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Chamberlain WD822KD Whisper Drive 1/2-HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
List Price: $249.99

Our Price: $188.74

You Save: $61.25 (25%)


Product Description

The Chamberlain Whisper Drive 1/2 HP Belt Drive garage door opener is the ultimate in quiet performance. It features our exclusive Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS), which eliminates powerhead vibration for reduced noise, making it the ideal choice if you have rooms positioned above the garage. And the 1/2 HP heavy-duty motor offers steady performance and lifting power year after year.

  • 1/2 HP belt drive system for the ultimate in quiet performance
  • Ultra-quiet operation featuring our exclusive Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS)
  • Auto force-sensing technology constantly monitors garage door opener system and adjusts forces to temperature fluctuations, floor height, and door track movement
  • Enclosed gear case provides continuous lubrication and protection for longer life and smoother operation
  • Quick-install rail system provides faster and easier installation
  • Delivers 200 watts of light with adjustable light time delay
  • HomeLink compatible with the in-vehicle remote control system
  • Includes two 3-button remote controls

Safety and Security Features

The Protector System safety sensors with Rapid-Snap brackets project an invisible light beam across the garage door opening and automatically reverse the door if anything interrupts the beam while the door is going down. The sensing technology will stop the door from closing if contact is made with a person or object. The opener lights turn on automatically when the Protector System's infrared beam is broken. The Security+ anti-burglary technology assures a new code is sent every time the remote control is used. PosiLock theft protection assures that once the door is closed, it says locked. Use the manual release handle in case of power failure.

What's in the Box
  • 1/2 hp belt-drive garage door opener
  • 2 remotes
  • Soft-glow wall control
  • Keyless entry pad
  • 1/2-horsepower garage door opener; 200-watt security light; two light sockets
  • Anti-vibration system and belt drive ensure quiet operation; 3-piece rail for quick installation
  • Rugged steel construction
  • Includes opener, 2 3-button remotes, keyless entry pad
  • 39 pounds; lifetime warranty on motor and belt

Customer Reviews:

  • Chamberlain Whisper Drive

    I ordered, received and installed Chamberlain WD822KD Whisper Drive 1/2-HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener. It was received in a timely manner and arrived in great shape. I had a chain drive Chamberlain before and was pleased with it's operation for 24 years. That was a big reason for bying Chamberlain brand to replace it. The guarantee for the motor & belt on the belt drive seemed to warrant the extra cost. I received a faulty wall mounted control box which was replaced with 1 telephone call to Chamberlain. It was received in days and everything works great. This is exemplary customer service and I would recommend this product to anyone needing an excellent opener....more info
  • perfect price from amazon
    We love our "quiet" garage door opener. Easy to install even for beginners. The price was lowest on Amazon compared to Menards or Farm and Fleet. Very pleased....more info
  • Quiet, Does the job
    Not quite as fast as I was hoping, but works well and is much quieter (about the same speed) than my old craftsman. I also like the fact that I don't have to worry about a greasy chain. Instruction were good....more info
  • Pretty seamless installation
    Bought this opener after researching fairly extensively. Agree with others that felt the unit installed fairly easily. Is quite quiet. Like its ability to accept two 100W bulbs and really light up the garage. Had a Chamberlin once before, probably twenty years ago. It seemed to last well, so I had a positive impression of their products. ...more info
  • Terrible machine after 1 and a half years. Stupid design.
    I have had this machine for a year and a half. The stupid thing was supposed to have a long warranty on the belt and parts.

    I started noticing it was closing and going back up. I thought it was the misaligned beams, but it was not.

    I noticed a black ring on the ground and did not know where it came from.

    Later the stupid thing would choke on itself.

    Come to find out after it would not close anymore the wheel that belt turned at the garage side broke. The stupid thing was made of plastic and the belt ate away at the bottom rim, so that was where the ring came from. It had chaffed away the bottom of the plastic wheel.

    My question is, what numbnutt would design a garage door opener with a part that obviously faces the most stress from cheap plastic? The piece is so cheap, you could swear it belongs in your kids toy box. It chaffed away and the belt got chewed.

    Could they have spent an extra 3 bucks to have made it from aluminum, if that?

    The motor works fine, but the design is stupid and does not last. I had a contractor install it. I will never buy a belt driven garage door anymore. Who cares if it is quiet, you can still hear it opening from inside the house.

    Do not buy till they replace the plastic pully wheel on the other end of the garage door opener. I know a lot of people just bought it, but I have owned it for a year and a half. The customer service person was nice and sent me a new part, but a week later that one broke.

