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Rubbermaid 7083 72-Inch Four-Shelf Double-Door Resin Storage Cabinet
List Price: $199.99

Our Price: $180.99

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Product Description

This is the perfect system to use for garage storage, where wooden or metal cabinets would be likely to get dinged by yard tools, cars, and so on.

The cabinet is easy to assemble-you don't need tools to do it, though a soft mallet may be helpful. As you expect with Rubbermaid products, the cabinet is almost indestructible. The one complaint I had is that when I put mine together in my basement the unevenness of the floor caused a slight misalignment of the doors. This was easily corrected with a shim placed under the front edge.

Notable plusses include lightweight construction that makes relocating the cabinets easy and an amazingly small footprint for what it can hold. If you intend to store toxic items, you may want to consider ordering a set of locks from the manufacturer.

Looking for affordable storage for your basement or garage? This is the unit for you.--Josh Dettweiler

What's in the Box
One storage container; lock not included

The Rubbermaid 7083 72-Inch Four-Shelf Double-Door Resin Storage Cabinet makes quick work of organizing storage spaces such as sheds and basements. Featuring a lightweight, four-shelf construction, the cabinet has a special snap-together design for fast assembly and holds up to 690 pounds. Plus, its sleek frame complements its surroundings for the long run without rusting, warping, or requiring paint.

The 7083 72-Inch Four-Shelf Double-Door Resin Storage
Cabinet offers:
  • 21 cubic feet of storage space
  • The ability to support up to 690 pounds
  • High-density polyethylene construction for durability
  • A snap-together design for simple assembly without any tools

A special snap-together design keeps setup quick, easy, and tool free.
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Easy No-Tool Assembly in a Snap
Well-suited for cluttered storage spaces, this clever Rubbermaid 7083 is an ideal way to place equipment and valuables out of sight while keeping them easily accessible. And if you're in a hurry to get organizing, this cabinet is for you--with a special snap-together design, setup is virtually effortless and requires no tools, so assembly can be done right out of the box. Housing four shelves within its ample space of 21 cubic feet, the cabinet lets you enjoy the orderly environment you envision and get the maximum out of your space.

The Superior Strength of High-Density Polyethylene
Make no mistake--despite its handy lightweight design, this rugged cabinet is solidly equipped to support up to 690 pounds, offering you both convenience and stability. Its high-density polyethylene construction means it has premium strength and will resist damage such as denting, to which wooden and metal cabinets can be more prone. So if you need to get those paint cans and heavy toolboxes out of the way to free up garage space, it's no sweat.

Stylish Appearance with Long-Lasting Durability
The design of the cabinet combines a tasteful style to complement its surroundings with a simplicity that keeps it from standing out. And thanks to the polyethylene construction, the Rubbermaid 7083 keeps up appearances by not rusting, warping, peeling, or requiring paint, resulting in a low-maintenance storage system you can rely on in the long term.

About Rubbermaid
For more than 70 years, the Rubbermaid brand has been committed to creating durable, innovative products that help simplify life and make living and work spaces more comfortable and attractive. From its original line of simple housewares, Rubbermaid has expanded to become a major designer in a wide array of products ranging from home and garden to seasonal and commercial products. Recognized as a "Brand of the Century," by Brand Marketing magazine, Rubbermaid prides itself on being a name synonymous with excellent quality housewares.

What's in the Box
Rubbermaid 7083 72-Inch Four-Shelf Double-Door Resin Storage Cabinet

  • Double-door storage closet with lockable doors; ideal for paint cans, heavy tools
  • Provides 21 cubic feet of storage capacity; 690-pound storage capacity
  • Rugged high-density polyethylene construction; no-tool assembly
  • 1 storage container; lock not included
  • 36 inches wide, 72 inches high, 18 inches deep; 68 pounds; lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • nice additional storage
    This plastic shelf serves its purpose. It provides me with the added storage space I needed for outside. It will not be good for area where rain or water can get into becuase it's not all closed off along the edges. It took a little bit to put it together becuase it's pretty tall. Be prepare with hammer and soft cloth to help... the piece doesn't need a little push to slide them in place....more info
  • well built , but QC missed something
    This is a well built and easy to assemble storage that is actually made in the US!!!!!!! It is very sturdy and will hold oh so many items. The doors are stiff opening and closing but I imagine they will wear in in time and not be so stiff.
    The only think wrong with this is that their quallity control missed that one of the doors had no holes made in it for the hinge type insertion of the pole. We muddled through and was able to make the holes ourselves but that should not have been missed and made the assembly take so much longer than it should have. There also were no instructions in the box, I had to search online for assembly instructions to print out. Other than that I am ver pleased with this.
    I want to mention too that the shelving is not solid except for the bottom shelf. The shelving has a grid like in it, maybe for ventilation among the shelves??...more info
  • Well Made
    This is an excellent product for storage either in the garage or basement. It is not intended for outdoor use. Putting it together is quite simple and it appears to be made well enough to last for many years. If the doors don't line-up it's probably because it is not on a flat surface. The way it goes together the doors have to line up. ...more info
  • Rubbermaid 72 inch double door storage cabinet
    I thank Rubbermaid has always had very nice products, but to me the Rubbermaid 72 inch four-shelf double door cabinet is the best item I have every purchased for storage. After receiving my first cabinet from Amazon and was able to put it together in no time, I gave my other storage units away and ordered more. Today I have 3 of them and they look as good today as when I first purchased them. They are easy to keep clean and are very tough. These cabinets are so durable and hold heavy items on the shelves and I am always trying to find other items in the house to store in the cabinets. I have all of my tools, Christmas items and many household items in them. Now when you go into my basement it is very organized and I can go and get a tool without having to try to find them. I highly recommend this product for its durability, easy assembly and capacity it holds. I will definitely be buying more. Thanks Rubbermaid for making such a good product....more info
  • Design needs some work.
    I had high hopes for this cabinet, and I bought the 4 door model as well. It went together easily enough, but when it was completely together, (and I followed the instructions to the letter) the doors did not exactly line up. They do close, but it would look much nicer if they were in proper alignment. The four door model did not seem to have this problem. It's just for the garage, but, still, I would have liked to see a better alignment of the doors....more info
  • Good product that came in a beat-up box
    Like another reviewer, my Rubbermaid #7083 cabinet arrived in a somewhat disheveled box (torn open in one spot), but the contents were OK. Assembly was easy--like several other reviewers, I too found that using a heavy rubber mallet was more essential than optional to fit the pieces together. Be prepared to clean out lots of disk-shaped pieces of plastic from the hollow of the panels (normal by-products of the manufacturing process), unless you're content to let those waste pieces rattle inside the panels. Of course, once you have the cabinet assembled and filled with whatever you fill it with, it's not going to be moving--so you won't hear any rattles (except possibly in the door panels). If you can live with junk pieces inside the panels, that will save you several minutes during the assembly process.

