Weird Al Yankovic - The Ultimate Video Collection
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Studio: Sony Music Release Date: 08/23/2005 Run time: 90 minutes

Customer Reviews:

  • Weird Al
    What you say about Weird Al? This is a good collection of his works. It was enough to satisfy my craving. Put it back on the shelf until the next time the need for a fix of Weird Al strikes....more info
  • Fun- It has all the good old stuff and plenty of new.
    Weird Al is hillarious, His videos are even funnier. This collection is broken out so you can select favorites to watch over and over.

    Good times....more info
  • Wonderful Weird Al
    Perfect Gen-X humor! I laugh every time I watch these videos, and I've watched them several times. I'm grateful his irreverent humor is mostly G or PG rated, as opposed to most of the "anything goes" programming on most TV stations. Weird Al is clever with his humor, the music is as about as close to the real version as you can get without being sued, and he never fails to entertain. Look for the palindromes in "Bob." They'll amaze you!

    Younger generations may not understand the humor, but the Gen X-ers and Baby boomers will howl with side-splitting laughter.

    Long live Weird Al!

    ...more info
  • great music videos
    It is a great collection of his very unique movie videos. They were great to watch....more info
  • The best of Al
    I've been a Weird Al fan since I was a kid listening to, and eating up, "Eat it," "Fat," "Living with a hernia," and all the rest. I would go to MTV and jump up and down when AL TV came on. Ok, maybe I'm too "White and nerdy," but I and my kids love this DVD. It brings together the entire scope of Al's career, from the Dr. Demento days to the high tech "All about the pentiums." Lots of good clean fun....more info
  • There is a secret video
    There is an ultimetly rare video on the bonus features screen. E-mail me if you want to know how to find it. info
  • Great collection, but missing special features.
    I am surprised it took so long for them to put out a DVD of all of AL's brilliant video parodies. I had been wanting the collection for a long time. He's lucky there are enough of us that are nostalgic for all things Al, because his newer works, that are among his best, have not been as popular as they should be. Its amazing to me the people who upon hearing that I listen to Weird Al think the last thing he put out was Smells Like Nirvana. Running with scissors was probably Al at his best but All about the Pentiums was barely shown on TV.

    While the collection of videos alone is worth the price you pay, it is quite disappointing that the disc is devoid of special features. It would have been nice to have some of his live material( other than Tom Snyder) and his Al TV interviews that are hilarious. This is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. They missed an opportunity to put out the ultimate DVD....more info
  • Fantastic, but flawed
    "Weird Al" Yankovic has been in the song parody buisness for years now and has delivered many classics, the best of them going on to music videos. Now all of those videos (24) are available in crystal clear quality with On-Screen Lyrics and a Photo Gallery, yours to own forever, to watch again and again, anytime you please, as much as you want to. And they're great videos too! Each have a different creative sense in them, some in claymation, some in computer animation, some in black and white and some just simply hilarious. I've never seen an artist have such a range of creative videos each so different and great to watch.

    1. Fat (4/5)
    2. Amish Paradise (5/5)
    3. It's All About The Pentiums (4/5)
    4. Smells Like Nirvana (5/5)
    5. You Don't Love Me Anymore (5/5)
    6. Bedrock Anthem (3.5/5)
    7. Gump (3.6/5)
    8. Jurassic Park (5/5)
    9. Headline News (3/5)
    10. Dare To Be Stupid (3/5)
    11. Eat It (5/5)
    12. Like A Surgeon (4/5)
    13. UHF (5/5)
    14. Beverly Hillbillies/Money For Nothing (2/5)
    15. One More Minute (4/5)
    16. I Lost On Jeopardy (3/5)
    17. This Is The Life (3/5)
    18. Livin' With A Hernia (3/5)
    19. Spy Hard (4/5)
    20. Ricky (4/5)
    21. Christmas At Ground Zero (4/5)
    22. I Love Rocky Road (5/5)
    23. Bob (3/5)
    24. The Saga Begins (3.5/5)

