DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand with Integrated Mobile Base
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Product Description

Provide dependable support for your planer while keeping it mobile using the DeWalt DW7350 Planer Stand with Integrated Base. This set-up features strong, reliable, heavy-gauge steel brackets that are capable of supporting even the bulkiest bench top planers, and a medium-density fiberboard top that is predrilled for easy installation of any DeWalt planer. If your planer doesn't line up with the existing holes, it's easy to drill new holes to accommodate it. Perhaps the most innovative feature of this set-up is the wheel set, which can be engaged or disengaged using a foot pedal for instant portability or secure work. This DeWalt high-performance industrial tool is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

  • Heavy-gauge steel brackets ensure stability and security under heavy loads
  • Foot pedal engages and disengages wheels for easy movement around the shop
  • Holes predrilled to accommodate an DEWALT planer, but can be compatible with any bench-top planer
  • Comes in heavy duty size of 30-by-24.2-by-6.9-inches and weighs 57-pounds
  • Includes mobile base, stand, hardware, MDF top, shelf, and 3-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Good and Solid
    I purchased the planer stand for the Dewalt 735 in February. It came well packaged and intact with all parts. It was easy to put together (pay heed to the very subtle part of the assembly instructions where one set of bolt holes has to do double duty for two parts or you will go crazy trying to find a bolt hole for the last piece! That is why I gave four not five stars.).

    The stand is sturdy and rolls easily. It is solidly stationary when the wheel is raised with the foot pedal. The reason I bought it from Amazon was the price. I paid $107 plus change. The price has since jumped to almost the store retail price. If I had to pay that price, I might think twice and build a stand myself instead.
    ...more info
  • DeWalt Paner Stand
    This DeWalt Planer Stand is a little pricey, but it is worth every penney. Every thing fits together great and it is built very strong. If you have or buy the DeWalt two speed planer, BUY THIS STAND!...more info
  • 5 stars for price.
    Saw this elsewhere for the "discounted price" of $179....Amazon has that as a list price...sells it for $99...excellent value. Jump on this deal!...more info
  • Nice compliment to DeWalt 735 thickness planer
    This stand arrived very quickly, just a few days after ordering it. There are a lot of nuts and bolts used in assembly, but when finished you have a very stable and easy to move stand. The moveable wheel was installed on the outside of the stand, it can also be installed on the inside. Since this stand has a shelf it would make using the moveable wheel almost impossible if mounted inside. Every time you used it you would skin your shin. I am very satisfied with this stand....more info
  • Dewalt planer stand
    There isn't one bad comment I can say about this item. Typically I find something wrong with most everything, but not with this. I am completely satisfied. It is the perfect height and size for my Dewalt planer. A very solid stand and easy to move around the shop. What more can you ask for.

    Carl B...more info
  • 735 planer stand
    I find the stand to be very stable yet moves well. Even though I make many things in my shop I could not make one that would function as well for the price....more info
  • DEWALT Planer Stand - Worth Every Penny
    I am use to being disappointed by some "put it together yourself" accessory products. Dewalt really got this one right. Very high quality materials, good design, and easy to assemble. When you are done with it, it fits the planer perfectly....more info
  • Great Accesory for the Planer
    When the box arrived it seemed heavy and intimidating. Once opened up and laid out it went together in less than a half an hour.

    When I put the Dewalt Planer on it the holes lined right up and it is a perfect fit. The planer now requires less space than my old base I had put together and it has great stability. I am very happy with this purchase and I am more likely to use the planer now.

