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The Essential Toto
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Customer Reviews:

  • Pretty good,but they were better Session cats
    Toto had some cuts that I dug like "Hold the Line",99,Georgy Porgy,I'll suppply the love&I won't hold you back. but alot of the time they wore whatever Project there working on to enter upon there Band Material.RIP to Steve Porcaro. Porcaro is One of the Tightest Drummers Ever. the rest of the cuts have that california studio Shine which after a while is a bit too slick for it's own good. but the cuts that stand out are cool....more info
  • If you like to go back in time, this is it.
    I was lucky to see this group in concert this summer. That wasn't enough for me, as I had to buy their CD as well. It took me back to my high school years. I'm 57 but still enjoy reliving the music of my yester years. It's a real joy to go back and listen to the music I grew up with and not just once but over and over. My daughter gets a kick out listening to what I grew up with and even asks to borrow some of my CD's from my high school days. I have bought others from back then, as the music is so different from what you hear now and I am enjoying the memories from when I was in my teens....more info
  • Bad remaster
    The original recordings of these tracks are phenomenal. The remastered tracks on this particular CD are horrendous. If you plan to use these tracks for any critical listening application, don't buy this disc! Digital distortion-a-go-go....more info
  • Get the UK two-disc version, but beware....
    I give up. I have come to the conclusion that there is simply no Toto collection out there that does the job right. On the advice of another reviewer, I bit the bullet and purchased the two-disc ESSENTIAL TOTO collection available from the UK, but imagine my dismay when I received the set and checked out the track listing only to discover that "Rosanna," "Hold the Line," "Pamela," and several other key tracks were EDITS! I ran into this same problem with another Toto collection I purchased a while back (GREATEST HITS & MORE, also referred to as GREATEST HITS + 8 here on Amazon). What really gets me is the fact that the songs I listed above appear in their full-length version on the domestic ESSENTIAL TOTO (which is the one listed here). Why in the world they were edited on the UK release is beyond me.

    At this point I simply refuse to spend any more $$$ on another Toto collection. I will keep my two-disc UK ESSENTIAL TOTO and my two-disc Swedish HOLD THE LINE: THE VERY BEST OF TOTO (both of which have excellent sound quality), and from those collections I'll simply compile my own darn BEST OF. I figure if the record companies can't do it right, then I'll just do it myself, thank you very much....more info
  • Only 14 tracks ?????????
    If this 14 track collection is the only one released in the USA it is a scorn against all the US fans.
    In Europe we got a 32 track doubble set to the price of a single cd. I really cannot understand this unjust.
    The responsible publisher should be ashamed....more info
  • Missing some songs
    Like all compulations, this one is still missing some songs. I feel more and more that the only way to get what I want is to handpick each song and make my own disk....more info
  • Toto had two good songs, and they left them off the album....
    I don't think TOTO has stood the test of time. Other bands during this era like REO Speedwagon, Chicago or Boston still have classic hits that sound good today. Most of TOTO's stuff is embarrassing cheese or goofy white country-like songs from their earlier albums. They have ONE good song that has stood the test of time and still sounds like a classic - "Till the End" and they managed to leave that one off the collection! "Hydra" was their other good song, is that one on this collection? Nope! ...more info
  • Another FAN of TOTO.....

    As another fan of Toto, in my opinion, this is a great CD to own.
    It sure brought back great memories for me. ...more info
  • From a former hardcore fan
    I became a hardcore fan of Toto in 1988 when Pamela came out. I was in Jr. High and to me at the time that was the coolest song released that year. I soon discovered that I enjoyed a lot of their older songs too and began collecting all the standard Toto albums. I then joined the fan club and bought two Toto shirts I wore so much people started to call me "Toto". Why am I telling you all this... well I wanted you to know my background to put my review into perspective. I am no longer that hardcore fan I was back in the day but I still enjoy certain albums (my favorite being their 2006 release "Falling In Between" check it out). I now consider only 4 CDs essential because honestly I don't think most of their albums have held up well over time. I am going to spilt this review into two section. One for the casual fan (which this CD is intended for) and one for the diehard fan (which I used to be one):


    If you are looking up this album you are probably a fan of one or two of Toto's hits. This CD may be for you. It has all the major hits and the best thing is they are all beautifully remastered and they have never sounded any better then they do here. There are also a number of album tracks to give you a feel for some of the other songs that Toto has done over the years and you get a sampler of almost all the albums that Sony has the rights to release in the US. If you aren't as big of a fan of Toto's rock hits like "Hold the Line" buy the CD "TOTO: Love Songs". That too is remastered and contains one of the bands best songs that never was released in the US as a single "I Will Remember". Personally I would recomend both "Essential" and "Love Songs" even though there is a lot of the same songs because both these collection, with little exceptions, together have most of the "essential" Toto songs. Also avoid collections like "Super Hits" which to the best of my knowledge are not remastered.


    Many of you have pointed out that this is not a 2 CD collection like what is available overseas. There is a very good reason for that... Toto hasn't been a huge hit in the US since I would say 1986 but they continued to have success in Europe. Sony made a wise decsion by not releasing it in two disks which would shoot the cost up. Considering that the casual fan in the US would not need a two disk set since only the really hardcore fan or music collector would even have any knowledge of a lot of the extra stuff on the 2 disk set. I would also argue that the 2 disk set is padded with some unnessesary tracks including some newer songs from "Past to Present" where I believe even the band members would like to see those songs go away. If you want "converts" to the Toto fan base THIS set is a good way to start. It is affordable and it does give a decent overview of Toto's later work. So in my opinion you should give this collection some slack. By giving this poor reviews because your personal favorite song is not on here you have made this album "star wise" look less favorable to a casual fan.

    I am giving this 5 stars even though one or two of my personal favorites aren't here because this CD does what is supposed to do... provide a "best of" and quick over view of the bands work. Also the remastering makes this, "Love Songs", and "Falling in Between" the only Toto CDs I listen to on a regular basis....more info
  • Well, I'm happy, anyways
    I am a decided of fan of well crafted and carefully thought out and arranged music, and this CD did not disappoint....more info
  • Bizarre single disk version.
    I noted the previous review on this compilation, and had a double take. I have the album and it is a double disk set. However, and quite strangely, it does not include the track "On the run", which is included in this single disk version. Not that any self respecting Toto fan wouldn't have it on it's original Toto XX album release. You can't knock the content, except that some tracks are edited versions. It is the packaging that scores so low. If you must buy it, look for the double disk set....more info
  • This is a great Toto compilation
    I've been seeing a lot of people complaining about this compilation, but I must say that it is very good, it has all great songs and I'm happy with it. The sound is also excellent. Ok, so it isn't an anthology, it isn't supposed to be. I'd actually like for Toto to have an anthology, that would be great. This disc brings back so many memories, for me. It is essential to any Toto and Pop/Rock fan....more info