Bialetti Moka Express 3-Cup Stovetop Percolator
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Product Description

For an excellent cup of Italian coffee, this aluminum stove-top espresso maker is the classic household coffee-pot, combining design with practical reliability and quality.
3 (demitasse) cup capacity.
Cast aluminum.
Made in Italy.

  • Stovetop brewer makes 3 2-ounce cups of espresso in just 4 to 5 minutes
  • Made of durable polished aluminum in a unique octagon shape
  • Flip-up top and side-pour spout provide added convenience
  • Wash by hand with warm soapy water and rinse clean; made in Italy
  • Measures 4-1/4 by 6-1/2 inches

Customer Reviews:

  • no brainer if you like excellent coffee
    I have been using the small pot for about 5 years now and I will never use anything else but Bialetti. Use with good coffee and it blows Starbucks away. You will find that you like a certain amount of coffee grinds and maybe a certain level of water and you will consistently get the best cup of coffee you ever had. The exterior shiny polish will soon go to an ugly patina but who cares, right. I have thought about getting the larger version but there is something about brewing a fresh cup every time that is appealing and definitely delicious. I throw it on the stove on full blast and have never had any bad results. Never had to replace a seal or anything. If you will be making coffee for more than one person get the larger size. The small makes just enough for one mug full. The cups Bialetti quotes are espresso sized (small). Takes 4 min for a new pot. Take it off as soon as you hear it percolating-you will soon know the sound well. Just hand wash and set aside disassembled and allow to dry. Its a lot simpler than it sounds. very easy. Enjoy! ...more info
  • Good but small
    Excellent results but 6 cup size only produces 11 oz at most (one mug). The diameter ( 4 inches ) is too small to cover the flame on a gas cooktop unless turned down to minimum....more info
  • Everything I expected
    After extended research and debating I gave in and purchased this little yet very awesome espresso maker. Though the end product is not 100% like that of the espresso you will recive in a corner cafe it's still close enough and delicious. I have been using this product at least once a day since I received it and it's hard to believe but every cup keeps getting better and better. When you recive yours brew 3 or 4 cups of espresso and toss it. Every cup after wards will be brewed to perfection. FYI never wash with soap. Just rinse with water to clean.

    Happy Brewing.
    ...more info
  • Buy the stainless steel one instead
    It's a known fact that aluminum causes brain damage. Spend the extra $20 and get the stainless steel version of this coffee maker. Also the handle on this device get very hot, it's not "stay cool" at all. ...more info
  • good product
    It's very easy to use and clean. 3-cup is very small though and it really shouldn't cost as much as $20 based on the simple construction but that's life....more info
    There are a lot of cheap espresso makers of this type out there. These are the real deal and work really well.

    I loke my espresso really strong, so I really pack the coffe in (the best coffee brand out there is Bustello in the black bag). For really good coffee, set your stove on low temp to heat. It will take up to 5 minutes to brew this way. When the first few drops come out, pour them into a container to which you have already added sugar. I use 3 rounded teaspoons. Stir it up really well to create a paste. When the rest of the pot finishes brewing, pour it in, stir gently. Doing it this way, should gave you a nice foam. It may take a little practice to get the hang of it....more info
  • Clever Little Coffee Maker
    I discovered this little device while looking for a simple stove top percolator to augment my other coffee making methods -- Melitta, Drip, Espresso and Senseo. This is the closest thing I've experienced to a good coffee shop espresso or latte. To make a latte you simply add milk to the upper reservoir before placing the pot onto the stove. I make several 10-12 oz lattes a day with my Bialetti Moka. Although described as a "6-cup" percolator, it only makes one American sized cup of coffee (8-12 oz). I imagine the 6-cup description refers to demitasse cups. I plan to buy a larger one. The coffee making methodology used by this device is quite ingenious. The bottom reservoir is filled with water and a metal filter in the middle holds the coffee. The water heats up and is forced through the coffee, percolates through a second filter and then out of a tube into the top reservoir. The result is brew very similar to espresso in taste but less concentrated. As others have stated, choice of coffee as well as quantity used make an enormous difference in the result. The closed system design results in a very efficient process that requires very little heat. The 'low' setting on my electric stove takes about 3-5 minutes. The process may sound complicated but it's no more involved than making a cup of coffee using the Melitta filter method....more info
  • Great little Esspresso
    makes a great cup of espresso w/out the need for a machine. can steam an dfroth milk in a seperate container to male lattes.

