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Polder Original Cooking All in One Timer/Thermometer
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Product Description

1996 Good Housekeeping Good Buy Award / 32 to 392 Degrees Farenheit / 5 Minute Alarm / Memory / Simultaneous Timer

  • Presettable alarm temperature range: 32F to 392F
  • 5-minute alarm
  • Timer works simultaneously with thermometer
  • Memory for frequently used settings

Customer Reviews:

  • Polder 362-90 Cooking Timer & Thermometer
    This item comes highly recommended by a professional chef. As a result, I purchased it as a Christmas gift for my son. He was thrilled to receive it, and has used it several times, so far. He loves it! ...more info
  • great kitchen gadget
    love this!
    Easy to use, I love the audible alarm for time and pre-set temp...more info
  • One that I thought would work
    I have bought several different Thermometers like this, and all have failed. They have given strange temp's, stopped working after a short period and other problems that made them useless. Most of them cost more and are "newer" than this one. The one thing that really stands out on this one is the solid build. Not only does the device itself seem solid, but the probe is so much heavier duty than all the other ones I have owned.

    I watched Alton Brown use this one for years on Good Eats, and apparently he was right. Don't waste your time, money or food on those others. Buy the original, because... IT WORKS!!

    One thing to note, it has no off so it's always on. It is a bit irritating but a trade-off I'm more than willing to make for a accurate thermometer that works.

    *EDIT - 12/25/07 Well I'm trying to cook a rib roast for Christmas dinner and I'm staring at my device here. Apparently I like it a bit warm in the house, as it says it's 150f! VERY unhappy...more info
  • Timer/Thermometer
    This tool has proven to be quite versatile (oven, stovetop) and the "set to" temperature feature is perfect for sugar work. The only down side might be that it never turns off like most battery-powered devices. The battery life may be shorter, guess I'll know soon if this is the case....more info
  • How to fix a broken probe
    I've had one of these for more than 7 years and it always worked great until the probe got submerged in water. I was able to restore it by putting it in an oven at 250 degrees for about an hour. This will boil the water out. Mine finally died about a year later. (Since the case was cracked, and it had survived much abuse, I am buying another.)...more info
  • Good, not perfect...
    The display is excellent, very clear. The controls are simple and easy to use. The flip up design is clever and useful, allowing you to adjust the angle of the display for clear viewing from any position.

    I use this thermometer for grilling and it has allowed me to be quite accurate about cooking times.

    There are just a few small negatives so far. The temperature reading seems to be a little low when compared to the many published charts for target temperatures. According to the charts, most meats are considered well done at 175 degrees. I find that a displayed temperature of 180 or even 185 is a well done result for burgers or chicken. It's easy to compensate for that, and it may just be a matter of my personal taste anyway.

    An even more picky criticism - why can't the timer work as a regular timer as well as a countdown timer? I want to know how long something has been cooking, but I don't know for sure how long I will want it to cook. I find myself setting the timer for a guess, then adding another minute or two when it's not done. A minor, but annoying, issue.

    Finally, I put the display on the metal shelf attached to my stainless steel gas grill. The LCD display has discolored slightly after a month of use, due to the high heat surrounding the grill. It's still perfectly readable, just a cosmetic defect.

    Overall, I'm satisfied and would purchase the product again....more info
  • Great product
    Magnet holds it to my vent hood so it doesn't use any counter space. Probe cord is more than long enough to reach any where on stove top. ...more info
  • Polder 362-90 Timer and Thermometer
    An easy to use great product at a fair price. Thanks Amazon, you make shopping easy!...more info
  • Great product at a nice price
    I really enjoy using this thermometer. I especially like the long cord to the probe which allows me to leave it sit on the counter as I work on other things. A quick glance over in the direction of the stove keeps me updated on where the meat is in its cycle. Also, I'm a big fan of the magnet on the back because I can keep this on the refrigerator and always have it at hand....more info
  • Not for grill
    I bought this primarily for use on my grill, only to find in the instructions that it cannot be used for cooking temperatures above above 362 degrees. I never even used this item, returned it instead....more info
  • roasting perfection
    No more guess work. Monitor cooking temps at a glance. Alarm sounds when meats reach desired temp. Roasts come out to perfection. ...more info
  • Polder cooking timer and Thermometer
    Didn't last long, about six times in my oven before it died out and gave wrong tempetures. It was not battery problem....more info
  • Not having an on/off switch makes me nervous
    Just got this and it works fine, but I was surprised to see it has no on/off switch. Other people are saying the battery lasts a long time anyway, hope that's true....more info
  • Love this thermometer/timer... just be careful with the sensor
    I bought this timer/thermometer three years ago based on a recommendation by Alton Brown. I have to say that I have never made a better turkey, goose, or standing rib roast than when using this thermometer. I did have to replace it after having it about a year because the sensor stopped working (or at least it stopped working properly. It registered the room temperature at 150 degrees). But, then after talking with my mom who had the same issue, we realized that the sensor cannot be washed in the dishwasher (duh!). Now, I clean it gently by hand, and I've not had a problem since. Some people have complained that it cannot be turned off, but I don't see the big deal. You can slap it on the side of the fridge and just leave it be until you're ready to use it. The batteries last forever, so it's not that big of a deal to have it on. Overall, this is a fantastic product....more info
  • My most useful kitchen tool
    I had one of these for several years; it finally died tonight (says Lo, either probe died or battery leaked inside guts).

