D-Link DCS-900 10/100TX Home Security Internet Camera
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Product Description

The DCS-900 is the latest addition to D-Link's Internet Camera family of products. The DCS-900 Internet Camera combines the functionality of video surveillance with the reliability and scalability of Fast Ethernet. With its compact, all-in one design, the DCS-900 is a low cost remote monitoring solution and ideal for home use.The DCS-900 connects quickly and easily to your existing Fast Ethernet network and a setup wizard guides you through the set up process to get you up and running in a matter of minutes.The DCS-900 features a built-in web server, which means that you don't need to have computer to stream video images directly to the Internet. Video images captured by the DCS-900 can be viewed remotely by typing an IP address into a Web browser. With its easy-to-use Web-based interface, the DCS-900 can be managed and configured from anywhere in the world.The included Windows-based software provides even more features, allowing you to archive streaming video straight to your hard drive and monitor up to 4 cameras on a single screen.

  • Compact design with Integrated Web Server
  • View up to 4 cameras on one screen
  • Web-based Remote Access Using any Java Enabled Browser
  • Archive and record streaming video to hard drive
  • Bundled software for Multi-Camera Monitoring and Management
Customer Reviews:
  • dcs-900
    We have had this camera for a year now and between the manufacturer and the enclosed set-up literature, it is a disaster.

    Between the arcane set up references, no clear set up path, misinformed instructions, and clueless 'technical support' it is not for the faint of heart.

    Simply put: You had better be a geek to use it....more info
  • net cam
    this works pretty well. It is a low priced camera and works like one. It needs a good light source. it can only be mounted as it looks in the picture, the mount does not give you much movement to get it completely turned 90 degrees either way to the side. if your software will rotate the picture you can mount it anywhere...more info
  • It works very nice even with MAC-Leopard!
    I have tried this product with PC and MAC(leopard) I found no problem. I can say that the image quality is a bit low with MAC but it works fine. I recommend to everybody. You can even use it as a security camera!...more info
  • Great product in this price range
    Setup was a breeze - I had to basically hook up the camera to a PC and run the installation disc which installs the control software and you assign the camera's IP address. Then the camera can be placed on the network.
    The software is easy to operate - there is
    The view is fine for the price range - you can definitely see what is happening on the screen.
    The bundled software can operate 4 cameras - record the movement, take still shots, and can be also set to auto-sensing mode to start recording when a movement is noticed.
    The mounting screws and swivel stand work to attach the cam sturdily. The view can be flipped via the software so it doesn't matter which way you install the camera - you can monitor it properly.
    This cam also has a web feature - if you want to view remotely or don't want to use the built in software you can enable this feature and access the cam via its browser ip address. This could be more cumbersome to set up since most home users don't have static ip addresses.
    The only thing that you need to be aware is the camera's lens view angles - for my needs the room was a bit too small for this type of lens (10x12) so it could not encompass a full view.
    Overall - I've had a very pleasant experience with this product as it was easy to install and operate. ...more info
  • Price is good, frames per second blows
    If you are wanting nice smooth video, do yourself a favor and get the Axis 206 ip camera. I have a Mac, run SecuritySpy, and have two of the DCS-900 and one wireless version. This camera was easy to setup and get running out of the box (you most likely will need Windows for initial setup Mac guys but after that you can access it via Safari) but the video is choppy and I have tried every compression setting, frame rate, and option. It appears after reading on the web that the DCS-900 series is known for this problem on all operating systems.

    The cameras are used at my home for security purposes.
    ...more info
  • Good camera, a few caveats
    This is a pretty decent camera for a decent price, providing that:

    1. You have realistic expectations regarding its image quality.
    If you expect HDTV-quality video, you will be disappointed. It does not produce good results in low light and is better suited to outdoor images. In practice, image quality is at least as constrained by limited bandwidth as it is by inferior optics. If you are interested in better picture quality and have plenty of bandwidth, there are other more expensive alternatives.

    2. You have sufficient upstream bandwidth.
    I set my camera to 640x480 and 'auto' frame rate. At 1 frame per second the camera consumes about 200kbps of upstream bandwidth, which is close to the limit of many residential broadband connections. If you want more than 1 fps, you may need to reduce the resolution to 320x240.