    So what brings this down from perfect, I hear you ask? Well, first of all, I'm not really fond of some of the videos as can be seen, but the thing that really annoys me the most is when you watch the videos, there's always this flickering going on at the top of the picture that's really irritating. I think that's "grain", but whatever it is it really lets the quality down. Also there's not to much special features apart from the great photo gallery and the lyrics, but I guess I can't complain, they chopped the special features off for the Region 4 version (which is what I have). Either way if you're an Al fan and are debating whether to buy this or not, do buy it, because it shows how Al was able to maintain quality through these three wonderful decades and if you like Al, you won't find a better product.

    (I Love Rocky Road!)
    ...more info
  • No Weird Al Fan Should Be Without This!
    I wouldn't consider myself a Weird Al fan - I've always hummed along and enjoyed his parodies, but haven't gone out my way to buy them.

    This DVD pulls all of his more popular videos together and make for a great time of watching! There are songs on here I had completely forgotten about, but couldn't help laughing as I remembered every word and sang along!...more info
  • Funny as crap!
    It's so awesome the oney is worth ALONE for the video of Jurassic Park! That's how funny it is! I could tell what happens in the video now, but why should I spoil it for you? Pick your copy today!!!...more info
  • Bought it and loved it
    I was told about Al, and now I love it. The parodys are so clever, and they want to make you laugh out loud. If you like Al, then this is my most reccomended item. Go Al!...more info
  • Good Collection
    I have been an Weird Al fan since "My Bolonga". I really enjoyed this dvd, but I thought some of the blood squirting, body parts exploding were a little much. I bought this for the family, but I have to skip some of the videos for the kids. I didn't realize that would be in some of the videos. I think it is fine for 13 and up....more info
  • Well Planned, Well Executed, Brilliant DVD
    I'm basing my review on the region 4 version of Al's DVD, which has no extra features, just the 24 videos. And what videos they are. I have been a big fan of Al for 2 years now. Before buyibg the DVD I only saw the Eat It video.

    All of the Videos are well set out, well presented, and fit in well with the lyrics. The sound of the video is equal to that of the various CD's. The songs are identical to the various CD's. The only difference is that UHF Video is cut a little compared to the CD version. I prefer the DVD version.

    Another way of telling how good the videos are is comparing his 80's videos to his 90's & 00's videos. Both sets are of high quality.

    In conclusion You should buy this DVD. For Al fans, this is the only way to get all of Al's songs on one disc. For people who are undecided if Al is for them, These some of Al's best songs, and the videos have been put together briliantly, and the video quality is very good.

    I give 5 stars due to the quality of the videos. Good work Alfred....more info

  • Great fun for the eyes and ears
    For someone who's known primarily as a song parodist, Weird Al Yankovic is surprisingly good at visual humor. This DVD might just have more sight gags than any other DVD you can buy. There are 24 videos here, all of them fun to watch, and some of them worth watching repeatedly just to be sure you catch everything. And the music's good too.

    Unfortunately, there's no commentary track on the DVD, but there ARE short written comments on all the videos in the included insert....more info

  • Truly the ultimate!
    This DVD represents everything the format can offer in a music video. It has all of Al's videos, with stereo surround and 5.1 tracks, plus some extra clips from Al's Saturday morning cartoon show and his 1981 TV debut on Tom Snyder's Tomorrow Show. The videos are presented in random order; you can really see that Al's 80's videos hold up quite well in comparison to his 90's videos. Here's the track listing:

