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The Clapper Sound Activated On/Off Switch, 1 Each
List Price: $24.47

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Product Description

The Clapper Switch, As Seen On National Television, Sound Activated Switch Can Activate 2 Different Appliances By Clapping 2 Or 3 Times, Activation Lights, Sensitivity Dial Increases Or Decreases Clapper, Away Mode Can Be Used To Deter Unwanted Visitors As A Limited Security Devise, Shelf Display.

  • Turn on household devices with the clap of your hands
  • Plugs into standard light sockets
  • Works with lamps and other devices
  • Can be used in tandem with a second clapper for turning on multiple devices
  • Contains one Clapper

Customer Reviews:

    Okay lets face it, we always see the Clapper advertised around Holiday season...why?? IT IS NOT INTENDED FOR A PRODUCT THAT WORKS BUT INSTEAD A GAG GIFT FOR THE BOSS YOU SECRETELY HATE!! lol

    Terrible product, it was configured to "Home" function, with low sensitivity and as soon as I turned the TV on my lamp (which the clapper is connected for) turns on!! -or even if I yell from the room to another person it turns on!!

    1. Annoying
    2. Electricity!! - come on for all the times the lamp would have been off instead of turning it on over and over costs electricity!
    3. DISsatisfaction...terrible quality, product to profit its maker because people will buy it as a gift mainly.

    When I plugged in my stereo instead of the lamp, I found the same thing happen - the slightest sound and it turns on! (yes the dial was on Home function NOT away and set to LOW sensitivity)

    Its a bad product because it continuosly sucks electricity -do not get this product, it isnt worth the higher bill each month...more info
  • Not as advertised
    The product does not work as it is shown on TV. There are very specific instructions on how it works and it is not so easy. The item was a gift that is now just gathering dust....more info
  • Works, but not with fluorescent lights
    I have an incandescent floor lamp and the Clapper works great with it. OTOH, another lamp is fitted with fluorescent bulbs, and the Clapper doesn't work at all. I called the manufacturer and only then was told that the Clapper will not work with a fluorescent fixture. Nowhere is that mentioned. Beware....more info
  • whats to tell its a clapper
    you know how it works. i read a lot of reviews saying it detects any noise. i have mine in my bedroom on the medium setting and the really the only thing that sets it off accidentally is the vacuum cleaner. im sure if you put it near a door or in a very noisy room your results will vary....more info
  • A life saver for disabled persons
    My wife had a stroke, went through rehab clinic and home care therapy and is recovering, but she kept falling in the bedroom.
    She could not turn on and off her bedside lamp.
    I thought about the TV ads for the Clapper Sound activator and ordered one from Amazon.
    Now my wife can turn off her lamp to sleep and turn on her lamp to see how to get out of bed and keep from falling....more info
  • I love my clapper...
    This is definitely one of those 80's items that everyone was always curious about. After much procrastination, i finally broke down and bought one. Why did i ever wait sdoo long!!! This is a great item, very easy to use. Great for house holds with elderly family or children. I have young children that were afraid of going to the bathroom at night, even with a house full of night lights. I hooked my clappers up to the lamps and my problems were solved. Now they can clap as they walk through the halls. Try one yourself, you'll be hooked!...more info
  • Piece of junk!
    The Clapper is poorly manufactured piece of junk. The first time I tried using the Crapper, it blew out and made a strange burning smell and doesn't work. Waste of money, waste of time. I'd give it zero stars if I could....more info
  • Good product
    My room has no light switch, no idea what developer decided that one. So I had to stumble across a darkened room to find the lamp. Now I can just clap on clap off. It also has a nice feature of being able to switch on 2 appliances one with 2 claps the other with 3. Had a small problem at the start that it would turn on and off by itself, but I just turned down the sensitivity (small switch on the side) and its now fine. ...more info
  • Decent product, happy present.
    My sister bought this as a joke for me for my birthday because I kept saying I want a clapper so I dont have to get out of bed and turn the light on. My room is set up with no light fixtures and my bed lamp is in a wierd stop, so it was a pain turning it on and off. I also live alone at home and get scared walking into a dark room, silly paranoia! Anyways the clapper is decent but I think that the spot that its in doesnt always get the sound right. Sometimes you have to clap 3 or 4 times to get the thing on, I just read a review where you can speak and I think im gonna change to that option, it might work better by just saying OFF and ON. I love this product for letting me go into my room and not finding a stranger in there waiting. It was a great present and I would recommend it to anyone who doesnt want to get out of bed to turn on the lights:)...more info
  • The Clapper
    Do NOT buy this product. After less than one month of usage, it shorted-out and is no longer working. It is a serious fire hazard....more info
  • 'serves the purpose
    For a family member who is paralyzed and who likes to read, this has been a good product. It helps to be able to turn off the light without getting out of bed. Of course, it goes on and off when the dog barks, but that's a liveable shortcoming....more info
  • Clappin' away
    I received a mini chandelier as a bridal shower gift and after putting it up, it occured to me that the clapper might be the perfect thing. The chandelier is across the room from the bed in the corner and so we would have to get out of bed to turn it off or turn it off before we got in bed. Well, we got the clapper and it is perfect for what we need it for though i have to say, each night my fiance and I go through a clapping spell to get the light off. It is good for a laugh though and we eventually get it off. Practice makes perfect! ...more info
  • DANGER! Fire Hazard
    I got one as a gift for my daughter. It worked ok for four months. Then, it started to arc and smoke. My daughters were in the room, and noticed the lamp started to blink and dim a few seconds before the arcing began. When smoke emerged from the unit, my daughter yanked it from the wall, probably averting a fire.