    3. You are comfortable adjusting your router settings.
    Your router must have port forwarding set up for the camera to be visible to the external world. Several reviewers here indicate that their camera is accessible from within their local network, but not from the across the router. This clearly indicates a network configuration issue, and not a problem with the camera. I don't think it's fair to expect D-link to troubleshoot router setups, and give the camera low scores when they can't/won't.

    Nevertheless, it did take me a bit longer than I expected to set it up. I initially left the camera set to accept connections on port 80 and forwarded external port 8100 to port 80 on the camera. Static images and the web interface worked, but not video. I discovered that the Java/ActiveX applet on the client was trying to connect to port 80 (instead of 8100), which was blocked by the router (and probably by my ISP as well). Therefore the easiest way to set up port forwarding is to make sure the port the router is forwarding to and from are the same. In my case, I changed the camera port to 8100, and set the router to forward from port 8100 to port 8100 on the camera. I suspect that this may have tripped up some other people as well, although I found no mention of it. I also noticed that in this most recent version of the firmware there is no longer a separate image transfer port (e.g. 8481), simplifying setup a bit.

    Overall I am satisfied with this camera. I use it to view an outside location with plenty of light and little motion. I have not noticed any reliability issues that others have mentioned, but it has only been up for about one week.
    ...more info
  • Great IP camera for the price
    I was looking for inexpensive IP cameras to be used in video surveillance for our company. The fist cam I bought is the TV-IP100 by TrendNet. The second cam was the DCS-900.

    The first thing I noticed was that the lens piece, mounting bracket, power supply, and even the backlabel looked awfully similar. The browser-based configuration is also nearly identical, with one notable exception: the DCS-900 lacks the "Anti-flicker" option, which caused significant image detirioration in certain places inside the office (dark waves would slowly travel up the image).

    I liked the DCS-900's form factor better, so I decided to take the risk, and flash the DCS-900 with IP100's firmware. Surprisingly, it worked! So now the DCS-900 seems to think that it's actually an IP100, and it has the "anti-flicker" option.

    The image quality of both cameras is nearly identical, the image is very noisy in a dark (or low-light) environment, to the point where it trips the motion sensor even at the lowest (least sensitive) setting. When used in a well-lit environment, the image quality is very good.

    The cameras will be used with Linux-based video recording software (Zoneminder).

    Vitaliy...more info
  • Fine for the price
    Overall this is a good camera for the price... emphasis on "for the price". We purchase the camera to provide very basic remote monitoring and it does that well. Specifically a maintenance team logs in from home to check snow/ice accumulations in winter and make decisions regarding plowing or closing the campus. As with any low-end digital camera, this one struggles in low light, so we added a flood light to illuminate it's view area at night. Setup of the camera was pretty straight forward, and there are a number of handy options for adjusting the image settings and frame rate. There are also plugins for live viewing in either Microsoft or non-Microsoft browsers. Overall, it's a great little camera for what you're paying....more info
  • Very poor customer support from D-link for DCS-900
    I bought this camera just before Christmas, still have not gotten it to work, it is now almost March 2007. The customer support is very very poor, they hang up on you if you ask a technical question. The sofware that comes with the camera is useless unless you plan on using the camera within your network. I would stay away from this product at all cost. I have contacted customer support 8 x, still no luck, I get a different answer each time and they refuse to help if your product has to interface with a another brand of product. They tell you to contact the other manfacturer for help. Stay far away !!!!...more info
  • Good product, poor information
    This camera worked very good for local viewing, but the information supplied with it was very poor. The information supplied with the camera said you could access the camera remotely through the internet, which is true if you are a high tech internet person. It never says that you need a permanant IP address which very few people have and need to pay the business connection rate....more info
  • Poorest service and quality
    Save your money and do not puchase this product. Customer service is poor. Long waits and non professional technicians. Bad line connection makes it you think you are talking to someone on a cell phone. They are clearly not trained on the product. Every transfer I was cut off. Poor camera. Only good for still pictures and recording does not function....more info
  • Works Great with Macintosh
    I set up a small security program with my Macintosh. Intially I needed a PC to place the settings in the camera, however once I got it hooked up to my security system it works beautifully. I would recommend you leave the lights on though because if you don't you will be getting just a black, fuzzy dark image back if you are using this camera for security. This camera is a very simple easy to use camera without the fuss of zooming, pan, tilt etc. If you need a simple camera you can't go wrong with the D-link DCS-900 (Wireless or wired version)....more info
  • It works, but...
    I've been using a Logitech Quickcam Pro 4000 USB webcam attached to my home computer to serve video through my Linksys router over the internet using free tools from Winamp/Shoutcast/NSV. I get 15 fps, at 320x240, with fair video quality, including 32kbps sound, at a total data rate of about 10KBps. That's one fifth of my Comcast-dictated cable upstream speed limit. A very impressive solution, except it requires I leave my computer on all the time, and that I have the camera near the computer.

