Kensington Contour Pro 17" Notebook Carrying Case (62340)
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Product Description

Kensington 62340A Contour Pro 17" Notebook Carrying Case - The Contour Pro 17" offers premium protection and exceptional comfort in one outstanding case. Not only does its SnugFit? protection system keep your notebook computer safe, its contour panel and weight distribution system helps reduce weight impact by 35% so the case feels lighter. Shock-absorbing, contour shoulder strap is secure and comfortable Convenient compartment for on-the-go access to aircraft tickets, et al 1680 Denier Ballistic nylon protects against abrasions, punctures, and tears Front pockets laid out for easy organization and access Padded rear compartment keeps peripherals from poking through Contour Pro 17 Notebook Carrying Case is backed by the Kensington Lifetime Warranty.

  • Kensington Edge: Body-hugging contour panel on carrying case and weight distribution system reduces shoulder fatigue by 35%
  • Carrying case made of1680 Denier Ballistic nylon - protects against abrasions, punctures and tears
  • Ergonomic handles stay together and evenly distribute weight across carrying case
  • Padded rear compartment, well-laid out front pockets, and exterior compartment for on-the-go access to air tickets, etc.
  • Shock-absorbing, contour shoulder strap resists carrying case slipping off shoulder

Customer Reviews:

  • Simply amazing!
    I simply love this laptop bag, it has everything I need: incredible protection for the laptop, a detachable sleeve, a lot of compartments, and it's really ergonomic. It fits perfectly 17" laptop, even the thickest ones. The quality of the bag itself it's out of the ordinary, I've never seen something like that in ANY other product, even from Samsonite. It's only 50$, but it's value is way more than that....more info
  • As many pockets as you need
    This product is incredible. You have like a hundred zippers and pockets. You can fit 2 noteboos without any issues and still have room for files and accesories. ...more info
  • Good from far, but far from good
    This bag sounds better than it really is. The strap fell apart in a month and the zipper tabs cracked off within two.

    Do not buy!!!...more info
  • Solid notebook case
    I recently bought a 17" MacBook Pro and had a relatively hard time finding a case I liked. I bought a Targus backpack, which was high quality, but just too big. I wanted a messenger style bag, but couldn't find anything that I liked and was somewhat sturdy. I talked with my brother who has this exact case and has used it for about a year. During that time he's made several international trips and the case has stood up to the punishment. With his recommendation I bought the case.

    Things I like about the case: it's sturdy, the contour side is nice when but isn't a big selling point for me, there are plenty of small pockets; there's enough room for files and a couple of books, the price on Amazon is good, the strap has a stretch pad that is comfortable, and my favorite feature is the case within a case. This second case provides excellent protection for my Mac and can be used as a separate case.

    What I don't like: when I ordered the case, the first one had a defective zipper - Amazon was prompt with the exhange, but it left me a little worried that the zippers might be a problem over time. So far they are fine....more info
  • Won't fit ALL 17" laptops...but very nice case
    I bought a Toshiba P205-S6347 which has a 17" widescreen display. This case lists being capable of holding a 17" lcd, but not mine. It fits...but just barely. After having a laptop previously, I keep a cloth cover over the LCD lid to protect the top of the case from surface scratches. When I slide it in the case, it just barely clears the internal "carry case". I can feel the stress to the zipper if I close the internal portable case. I can close the external zipper fairly easily, but frustrating if it doesn't close easy. Other than that, I really like this case and will keep it. It is very durable, comfortable, nice looking, and has plenty of storage space. Overall, this is a good buy....more info
  • Big and Heavy --- Too Much Bag
    The review below has it exactly right: this is too much bag.
    When it arrived, I could see it was more bag than it seemed in the picture. There are tons of compartments and an inner-bag which is all meant to be a lot for your money. But what happens with bags like these is you get so many compartments that it gets confusing locating things. On the positive side, the bag seems well constructed and if you are on a college campus, maybe you like the extra room for books and things. I use it for going back and forth from work, so I don't need that tons of extra room, and the inner-bag is pretty useless since it couldn't carry the mouse, power adapter, etc. Another positive is it fits my dell Inspiron 9300 easily, so any 17" laptop will fit I'm sure. Overall, I'm not that unhappy with it, it's well constructed, but a little over the top....more info
  • Great case for 17 " laptops
    I've been using this case for the past month and have been very pleased with the quality and the comfort. My Dell 9300 desktop replacement is a big unit and after spending quite a bit of time researching cases, I settled on this case for several reasons. First, it has a case within a case. This adds to the protection and if you are just gong from home to work, the inner case with handles is perfect to maintain protection. Placing the inner case inside the case really provides good protection.
    The inside pockets and quality of the zippers are great and I don't know how Kensington is able to build this for the price.
    From an ergonomic standpoint, the case is concaved on one side which makes it easier to carry on your shoulder and the interlocking handle makes it comfortable to carry as a briefcase.
    I would definately recommend this case to others that are trying to carry a big 17 inch laptop around....more info
  • Study and very well designed.
    This case was just what I needed. It's durable and protects the computer. The arrangement of pockets is flexible and organized--there is a place for the largest of laptops, another for books or files, another for office supplies likes pens, calculators, cell phones, and finally, a shallow but roomy pocket to throw keys and all the odds and ends that might be in your pockets that you need to temporarily dump in order to get through the air port security monitor. Because the pocket is shallow all that loose stuff is easy to retrieve. One last surprise benefit for me was how comfortably it carries. The strap yields a little, grips your shoulder, and the bag has a slight contour that holds the bag close to my body. The comfortable carry is unique to this design and a pleasure when your lugging ve or six pounds of laptop and some books and papers. ...more info
  • Great buy
    This carrying case that I purchased is great. Im so glad that I chose to buy it. Its exactly what I needed. Thank you....more info
  • Poor Strap Design & Customer Service
    I bought this bag some time in Dec. of 2004. I use it to carry my Inspiron 9100 laptop. As those of you that also own that machine, you'll surely know the weight of the 9100.

    This bag has many compartments. The laptop fits perfectly into the "sleeve" that fits into the bag (as seen on the 3rd picture when you click on "see more pictures"). However, there's another "sock" like padding cover that does not fit a 17'' laptop no matter how you try to fit it. I found no use for it. The padding inside the bag is still sufficient even though I couldn't fit the extra padding.

    It seems that this bag runs into a poor design with its shoulder strap. Although the bag seems like it is made to carry a heavy laptop, the strap has very little reinforcement. It ripped at the center of the strap where it contacts the tip of your shoulders. That part of the strap is made of stretchable foam material. The material adds comfort and a little more support on your shoulders (hence they claim it feels 35% lighter). The only problem is, this type of material is not strong enough to with stand the weight a Inspiron 9100 + the power supply and not to mention anything else you would like to carry to work with you.

    To sum it up, I wouldn't recommend buying this if you have a heavy laptop. Maybe the owners of the newer Inspiron 9200 can find good use of this bag. If you own something like the Inspiron 9100 or XPS, don't bother. If you continue to read the other reviews, you will notice that I'm not the only person who experienced this problem....more info