    Several other reviews mention this same problem. I intend to report this to the Consumer Product Safety Commission....more info
  • hard to use, but fun
    I bought this as a joke for my partner. It's fun to play with, but surprisingly hard to make work. If you don't get the clap sequence timing just right in doesn't work. Fortunately the LEDs help train you. Perhaps it would be easier to use if they hadn't added the second socket requiring three claps. I would have preferred to buy a simpler one....more info
  • It works; It's not perfect
    I use my clapper to control a floor lamp with a compact fluorescent bulb. Contrary to what some other people have reported:

    1) It does work with fluorescent bulbs. At least with my bulbs.
    2) It doesn't turn on/off often or unpredictably.

    It does have a few drawbacks. First, sometimes I don't successfully clap it on or off on the first try. Trying again usually works. Also, some sharp repetitive noises set it off. When I had a cold, my coughing would turn the lights off, which was funny and only occasionally inconvenient.

    If you are close to the clapper case, you can actually tap lightly on the case instead of clapping. In my room, this works very well for me.

    So, it's useful. It has limitations. If are good at reading directions & you don't cough too much, this may be a good gadget for you....more info
  • I Like but too sensitive
    Well i like it but is i have the TV normal it will turn on and off the i turn off the switch or disconnect the device only work on quiet place!!!...more info
  • Turning off made easy
    Just as long as you don't make any loud noises around the clapper,it is a very useful appliance....more info
  • It's not bad as everyone makes it seem
    I just got this and loved it. Noise from my TV didnt set the lights off neither did shouting at my relatives. there needs to be a pause between the sound so it doesnt really get set off unless you time yourself clapping. It's great especially for me because i have a light that you plug in on the other side of my room so it was a pain to turn on the lights at night when there was complete darkness....more info
  • Not very functional
    This product works great on TV but in real life if very temperamental. You must have 2 claps in the right direction with the right timing in order for it to work, however, if you slam a door it works perfectly. I seems to work better when you don't want it too. I had to disconnect mine. Not a good product. Try a remote control. Much more efficient. ...more info
  • was neat
    it was neat, but then it got old needing to always use it to turn on the lights, since it wouldn't always respond. But, fun, cause hitting the wall twice, coughing twice, and many other sounds can turn in on and off, just gotta make sure they sound the same twice in a row....more info
  • Clap On (maybe)... Clap Off (maybe)... Clap On, Clap Off, A Crapshoot
    What a disappointment! The device just wasn't predictable. Sometimes it would do as expected, sometimes not. It was just a crapshoot. Finally unplugged it and it's in a drawer somewhere. Yes, I played with the sensitivity with no success. Getting up to turn lights on and off was far less effort and aggravation than trying to convince The Clapper to do its thing. Save your money and look elsewhere....more info
  • The Crapper
    This line says it all
    "don't buy it unless you plan to live in silence."

