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West Bend 40053 Triple Timer with Clock, White
List Price: $22.99

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Product Description

time up to three activities simultaneously with easy-to-use functions, 3 distinct alarms that sound for up to 1 min., and a clock display that makes this the perfect timepiece for a kitchen or garage. The large, easy-to-read LCD face counts either up to or down from 100 hours. Comes with a memory feature, plus a clip, stand, magnet and hanging hole for versatile use. Requires 2 AAA batteries (included).

Cook three dishes at once without the hassle of estimating individual cooking times. West Bend¡¯s convenient digital triple timer features three separate alarms that signal when dishes are done. An easy-to-read LCD screen calculates up to 100 minutes in timer mode and notes the hour, minute and second as an AM/PM clock. Its simple design provides a separate button for each timer for straightforward programming. The alarms steadily beep for a minute, or until the user pushes the on/off button. A memory function also recalls the timer¡¯s previous setting--useful for baking several batches of cookies of canning several pots of jam.

Equipped with a clip, magnet, hanging hold, and stand, the timer conveniently perches on a countertop, hangs from a cabinet hook, affixes to the refrigerator, or clips onto an apron pocket. The timer is powered by two included AAA batteries. For best results, wipe clean with a damp cloth. The timer measures 2.7 by 3 by 0.7 inches, and weighs 1 pound upon shipping. West Bend covers the product with a one-year warranty. --Jessica Reuling

  • Digital timer allows chefs to monitor cooking times for 3 different dishes
  • Legible LCD displays cooking and AM/PM times up to 100 minutes in hours, minutes and seconds; straightforward design for easy operation
  • Memory function recalls previous settings for cooking multiple batches; alarm beeps for one minute
  • Equipped with a hanging hole, clip, magnet, and stand; 2 AAA batteries come installed
  • Measures 3 by 2.7 by 0.7 inches; weighs 1 pound upon shipping; West Bend offers a 1-year warranty for this product

Customer Reviews:

  • Watch out
    This timer is listed twice. The other listing has more negative reviews. Check them both before buying....more info
  • West Bend...listen to your customers
    Sheesh, West Bend, how about listening to your customers and bring back the old, reliable, well-loved 3 event timer? As you can see it has quite the customer following. I have not found anything that can replace it.

    The one I bought from CDN (Model PT1A) broke within the first week. The slider would no longer bring up the "Count Down" timer function. Of course, the function I use the most.

    Sometimes basic is best. ...more info
  • Tiny buttons, tiny print
    Bad? Out of box failure, tiny buttons and a counterintuitive interface.
    Good? Large Display.

    I give this triple timer a big fat NO. ...more info
  • Super, Versatile Timer
    The West Bend 40053 Timer is an excellent choice for my daughter, who hasn't much room in her kitchen, and who has to contend with a 3-year-old, a dog and 2 cats while she is preparing meals. The 3 separate timers allow her to manage different dishes (and keep straight how each is doing) when she can't always watch them closely. It is easily portable, easy to hear and the numerals are large and clear - who could ask for more?...more info
  • Westbend 3 timer
    I purchased this when my old style Westbend 3 timer went out. This one is fine. It does NOT stand well on a counter top. Why, it has a clip in the back that gets in the way. dumb design. It has more functions that just get in the way on the timers. So yes it does the job. Westbend went too far with features and made a great timer just an OK one. Would I buy this one again, Yes, it's the best in class/price. Westbend, get rid of the clip in back and make it stand like the old one and get rid of the clock and count up features. The old one worked and it stood on the counter. The clip in the back is over kill. Westbend should have just kept making the old one. They would sell more. ...more info
  • Great Timer
    The timer is an advancement on their previous models which we have three ~ was absolutely incredible. This one is easier and takes AAA versus AA. It also allows you to have the time running which is very helpful. ...more info
  • great timer but too many zeros
    My wife and I loved the old West BEnd timer so when it broke we wanted to replace it. This new one is fine, but it displays leading zeros (to the left of the nonzero numerals), which makes it difficult to read quickly. Bad human engineering. ...more info