    1. Fat
    2. Amish Paradise
    3. It's All About the Pentiums
    4. Smells Like Nirvana

    5. You Don't Love Me Anymore
    6. Bedrock Anthem
    7. Gump
    8. Jurassic Park
    9. Headline News
    10. Dare to Be Stupid *my favorite*
    11. Eat It
    12. Like a Surgeon
    13. UHF
    14. Money For Nothing / Beverly Hillbillies
    15. One More Minute
    16. I Lost On Jeopardy
    17. This Is the Life
    18. Living With a Hernia
    19. Spy Hard
    20. Ricky
    21. Christmas at Ground Zero
    22. I Love Rocky Road
    23. Bob
    24. The Saga Begins

    As you can see, no Weird Al fan should be without this DVD. I'd rate it 6 stars if I could....more info

  • Wacky Al
    My husband is a fan of videos in general, and he really gets a kick out of the newest Al Yankovic song, "White & Nerdy". That's not on here, but for the money this has lots of laughs. If you are a fan of Al Yankovic and parodys in general I would recommend it. It put my "senior" in-laws to sleep which was a plus. Altogether worth the money as an Xmas gift. ...more info
  • Weird Al is soooooooooooo funny
    Got this video for my kids when they heard "Like A Surgeon" on the radio one day and they were laughing so much at it. I told them he had so many more songs that were just as funny. so I ordered it right away so they could not only listen but see the vid's too. The whole family has watched it numerous times and the kids have them memorized and sing them all the time now. A very cool video from a comic genius!!!...more info
  • Truly The Ultimate Video Collection
    This is a great compilation of classic Weird Al.
    The new stuff and the old it's all good....more info
  • Weird Al
    This is such a fun DVD. All of our children love it - from age 2 to 12. It is a timeless DVD and I think any person of any age would enjoy it. ...more info
  • Weird Al does it again
    If you like weird al, you will like this collection. ...more info
  • Sometimes more really is less
    I had previously enjoyed The Compleat Al and wanted my own copy, when I noticed that The Ultimate Video Collection included virtually all of those old greats with several newer items.

    Alas! The newer items do not reflect the same high craftsmanship and attention to detail that characterized classics like "Dare To Be Stupid", "Eat It", and "Like a Surgeon".

    Worse yet, the newer songs include offensive elements and reach new lows for crudity. Never mind that I don't want my children to see these; I don't want to see them, either. They aren't funny.

    Now I wish I had just bought The Compleat Al. I would have all the good stuff, plus a goofy mockumentary of Al's life, and the whole family could enjoy it together without mute or fast forward....more info
  • Really Good
    Fat: 5/5 Funny. Has him being fat and dancing.
    Amish Paradise: 5/5 Has him talking to someone and showing the amish stomping electric gadgets in one scene.
    It's All About The Pentiums: 5/5 Great. Has Drew Carrey in a few scenes.
    Smells Like Nirvana: 5/5 A good video. Has a bunch of refrences to the Smells Like Teen Spirit video.
    You Don't Love Me Anymore: 3/5 Lame song, lame video.
    Bedrock Anthem: 4/5 The song is good, but the video is just plain weird.
    Gump: 5/5 Fast paced song and video. Tells the story of Forrest Gump in 2 minutes.
    Jurassic Park: 3/5 Good song, gross video.
    Headline News: 4/5 Funny and lame at the same time.
    Dare To Be Stupid: 4/5 Very random.
    Eat It: 4/5 Weird, and not as good as Fat.
    Like A Surgeon: 5/5 Funny, and has good lyrics.
    UHF: 5/5 Shows clips from his movie, which is great.
    Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies: 3/5 Dumb, but has cool animation.
    One More Minute: 5/5 Good lyrics make for a good video.
    I Lost On {Old} Jeopardy: 5/5 Has him losing on old Jeopardy.
    This Is The Life: 4/5 Good lyrics.
    Living With A Hernia: 4/5 Makes fun of James Brown.
    Spy Hard: 4/5 Has his head blowing up at the end.
    Ricky: 4/5 Plain, but it was his first video.
    Christmas At Ground Zero: 2/5 Almost the worst video EVER!
    I Love Rocky Road: 5/5 Good,funny, and old.
    Bob: 3/5 Almost as lame as Christmas At Ground Zero.
    The Saga Begins: 5/5 Star Wars based....more info
  • EXACTLY what I rememebred
    My husband and I started loving Weird Al around the same time but before we ever met. When we saw this DVD we had to have it. We have spent many a social gathering getting others on board with loving Weird Al....more info
  • Why isnt this DVD Closed Captioned!!!!
    Ya know, its bad enough so many concert DVD's are not CC, Closed Captioned for the deaf AND Hard of Hearing, but this one, no flipping excuse.