    A Great deal for a great product! ...more info
  • Excellent product, a steal at the sale price of $107
    Purchased the Dewalt planer at a woodworking show but not the table because of the cost, found it at Amazon for $107 which was $75 less then the discounted price at the woodworking show. This is a very nice table....more info
  • a must have for a condensed shop
    It took me 2 days to figure out that I couldn't get by without this stand. I have a small shop (12x24'). This stand is easy to set up, sturdy, easily moved, and made for my new planer. After it's solo, it doesn't mind being tucked away into a corner....more info
  • Delta Planer Stand
    Assembles very easily. However, metric tools are required: 13mm wrench and or socket. Foot pedal is in the way when assembled on the outboard side of the stand. Foot pedal is hard to reach with your foot if assembled on the inboard side of the stand. Use the inboard assembly and change the pedal so that the foot board pivots on the opposite end makes this pedal useful and the stand even better....more info
  • Very Stable Heavy Table
    Very stable table with a good heavy feel. Easy to assemble. The table can be awkward to pull backwards when using the mobile base's jack wheel attached underneath the table. Otherwise, the table moves fine considering the the overall weight of the table, the planer and the optional folding table extensions....more info
  • Why I shop Amazon First!
    This is a great product, and @ $99.99 at Amazon is the best buy out there.
    The closest prices any where else I could find were $50.00 more.
    Now for the product itself. Contrary to some of the reviews, and to give them credit it's quite possible the instructions have been rewritten, I had no trouble with assembly. All the parts were there and individually bagged, all the holes were drilled, and everything lined up. Like a previous reviewer stated there are no extra nuts & bolts so DON'T LOSE ONE. I assembled it on top of a 2' by 3' scrap piece of 3/4" plywood screwed to 2 2X4's laying across a pair of sawhorses. That got it up to eye level and a comfortable working position. After assembly of all the parts hand tightened only, I went back and tightened with a socket & wrench. I was not at all concerned about the durability of the MDF top because as previously stated, the Planer mounting holes are positioned almost directly above the steel legs of the frame, and the bolts, aided by close to 100 lbs of gravity keep it from wandering. It's not like it's suspended from that piece of MDF, just be aware that anyone with a wrench can tighten a bolt in MDF to the point that it pulls through.
    Why not build my own stand? The collapsible third wheel that's why. You just step on the foot lever to raise it off the front support posts and roll it out of the way. When you need it again just roll it out, lower it on the two front feet and you're ready to go. That three wheel assembly is the thing that makes it worth it and it works GREAT!
    ...more info
  • An excellent stand
    This stand makes my planer a joy to use. I bought the 735 and for a month I used my Black and Decker Workmate as a stand. However moving the planer on/off the stand or just dragging the whole stand around when the planer was clamped to it quickly became a chore. I broke down and bought this stand and have not regretted it since.

    I bought mine about three weeks ago. Assembly is not hard. The base comes pre-assembled. The rest of the components: swivel caster, legs, top rails, mid-rails, MDF top, and mid-shelf you have to assemble. I did not find the instructions difficult. I read through them, dry-fit what I could and had the stand assembled in about 40 minutes. All bolts and nuts were included and I don't believe I had any left over. The longest part was deciding if I wanted to mount the swivel caster towards the center or out. Eventually I choose to mount it facing out. It sticks out a bit and I suppose it could be a trip hazard, but it seemed as if mounting it in would make it too cumbersome to raise and lower the stand. It is not shown in the picture, but there is a metal shelf included as others have mentioned that sits about mid-way between the legs.

    Once assembled I attached my 735. The stand comes with the bolts, washers, and nuts needed for this. The top was pre-drilled for it as well as the 734 (maybe the 733 too) and it is was simply a matter of lining everything up. Once everything was assembled and the planer mounted I took it for a spin around my garage floor. It rolled smoothly and easily passed over the seams in the floor. It is easy to raise and lower with the foot pedal and more important, easy to control as it is lowered so that it doesn't slam down uncontrollably. The two feet can be adjusted for level if needed.

    I like this stand so much that I am considering buying another or two for some of my other tools to mount them on. It moves effortlessly and it is so nice to be able to move my planer around to where I need it. It makes me want to use the planer more now that the inconvenience of setup and tear down has been taken away. ...more info
  • Perfecr mobile planer stand
    The first time i moved the planer from one bench to another I knew it needed to be on a base.

    Bought the Dewalt with free shipping, an excellent product, instructions are clear, easy to assemble and evrything fits (no chinese surprise)...more info
  • Good, but over-priced now...
    Shhh... this is the best kept tool stand secret.

    This is the best 'tool' stand, period. Hopefully DeWalt will NOT see these reviews and raise the price, thus the faux review title.