    The DCS-900 can send the same number of 320x240 frames over an ethernet cable, but at the (pretty high) data rate of 115 KBps, and that doesn't include any sound! Yes, the frames look a little better, but more than ten times better? No. The tiny processor in the camera doesn't compress video well at all, at least compared to the NSV solution.

    So beware if you want to serve video upstream and out your cable modem. Most cable providers limit upstream speed to 50KBps. This little camera will choke your modem at full-motion speeds. I've reduced my outgoing frame rate to 1fps so I don't choke my modem. A bit of a drag, but now I can shut off my computer when I'm not home.

    If you have a higher upstream speed limit, or you are using this camera only within a LAN, I highly recommend it. For lan use, the IPView SE software included is really excellent, allowing video capture, motion detection, etc.

    Also provided was some D-ViewCam software, which seemed half-baked and didn't work at all on my system. Stick with the IPView SE.

    Another big plus with the DCS-900 is the mounting hardware. Very sturdy, steel stuff. It works just as well as a table stand as it would work screwed into a wall. As well, the camera can be easily mounted on a standard tripod! Nice.

    The camera is good for providing still shots over the internet, or video over a LAN through IPView SE....more info
  • worst customer support I have ever seen
    I had DCS-900W from the same product line. It craped out after 9 months, and now I am on the fifth call to try to resolve the issue and get it shipped back. I don't know where their support is located, but the line quality is very bad, they ran the same drill over and over, but just don't want to issue you an order for you to ship back.

    This is the first D-Link product I own and probably the last. The resolution looks crappy even when it's new, and now it's totally dead, even reset won't work on it....more info
  • Don't waste your money or sanity
    This is the 3rd and 4th D-Link product I have bought. Not one of them work properly. Media Centre took 8 hours to set up wirelessly and still requires manual reconfiguring, D-Link Wireless USB requires constant re-setting. Just received 2 x DCS900W Internet Cameras. First one set up reasonable easilly . The second one I have spent an entire 8 hours on, and still the D-Link setup software will not even recognise the hardware. Whatever you do - don't buy this product - or if you insist on wasting your money, make sure you have a hammer to smash it with after wasting days in futile efforts to set them up....more info
  • Reliability and poor documentation are problems
    I have three D-Link cameras - two DCS-900W and one DCS-950. All three required firmware updates, all three came with obsolete viewing software, two have had to go back for repairs (one 900W and one 950) --- and they're giving me problems again. Unfortunately, they're 200 miles from here, and I can't easily get to them, so reliability is an issue with me.
    Then there's the documentation issue. There's no hint of the fact that the latest version of their multi-view software (which lets you look at up to four cameras at the same time) doesn't work with anything under Windows XP, or that the only browser that works with the 950 is Internet Explorer. Local setup on a network is fairly easy, but going through a firewall creates problems, the least of which is that it is difficult to test from inside the network. The documentation mentions three ports that need changing, but doesn't explain much about what they do (and the 950 has a fourth port that the documentation doesn't even mention).
    The DCS-900 descriptions mention motion sensing, but they don't tell you that this function has to be implemented remotely - that is, the camera is set up to stream continuous video to a remote computer, and it is the computer that then monitors for motion and records it when detected.
    As to video quality - the 950 is fairly decent, but the 900 is much worse. The 950 has a mike for audio, and it works fairly well from inside the firewall, but I still haven't figured out how to access it from outside. And the FAQ on DLink's web site contradicts their manual.
    I like the fact that D-Link supplies a program to view multiple cameras at the same time, but not all D-Link cameras work with the same program version, so you can't mix other models or brands. (The D-Link web site has a later version that supports both the 900 and 950 models, but this one has some installation problems and run-time errors.)
    My overall impression - D-Link rushed this out the door and it shows....more info
  • Not too bad, not too good
    Built in webserver
    Good Value
    Good quality in good lighting

