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Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones
List Price: $99.99

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Product Description

The E2c's unique, affordable design comes from Shure's years of collaborating with professional musicians. Featuring a high energy speaker in a distinctive enclosure, the E2c produces studio-quality sound with excellent isolation from background noise.

Shure's E2c in-ear headphones are tiny, lightweight, and designed to sonically outperform most ear-bud-style headphones. The E2c's unique, relatively affordable design comes from Shure's years of collaborating with professional musicians. With high-energy drivers in distinctive enclosures, the E2c produces high-quality sound with excellent isolation from background noise.

The E2c's speakers are constructed with studio-grade components, producing exceptional audio clarity. Their in-ear design, using supplied flex sleeves, naturally blocks background noise. This permits lower listening volumes in loud environments--critical in safeguarding your hearing during performance or other activities. No batteries or extra equipment are needed for sound isolation.

Because every ear is different, E2c earphones come with 3 pairs (small, medium, large) of flex sleeves and 3 pairs (small, medium, large) ultra-soft flex sleeves to ensure a personalized fit. These disposable foam sleeves gently compress to fit in the ear canal. Once in the ear, the foam expands to form a tight seal. Once tightly sealed, the sleeves hold the earphones firmly in place.

The E2c's cables pass behind the ear--out of sight and out of the way for comfort and discretion. Weighing only 1 ounce, the E2c is lightweight and comfortable enough for any portable listening application. The set comes with a soft, stylish, compact, and zippered carrying case, which allows for an easy, tangle-free way to store your earphones.

What's in the Box
Earphones, 2 triple-flange sleeves, 3 pairs (small, medium, large) of flex sleeves, and 3 pairs (small, medium, large) ultra-soft flex sleeves (kit 90XC1371, with cleaning tool), a soft carry case (80B8232), a user's manual, and warranty information.

  • Sound Isolating in-ear design - Hear only what you want to hear
  • Portable and lightweight design - weighing only one-ounce
  • Personal fit kit to contour to your ear size
  • Built in High-Energy in-ear speaker technology
  • Enriched studio quality sound used by Musicians worldwide

Customer Reviews:

