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Honeywell HW-628 Enviracaire Twin Window Fan
List Price: $49.99

Our Price: $39.98

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Product Description

The Honeywell Enviracaire HW628 Twindow Twin Window Fan can be adjusted to promote fluid air circulation for comfort and freshness in your room on even the most squalid days of the year. Built-in adjustable side screens Uses 110-120 Volts AC UL approved

  • Adjustable grilles direct breezes where needed
  • 3 speed motor for high, medium and low operation options
  • Fits virtually all window types with built-in adjustable slides
  • Ultra convenient removable grills for easy cleaning
  • Built in adjustable side screens to keep dust and bugs out; Rain resistant motor for safe use in windows

Customer Reviews:




  • Incredibly weak
    The only good thing about it is that it's quiet. That's in large part why I bought it.
    The high velocity fans tend to be deafeningly loud.
    But with this one, even at the "super" setting and sitting directly in front of it, you barely feel any breeze at all....more info
  • Great Buy
    I have a 13' x 14' room, vaulted ceiling, on the second floor of a house that has let's say...less than adequate insulation. I bought this fan to help keep the AC off a little longer during the shoulder months (I'm in Texas so June-August the AC WILL be on). It has worked GREAT for ventilating my room and keeping it consistently cooler than the rest of the upstairs. I'm considering buying another one to put in a different window upstairs because it works so well.

    I have two former roommates that have these and theirs' still work after several years of use. I'm definitely glad I bought it.

    I only gave 4 stars because it is on the noisy side, even on the low setting, but it's not something I'm picky on....more info
  • Nice little fan
    Was very useful when i was living upstairs with a room that faced direct sunlight most the day. You can set the topmost fan to pull air out of your room while the bottom fan pushes fresh air in. Works well for me....more info
  • Really keeps my room cool
    I bought this to lower the temperature in my room when the sun faces my room in the afternoon. It used to be 10-15 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. I have a large sliding window and I just pinned it between the sliding door and the frame and it was ready to use. When it is running in exchange mode, where one fan is drawing fresh air, and one is exhausting the hot air, the room temperature is only between 0 to 2 degrees warmer than outside. Which is very tolerable. It actually comes with a mounting bracket if you are in the mood to fix it into place. It is the only window fan that you can direct the air flow which is important for me. It works great and I couldn't be happier. ...more info
  • Works great but is not quiet
    This fan does a great job cooling down our bedroom. It also stays in the window fine without the extra hardware installed. However, it is not quiet. It is not obnoxiously loud, either. Overall, a good purchase....more info
  • Does the Job
    We really needed the fan. We only have one bathroom and it is adjacent to the living room. Having this fan in the bathroom window helps avoid any embarrassment from escaping aromas. It would be a bit loud for a small bedroom, but it does have great power when you need to cool off or aerate a room quickly....more info
  • Junk
    This fan is junk. I received it on 5/26 and on 5/31 it quit working. Didn't even make it a full week. I'm sure Amazon will take care of it, but I'm done with Honeywell. ...more info
  • This fan won't let you down.
    I bought this, originally for myself and then sent it to my daughter, in Washington, to use in her dorm. It works great and the options available allow you to use either one or both of the fans. ...more info
  • C. Brand over-the-hill
    Have this same fan for years. Because, it has adjustable vains (which other fans don't). Great fan! ...more info
  • So far, so good!
    I've been using this fan non-stop since I bought it four weeks ago. I was a little surprised that it's all-plastic, but that's turned out to be a good thing because there are no sharp edges to cut yourself on. It does feel like a sturdy piece of equipment.

    So far it's done the job just fine. It has plenty of power to bring cool air into the room, and it's easy to change the direction of the airflow by rotating the front vents. The only reason I can't give it five stars is because the plastic tabs that lock the side accordion panels are hard to manipulate once the fan is in the window, since they're on the back of the fan, facing wonders, why couldn't they put them on the *front* of the fan?...more info
  • Good value
    I had borrowed a Holmes unit from a friend and thought that it was great except for not being able to control each fan separately or to direct the airflow.

    So I got the Honeywell. It's about the same noise level as the Holmes and each fan has its own control. There are louvers on the fan so you can direct the air to some degree.

    I didn't like that the lowest setting was not really that low. Also the panels that pull out from the side to help it fit into the window were on a spring and hard to manage.