    I'm probably going to buy more of these to mount my drill press and other bench tools.

    Plan on 2 hour assembly time.

    As long as the 'tool accountants' are going to charge $50 for a basic cheap-o stand then another 50 for mobile base, why not get it all in one and well designed/built to boot for the same price?

    Suggestions for Dewalt, add some 'options' - adjustable fold-able extensions(should be fairly easy, no one on market does it very well). Shelves full size. Add a bottom shelf.

    Update Feb 09- price just shot up 75%... boo hisss... overpriced.
    ...more info
  • Must Have Item
    The mobile planer stand was everything advertised. Well priced, sturdy, easy to assemble, and a must have if you aren't into body building to be lifting a 92lb planer up and down. Assembly was fast and easy. Finished product is extremly sturdy. DW735 planer fits exactly over the mounting holes. Great product Dewalt....more info
  • Dewalt planer stand
    Great mobile stand, it was very easy to assemble. I considered making one myself but after looking at the material cost, especially wheels, the Dewalt stand was cheaper and everything was perfectly aligned for the planer....more info
  • DeWalt Planer Stand
    I give this product a five star rating because it was everything the advertisement said. It is rock solid, was easy to assemble, every hole lined up, no parts missing and no parts left over. A GREAT DeWalt product....more info
  • Very handy planer stand mobile base
    I ordered this stand for the DeWALT 13" planer that weighs about 100 lbs. The stand is very sturdy and easy to wheel around. It took less than an hour to assemble and is well worth the money. If you have limited space in your shop, you'll be happy you have this....more info
  • Directions updated...sorta
    Like most other reviewers, I am really impressed with this product. This is the second DeWalt stand I have purchased - the other was for my DeWalt scroll saw - DW7880 which reflects the same quality as the DW7350. Looks like DeWalt updated the instructions and did away with the reference to 1/2" tools. They now recommend that you use 13mm openend wrench and a 13mm socket. I guess they need to update them again because while all the nuts are indeed 13mm (all 40 of them), the heads of the shoulder and hex bolts are now 14mm (9/16") - at least the ones I got were.

    I HIGHLY recommend that anyone puting this stand together find Dean French's Amazon review and follow his suggestion for mounting the pivot wheel on the inside, then turning around the foot petal!...more info
  • DeWalt Planer stand
    Excellent stand sure makes moving the planer around very easy. Assembly is also simple and takes a very short time. ...more info
  • An Excellent Stand
    Counting a mobile base 'kit' that I returned because of poor quality, this stand with integrated mobile base is the fifth product involving a mobile base I've had in my shop. I'd rate the DeWalt stand and mobile base tops, and on a par with the Delta stands made for specific equipment items. The other two stand types I have are reasonably satisfactory - but operating the levers and/or hand-screws necessary to make them 'mobile' is awkward. The DeWalt stand is very sturdy, and I found the assembly to be straightforward. I purchased this stand for the DW7350 planer for which it was designed, but in my opinion it would also make an excellent base for other equipment....more info
  • A solid stand
    Not a whole lot to say about this stand. It serves it's purpose just fine.
    This stand is plenty sturdy, and easy to wheel around. There is a foot lever for easy switching between wheeled mode and stationary, and an optional shelf for storing things under the planer.

    The top is MDF with predrilled holes for DeWalt 733,734, and 735 planers, though I used it for mounting a Makita planer(which required drilling my own holes of course). For the Makita planer particularly, this stand seems really bigger than it needs to be, but it's probably still a good thing since that wideness will help keep it from tipping over when you run a long heavy board through it.