  • Bad insulation
    These earphones have a nice sound, but they use inferior insulation in the wires. The wires are stiffer than I expected and maintain their shape around the ears. While not a problem in using them, the isulation cracked and broke a few months after the warranty expired causing the sound to go in and out in one of the earpieces. This happened despite the fact that I treated the earphones very gingerly throughout their lifetime. Shure service was very unsympathetic and wanted almost as much to fix the problem as the earphone cost in the first place. If you purchase these earphone, don't expect them to last very long....more info
  • sound isolating earphones
    very nice sound and great isolation. when the music's going, can't hear any outside noise. i'm still prefer analog, over digital, because of the greater response and sound quality, but these sound great for either use....more info
  • Fall out when simply reading
    While I really like the sound and noise-cancellation aspects of this set, the earbuds refuse to stay in my ears! The problem may be that the wire has to go over your ears instead of hanging down straight. While I've tried various positions, my glasses may bump the wire, ultimately dislodging the buds. I use mine when waiting, reading or eating in a restaurant alone, so it isn't physical activity that dislodges them. If you have a low frustration tolerance, I'd avoid these. If you can tolerate a lot (as I can,) enjoy!...more info
  • Expected a more durable product
    At this price point I expected a durable ,well engineered product. within a month of use I started noticing small cracks in the wires near the earpieces .I figured it would be OK,they're thick wires. It's not OK ,they broke after 2 yrs. of lite use.I read thru some reviews, there seems to be a lot of consumers reporting same issue. Shure offers a repair service, but I can buy a better set of in-ear buds for substantially less than the repair will cost.... the Altec Lansing UHP336 Snugfit In-ear Earphone (which have user replaceable cords) ...more info
  • good product, first pair ran over by car.
    The good thing about these headphones, is as a runner, most headphones fall out when running, these stay and the noise cancelling is excellent....more info
  • Great Versatile Product!!!
    I just received this product 2 days ago and I am ecstatic! I know that is odd for simple headphones but here is why....I am a runner and need headphones that will not fall out or clog with sweat. I have bought around 10 different headphones ranging from simple regular ipod head phones to many different brands of in-ear buds. I even bought the new in-ear ipod buds from apple and thought that was the solution but they are terrible. They made lots of noise (could hear each bounce when running) and clogged with sweat very easily. SO FRUSTRATING!!! I did lots of research and must have googled dozens of different buds and finally narrowed it down to these and thank the lord I did. First of all they fit great and you don't even feel like you have them on. They have a super long cord which is great for running. Since they past the run test I figured that the sound was not too important but then when I got home and watched The Wire (great series) and heard sounds that I never heard before. Background sounds and deep bass came through crystal clear. All in all I am VERY pleased with my new toy!!!...more info
  • Great fitting earphones at last!
    I can never use any of the in-ear earphones (that come with most mp3 players, my ipods,iphones etc) as they fall off the ear in a few seconds. This is the first one that doesn't fall off.
    - excellent noise isolation
    - normal audio reproduction (not the best, but good enough for most people)
    - excellent fit for all types of ears!
    - nice packaging (the carrying case does have a spool that can cut through the wire, so be careful)
    ...more info
  • In one Ear...
    I read about these guys on either ilounge or CNET and went for it. They are pretty solid...good bass if you are concerened about that...nice high...a bit rough in the middle ranges. Great for the money. I hear Klipsch has a new set of cans that are better than these and I may spring for those too. No bells and whistles here...just meat and potatoes...but meat and potatoes that are dependable and workhorse....more info
  • Had to return them
    Not sure if this was a one off problem. I had to return them as the sound was really bad on my IPod Touch....more info
  • Good sound, but not if the cable is cracking
    It took awhile until I could wear these without them hurting my ears. I tried every earbud that was in the packet and still couldn't find one that was comfortable. Also they seem to not want to stay in my ear. Would be fine if I was sitting on the bus not moving. However once I started to wear them at the gym, or walking down the street, they would slowly slide out of my ear and I would constantly have to readjust them. None of the sleeves seemed to work or be comfortable. Then shortly after having them for about 3 months, I noticed cracks in the cable near the area it bends over the ear. This happened on both left and right side. I eventually went back to the standard ones that came with my iPod since they were more comfortable. I talked to my partner who had bought them for me. He said he was having the same issues and that he stopped using them as well because one side had completely broke off! I could expect this happening from a 1 year old pair at the very earliest, but after only 2 months! Thanks for ripping us off Shure!...more info
  • Fit Problems
    They have several sizes and types of plugs. It is a challenge to get a good fit with any of them. They go in, but they work their way loose. I would try something and it would seem to work for a while, but eventually it would get too frustrating, and I would give up. Then I would try a different type and/or size of plug, but the same thing would happen. Compounding the problem is that the cord is very thick/heavy which pulls the earphones lose. Further compounding the problem is that they include nothing to clip the cord to your clothing.

    The packaging was so difficult to open, that I had to destroy much of it to get it open. I threw out the packaging soon after I opened it because it was in shreds, and I figured that I could learn to live with these. Two weeks after I bought them, I have realized that I can not live with these nor return them. I should have kept the packaging so that I could try to return them. But I doubt they would have given me a refund because of how badly mangled the packaging was....more info
  • Excellent Product
    I bought these for my 15 hour plane ride to Korea. I had them in for the entire plane ride. Make sure you pick the right size earbuds. They elminenated the sound of the airplane and all of the sound inside of the aircrft. Sound quality is awsome. If you are looking for afordable noise cancelling earphones, these are your best bet. Also they are very compact, so you don't have to carry around a big set of headphones. And alot cheaper than some other manufactures. Well worth the purchase....more info
  • Great sound, noise cancelling, nice Bass
    Shure E2c Sound Isolating Earphones

    I purchased these headphones about 18 months ago. So far, they are the best phones I have found. Good bass, cancels out noise better than the Bose "noise cancelling" and they have a pretty good fit. Two things I don't like as well. 1. Over the ear wires. In order to get a proper fit, you have to drape the wires over your ears and then back down. 2. Ear fit. Although Shure gives you multiple options for ear sizes, these don't fit just right for me unless I ram them into my ears.

