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Sassafras Deep Dish Pizza and Pie Baker
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Product Description

This deep-dish pizza baking stone is made by one of the oldest potteries operating in the United States. Made from natural clay, it measures 11 by 2-in. deep, perfect for those Chicago-style pies! Or, use it for a deep dish apple or peach pie. It evenly distributes the oven heat and absorbs moisture released from the crust when baking. For best results, place the stone in the oven and preheat it for 20 minutes before using.

Updating the historic tradition of stone baking for today's household kitchen, Sassafras offers a deep dish baker boasting even heat distribution and moisture absorption. Dry heat generated from stone produces crispier dough, making it ideal for preparing pizza, pies, and quiches. Although microwave- and convection-safe, leveraging the stone's qualities is best accomplished with use in a traditional oven. Stoneware care consists primarily of avoiding thermal shock--extreme changes in temperature--and hand washing with hot water. It is best to avoid using cleaning agents as the stone may retain and pass on a soapy flavor. The scratch-resistant dish measures 11 by 11 by 2 inches and can double as a serving piece to keep food warm longer. -- Amy Arnold

  • Circular stone baking dish with sides measuring 2 inches; includes recipes
  • Baker made of natural stoneware fired at temperatures over 2000 degrees F
  • Provides even heat distribution and moisture absorption; produces crustier dough
  • Ideally suited to baking pizza, pies, and quiche; microwave- and convection-safe
  • Measures 11 by 11 by 2 inches; hand wash with hot water; avoid soap

Customer Reviews:

  • good replacement
    the bottom of the sassafras cloche breaks frequently. this is an excellent replacement. the cloche top and this (or the original base) are outstanding for baking bread - the difference with and without the cloche is truely amazing....more info
  • Karen G
    Great product. Although a little too small for our crew. I will most likely buying another one as we have such a large family. Does wonderfully for making good deep dish pizzas. ...more info
  • makes the best focaccia
    love this new baker! have several others by the same maker and love them all....more info
    I've prided myself on my homemade pizza for years. It's something I take very seriously no matter if I am making my dough from scratch, or if time doesn't permit, using pre-made refridgerated dough. Now I've used all sorts of pizza pans to bake my pies from the round aluminum sheets, to the large round sheets with the holes in them, to the rectangular pans that pizzerias use for deep dish pizza. Bottom line is that none of them gave as true a pizzeria taste as when I used a baking stone. But if there's one drawback I had from using my stone is was my love of deep dish pizza. You could make some thick doughs on the stone, but ultimately you usually ended up with a very thick crust at the edges while the cheese, sauce, and other items all slid to the center of the pie.

    With this round, deepdish edged stone you can make a true deep dish pizza because you can flatten out the entire pie just the way you want. You can leave it high at the edges or flatten it entirely. I like to make s chicago deep dish by layering the bottome with sausage or pepperoni before putting on a layer of cheese, then sauce, then one more layer of cheese and pepperoni on that. With this stone you can make a wonderful, layered pizza that you can never do on an ordinary pie pan or stone. Just marvelous!...more info
  • Very thin and light.
    I haven't used it yet. But on first look, it's much thinner and lighter than I expected. I'll update later. ...more info
  • Crust perfection
    I make a lot of homemade pizza but I was always slightly unhappy with the sogginess of the center of the pizza. Voila! With the Sassafras deep dish pizza pan I have a perfect crispy crust with every single bite of pizza....more info
  • Sassafras Deep Dish Pizza and Pie Baker
    This item serves perfectly to replace the bottom of the Sassafras "La Cloche" Clay Baker, which had broken. I love baking yeast breads on/in clay, so they work wonderfully and at a moderate price....more info