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Chicago Metallic Gourmetware Original Muffin Top Pan
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Product Description

Have you ever eaten the top of the muffin and thrown the rest away? Muffin crowns are indeed the best part, so why not invent a pan that practically elimates the bottoms? Far less wasteful, no more guilt, lots of yummy muffin. Featured in Cook's Illustrated Resources September/October 2002 If you favor the crusty, browned top of the muffin over the delicate, crumbly bottom, a muffin-top pan might be for you. Almost flat, each of the pan's six muffin cups is jut 1/2 inch deep, yielding flying-saucer shaped muffins that are virtually all crispy brown top. Our favorite pan is made by Chicago Metallic..."

  • Constructed of steel for strength and durability
  • Superior heat conduction
  • Non-stick coating for easy removal of food and quick clean up
  • Dishwasher safe

Customer Reviews:

  • Muffin Top Pan
    How many times have you eaten the crumbly moist muffin top and thrown away the dried out bottom? With this pan, the WHOLE muffin is moist, by making just the tops of the muffin. You just use a regular muffin recipe and they come out fantastic with absolutely no throw-aways. I love it and use it quite frequently....more info
  • muffin top pans
    These pans are fantastic. I used a recipe from a quilting book and made jumbo chocolate chip and oatmeal butterscotch cookies. These pans baked the cookies wonderfully and the cookies slid out of the pans 15 minutes after they were baked. I wish I had more of these pans even though I had bought 2 of them. Might pick up some more for gifts for my daughter and daughter in law, they are that great. My cookie recipes were specially made for these pans and I even adjusted the size of the cookies, they still turned out fantastic. Can't praise them too much....more info
  • Much sought after muffin tops
    After a year long search, I finally discovered my muffin top pans at Finally, I was able to get one for my 2 married girls.
    Love the price and the end product is great. Baking is fun....more info
  • Make Great Hamburger Buns
    I bought this pan to make hamburger buns with. The well dimensions at about 4 inches across, and 3-1/2 inches at the bottom and 1/2 inch deep. Makes six hamburger buns at a time. To make just, take your favorite bread dough, roll a piece of dough about 3 t 3-1/2 ounces, place in greased pan, cover and let rise until doubles in size. Brush with egg whites and sprinkle with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, or dehydrated minced onion. Bake per instructions, just check on after 15 minutes or so. Works out great, my buns came out the same size. (I make a 1 pound dough in the bread machine (about 2-1/2 cups of flour) and split it into 6 equal pieces.) If you are going to use a pan like this to make burger buns, this is a great size for a standard bun which is 4 inches. Some other pans out there make smaller buns. And nothing beats homemade bread, and using the bread machine, no reason for any one not to make their own now. But 2 pans and make a 2 pound bread dough in the bread machine and make 12 buns at a time....more info
  • Muffin Top pan
    What a great way to save on the trips to Paneria for muffin tops!! My kids love these breakfast treats. The pan works so well they can make them for themselves!!! ...more info
  • Muffin Top Pan
    This pan is perfect for the function it is meant to do. The coating is great. Not sure why I only bought one - all recipes I have are for 12 muffins. Using it and loving it....more info
  • Love em
    It is exactly what I was looking for and expecting. It makes great muffin tops....more info
  • Just like Seinfeld would've made!
    Great product---Just the muffin tops- Great idea. Works well....more info
  • duffnik
    These pans are exactly what I wanted. They release the muffin tops so easily I don't even need to spray with Pam at all...of course I've only used them 3 times so far!...more info
  • They do what they are supposed to do.
    I ordered two of these pans and upon receipt I put them to work. First observation, Made in China...not happy, poorly rolled edges, not usual Chicago Metallic quality.

    Like others have stated, due to the size of the cups, these pans actually make fewer muffin tops, then regular muffins. Followed Chicago Metallic instructions and lowered the baking temp by 25 degrees from what recipe states. Oops, burned first batch. Made second batch and watched very close, pulled them out at 14 minute mark and they turned out very nice. Noticed that they rise quickly, and bake just as quick.

    In general, these pans work as they are supposed to, but it will take a bit of trial and error before I feel completely comfortable with using them. On the down side, there aren't many muffin top recipes out there yet so you have to modify existing recipes. My opinion, if you want muffin tops, these are the pans to use. And, by all means, purchase two of them, because the six at a time thing would take forever!

    BTW, the second batch of Apple Strudel Muffin Tops were pretty good. ...more info
  • Muffin Top Pan
    I received the pan in December and have used it several times. It works very well; just make sure you do not overfill. I have recommended this pan to friends....more info
  • Great pan but watch your time.
    This is a great pan - I love muffin tops and so does my son. When I used it for the first time it told you to cook them at a lower temperature than you would cook regular muffins - to cook at 325. I did that and the first batch burned pretty good on the bottom. The next go round, I lowered the temperatue and cooked them just a tad bit longer and they were perfect. This is a great pan, but watch your temperature....more info
  • worked beautifully
    i had been looking for a product like this as my daughter eats only the tops of muffins and leaves the rest. I had thought this would solve this problem. My husband made the muffin tops for Thanksgiving breakfast. They were a pleasant surprise. I would recommend this product to others....more info
  • Add My Voice to the Chorus: 5 Stars!
    Great muffin-top pan--not too heavy, not too light, and I agree with other reviewers that the non-stick coating on this pan is superb.

    These are TERRIFIC for baking low-carb treats, which tend to be heavy and much too dry if baked in conventional muffin pans. My husband loves a certain low-carb muffin I make with Almond Meal that serves as the base for a homemade low-carb strawberry shortcake, and the muffin-top pan is the only way to go--texture is great, the muffin retains more moisture yet is fully baked and delicious!

    These pans are a MUST for tasty low-carb baking & they make for fabulously moist, perfect muffin tops for conventional bakers as well (like a carrot cake muffin top with cream cheese icing--yum!) Bring on the coffee!
    ...more info
  • Chicago Metallic Gourmet Muffin Top Pan
    I like it very much. The tops were easy to make and tasted very good.
    ...more info
  • it is awesome
    I have always purchased different muffin top flavors for my family and I to eat. I wanted to know if such a tin was available to the public and found out that it was. Now I am endless on the different muffin top flavors we are eating.

    Everyone should have this. It cuts back on calories when eating because you are only eating the muffin top and not the whole muffin.

    ...more info
  • crazy non-stick bottom
    Nicely heavy & very good non-stick coating.
    However, the pan is non-stick all over including underneath (huh?), so trying to get it out of a hot oven is TRICKY: Slips and slides all over! A textured handle--such as on OXO pans--would be great. Even a small ridge around the perimeter (like EKO pans) would help; anything a person could get a grip on through a potholder.
    The pan itself performed beautifully; the baking results were DEFINITELY 5 stars *****! But I'd rather grease & flour than deal with the trouble & danger of that crazy non-stick bottom. So 3 stars overall....more info
  • Perfect muffin tops!
    I purchased 2 of these pans, and have used them approximately a dozen times. My muffin tops have come out perfectly with each use. I plan on ordering more in the future, since they were hard to find. ...more info
  • Chicago Metallic Muffin Top Pan
    I really like this product. I haven't been able to find any other muffin top pans in the stores. Although I've only used it one time, the quality is good and stood up to baking and easy to clean....more info
  • Muffin tops
    I love muffin tops! I purchased 2 muffin top tins after eating muffin tops at my sister's. Although I have only used them once, I was very pleased with the outcome. I just need to figure out the exact amount of batter to put in each top. Very easy to clean up! Great product....more info