    Overall this is a GREAT set and I highly recommend them....more info
  • worst
    These are the worst I have ever heard. Harsh high end, tiny sounding. Horrible. I can't even listen to them long enough to say any more, it's that bad. Can't believe they cost so much....more info
  • Good sound...very uncomfortable
    I have owned the Shure e2c's for over a year now and I love the sound these headphones produce. I have heard details in music that I have never heard before although the only previous headphones I had owned could be bought at Target for about $20. The sound isolation is also something I had never experienced before and when the music is on, you really can't hear anything else around you. The main problems I have with these headphones are that they become extremely uncomfortable after longer periods of continuous wear. They would start hurting my ears after wearing them for about an hour. I have tried every single different plug for them and all of them start hurting after around an hour of listening. I have been forced to purchase another pair of headphones simply because I cannot wear them anymore. I don't know if my ears are just sensitive to in ear headphones or if these are exceptionally uncomfortable. Either way, I would recommend these for the sound but certainly not for the comfort....more info
  • for around $100 these are the best I could find
    I was looking to replace my shure e2c headphones as they broke. I wanted the exact same thing. Well....they don't make them anymore. Anyway, I ordered the Shure SE110 from another online store. Figuring they were about $100, I thought I was essentially getting the same thing as my old ones. I was wrong....those are horrible FYI. So, I sent to Amazon and found the E2C. It was a dealer and not Amazon. Anyway, after I purchased them, the dealer sent me a letter saying I am sending you the updated version of the E2C. I was immediately irritated thinking I was going to get the same piece of cr_p that I just returned. He emailed me back and told they were not the SE110 and they really were the replacement of the E2C. He was right. Exactly what I wanted. Delivered in a timely fashion....more info
  • Best set of earphones ever
    Like most review sites, I think these earphones are the best. Sometimes I just use them as plain 'ear plugs' since they do a decent job of blocking out most noise on the bus, and other noises on commutes. It is however not enough to block out average speech levels at lower volumes so you could listen to music and converse with others if you wanted to.

    The annoying part was figuring out which ear plastic piece to use with these things, and by personal preference, I like the black flex soft ones, compared to the while clear plastic, or foam. I would use the foam ones but they do eventually wear out.

    The supplied case is rather nice, but I could never get the cord to whine around it correctly so I never use it. Instead I just stuff the whole thin into a 'dedicated' pocket I usually have to store my music player. All in all, it works great.

    There was also a mentioned cleaning tool for digging out ear wax that was suppose to be supplied? but I wasn't able to find it. It doesn't matter to me though, since using a took pick or equivalently seems to work well. Using the black mesh 'stickers' also helps keeps the earphones ear wax 'free'....more info
  • Shure E2c
    Wires are a bit bulky.
    Had a hard time making them fit right.
    They sound great!!!...more info
  • Rip off
    I bought these in January and last week my right side went out. What a rip off....more info
  • Excellent earphones for a musician
    These are perfect sound isolating earphones. If you need to lower the stage volume but still have a solid monitor reference these are great.
    Great all around earphones. ...more info
  • Decent earbuds...
    I've had these for over a year now, and here is what I've experienced.

    PROS: I like the nice tight seal. Once you find the right size for your ear, you should experience a good deal of noise isolation. I liked to use them at the gym to drown out the crappy music they play there and all the gorillas grunting and groaning. And since they blocked out a lot of the outside noise, you don't have to blast your music to enjoy it...much better for your ears IMO.

    The sound quality was decent. Of course I don't really have much of a basis for comparison as these were the most expensive buds I've ever had...definitely a good upgrade from the ones that came with my iPod.

    CONS: I preferred the medium size clear sleeve that come mounted on the earbuds. They provided the most noise isolation and best fit for me. But after about 4 weeks of use(4-5 days/week at the gym)I noticed that they didn't fit quite as well. And upon closer inspection, I noticed that the sleeves had actually shrunk...the medium was now the same size as the small. And they only come with 1 pair in each size and style. So, I had to go to the Shure website and order more of them. They were available for $15+S&H for five pairs of just the specific size you need ...and of course I had to buy some more of the little screen wax guards that fit under the sleeves for another $10.