    I found it really useful, indispensable really, whenever roasting anything. Saves you the hassle of figuring out the time, checking doneness, etc. Have made dozens of turkeys (used to make 1 a week for dog), chickens, leg of lamb, and ribeye roasts.

    Rest in peace. I'll be getting another.
    ...more info
  • Excellent, when it works
    I've already gone through two of these timers. When they work, they're indispensable - it's so nice to be able to walk away from the oven, knowing that the timer will alert you when your baked goods have reached the proper temperature. Very handy. However, I've found that these just stop working after about a year. I've changed the batteries, etc., but they just stop working after a while. I'm going to try a different brand....more info
  • Very versatile product
    I love using this thing, like other reviewers have mentioned, it's a little strange there is no off switch, but battery life doesn't seem to be an issue so far. I have used it as a fry thermometer, an instant read meat thermometer, or just left it in a roast, set the temp. alarm and walked away.

    I do wish there was a way to set an alarm for a falling temperature, but it isn't hard to see from across the room when you are waiting for something to cool.

    Great product, just be careful cleaning it!...more info
  • Easy to use and accurate
    We found this thermometer easy to use and highly accurate. We recommend it for others....more info
  • Best thing to have in the kitchen--ever
    Honestly, this makes the worry about whether or not things are done completely disappear. And the fact that I can put something in the oven with this thing sticking into it, GO AWAY and FORGET about it until the thing beeps at me is amazing. And it does keep beeping until you go to it, so there's no chance of you ignoring it. I think everyone should have one of these in their home. I've never used another kind, so I don't know how to compare, but this one works fantastically.

    Also, if you are worried about the accuracy of these things (most come within + or - 1/2 degrees) do the boiling water test. Heat water in a pot to a full "rolling" boil. Put the thermometer in about 2 inches. Wait for 30 seconds. The thermometer should read 212 degrees F. So you can see just how accurate these things are. ...more info
  • Perfect
    I love this for the simple fact of knowing exactly when the meal is done! Care needs to be taken with cleaning the probe but thats just how these things are. I can't imagine cooking in the oven without one of these anymore, just remember to insert the probe correctly in to the center of the meat and you're all set....more info
  • Good one
    This is an inexpensive, solid thermometer. But don't buy this if you're wanting to use it in a smoker (such as the Big Green Egg). The instructions specifically state that you should never use it in a smoker. Just fyi. Works great in an oven, though. ...more info
  • so far so good...but no On/Off
    After the second same style Taylor thermometer cable went out in a year, I decided to try the Polder. Much better assembled than the Taylor (for the same price). The cable to the probe seems better quality also...but only time will tell. The previous Taylor ones (silicon coated) shorted after regular use, in about a year or less, even with careful washing. My only complaint so far is the Polder unit does not have an ON/OFF switch, so it remains to be seen if the battery life will be acceptable. ...more info
  • Nice Timer, but Engineers Missed the Boat
    This timer is simple, straightforward, and works great. The problem is that there is no on/off switch, and when mine arrived, the magnets fell off because the adhesive was not working anymore....more info
  • Easy and Accurate
    I have not had my probe thermometer for long but I have really enjoyed it thus far. I didn't need to read the instructions as the probe controls were very straight forward. And I couldn't be more pleased with the accuracy as I tested it against boiling water, taking into account altitude and barometric pressure, and found it to be within a degree of the calculated temperature....more info
  • fantastic kitchen tool
    Found this thermometer to be economical, simple to use, and highly accurate. Meat is just right every time. Also works great on steaks or hamburger in a George Forman or panini grill. Don't know why I didn't buy one years ago. A great value!...more info
  • Great Product
    Thank you Alton Brown! I have now used this thermometer through 2 Thanksgivings, 2 Christmases and numerous roasts. It is GREAT! The accuracy is "spot on." Ease of use is simple and intuitive. I just purchased two more. One for each of our daughters. ...more info
  • Great for smokin'
    Thermometer works out perfect for smoking meat, you can place it in the meat and re-close the lid so that you do not lose temperature. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is due to the fact that you can't shut it off. ...more info