    well it doesnt say so on this Amazon front page discription of the DVD. can anyone tell me if it does? I go back to the Dr Demento days of the 80's in So Cal, but have lost half my hearing since then. as have millions of other people, people that have money to spend on dvds but dont. Its the first thing we look at in the store, is the back of the cover, looking for that CC. Imagine all the money thats not being made when all of us seek this and dont find and CC, and then pass on it. click on my email and let me know if you have it and its CC.

    Thanks Al ...more info
  • Weird Al Yankovic...The Ultimate Video Collection
    Great DVD. from the King of Parodies, Contains almost every video he's ever made.

    List and Description of The Videos-

    1.Fat- Parody of ''Bad'' By Michael Jackson, Shot on 3/12/88
    This grammy award winning Video was shot on a culver city soundstage on a subway set donated by Michael Jackson himself. For this video Al's make-up nearly took 3 hours to apply.
    2.Amish Paradise- Parody of ''Gangstas Paradise'' by Coolio shot in Febuary of 96 with appearances by Florence Henderson who plays the Michelle Pfeiffer role in this tale of life on the mean streets of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. One shot in this required Al to phonetically sing the lyrics backwards while walking in reverse through a busy barnyard.
    3.It's All About The Pentiums, Parody of ''It's all about the Benjamins'' By Puffy Daddy Video shot in July of 99, this video features cameos by two of the funniest people in the world-, Emo Phillips and Drew Carey.
    4.Smells like Nirvana- 1992- Parody of ''Smells like Teen Spirit'' By Nirava, Rolling Stone put this on their list of the top 100 Videos of All Time & Al was nominated for best male performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. This video also used the same janitor as in the video Smells like Teen spirit. Dick Van Patten also turns in a stellar performance.
    5.You Dont Love me Anymore- 1992, This song is an Al Original although the video was closely modeled after ''More than Words'' by Extreme.
    6.Bedrock Anthem- Parody of Under the Bridge and Give it Away by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shot in 93- This video was shot on the same exact patch of dessert as the original. The Bee Girl from the Blind Melon video makes an appearance, as does Al's Aunt Dot.
    7.Gump- Parody of ''Lump'' by The Presidents Of The United States Of America shot in April Of 1996, Al tells the complete story of Forrest Gump In under 2 minutes. Pat Boone appears in a bench cameo.
    8.Jurassic Park, Airing October 93, Parody of ''MacArthur Park'' by Richard Harris-This video went on to be nominated for a Grammy and is still a big favorite in animation festivals around the world.
    9.Headline News- parody of ''Mmmm,Mmmm,Mmmm,Mmmm'' by the Crash Test Dummies aired in Oct of 94 and set the legends of John Wayne Bobbitt, Tonya Harding and Singapore Caning victim Michael Fay to the tune of 1994's most hummable hit.
    10.Dare To Be Stupid- Although an original composition, 1985's ''Dare to be Stupid'' is a homage to the group Devo, as well as, of course, Al's Motto in Life. I have to say this video is brilliant. This is one of my favorite Weird Al Videos. It incorporates Devo style with Weird Als Genius.
    11.Eat It- Febuary of 1984, Parody of '' Beat It'' by Michael Jackson. Al's Grammy Award Winning Parody ''Eat It'' was an immediate international success.
    12.Like A Surgeon, Parody of Madonna's '' Like A Virgin'' filmed in March of 85, this video was filmed in an actual hospital that had gone out of business. This, along with the videos ''Dare to be Stupid'' & One More Minute were done as part of a home-video release and television special called '' The Compleat Al''.