    Hard to configure for novice users (was easy for me)
    Heavy on system resources when recording video to hard drive
    Picture quality is every grainy in low light...more info
  • pretty neat for the price.
    first off, when I received the unit I thought it was rather big compared to the images on the websites. I wanted to share this advice for those people that does not know how to get this thing started. The original ip address of the unit is, which means if you have a home network set at 192.168.1.xxx or 192.168.2.xxx, etc. It will not be able to recognize the camera because it is in a different subnet. So you will have to set your laptop/desktop's ip address to that range between through except (since that belongs to the dcs-900). once you launch the crappy wizard software it will recognize the camera's ip address so you can configure it to your home network address.

    I hope this helped a lot of you. :) It only took me 2 minutes to configure this thing. ...more info
  • A Good Camera for Simple Security
    OK so the phrase simple security doesn't sound very ... secure, but having a camera that captures images every X seconds is a good thing. This camera can do just that. If you want a camera with lots of features and faster processor for true streaming, then you will want to pay a little more. Try the DCS-5300 series by D-Link as they perform great.

    This camera has Java or ActiveX controls, so the active X wont really work in firefox. Just an FYI....more info
  • The proof is the pudding. Here's my pudding.
    The DCS-900 is a cost effective network camera accompanied by a bad manual and backed up by friendly tech support people with tunnel vision.

    We have 3 cameras and decided to put one of them on the Internet. Well to do that D-Link offers and ActiveX and a JAVA solution. We tried to tell them the JAVA solution was too slow for motion. Their Answer... Our network makes the camera slow. The fact the ActiveX solution is fast was ignored.

    See a camera in operation at http://tclark.com/SecurityCam.asp and review the ActiveX and JAVA solution for yourself.
    ...more info
  • Easy Setup But A Little Bit of Effort for Web Access
    I bought this camera as a means to check my house while I am gone on vacation. I never heard of internet cameras before until recently while looking at PC catalogs. I ended up buying the DCS-900 because of the price and the good reviews I read here in Amazon.com. Let me tell what my experience has been so far.

    Getting the camera setup on your local LAN is fairly straightforward. As long as you know the IP address of your router and how to do simple network configuration for the camera, you should be up and running in 10 minutes.

    On the otherhand, configuring the camera for access from the web took me 2 days of searching for info on the Internet, emails to D-Link technical support, firmware upgrade for my router and constant rereading of the manuals and the D-Link Knowledge Base. Listen carefully because here's what they don't tell you about the product beforehand if you want access your camera from the web.

    1) Camera's default port is 80. If you have Cable or DSL broadband, most ISPs do not allow access to port 80 to discourage their customers from setting up webservers on their network. You have to set the camera to some other port like 800 or so.

    2) You must be comfortable with setting up your router and understand how port forwarding and virtual server table works. If you have a firewall, then you must make more configuration changes. Make sure you access to your broadband router and you feel comfortable making these changes. D-Link documentation only reference their own routers as examples.

    3) If your broadband connection has Dynamic IP addressing which most cable and DSL subscribers do, you have to set up a Dynamic DNS account with services like DynDNS.org or TZO.com. There, you create a DNS address (i.e. - www.myname.com) that will map to the dynamic address of your broadband connection. The software on camera will perform updates to the Dynamic DNS for you if your IP address changes.

    4) You will also need a static web service account for the ActiveX Xplug Control software to be located when accessing the camera. Essentially this is a place where you can host webpages onto for access from the Internet. My geocities.com account prevents me from uploading the xplug.ocx file onto the server w/o an upgrade to a premium account at this time.

    5) Make sure your router has the latest firmware to support virtual servers. This was the last step that prevented me from making the camera visible on the net.

    Soooo....after all these steps, I was very successful in getting my camera up and running just the way I want it. I think this is a great product and I highly recommend it. You do have to have a little bit of network experience to comfortably configure everything.

    I can not give it the full five stars because I think the documentation was fairly lacking when it comes to describing what you need to do to set the camera up for Internet access. As a matter of fact, even the description for the camera setup itself was somewhat vague and very terse. However, once you get pass all that, I am happy to say that it all works well!!...more info
  • Waste of money
    I don't know whats worse. the camera or the software... IPview lite software was obviously written by someone that doesn't have a firm grasp of the english language.