    But still a great buy....more info
  • good but a little noisy
    Great airflow, good size. fits in the window nicely (horizontal or vertical). I guess I was expecting a little more quiet operations. It is not bad (I sleep with the fan on) but louder than I expected....more info
  • Life Saver!
    This fan is great! It cools better than my window air conditioner. I have a very small apartment so it cools rapidly and it was very easy to install. I wouldn't exactly call it quiet though, it's not a problem during the day when you're up and about but at night it can be a little bothersome. I'd rather have a little noise though, than be too hot to sleep....more info
  • Dosn't fit
    Dosn't fit my window(the fan is too deep)
    And on low it is very loud to loud to use in my bedroom and sleep at night....more info
  • Nice design, but got a defective unit
    Good design/size, but my unit arrived defective. One fan spun normally (and was nicely quiet) but the other vibrated very loudly.

    The unit is a bit cheap/plastic looking, also. So, returned this one, and considering the new Bionare instead...

    3 stars for the decent design....more info
  • Saves me tons of money
    I have two of these things and I love them. I mainly use them in the summer for cooling the house in the cool evenings to save on air conditioning.

    These things have saved me tons of money and I'll continue to use them for years to come....more info
  • Great fan for the price
    I bought this fan because my house is small and all one story. In the spring, we have hot days but cool nights, so it is not worth turning on the air conditioner. This fan works great, especially when you set it to exhaust and open one other window on the other side of the house. It pulls cool air in, bringing down the temperature of the house. The fan is a little loud, but not so much as it would keep me awake at night. All in all, a great fan for the price....more info
  • Honeywell HW-628 Enviracaire Twin Window Fan
    This is a great product.

    Cools on one side, exhaust on the other. The room where this fan was placed needed ventilation (room size 12x14) and this fan did the trick extremely well. It really made a big noticeable, comfortable difference in the room.

    The unit gives options for speed control and the noise level is hardly noticeable.

    I would buy this product again without question....more info
  • An adorable fan
    I had this unit for about a month now and it has been it has been a workhorse in keeping me cool this summer. It has a slight audible whine and increases somewhat at higher speeds but not enough to disturb me (I had been using a 20 inch box fan that moves about the same amount of air for a penalty of 3 times the noise and didn't even fit in my window). I appreciate the temperature control which stops the rotation of the propellers when it reaches your adjusted setting then restarts them when the air goes above your comfort level. I highly recommend this unit as an alternative to running a power guzzling air conditioner....more info
  • It is noisy
    This replaces an older version of the fan. This one, however, is noisier than our original. Otherwise, it is a decent, durable fan....more info
  • Disappointed Buyer
    I purchased TWO of these fans based on the numerous reviews and that the product offered exhaust AND fan combo. The first fan unit was plugged in, turned it on and worked from an electrical standpoint with no problem, however, it did not do a sufficient job of exhausting warm air out of the room. The second fan unit was plugged in, turned on and one of the two fans on the unit sparked and didn't work. The second fan to that same unit worked fine. I have returned both products due to the exhaust not doing a sufficient job (maybe they are better suited for a 6' x 6' room), the individual fans to each unit are too small to really pull in cool air from outside, and the LOW setting is louder than the medium setting of my other large box fans. It's too bad, as I was hopeful that this was the product that would have done the job I needed it to do. I'll stick with the two box fans I already have since they're quieter (which is a huge thing, really) and I can just place them in a window in a reverse position to exhaust warm air from a room. ...more info
  • A lot of wind comes with a lot of noise!
    Whoever said in their review that is fan was "whisper quiet" must be sleeping with ear plugs. It is loud! Yes, it does produce a nice breeze, but I set only one of the two fans on low and you'd think you are in a room with an airplane. If you want loud white noise and are willing to give up the sounds of nature outside - this for you....more info
  • Great fan!
    It really is a great fan! I keep it on low, and it creates a nice little hum that actually helps you fall asleep. The twin fans work really well, set one on exhaust and the other on fresh air and it drops the temperature in the room at least 10 degrees. Really cant complain, was worth the money...;-)...more info
  • This fan blows hot air
    This fan got generally good reviews which I don't agree with. It's noisy and can be heard throughout my house. It doesn't exhaust or create enough negative pressure to allow fresh air to enter a nearby window. I can bring in fresh air when blowing in, but that doesn't help cool any other rooms. Also, the side panel adjustment lock is on the outside of the panel, so you can't adjust it to the window easily from the inside.
    In short it is a big dissapointment, and I would return it but it's a hassle and then there's the postage cost.
    I guess it's a matter of physics... you can't expect to move a lot of air with such small blades. Don't waste your money....more info
  • The fan is too powerful!!!
    I turned it to low power, the first level, it's still mad fast, Damn it, I am wondering if they can make it a forth choice. Right now I am only turn on one side and leave other side off. It's pretty comfortable and quiet. Well, it does what it suppose to do....more info
  • Terrible window fan
    You would think a fan would function just fine, but this thing is a piece of crap. I bought this fan, and from the beginning one of the fans had a slight rattle to it. The other fan did not produce this noise, but it wasn't so bad where I wanted to go through the process of returning it. So okay, I can deal with the noise. Then I would say about 6 months later it became useless. The rattling had gotten louder, and the other fan completely stopped functioning. So now I am stuck with a window fan where only one fan works, and that fan is very loud. As far as I'm concerned I will never buy another Honeywell fan again....more info
  • Very good fans
    We bought two of these fans a couple of years ago and were very happy with them until squirrels chewed them up trying to get into the house. We were unable to find suitable replacements locally and we are glad that we could purchase the same model through Amazon. These fans put out alot of air with minimal noise. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Excellent fan
    It took me awhile to get this fan because some people had commented that it was noisy or that it was not powerful enough to blow-in or exhaust air. Well, none of those are the cases. This is an amazing fan. It is so powerful that I keep it in the lowest speed setting to keep my bedroom cool and airy. The thermostat works great. While I am away, it turns on the fan automatically as needed. Thus I no longer walk into a hot stuffy room when I come home from work.