    13.UHF, shot in June 1989- The video shot for the Original Themesong from Al's Movie was perhaps his most ambitious to date. Al and his band parody in order: Guns n Roses, George Michael, Robert Palmer, Prince, Talking Heads, Peter Gabriel, ZZ Top, Billy Idol, The Beatles, INXS & Randy Newman. Also features guest appearances like Michael Richards & more.
    14.Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies- Parody of Money For Nothin' by Dire Straits shot in January of 1989 and was also the centerpiece of Al's Movie UHF, This video features the computer animation of Rick Morris.
    15.One More Minute, 1985- This original sick and twisted Elvis like Doo-Wop love ballad has become a perenial favorite among the relationship impaired. Al's long time band members Jim West, Steve Jay and Jon ''Bermuda'' Schwartz supply the cheesy choreography. Also watch for Al ripping up a picture of the woman who inspired the song.
    16.I Lost On Jeopardy, Parody of Jeopardy by Greg Kihn, shot in 1984, is a nostalgic tribute to the old Jeopardy game show. Cameos by original host Art Fleming & original show announcer Don Pardo. Al's mentor Dr. Demento, Al's real parents and Greg Kihn himself.
    17.This is the Life- filmed in 84 its a 1930's flavored original and was the theme song for the 1930s gangster spoof ''Johnny Dangerously'' with Micheal Keaton and Danny Devito.
    18.Living With A Hernia, Parody of ''Living In America'' by James Brown. Filmd in 86 this parody was shot on the same stage where the Godfather Of Soul shot his scenes for Rocky IV.
    19.Spy Hard- Al's third movie theme was the title song from Hollywood Pictures action Spoof Spy Hard starring Leslie Nielson. Shot in 96.
    20.Ricky- Parody of ''Mickey'' by Toni Basil, Filmed in April of 83, this one was Al's Music Video Debut. This was arguably the first comedy video ever shown on MTV.
    21.Christmas At Ground Zero- This cheery Phil Spector inspired original tune about death, destruction and the end of the world was largely banned by broadcasters, that somehow decided it was a tad morbid to play a song about nuclear annihiliation during the Holidays. A compilation of cold war era scare tactic footage is capped by a live-action shot filmed in the Bronx. Airdate. November 21, 1986.
    22.I Love Rocky Road, June of 1983, A Parody of Joan Jett's ''I Love Rock-n-Roll is a tribute to Al's favorite Ice Cream Flavor.
    23.Bob- Shot in June of 2003, This is a homage to Bob Dylan's ''Subterranean Homesick Blues'' video Which was part of the Documentary Dont Look Back. Filmed in an alley in downtown L.A. It was shot as part of an ''AL-TV'' special that aired on VH1 10 Days Later.
    24.The Saga Begins- Aired June 1999, A Parody of Don Mclean's ''American Pie'' is an MTV Unplugged take-off on Star Wars- Episode 1, The Phantom Menace. Shot in a blistering Hot Mojave Desert & a comfy air conditioned soundstage in North Hollywood California.

    Special Features- Extras Include clips from the Weird Al Show, a rare 1981 performance clip from NBC's The Tomorrow Show, a photo gallery and on-screen lyrics option!!!

    I also hear theres a hidden Easter Egg on the Special Features Section, Highlight ''Weird Al'', then press up and youll be treated to the video ''My Bologna''.