    So I am really mad. If they had made it of metal it would not have chaffed again even with the new belt....more info
  • Good and Easy to set up
    As previous reviewers state, this is a very good garage door opener, much quiet than my previous screw drive Genie Opener. The price is excellent from Amazon. The only complaint is the wire run from the overhead to the wall control is not long enough. I have to run the wire diagonally. Make sure to get the extension kit if you have 8ft garage door....more info
  • So far well-please
    My friends installed this for me just yesterday and they said it was easy to install. I already had the brackets in place from my previous opener. This one is so quite. So far, I am well-pleased. ...more info
  • this product is the tops
    At first let me say that I got a quote from a local door company (because my old opener stopped working after 13 years..go figure) for $700. After searching, I found this product to be the best reviewed for the price. Since there was all the stuff from my old opener there already, I hardly read the instructions (I did glance over them for an overview) and it was extremely easy to install. Like I said, if you have an already existing unit, just use all those pieces. I am very happy now and it is so quiet, compared to the old chain-drive. And so is my wife 9since she can now get her car back into the garage....more info
  • Excellent product - well made with quality parts, and QUIET
    I used this product to replace an aging chain-drive LiftMaster. Installation was fairly straightforward; it took me about 8 hours total to install (including coffee breaks) and that included some minor adjustments and clean-up (I'm your average Joe - not especially stupid but not an expert in garage door openers either). Because I was replacing an existing door opener I was able to re-use the header bracket supports and (eventually....) the control unit support brackets too. As noted by a previous reviewer, if you're installing from scratch, some of the fasteners needed for installing your own header bracket support and the control unit support brackets are not included in the box - you should plan accordingly and install these items first before attempting the opener install process. The provided installation document is lengthy but has very clear instructions and excellent diagrams.

    Once installed, I found most of the factory settings to be exactly what I needed - mine needed very little adjustment in terms of up/down force or travel distance. The unit is very quiet - MUCH quieter than the chain-drive opener it replaced. The safety sensor clamps provided are a breeze compared to older kits I've had to use and they made sensor aligment trivially simple. Everything worked right out of the box - fit and finish of the various components is excellent, a high-quality product. The unit comes complete with two wireless remotes for use in your car(s), a wired switch for operation from inside your garage and a battery-operated wireless keypad device to enter a four digit number sequence. The last device I actually installed inside my home (as I have a detached garage and it made sense for me to do so) - however, it's typically installed directly outside the garage entrance. All of these devices worked perfectly right out of the box.

    Although the product per se worked exactly as advertised, I did have some follow-on problems. I own three cars - all of them equipped with HomeLink (the universal garage door opener technology). Previously, each vehicle's HomeLink button was programmed to operate my old LiftMaster and they all worked fine. However, after reprogramming them all to learn the new WhisperDrive's code - none of them worked. I called Chamberlain tech support but they told me flatly that they wouldn't work on any HomeLink issues (even though this product is advertised as being HomeLink-compatible). Instead, they referred me to Homelink for support - which I found a bit annoying. However, the Homelink support line was great and diagnosed my issue in about two minutes: on this model garage door opener, it's not enough to reprogram the Homelink button in each vehicle. You must also subsequently press the "Learn" button on the WhisperDrive's control unit and within 30 seconds press your reprogrammed Homelink button in your car, so that the WhisperDrive can learn that vehicle's new signal. When it has done so successfully it will blink both control unit lights. Repeat this process for each car.

    I'd consider this issue to be a Chamberlain problem (it's not documented in the install guide) and not a Homelink problem. Chamberlain's tech support should have been able to handle this one but instead played the finger-pointing game. However, that's a very small nit in what was otherwise a very pleasant(and unexpectedly uneventful) installation experience and a very satisfactory end result.

    A very good product - buy it with confidence.

    ...more info
  • Gentle on Garage Doors and Ears
    This garage door is slow. That is good. My garage door was installed in 1975 and is very heavy. I also really like its lack of racket and the 200 watt light.

    The door was not difficult to install. My Genie "Accelerator" was very noisy and hard on my garage door because it opened so fast. I was almost relieved when the motor circuit board pooped out. The door was only about five years old and I was unable to purchase any parts for it!

    That is another reason I purchased this unit. All the parts are available. ...more info
  • Great price, great instructions, and easy to install
    I expected this to be a difficult chore, it was easy. I read the instructions, laid out all of the parts on the garage floor, and got to work. Every step was perfectly defined and illustrated. I easily assembled the unit, attached it to the garage, and programmed the remotes in my cars. It took me about three hours. It is very quiet....more info
  • I don't get excited about garage door openers, but in this case...
    This is an amazing unit/package. It is SO literally hear nothing but the door creaking and a very slight motor noise, very slight. It's also quite nice looking, very sleek styling.