    And at about the 1 year mark, the part of the cord that wraps around the top of the ears started cracking and splitting. They have now ripped wide open and the inside wiring has completely separated and I'm now in the market for another set of earbuds(I've got my sights set on a nice pair of Etymotic ER-4P's FWIW...$176, but with many, many good reviews). In hindsight the cracking may have been prevented by some routine cleaning and conditioning with some sort of vinyl/plastic conditioner....more info
  • Solid Construction, great mid-high, light bass
    Purchased for, i had these for 2-3 months. I used them for when i was walking around campus, working out, and sleeping (loud roommates). The sound is clear, great mid-highs but somewhat lacking in bass, it was there but just not as much as i liked. Isolation is great, you can't hear someone talking to you if you're listening to music even lightly (great for planes). The build construction is robust. After sleeping on them wrong i suppose, the cable cracked exposing the wire, i sent them in to Shure with the receipt (keep the receipt!) and they sent me a new pair within 2 weeks including shipping. I decided to get a different pair just because they kind of stick out of my ears when i wear them. They do stay well in the ears though and won't get pulled out because they wrap around. Recommended once you get use to them, you'll love them. ...more info
  • great sound
    love these earbuds. They sound so good for the small price that you pay. Great for in-ear monitors...more info
  • Great product but...
    These ear phones do sound great but they're just not for everyday use. They do come with different size and style ear buds to custom fit your ear. With me the ear phone will occasionally pop out of my ear no matter which ear bud I use. It get's annoying after a while....more info
  • Best earbuds
    These block everything! I love them. They hide away nicely in my ear, have great sound, are VERY durrable (i've used them for over 2 years and beat them up, stepped on them, ripped them out of my ipod... ect) They still WORK! If your in a band or on a mower like me, they work for whatever you need....more info
  • Overrated
    I would avoid these overpriced and overrated headphones. I've had them for 2 years now and after a year of use, the right channel started to cut out at the jack, forcing me to bend the wire in various ways to make the right channel connect.

    And now after 2 years the rubber insulation has cracked and stiffened beyond repair, with wires exposed at multiple points. It's only a matter of time before the wire degrades completely and I will not be a patron of this company again....more info
  • A Great Buy!
    These earbuds are fantastic! They work well with everything! I'm a professional drummer and I use them mostly for live and studio performing, they save my hearing and increase my mix. They also sound amazing on my iPhone (iPod, whatever) when I'm traveling, whether it be by train, walking or plane. I've read reviews on how they can be uncomfortable when used for long periods of time, my advise is that you use a smaller sleeve for it. I have NO complaints about this product! It can be insanely loud if you want, or comfortably isolate outside noises. If you are a musician with a budget or a traveler looking for better sound quality, this is your product. A great buy for a great price, I recommend these to everyone. P.S. Joggers, they won't fall out of your ears!...more info
  • Continuous problems, only lasted 6 months
    Not too much to say. The earbuds just didn't hold up for long, making the price not worth it. They're a very high-maintenance item, and the sound quality wasn't as good as I was led to believe, anyway. I'm going back to using budget-priced earbuds for casual on-the-go listening....more info
  • Can't understand how people could like the sound of these
    I purchased the E2C and received the SCL2-CL instead. And they are without doubt one of the worst headphones I have ever bought. The sound is flat with no bass. It doesn't matter how much boost or sound equalization you apply. I think that I can get better sound response from any cheap, pharmacy bought, earphones. Seriously, if you like good dynamic frequency response, these are not the ones for you. Don't waste your money with these. There is nothing good I can say about them. The cord is thicker than the one on normal earphones making it heavy and uncomfortable. The fit is awkward and they fall off very easy. As another reviewer very accurately put it, I just want to cry cry cry for spending all my money on these Shures, based on the reviews I read on this site. . . ...more info
  • Great Headphones but...
    I purchased these primarily for the better sound isolating that they provide for flights and other noisy environments. Absolutely no complaints with this regard. They are excellent for sealing out external sounds. However, I did find them to be slightly uncomfortable the first few times they were worn, and after extended usage, they can be irritating. The sound coming from them is very clean and crisp, providing in my opinion an extremely accurate sound quality, and due to the in-ear fit, music can be played at quite lower volumes than standard headphones. However, these might not be for you if you are looking for headphones which pump out a lot of bass. I have the Sennheiser CX300's also, and they are much bassier than the Shures, although the trade is that Senns do have noticeably less sound isolation....more info
  • Great sound, heavy cord
    I have had these earphones for about two months and they sound terrific. My only problem is that the cord is so heavy it keeps pulling the plugs out of my ears. That is another problem. I haven't found the correct insets that are comfortable, yet keep the phones in my ears. I have tried everything that come with the phones, but nothing has worked, so far. I will keep trying as I love the sound....more info
  • Shure Earphones
    These earphones are excellent, they fit very well and they keep the outside noise out. I use them when riding my motorcycle and they are perfect!!!!!...more info