    Overall, great collection of episodes and highly recommended to any Weird Al Fan or anyone who just likes to laugh and enjoys good comedy....more info
  • Nothing can get better
    Unless I had a shot of scoth, a shotgun, and Dan Rather, but that's a story for another time. This DVD basically features ALL of Weird Als music videos, do I need to repeat myself? ALL OF WEIRD AL'S MUSIC VIDEOS! Not only that but it has a rare 1981 clip from his performance on NBC's The Tomorrow Show, playing his song, Another One Rides The Bus, as only Weird Al could do it. Also it has clips from his long past show, and a photo gallery of them on the set of many of the music videos. If this isn't getting you to go out and own the Ultimate Weird Al Collection, nothing will.

    It branches from his early years way back in 1983, to the year 2003, a 20 year branch of videos, 24 videos total, all of which are uteraly hilarious. It also has a little info behind each video and it's making, all of which have something interesting in them. Need I say more? BUY THIS DVD AHORA MISS! (that's spanish for right the heck now, gringos) Excuse me while I listen to Headline News and hunt down Dan Rather, oh the irony. ...more info
  • Weird is Great
    I love humor,I love music. Put them together and you get Al Yankovic.Just a fun DVD to watch And maybe help relieve some of your stress....more info
  • A Must for Weird Al fans
    If you like Weird Al at all then this DVD is a must have. All his videos up to the time of it's release, and I think still as I write this. Great Quality you can watch them all or pick your favorites to watch. It has some older footage of Weird Al in the bonus section that is interesting for fans as well. I found it interesting. I like it and my kids have probably watched it a dozen times already. If you are debating between this and his greatest hits CD's then choose this. This has almost all the songs from his greatest hits vol. 1 and 2 anyways....more info
    I've been a huge fan of Weid al yankovic since his beginnings and i was so thrilled when i bought this dvd. i thhink it's the best ever. it was all greats videos he has like: "Fat" "amis paradise" "smells like nirvana" "bedrock anthem" "gump" "Headline news" "eat it".. etc..etc.. it's just the best, if u're a yankovic's fan, u HAVE to guy this one...more info
  • I bought this DVD for 6 people this past Christmas
    Usually, when you think of Weird Al Yankovic, you think of a bunch of silly childish humor with the songs that you might have heard over the years.

    Yes, you probably heard "My Bologna", "Eat It", "Another One Rides the Bus", etc, etc. Yes, all that silly Dr. Demento oriented humor.

    It's one thing to hear some of those songs. But, it's fabulous to watch these really cool videos. Weird Al is alot more talented than you give him credit for. I play this DVD almost every day.

    If you just watch the videos of "Smells Like Nirvana", "It's All About the Pentiums", "The Saga Begins", and the other videos totalling 24 videos plus some unique extras, you will love this DVD. It's definately something to play at a party.

    Watch it with the subtitles on your first few times. Yes, Weird Al sings quite clearly, but you won't want to miss a single lyric as you watch these videos. You'll be on the floor laughing!

    Even his song "Bob" is quite clever. It's a Bob Dylan-esque style passage of lyrics, all done in palindromes. (Sentences that read backwards the same as forwards.) For example:
    "Rise to vote, Sir", "Do geese see God", "Oozy rat in a sanitary zoo", "Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog", "Race fast, safe car", "Do nine men interpret, nine men I nod", "Rats live on no evil star", "God a red nugget, a fat egg under a dog", plus so many more. Even "Bob" is a palindrome. But, I'm sure he hasn't created all these palindrones. But, he did arrange to have many of them follow each other so that they will rhyme. I mean, that's a challenge. I see these palindromes and others on a website called Check that out. It's kinda fun.

    "Jurassic Park" is a claymation video to the theme of Richard Harris' "MacArthur Park", "Beverly Hillbillies" is done to the video of "Money for Nothing". Plus there's "Amish Paradise", "Fat", "Living with a Hernia", etc. etc. etc.

    Even his own songs "One More Minute", and "You Don't Love Me Anymore", are side-splitting hilarious!

    One hilarious video after another. Great drinkin', partyin' entertainment.

    Not recommended for misery-seeking, generally happy-just-being-depressed surly people....more info