    When I access the camera there's about a 50/50 chance it will even work. Sometimes works sometimes just hangs and needs rebooting. The longest I've got it to run (with motion detection on) is around 24hrs. Dlinks web site is ALMOST as bad as their product. Don't waste your time with this product, spend a few more bucks for the Linksys camera....more info
  • Product Review: D-Link Wired Internet Video Camera
    Executive Summary The D-Link Wired Internet Video Camera (WIVC) held great promise as a comparable featured unit for considerable less money than its competitors. However, the WIVC simply did not work as advertised when making the necessary configurations for image viewing from the internet. Although online and telephone product support was exceptional in every way, neither support channel was able to make the necessary configurations to enable the WIVC for internet viewing. Thus, if you are looking for an inexpensive LAN based wired internet video camera, the D-Link 900 is worth the $80. However, if internet imaging is a must, then stick with the ultra reliable AXIS Communications 20x series internet video cameras.

    D-Link Shop $129, PriceGrabber $82.74

    > Image resolution can be adjusted from 320 by 240 to 640 by 480. Under both image resolutions, on-screen text, e.g., date, time, and location, can be read easily
    > Image compression rate, frame rate, brightness control, contrast control, saturation control, and light frequency can be end user adjusted; however, the out of box defaults are acceptable
    > The WIVC stand is solid with sturdy directional knobs that prevent the camera head from jolting out of alignment with a slight touch
    > Power and network connections are in the back of the unit allowing all cables to freely input into camera without twisting or pushing the camera head in the opposite direction of the cables
    > Exceptional product support on the vendor's web site (link). Compact product page highlights product photo, description, installation guides, firmware downloads, application downloads, FAQ's, and multiple customer service contact points listed by telephone or email
    > D-Link's camera management software, IPVLite, gives an administrator the ability to construct a single configuration profile, save the profile locally, and apply to unconfigured cameras through a discovery broadcast mechanism. The traditional Microsoft Windows interface presents all the camera's settings in a tabular layout making configuration quick and straightforward

    > The WIVC fails to be internet accessible behind a DSL modem, firewall, router, and DDNS configuration. The port assignments are complicated with a numbering scheme which is poorly described in the CD-ROM based manual. From what I could comprehend, the configuration process becomes exponentially more complicated with each WIVC added to the network. Note: Customer Support suggested I upgrade the firmware to resolve my issue. I upgraded from out of box version 2.20 to 2.28 with no resolution
    > The browser configuration interface was very slow to draw and often failed to accept configuration changes. More often than not, the configuration would timeout, need to be re-applied, and F5 refresh was required to see the latest changes committed
    ...more info
  • Photo quality isn't great, but good value
    I wanted to monitor a construction project in my apartment courtyard, but could not take time off from work. I decided to hook up a Internet camera to my cable modem so I could watch the progress from my desk. After some research I wound up buying the D-Link DCS-900. It was by far the least expensive camera, but it suited my purpose.

    I set it up in a window overlooking the project and I was able to watch the workers rebuild the flagstone courtyard. On several occasions, I saw mistakes and was able to call the contractor on his cell phone. I know the project would not have turned out as well as it did if I didn't have this camera.

    As others have pointed out, the photo quality is grainy and it will only work in well-lit areas, but if you don't want to empty your wallet, this is a great camera for the price. ...more info
  • waste of TIME and MONEY
    On my 3rd one, Tsch support told me the first two were defective. Now 3rd doesn't work either. 3 computers, 2 different routers, 3 different cameras. I regret ever buying this camera!...more info
  • Not the one i want
    I have bought this camera for test purpose. For I have been doing research on the IP Camera market by testing all the Network Cameras.
    But I observed most of the network camera I have played with have poor quality under low light condition. After I tried, this Axis 205 one has same low light issue too.
    So with this price and the feature they offer, I would not suggest buying it. I know other network cameras with same quality and feature have better price to offer.
    Recently I just found out one network camera named IP Camera 8000 from tlcstream.com (if you search Google with keyword ¡®IP Camera¡¯). This network camera has a lot more features than Axis 205 has. It has motion detect, email and ftp notification, more frequency and more resolution options, two level security authorization with more feature built-in. It also supports MSN and Yahoo messenger by acting as webcam. And the price to get is $99. I would suggest people to try this incredible deal -- better price with better quality....more info
  • Great camera - great price - good software
    I have two of these and they have been working great for about 2 months. Getting them setup is a little goofy (I think D-Link should default to DHCP not some hard-coded address). You cannot beat the price/performance of these guys.