    A quick rundown of its features. The unit has two fans that work independently to blow-in fresh air from outside or exhaust air from inside. The settings for each fan are low, high, supper and off.

    The thermostat knob if fully turned counterclockwise will keep the fans off until the room gets exceedingly hot. On the other had, if the knob if fully turned clockwise, will keep the fans running until the room gets exceedingly cold. Somewhere in the middle is the tipping point that turns the fan on or off depending on your desire room temperature.

    The fan fits nicely in the window casing. My window has a screen, and it does not get in the way of the fan.

    ...more info
  • Works well, but a bit noisier than I had hoped
    I bought this fan for my sons room, which doesn't seem to get much air flow like the rest of the bedrooms. It took about half an hour to get it installed in the window and then we turned it on. As I said, it is a bit noisy and I would imagine it would be hard to fall asleep with it on. It does an excellent job of cooling the room if the outside air is below about 73 degrees. The one downside that I noticed is that when we have the central air conditioning on, there is no way to close off the fans from the outside, and the heat can come right in. Perhaps Honeywell could consider including a couple of pop off covers for this purpose. If I were looking for a fan again, I would probably get a quiet floor model instead....more info
  • Quiet and Convenient
    I bought three for our un-airconditioned house. We've only owned them a month or two, but they've been working beautifully so far. They're relatively quiet and move the air through the house well. I thought the thermostats were going to be superfluous. But I really like the convenience of them turning themselves on and off....more info
  • Window Fan
    There was no way of securing this window fan in the window frame so that you could close the window behind the fan for security reasons or during inclement weather I have never owned a window fan that had to be removed in order to secure the window. There was no mention of this fact in Amazons's description of this product therefore it cost me shipping to send it back....more info
  • Terrible Product
    I read several comments on here about the good quality of this product, so I decided to purchase it. It worked OK for two days, then when I flipped one of the switches from "Fresh Air" to "Exhaust," a bunch of sparks shot out the switch at me and the right fan stopped working. The fan on the left still works, but I'm a little afraid to touch it now...anyway, clearly a defective product. Too bad to get it repaired under warranty I have to spend $10+ to ship it to the manufacturer, and include ANOTHER $10+ for return shipping (that's right, they don't even pay return shipping). So, probably around $25 shipping fees to save a $40 fan. Guess I'm gonna try to fix it myself......more info
  • Great...till it died.
    I had a much older window fan that was working well, but I liked the advantage of this model's duel controls. I loved this fan! It was quieter and easy to switch to exhaust. I am really sad though, that it lasted less than a season. I turned it on one night and, poof!, big flash of light and then nothing. My old one control, two-speed fan is back in the window for this season until I can find a good long-lasting one....more info
  • A truly versatile fan
    Unlike many others, with this fan you have individual controls to change the speed and direction of each fan independently! No need to remove the fan and turn it around. Plus it has temperature controls and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. ...more info
  • i dont like it!
    i dont understand why people are so excited about this fan. It is loud! The slowest speed is way too high.

    I bought this fan to use it at night so I dont have to run AC, well this fan is almost as loud as the AC. I am disappointed. I wish there was another speed setting for night use.

    This fan is too powerful and too loud....more info
    The unit is well described by prior reviews and is good. My only comment is that it is not well designed to fit sidewas sliding windows leaving gaps at the edges, i.e. top and bottom of the unit when in place....more info