    This i a 1 person size be sure to check size when ordering....more info
  • 3 cup bialetti
    I don't really like this product. I have bought other espresso makers that are way better than this one. Than again it wasn't very expensive either....more info
  • scratched up coffee pot

    this expresso pot was to be used for a shower gift. i received it shortly before the shower and had no time to change it because it was damaged by deep scratches. Amazon sent me a shipping label but there was not enough time to send back. To make a long story short........i had to give the bride, to be, the scratched up coffee pot because it was what she wanted,,,,,,,,,,,and i was very embarressed....more info
  • Starbucks will go out of business
    This espresso/moka pot is outrageously awesome! Here's a nice tip for those of you who have wood stoves: Get the stove up to 400, prepare the pot as prescribed in the directions (which have some funny English translations), and set on the wood stove top. I just made a pot in 12 minutes. Also, if you're a latte person like me, head over and buy the aerolatte hand held milk frother/foamer. These two items combined will put Starbucks out of business. The cost of them together is roughly the same as 15 fancy coffees from Starbucks ... this is a no brainer for cappuccino, espresso, and coffee drinkers. I currently use the Starbucks espresso blend but am going to try all kinds of things....more info
  • The Jumbo Moka Express
    I have owned the 6 cup Moka Express and have found that it's only fault was that it did not make enough for more that two people. Enter the 12 cup model. This can make very good "expresso" type coffee for 4 to 5 people. The full strength coffee can be diluted with hot water for excellent Cafe Americano. If you cut the amount of coffee by half the pot can make normal coffee for 3 people.

    This pot gets used in our home every day and we will never go back to drip brewed....more info
  • Safety / Pressure valve - Please help!!!
    I have owned this little baby (as a part of Bialetti Cappuccino and Latte Set) for about 2 weeks now and just love it!

    A quick question about safety / pressure valve. One user mentioned that you should check the valve regularly, but I am a bit confused as to how to "check" it. Should I unscrew the valve, see if there is any clog inside, if there is, clean it, then screw it back?

    PLEASE let me know, cause I really don't want mine to explode on my stove top!

    Thanks so much! :) ...more info
  • Can't go wrong at this price
    I used one of these years ago when I was a student... now that I can afford to, was planning on buying an expensive espresso machine but after getting overwhelmed at "too many" options on the market, I opted for the classic instead. I have to say, this thing still makes a great cup of espresso. I like to prepare mine "con leche" style with warmed milk. It tastes awesome!

    The only downside to this style percolator is that it needs to be "monitored"- meaning you have to keep an eye on it to know when it is done percolating and also never leave it on the flame for longer than it needs. ...more info
  • Makes real coffee
    Buy one of these a can of Illy and get addicted to some of the best coffee you will ever drink.

    If you like more then 5 ounces of coffee at a time, buy the 6 serving. ...more info
  • Moka
    The "Moka" as they call it in Italy is a great inexpensive way to make that first bit of espresso in the morning and that last blast of caffeine at night. Very simple to use and solidly made. Great choice....more info
  • Expresso Pot
    Purchased as a recommendation from a friend in an online group - the conversation must have sold at least 20 of these pots for the manufacturer, and everyone seems to be very pleased with their purchase. I know that I am! Produces a great tasting cup of coffee (small expresso cups)and is really easy to use. I'm hooked! Have to have a cup around 3:00 P.M. every day! High quality, and as per my friend's recommendation, I bought three replacement gaskets. ...more info
  • NOT recommended
    I purchased this and after only about 1 month of use, the inside of both the bottom water chamber and where the coffee flows into started turning a strange shade of purple-black and the coffee started tasting like metal. It had a weird smell, and the grooves on the metal seemed to hold in the weird balck tarnish. I tried cleaning it with everything, and nothing worked. I only used water and a dye- and scent-free dishwashing liquid before it turned black, so if I caused this, then why would anyone want to buy a coffee maker that tarnishes when you wash it??

    I don't know what caused this, but I am very dissatisfied and threw the whole thing away. ALSO, the handle gets SO HOT I had to use a dish cloth to remove it from the stove. Bad design flaw. You'd be much better off using a coffee press....more info
  • Great Coffee
    I first used this product on a trip to Spain. It makes great coffee, is easy to use and clean, and has a simple design. I would not purchase anything smaller than the 6 cup. It can make 2 regular cups of coffee or 4 cups of espresso size. ...more info
  • The classic made small
    Bialetti Moka's are found in just about every Italian household. They are also an affordable way to get strong, espresso-like coffee. To get real espresso, you need a lot more pressure pushing the water through the finely ground coffee. In coffee speak, you need roughly 9 "bars" for proper espresso. Moka's have only 1.5 to 3 "bars" of pressure.

    Still, with warmed milk, it makes a decent morning drink. And the style is distinctive and attractive.

    One word of caution on the 3-cup: it really only makes enough for one person, and barely that if you like to fill a regular size travel mug.

    Otherwise, I highly recommend the Moka in general and the 3-cup in particular....more info