    The assembly instructions were pretty vague and unhelpful in places, which made putting it together take a bit longer than it should have....more info
  • DEWALT DW7350 Planer Stand with Integrated Mobile Base
    A must if you own the DEWALT Planer. It allows me to move the planer around with ease....more info
  • Must Have!
    I bought this when I got the Dewalt 735 planer. I'm glad I did as it's a dedicated base for this planer. The "steering" wheel could use some redesign for operating the stand, it could be a smaller assembly...other than that, it works well. Wise purchase!...more info
  • Planer Stand
    This is the best movable stand that I have, much better that the Shopfox universal mobile bases....more info
  • great bargain
    Best price anywhere. Works great, but wish it were a taller stand. I will need to put extentions on the legs. Amazon is a fantastic source....more info
  • love it
    Very strong, does the job and moves out of the way very easily for me. That planer is very heavy, unless you have all the room in the world (who does?) this item is a necessity, not a luxury....more info
  • Great Product for the $$
    I have now purchased two of the carts... One for the Planer and another for my sander. They move pretty easy, and simple to assemble. The locking wheel/lift shoule be on the two front wheels instead. Either the pedal sticks "out" too far on the outside of frame or too Far inside to be usefull when shelf is installed. Overall... I would get another if I needed to mount another tool....more info
  • Excellent Buy At This Price
    I am very pleased with how well built and sturdy the stand is. It took me about an hour to put it together and mount my planner. It even came with mounting bolts! If you are not used to putting things together, it may take you longer. I didn't find the directions that helpful. If you need a planner stand, I don't think you can go wrong with this one at $99....more info
  • Has room for improvement !
    The table went together really well. It's sturdy and everything fits fine.
    The portable roller system needs some work though, if you mount the lift
    mechanism ouside the platform it's in the way, and if you mount it inside the platform it hard to operate. The wheels are also placed headed in the
    wrong direction they should be inline with the infeed and outfeed tables.
    When it's setup the it's very stable and at the right workin height....more info
  • Outstanding Value
    When one compares this table/stand against the overpriced junk available at Lowe's/Home Deport this table wins easily. Great design, rugged, rigid, excellent material, versatile, and inexpensive. Damn good value. If you're going to use this stand for something other than the planer don't buy the extension table wings, for they mount on the planer not on the stand. Assembly directions were poor, but pointed in the right direction. Shipped quickly. When I get bigger shop area I'll buy another of these stands, they're that good.
    ...more info
  • Very convenient stand
    This is a terrific portable planer stand. I use it for Makita planer. It is very sturdy, easy to move and has conveniently located shelve. Height and size of the stand is also perfect for portable planer. ...more info
  • Dewalt DW7350
    When I purchased my new portable planer a while back, I soon found that
    it was not all that "portable" at least for someone my age. I decieded
    a stand would be a good idea and started looking at the different ones
    available. This stand, although designed for the Dewalt planer, looked
    to be the best value and so I ordered it from Amazon. It arrived in a
    few days, and the box was pretty beat-up from shipping, and it was heavy!
    The packing from Dewalt was well designed and there was no damage to the parts
    inside. The stand went together fairly easily even though the instructions
    were not the best. I had to drill new mounting holes for my new planer which was not a problem. The stand is very solid and the mobil wheel works quite well, I mounted mine inwards to save space. All in all this mobil stand from Dewalt is a great buy from Amazon....more info
  • Stable and Mobile
    I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat. Strong, stable,
    easily assembled ( as others have said ), and a joy to work
    with. It's great when a product meets all your expectations. ...more info
  • A Perfect Match
    This is the perfect match to the dewalt surface planer. It moves where you want it to go, and it stays put when in use. I also like the lower shelf for storing things. It is stable when in use. ...more info
  • Planer stand
    Great stand... It is very easy to put together and works well with the my planer....more info
  • A mobile base with many uses.
    Purchased at a special price, the cart assembled easily, and will make a handy addition to my home workshop. I don't own a Dewalt planer, but the product will lend itself to holding at the ready fixtures and components for my Shopsmith. Some of these components are hard to store on fixed shelving, so by adapting some brackets to the top of the unit, I can have access on all four sides by easily turning the unit. The unit is rigid enough to mount other benchtop type powertools like a small drillpress. The unit also came with a light shelf that isn't pictured but mounts halfway below the top, adding additional storage. Overall, the unit will exceed my expectations, and was easily worth what I paid.
    I'm sure it would also work just fine for what it was intended to do! ...more info
  • Great for Bench Tools
    I needed a mobile stand for a bench sander. I took a chance on this and am very happy. It takes an hour or so to assemble and it well built. It is very, very heavy. At under $100 you won't find a better mobile base. ...more info