    Sooner or later maybe I will learn how to trick the clapper and I will enjoy it. Or as others I will just unplug it-- and return it next year.. when they are all the rage.. and get my money back and buy the HERB GARDEN- a much better gift. ( what happened to the pocket fisherman.. its GOT to be better than this!...more info
  • Clapper doesn't respond to claps
    I received The Clapper for Christmas from my husband. I was so excited - I hate having to get out of bed to turn the lights off at night. Well, he finally unplugged it last night. My claps aren't loud enough and it only works sporadically for him. I realized I had to use a pair of hard-soled shoes to get The Clapper to turn on or off. I can get the sequence down for both sides - that isn't the issue. But I live in an apartment and had to hit the shoes together so loudly that my husband could hear them outside and around the corner - I'm sure my neighbors will be just as glad to get rid of The Clapper as I am. We tried each sensitivity setting. We also tried it in another room, thinking the location might have been an issue - it still didn't work. I was very disappointed....more info
  • Erratic and Dangerous
    After less than three weeks of use on two 60-watt lamps (The Clapper is supposed to be rated to 400 watts) in which the device only operated after multiple attempts and only if it were in the open (not obstructed even partially by anything) it burned out one of the lamps and shorted out internally with great arcing, popping and acrid smoke. Had I not been there to remove the power immediately I am sure a house fire would have been the result.

    I would advise everyone against purchasing this device even as a gag gift. Someone might actually use it....more info
  • Clapper
    With all this global warming... Everyone should now be using energy saving light bulbs and as it has been stated it DOES NOT turn off fluorescent lights which are fluorescent so then... get up from out of your chairs or beds and turn the light out normally!! the exercise will do you good....more info
  • Waste of money.
    Stopped working in 2 days. The one I replaced it with lasted just a few days....more info
  • on off clapper
    good item great seller shipped on time ,was as stated , would buy from anytime...more info
  • not good with kids
    it would be fine for a quiet household but with barking dogs and 2 toddlers it is a major pain in the ARSE!...more info
  • Please People, Do not be Ignorant
    I know you people like to gab gab and gab about how sensitive it is. But the truth is you people are lazy and ignorant on how to use it. Also I will ask, why did you buy it if everyone doesnt like it. I bought one myself, and i will say it was sensitive at first, but you learn how to use it effeciently. Get off your couch, turn on the light and sit back down if you dont want the clapper. Maybe it will give you more time for the daily soap opera and popcorn. And whoever said it was a waste of electricity and that it will significantly raise your bill ... well i dont even have to say it. I really like the clapper and it has lasted me 4 years. Also I praise the people who actually know how to set the sensitivity and also being able to do the simple task of setting a dial to home or away. Thanks! I cannot register to my account because i have some diffuculties, but i am not a child. lol....more info
  • I like!
    I'm using my clapper to turn on/off the torch lamp in my bedroom, and so far, it's working as it should be. If you're using it for an appliance other than a lamp, I suggest you read other reviews. If you plan to use it for a lamp, I say it works as it should be....more info
  • It works for my 9-year old son
    It does what it is supposed to do - and, my son even sometimes plays with it like it's a video game. The clapper allows him to easily turn his light off from the top bunk of his bunk bed. It doesn't get 5 stars because it takes a try or two to activate the two lights connected (one controlled by two claps and the other by three). There's no TV in his bedroom but people talking never turn a light on or off (there are sensitivity settings if you would like this to happen)... UNLESS there is something parked in front (I suppose an echo can confuse it)....more info
    I ordered two of these on April 2, 2008 and they arrived today. I plugged in the first and plugged a lamp into it. When I clapped my hands, the Clapper device started popping and flashing and smoking. After I unplugged it, I found there was a definite odor of burning plastic coming from this thing.

    Buy this only if you want your house to burn down....more info
  • Chaotic Clapper
    This model proved to be erratic, responding to incidental room noises sometimes, but at other times ignoring distinctive claps. It does provide some entertainment value, but can be disruptive at night and at other times simply annoying. The sensitivity control seems operative, but doesn't make the operation any more predictable. ...more info
  • The clapper really does work
    It works so good it works too good. I love this product, however, dont put it in your bedroom if you tend to be a noisy sleeper or loud in the sheets.....LOL! It picks up on sounds easily and quickly and the lights can be going on and off..........more info
  • Clap On!
    Works better than I expected.

    I got it partly for the novelty, but am finding it very useful.

    It's been triggered a few times by accident, usually by a cough.

    But as I said got it for the novelty, so when this has happened it's been amusing.

    It controls the lights by our bed, I would not use it for anything too critical.

    ...more info
  • Clapper

    My son used the Clapper to give a presentation. It worked right up until the time he needed it and it wouldn't come on. It ruined his presentation that he was giving at work. He wanted to be able to clap his hands and have a lamp come on. It was embarrassing for him.
    ...more info
  • i agree with parth
    kept the sensitivity switch set for home, plugged it in and it works.

    have had it almost a week and it hasn't gone off unintentionally yet.

    two claps with a slight pause between works perfectly to turn it on and off.

    works just fine for the price....more info