    All in all, I'm happy with my purchase; I'm using the cabinet in my garage....more info
  • Nice item.
    Assembled easily until we got to the last panel which only had 2 of the 4 needed holes punched out. We used an exacto knife and made it work but it would have been nice if quality control had caught that first. Not water or airtight but since it is under our carport that's ok. We do like the 2 door/2 lock capability and so far it seems sturdy enough. We have all the paint cans on the bottom and the next shelf up is heavy tools so, we will see if it bows over time. I really am pleased with its function and would recommend it to friends....more info
  • Decent product, easily damaged in shipping.
    I recieved this product damaged by Amazon's bulk carrier. The box was so beat up I couldn't believe the carrier left it for me. This is a large box. Amazon had a replacement sent A.S.A.P. and the customer service persons were very helpful. Second delivery everything came fine.

    Overall, this is a good product and is very useful. I have nearly every piece in this line so my utility shelves all match. There is one weak point in this cabinet. The hinges of the doors are the support pipe going through the door. The holes in the doors for this are not very sturdy. The doors are hollow and the plastic is thin in this spot and easily damaged during assembly. Once together, this shouldn't be an issue. The rest of the product is very tough. There is a hole in each of the doors for a padlock, but the hole is very small and not large enough for a standard size padlock. A small one would need to be used. This is significant because I bought this cabinet to lock up paint cans and cleaners out of reach of my visiting niece and nefew....more info
  • I returned this for a refund
    This item split and pretty much collapsed during construction. I disassembled it (no mean feat) and returned it for a refund. ...more info
  • Disappointed in the quality of this product
    We recently purchased this product and expected to find the kind of quality we have experienced from Rubbermaid in the past. As we began the assembly, it became clear that some pieces still had small, loose pieces rattling around inside them or still attached. Fortunately, we had a rubber mallet because assembly would have been impossible without the use of that tool. There were no printed instructions, only the pictures on the box where no parts were identified by letter. The 15 minute assembly time was not accurate. It took two adults about 45 minutes....more info
  • Definitely a Great Buy!
    Although this item came boxed without any instructions included, it was fairly easy to assemble due to the pictures on the box. I'm generally not very fast with assembling items, but had the cabinet together and in my laundry room in 25 minutes. Considering that it sells for $100.00, is really sturdy with four shelves for storage, and even has doors that could be locked, it would be an attractive, valuable addition to any garage or laundry room. If you require a cabinet to be outside, though, this is NOT the one you need: it would leak. The doors are somwhat harder to open, but this is no big deal. I would buy this unit again!...more info
  • Rubbermaid storage
    This is the best storage product I have ever bought. It took only 15 minutes to assemble this unit without tools. It fits neatly along the wall and you can pack a lot of stuff in it. The shelves are very sturdy and can hold heavy items without bending. It's easy to open and I would definitely buy more from this vendor. They came earlier than expected and they were exactly as advertised. I wish they came in more colors. ...more info
  • Designed for indoor use
    When I bought this cabinet I planned to use it outdoor to store my gardening tools and other stuffs like fertilizer and pesticide. Upon its arrival I discovered the unit wasn't exactly meant for outdoor use right out of the box.

    The problem is that the cabinet top is not watertight. After one night of rain there was quite a bit of water inside the cabinet. After some trials and errors I ended up solving the problem by gluing (using silicon) a piece of corrugated vinyl roofing panel on top of the cabinet. This seems to work fines. The roofing panel costs about $7 each at Home Depot. You can cut the panel with a pair of scissors to the right size. Be sure to cut it a little bigger, about an inch or two on each side to give extra protection from heavy rains.

    The other reviewer mentioned that the doors are not lined up. This can be fixed by putting shims under the four bottom corners of cabinet. You need to experiment with this. By putting shims under differ "legs" you'll notice the alignments of the doors change.

    Another thing about this cabinet is the shelves inside have slots, meaning that if there is a spill on the top shelf the fluid will get the shelves below very quickly.

    This cabinet does have some pros, however: reasonably priced, shelving included, good storage capacity, and able to hold heavy stuffs. Assembly was straight forward, although somewhat tedious.

    This cabinet is OK if you are using it in your garage and have a perfectly flat floor. If I were to do it again I probably would spend another $60-$80 more and get a different unit....more info

  • Just as expected
    The cabinet is everything I was expecting. It was easy to put together. Its level and sturdy....more info