Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick Bakeware 14-Inch Pizza Pan
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Product Description

From the premier name in food processors, comes a superior line of bakeware. Constructed out of heavy gauge materials, these are pans that won't warp and will facilitate even browning. Nonstick inside and out makes your life easy when it comes to removing food from the pan for serving, and during cleaning. You can even put these pieces in the dishwasher if you like! Backed by a lifetime warranty, you're sure to enjoy many years of trouble free, exemplary performance with Cuisinart bakeware.

  • 14-inch pizza pan with perforated surface for crisping crust
  • Heavy gauge aluminized steel construction for even heating
  • Nonstick interior and exterior for easy food release and cleanup
  • Thick rolled edges to prevent warping
  • Dishwasher-safe; lifetime limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Great pan, needs yearly replacement
    I love the way this pizza pan works, and recommend it as long as you're willing to replace it every year or so. The nonstick surface works for a while, and then crud starts building up that's impossible to remove. Eventually it gets too gross to keep using. It comes with a silly "lifetime warranty" that requires you to ship it to New Jersey at your expense plus send $7.00 for return shipping, so buying a new one from Amazon ends up being less expensive. I wish it were just solid, uncoated aluminum so I could scrub the dickens out of it when it gets encrusted with melted sauce and cheese. But I do like the big holes that expose the crust and help make it ... well, crusty....more info
  • An excellent pizza pan
    I am very pleased with how well the pan works and that it is so easy to clean!...more info
  • Very nice pizza pan
    Perfect for smallish large pizzas. If you get a big pizza, forget it. This is a small pan. But it works GREAT for frozen pizzas. ...more info
  • nice, strong, sturdy
    nice strong sturdy pizza pan with rounded edges..good weight to it and it cooks evenly..i use if mostly for frozen pizzas and it works great..pizzas are evenly cooked and the bottoms get nice and brown without being overdone..highly recommend...more info
  • Cuisinart bakeware is great
    I bought the Cuisinart pizza pan as well as other bakeware - round cake pans, tart pans, and square baking pans. All are fantastic - great nonstick finish that washes easily. Love these pans....more info
  • Better than a pizza stone.
    I have been using a pizza stone for years, but never could get the dough crispy (especially in the middle of the pizza). I decided to give this a try and now I am ready to throw out the pizza stone. This makes a perfect crispy pizza crust. It is a bit hard to get the dough on the pan without smoshing it through the holes (unless you are a master dough thrower) - I used reynolds wrap sprayed with Pam to form it in the pan & then flipped it in. Worked perfectly. Well worth the $12....more info
    I've been using a pizza stone for homemade pizza for years, and always struggle with the problem of the underside being undercooked. I've learned to cook the crust a bit before adding toppings, and during that time I flip the crust to allow the bottom to cook. This pan eliminates that problem altogether. No flipping necessary! I've used this pan three times now, and my family says it's the best pizza I've ever made! I paid $10, but it's a bargain at twice that. If you want to make pizza in a standard oven, a pan like this with an aerated bottom is the way to go! I really like the heft of the pan (solid and substantial without being too heavy) and the nonstick feature really works. ...more info
  • Tasty Za
    I ordered this pan when it was <$10, what a deal! I have used it three times with fresh dough from the supermarket. I was sick of my dough sticking to my wooden peel if I did not make the pizza in lighting speed. With this pan I can take my time, I like it because I can strech the dough some in my hands then lay it down on the pan and stretch it the rest of the way out and the dough will stick to the pan and stay all spread out nicely but once it is cooked and crisp it slides right off. Nice weight to the pan too. The box it came in was huge, they need to find a flatter one....more info
  • Not a miracle worker
    This pan doesn't seem to cook crusts any better than any other pizza pan. The holes are rather a pain too between dough cooking into the holes (time intensive clean-up!)and crumbs covering your counter when you cut a crispy crust....more info
  • wish I had another one like it
    Great pizza pan. Enormously better than a pizza stone. Perfect crusts finally! Does not "sweat" out a residue like some cheaper non-stick pans. I'll probably buy another one since I always make 2 pizzas....more info
  • WONDERFUL Pizza Pan! Best Ever!
    THis is the best pan that I have ever found. I got one by chance and I loved it so much I purchased another one. This Pizza Pan works better and cooks more evenly than any other baking dish I own.

    If your looking for a pizza pan, I promise you will love this one!...more info
  • Bakeware Review
    I really like my new pizza pan - I use it for baking cookies too with parchment paper....more info
  • Was a pessimist.. but...
    My husband bought this for himself for Yule this year, and opened it with a big smile on his face. He knew I'd be a bit pessimistic (really? A giant pizza thing that takes up space in our small kitchen?)

    But then...

    We tried it with our favorite brand of cracker-crust frozen pizzas and it really did improve the end result, honestly a perfect crust. No experience with any other types of pizzas yet, but nonetheless consider me a convert....more info
  • A really solid great pan
    This is a really great pizza pan. One review states you cannot immerse the pan, this is true. This is not a problem because nothing sticks. You can put it in the dishwasher, but a quick wipe and rinse and its clean. Also great for oven fries, chicken nuggets and other items you want oven crispy....more info
  • Nice study pan
    The pan hasn't turned me into a gourmet cook, but my frozen pizzas now taste better!! What more could I ask?...more info
  • I love this!
    This is a nice addition to my kitchen. It crisps the frozen pizza crust nicely, and is nonstick....more info
    I am new to making homemade pizza but after discovering Trader Joe's ready made pizza dough, I am now making it several times a month. This pan is wonderful---cooks the crust up just right, easy to handle and makes a large size pizza. Get two! ...more info
  • Best pizza Pan
    I ordered this pizza pan just to try to make my own pizza for my 3 kids,
    I liked it so much that I ordered the second pan as well. The pizza bakes evenly and do not stick to the pan.
    Even my kids learned how to bake a pizza with out my help. It is so easy.
    Amazon sells it for the lowest price than other stores.
    We enjoy our pizza pans and the pizza baked on it.
    Thanks....more info
  • Benefits outweigh drawbacks
    Yes, this pan DOES have holes in it!

    This means if you make your own dough, it is not a good idea to try to roll it out and spread it right in the pan. You should roll the dough out to the right size to begin with, and then transfer it to the pan and lightly press on the edges to make it fill the whole pan. If you try to roll it out in the pan, the dough will likely squish through the holes and possibly even stick to your countertop. This isn't the end of the world, but it can be a little annoying.

    Otherwise, this pan works great - crust comes out nice and crispy, without needing to add any oil.

    As other reviewers have pointed out, you won't want to be using a metal pizza cutter on this pan, but again, not a big deal - just transfer to a cutting board, cut it up, and then slide it back onto the pizza pan.

    I have two of these pans, and I get rave reviews on the crust whenever guests try my pizza.

    Another note - this pan works great for toasting garlic-cheese bread. Because it has holes, the bottom of the bread gets nice and crispy too. I used to put the bread right on the oven rack, but then crumbs get all over the place....more info
  • great baking pan
    The Cuisinart Chef's 14 inch pizza pan works great on pizza. It gets the crust good and chunchie. I also use it for garlic or cheese bread. It is so easy to wash. ...more info