    The IPView software that is provided really kicks these things up a level. I am able to have my screen split into 4 parts to show up to 4 cameras at once. You can also access each camera via a web browser (passwd protection, java or active-x, ability to ftp images, etc)

    I HIGHLY reccomend these cameras. I have used Axis products in the past - and yes the image on the Axis is better - but the price was 20 times higher also....more info

  • Image quality won't do
    I've been going through webcams trying to find one that works well, is network ready and costs less than $300.

    The D-Link DCS-900 does work but the automatic brightness control is constantly changing the picture brightness. It's fine if you're just looking at the picture but when you use a motion sensing capture program, you constantly get false motion triggers.

    Doesn't work for me....more info

  • Hard to beat for low cost , but the image quality....
    I bought this camera primaily due to low cost (...) and wireless connectivity. I also use an AXIS 2100 network camera since several years, but needed a wireless camera as well. The D-Link works as advertised and got it up and working with my WiFi router, but I don't know why its image quality is so lousy. I called support, but the said this is what to expect for indoor lighting. As a comparison, the AXIS 2100 camera has a significantly better image quality, so it can be done, but I guess D-Link isn't really famous for cameras. I ended up sending back the D-Link, the new wireless AXIS camera is what I'm waiting for....more info
  • easy setup, picture not great
    The quality of the video deteriorates dramatically in bad light.

    In broad daylight the image is just ok - not really any better than any number of cheaper, wired webcams.

    The main feature is the fact that it is wireless, which means you can set it up anywhere within range of your wireless router (I have a Dlink router but it really shouldn't matter - the instructions provided pertain to the camera's IP address on your LAN: The great thing about this configuration is that you don't have to leave a computer on to put video from your LAN onto the internet. When it works, it's great.

    To make the camera visible from the web (outside of your LAN) you need to follow the directions for setting it up behind a router, on the manual that is provided on the CD. The reviewer who couldn't get tech support for this (doesn't surprise me) evidently didn't notice this CD-based manual. Basically you need to map whatever IP address your provider (in my case Comcast) is currently mapping to your cable modem, and then on to the camera.

    After a couple of days, the camera does seem to hang a lot for no apparent reason. I really wish I knew if the more expensive Dlink wireless cameras are worth the extra money, because I love the idea of wireless cameras that are always on, communicating directly with the wireless router, connected to a cable modem, which are always on....more info

  • pretty good
    Set up was simple, didn't use their software. If you know a little about networking it's easy. If you don't you may have a hard time.
    The jpg is at " (default)" which may help somebody.

    Over all I'd say it had a good picture and was worth the money....more info

  • Not bad for $87 after Rebate.
    Well, I didn't have an issue setting this up. Got it up within 5 minutes with linksys router. Overall is a great camera. The resolutions was superb, and viewing from local network was fast like a video camera. One thing that DLink could make their cameras better is,

    1. Don't use ac adapter, use RJ45 as a power source. Is possible?

    2. Changing ip or any changes to the configuration in the software takes too long.

    Also, use the IPVIEW, this software will make it easier on you when doing configuration....more info

  • Got it working with Linksys Router!
    3.5 lux camera not good enough for night ops and the instructions for router setup are for D-Link routers!!
    I have a linksys router and finally got it working. Make sure you do the PORT FORWARDING of 80 and 8421 to the camera's address. On the camera, make sure the gateway is the router's address of If you are using a firewall like zonealarm, make sure that external address is in the TRUSTED ZONE list.
    The user interface is slooow and sometimes buggy! For example, the camera will hang if I change IP addresses on it. You'd have to run the setup wizard again....more info
  • Excellent Camera, easy to set up
    I don't know what the previous reviewer got, because this camera took 5 mins to plug into my network and start working. It couldn't have been easier and the picture is excellent. I'm amazed at it's ability to get a decent picture in low light. I have a linksys router and I was easily able to poke a hole in it so family and friends can see the camera from anywhere on the internet....more info