    Comes w/two compact three-button remotes already tuned to the door, and a keyless entry pad for access to the garage w/out a remote. My wife also picked up another gizmo you can plug a light into inside the house to control w/the garage remote as well. The motor unit takes two light bulbs, up to 100 watts! This sucker really lights it up!

    Did I say it is quiet! I mean really quiet!

    As noted, installation is a breeze...if you already have a garage door opener you're replacing. If you don't, you may miss having a couple of things. The obstruction sensors are supposed to snap onto your door rail...if they don't fit, as on mine, the bracket extenders you'd likely want to attach them to the wall aren't in the box (luckily I alread had some brackets from my other sensors). Same w/the motor mounting...I was able to use my existing mounts easily, but if I was installing in a new garage I would have needed to get more hardware...

    Overall I am more than expectations were well exceeded. Our previous screw-drive opener never seemed too loud to me, but now I wish it had broken sooner. I am VERY happy w/the Chamberlain! Buy it, you won't regret it. ...more info
  • Chamberlain Whisper Drive 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener #WD822KD
    This opener is a significant step forward in this business.
    It is indeed very quiet due to belt and spring buffer, a small and cheap addition, almost eliminate ugly buckling. Sectional rail is a great innovation. It makes shipping easy and cheap and provides installation flexibility. Wide range of accessories is also something that everybody would like. And all this is achieved for a very moderate price.
    A fixed length of the belt is the only disadvantage. There must've been different lengths of belt available so that an installer could choose from for different number of sections or there must've been a kit provided that allows to change belt length according to number of sections used.
    ...more info
  • Excellent product for a DIY project.....
    I purchased two of these Chamberlain Whisper Drive 1/2 HP Garage Door Openers to replace my 16 year old Stanleys. They went in without a hitch and work perfectly. I had both of mine changed out within a few hours. If you are looking for a quality product at a fair price, look no further. These are top notch! ...more info
  • Excellent garage door opener
    The whisper drive was very easy to install. The instructions were very detailed. After I installed it, I wasn't prepared for how quiet the opener is. It's nearly silent. If I could rate it six stars I would!...more info
  • Very Quite Garage Opener!!!
    Very quite and easy set up. I replaced my older Sears chain drive door opener for this drive belt one. I can't complain! Great Deal from Amazon......more info
  • Chamberlain Whisper Drive
    Ordered the Chamberlain WD822KD belt drive opener on Wednesday and using standard shipping (a few bucks more) received it on Saturday. It took my wife and me about 4 hours to install, test and program the remotes. The directions were easy to follow and the only glitch was the opener "overheated" during repeated testing for force, distance and safety. We waited the required 30 minutes and then finished the project. The opener is extremely quiet. Where our old chain drive opener vibrated the floor of the room above the garage and sounded like a vehicle was coming through the floor, the Whisper Drive has no vibration and is barely audible from that same room. Obviously I don't know how the opener will stand up over time (our Craftsman chain drive lasted 14 years) but other reviews indicate it is durable and has an excellent warranty....more info
  • Extremely Quiet
    The opener is very quiet. Our garage is beneath our house and when you are upstairs you can not hear the garage open. I just hope the belt system lasts as long as a chain model. ...more info
  • excellent buy
    I heard to stay away from the chain drives especially because the motor would be directly under my office. So I bought a whisper (belt driven). It is very quiet. My garage door rollers are basically the only thing you can hear. I installed it myself in no time. I would/will recomend the whisper drive to any one in the market.
    ...more info
  • Chamberlain Whisper Drive
    This is the second Whisper Drive we have purchased and installed. We purchased the second one based on how well the original unit has worked for us. It is truly quiet and works very smoothly. I don't think you can beat the product for the price....more info
  • Great Product
    I bought this item as a gift for my brother who desperately needed an opener. We set it up in a night. If you try to install it, get two people. Also make a list of what you need before hand. We had to run to The Home Depot twice. Otherwise it works great....more info
  • Good and Simple setup
    If you already have a garage door opener in place, this is a fairly simple upgrade; Just remove the existing wall button and garage door opener part and replace with newer button and garage door opener. Our old unit was a LiftMaster chain drive. The existing child sensor and wiring worked without a hitch with this unit. It took 2 adults about 3.5 hrs taking our sweet time. Saved us a ton on labor that we were quoted for. The opener is quiet and very smooth. You should adjust the power and travel distance per instruction spec. Just because it opens and closes doesn't mean its calibrated correctly to your home. I also used low-wattage bulbs(2) instead of the standard 100watt... the unit gives out a ton of light. Have fun and good luck....more info