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Brita 42632 Riviera Water Pitcher, Chrome
List Price: $34.99

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Product Description

Brita Chrome Smart Pitcher 42632 features a stylish chrome finish that looks great from kitchen to table. A digital filter change indicator reminds you when to change the filter. This streamlined, contemporary design fits right into your refrigerator doo Eliminates 95 to 98 of the lead content. Provides water that tastes fresh and is odor-free. Stylish chrome finish looks great from kitchen to table. Streamlined, contemporary design. Flip-top lid for easy refilling

  • The water filtration pitcher with electronic display that indicates when to change filter
  • Stylish chrome finish complements modern fixtures
  • Eliminates 98-percent of lead from drinking water, along with copper, chlorine, and sediment
  • Features flip-top lid for easy refilling
  • Designed with streamlined body that fits in most refrigerator side doors

Customer Reviews:

  • major design flaws
    Sharp design, only problem is they put form over function when designing it. First problem, if the water hasn't drained completely from the upper (non filtered) basin, and you try and pour the pitcher, the unfiltered water pours out with the filtered water. Second problem, when you fill it up, if you let the water overflow the basin, the first thing it does is drain into the filtered basin. In the older round designs, the upper basin was water tight with the lid on, so you could pour out filtered water before the upper basin was empty. If you overflowed the upper basin the water would got over the side and not into the filtered basin. This allowed the user to set it under the sink and not have to stand there for 30 second to shut off the water. They took a definite step backwards with this design. It's really amazing that in the year 2005, such bad product design is still making to the store shelves....more info
  • Good water filter but has flaws
    I bought this model by looking at the reviews above when I got it home and started to use it I was disappointed with the cover when you pour the water out it does not pour smooth in fact the cover will either pop off or the water will splash out when being poured ending up on the floor. The digital change filter indicator is a joke it does not tell you if you have actually need to change the filiter it is like a calender and in 2 weeks a bar will be removed. The pitcher it self is very ackward to handle. The water is good but there is a after taste.The replacement filters are a little on the expensive side Not worth the money...more info
  • Chrome style is the best
    My local supermarkets did not have the CHROME style Brita....only the white/clear ones. This pitcher pours well, and looks sleek with a contempo design. I'm very pleased. Takes up less space in the fridge than the old "round" design too. ...more info
  • Not what I'd expected, but good
    I've used many brita pitchers before, and this one works great. The chrome finish on the top is nice (though water-stains easily because when you take it out of the fridge, the top immediately condenses!). The spout at the end is just a bit too broad - if you pour it into a glass fast, the water usually comes out too wide and spills around it - a minor inconvenience.

    But, what drew me to the pitcher was the electronic monitor on the top, and what frustrated me the most about the pitcher is that, though I thought the electronic reader monitored the filter and said when it needed to be changed, it actually is just a fancy electronic timer and every two weeks a bar disappears because it assumes you're consuming the water at the rate of a family.

    Still, like all Brita pitchers, the water tastes great. I can't really complain....more info
  • Brita water filtration makes your day better
    There's no doubt about it -- you need water because the human body is up to 70% water by weight. Most people love water, and the Brita pitcher makes good water better.

    I bought my original, round Brita pitcher because I was on a quest for the best cup of coffee, and if you want GREAT coffee, water that's clean, cold and fresh is just plain essential. The Brita filters have been great from that day to this, and the pitcher delivers good tasting water that's more economical than bottled water. If you have a coffeemaker that is designed with a built-in water filter you could leave that point of use filter out of the maker and save your money if you use the Brita pitcher. I even take my pitcher along on camping trips.

    Well now...this model is my third Brita and the things I still like most about it are the space saving flat sides which take up less space in the fridge than the original rounded model and the convenience of the flip top lid where you fill the pitcher. This has a capacity of two quarts which is only enough for a ten cup coffee maker.

    The so-called "Smart" timer doesn't monitor the condition of the filter; rather it's a timer with a nonreplaceable battery that approximates the time between filter changes. The user manual says the battery will last about five years.

    The contoured handle helps assure a good grip, and if you are in the habit of storing your pitcher in the fridge, it works best if you adjust the shelf on which you set the pitcher a little above waist high.

    Emptying the pitcher before refilling is nothing to worry about as the filter will not dry out just because you pour out all the water. Just don't let the pitcher sit for awhile with the water level below the bottom of the filter when it's installed.

    There are always fine carbon particles in the bottom of the pitcher. They come out of the filter with use. Personally, I don't like that feature, but I've never been fearful of those little things because the human body is also about 23% carbon. Best of a healthy life to you!...more info
  • I'm in love with Brita
    Our tap water smells something like a swimming pool. I used to drink it when I desperate. I know Brita doesn't really filter out the actual cholrine, but it is unbelievable how much the smell and taste of the water has changed....more info
  • Leaks!
    I am in total agreement with the previous reviewer and would like to add that this thing LEAKS. It might have something to do with the fact that the top lid doesn't really fit correctly, but every single time I pour from this pitcher water gets everywhere. Just awful....more info
  • No problems here.
    I have owned this pitcher for over a year and have never had a problem with it leaking....more info
  • Fits into the fridge
    I have two Brita pitchers this one and older model that does not have filter indicator, is square shaped and has one piece lid as opposed to two. Both fit into the fridge nicely and filter tap water adequately to my taste. The only reason I like the old pitcher better is that the flap never gets stuck when you try to pour water out. With this pitcher it occasionally gets stuck and water spills all over the place. At first I though it was a matter of not cleaning the spout properly but it happens even after the pitcher has just been washed. The filter change indicator is nice little feature that reminds me to change the filters on both pitchers.

    In case you are considering one of those in-fridge models I'd advice against it. I once had the unfortunate pleasure of cleaning one that had formed mold or bacteria or something inside and the corners and particularly the tap on the thing was very difficult to wash. Also as you are not supposed to pour hot water into it, I was rather skeptical if it was sanitary enough to use again. These pitchers I've washed successfully in the dishwasher even though I'm not sure if you are supposed to. I've put the reservoir and lids to the upper shelf and washed the pitchers themselves on the bottom with normal wash settings....more info
  • Take a Pass on This One
    I got rid of a perfectly good water pitcher in order to "upgrade" to this snazzy model. The chrome look fit in perfectly with the kitchen of my new house, so I thought I was making a solid decorating decision. I have regretted that move every day since. This pitcher, although functional, leaks. It leaks from the front when I pour water into a glass--to the extent that I can only pour over the sink because it ends up everywhere. When I fill the reservoir and lift it to put it into my refrigerator, it often leaks out the back. I don't recall ever encountering such a poorly designed product. I mean, it's supposed to hold water. You would THINK they'd design it so it doesn't leak. Mind you, there is nothing wrong with the pitcher that would cause it to leak; it simply isn't well made. Frankly, I am disgusted with Brita and will never purchase another one of their poorly designed products again....more info
  • Brita is still the best
    The pitcher has a great setup for reminding you when to change filters and it looks good.

    Only wish is that it held a little more water.

    Overall - great!...more info
  • looks slick and works well
    The Brita Riviera Water Pitcher (chrome) looks nice, fits into the fridge nicely and holds enough water to fill 4+ very large glasses. The only critique is that there is no seal between the section that holds unfiltered water and the section that holds filtered water, so that when you pour while waiting for water to filter, the unfiltered water spills over into your filtered water....more info