately mailed to me before the intial deadline for the first address at no additional cost! Way above and call of duty in customer service. The product was in excellent condition like new. I daily enjoy this product in my car. No complaints at all just compliments! Thank you Highly recommended! ...more info
  • She's Done It Again!
    After her debut album, I waited. And waited. I had to see if she'd pass the "sophomore slump." Pass it? Heck, she blew it out of the water too many times over!

    Her enigmatic personality is what keeps everyone guessing, even if the music you hear from her now is the music that could've seamlessly played some 25-30 years ago--and you wouldn't have even known the difference! She is truly a genius, and Timbaland and Kanye West are as well, understanding her need to keep it fresh, but old-school.

    I wonder if anyone ever called her an "old soul" to her face, because she truly is, and this album reflects that more so than her debut. If she keeps this up, she'll have a long, lustrous life ahead of her. Maybe that's why she was so confident. She did her own thing, worked hard for what she wanted, and isn't looking back--and doesn't regret what she did or didn't do. Although I have to agree that she may be one of the most commercial artists of the neo-soul scene, she also proves that she can take a little risk in collaborating with other artists so that she can't afford to get "stalled" in her own creativity.

    Of course, we'll never hear all of Alicia's diary entries--she'll let you see what she wants you to see, and it's always from a distance, like a story that's being told to you. If she was in these positions herself, you'd never know it from the songs on her CD. The only thing that we all know is that we keep clamoring for more--and that, my friends, is the secret to her success. My favorite tracks: "Karma", "Heartburn", "You Don't Know My Name", "If I Ain't Got You" (those two songs went on to radio overkill), "Diary", "So Simple", "Wake Up", and "Nobody Not Really".

    She is a truly gifted songwriter, musician, and artist. Keep us groovin', Alicia! Although you are not revolutionizing R&B, you are bringing it back to the basics, and make old-school music sound like new again....more info
  • Have to respect a job well done!
    On her first album I gave it a three star rating(or was it two?)
    Isaid that I could only hope that she could grow as an artist. And I can say with confidence after over a year since this release, that she did.
    More highlights than her first album. More range of songs and yet holding a theme of carrying sounds from the soul of decades past.Better writing. This album is superior to her first in almost everyway. While I easily got tired of "Fallin", I don't think I'll easily get tired of great tracks like "You don't know my name" or "Karma". So here's hoping to a really good career.

    ...more info
  • Her music comes from the heart and it's still worth purchasing!
    This album tops her first one. She's one of few performers who can wear the title of artist and wear it well -- she's always honing her craft, and produces marvelous results!! This album is proof that Alicia means biz-nessss when it comes to producing quality music.

    One pet peeve I have in regarding this album is that my two most absolute favorite tracks on the album are the two shortest ones!! The last track, "Nobody Not Really" is a beautiful song, but it's under three minutes long; the other one that's tops with me is "Feelin' U, Feelin' Me." It's an interlude, but it's so smooth, it should have been a song in itself. It has a definite "get busy" kind o' vibe. She plays the Rhodes piano and synthesizers on "Feelin'..." so well that Stevie Wonder, the perfect or of the Arp and Moog synthesizers, would be proud!

    Of course, "You Don't Know My Name," is the gem of this album, and "Heartburn," which is produced by one of the hottest producers (pardon the redundancy) in the biz, Timberland (move over, P-"Dippy"), pays homage to the foremothers and forefathers of funk -- if you wanna "get jiggy," then this is the song to listen to. The slower songs, "If I Ain't Got You," and "When You Really Love Someone" (which sounds like a combination of "Fallin'" and "A Woman's Worth" from her debut album -- which is good thing) also score big with me.

    Alicia Keys has done a superb job on her second album. She has injected herself right smack into old school. Her full bodied musical effort conjures the street corner harmony of The Delfonics with a generous tinge of Teena Marie inspired musicianship. To just say I absolutely love this album doesn't even come close to describing the total listening pleasure it gives me. It is in a class all to itself.
    ...more info