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The Lion King: Special Edition
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Elton John doesn't seem like a natural choice to write for a Disney musical, but he rose to the task on The Lion King, transcending his usual penchant for the softest of soft rock. Sir Elton's collaboration with Tim Rice (former writing partner of Andrew Lloyd Webber) helps connect the soundtrack to the theatrical lineage of all Disney musicals--so much so that, like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King was eventually adapted for Broadway. Undistinguished songs like "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" are far outnumbered by stirring, stately tunes that lent the film so much of its sense of pageant and play. --John Sanchez

2004 reissue includes a newly remastered version of the 1994 soundtrack with one new song written & recorded by Elton John & Tim Rice ('The Morning Report') as well as a remixed version of the Elton John hit 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight'. The bonus disc ('Rhythm Of The Pridelands') features songs written by Lebo M that were inspired by the original 'Lion King', many of which have gone on to become part of the stage show. Bonus tracks, 'Circle Of Life', 'He Lives In You', 'Hakuna Matata', 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight', 'Kube', 'Lea Halalela (Holy Land)', 'It's Time', 'One By One', 'Warthog Rhapsody', 'Lala', 'Busa', & 'Noyana'. 26 tracks in all. Disney.

2004 Remastered Edition. Original Soundtrack with a New Song 'morning Report' Written by Elton John and Tim Rice. A New Remix Version of 'can You Feel the Love Tonight'. Includes a Bonus Disc.

Customer Reviews:

  • Still unforgotten, will remain a classic
    There are four Disney animated masterpieces that stand out as my favorites. They are Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and The Lion King. Perhaps not coincidentally, I also see them as the four Disney movies with the best music in them. But Lion King stands out for one reason; because the only reason I like Disney movie scores is because of the composer Alan Menken, and the only reason Disney deserves any praise for its use of music is Alan Menken.
    With the exception of THIS score.
    The themes are breathtakingly beautiful. All of the music takes you staight to Africa. There are only four tracks of score, but each one is powerful in its own way. I especially love "...To Die For" and the Danny Elfman-like eeriness in the middle of "King of Pride Rock." For not being Alan Menken...Alan who?...and for this being his first try with Disney, Hans Zimmer did an amazing job on the score.
    To say something about the "sing-along" songs by our favorite rock and roll writer Elton John, I was surprised to find which of the songs I liked the best. The part of the movie when the characters sing "Hakuna Matata" is not usually the most exciting scene for me now that I`ve seen it a million times, but as soon as I started listening to the song on the CD I really heard it like I never had before. Listening to that song automatically makes me happy, no matter what. "It means no worries, for the rest of your days...our problem-free philosophy..." How can it not cheer you up? Plus the singing of both the young and grown-up Simba in that song is very well-done. This song plus the four tracks of the score make the whole soundtrack well worth a five-star rating....more info
  • A short review
    Music is wonderful, with a awesome mood. It makes much of the movie, and works just as well on its own. ...more info
  • Great Album!
    This album is great, but I can't seem to find the part where simba and scar fight at the end. i was thinking it would be on "King of Pride Rock" but its not... so i'm a little disapointed in that. (thats one of my favorite scenes for some reason) other than that, i love the songs....more info
  • The Lion King COMPLETE Score by Hans Zimmer
    Hello everyone. I am an avid collector of film scores, especially rare and out of print promotional items. With over 200 scores in my collection I know the subject well. Among them is a copy of The Lion King: The COMPLETE Score by academy award winner Hans Zimmer. The score features mainly Hans' instrumental music from the film, but there are some tracks that include "Circle of Life", "Can you Feel the Love Tonight", and "Be Prepared". Overall, Mr. Zimmer's work on this album is exceptional and he definitely earned the oscar for his work here. If you can manage to locate a copy I highly recommend picking it up. Not only will you get terrific music but you can also say "I own the super-rare complete score"! Here is a track listing:

    1. Circle of Life
    2. Life Isn't Fair, is it?
    3. The Once and Future King
    4. Plotting
    5. The Elephant Graveyard
    6. King of the Past
    7. Hyenas
    8. Stampede
    9. To Die For
    10. What Have You Done?/Run Away
    11. Alternate 1
    12. A New Era/Bowling for Buzzards
    13. Simba Awakens
    14. Under the Stars/Simba Alive
    15. Hunting/Pinned Again/Reunion
    16. Alternate 2
    17. An Argument/You're Mufasa's Boy
    18. This is my Home
    19. The Return/Battle of Pride Rock
    20. Alternate 3
    21. Alternate 4...more info
  • My Four year old is too.
    When my Four year old discovered the Lion King I knew I had to buy him the soundtrack for his car rides. This album is great. All the songs are here including the morning report. My wife and I enjoy the songs as well. If you love the Lion King than this soundtrack is for you....more info
  • I Like It!
    I'm not exactly the world's biggest "Lion King" fan, but I do like the soundtrack. The songs are very good, especially "Circle of Life" and Elton John's version of "Can You Feel the Love Tonight". And I love the musical scores. Probably my most favorite scores are "To Die For" (even though it's a tragic scene in the movie, the music itself gives me goosebumps, and I mean that in a good way), "This Land", and "King of Pride Rock". This kind of music is definitely award-winning material. ...more info
  • Perfect for Adults and Children
    My children and I really enjoy listen to this great CD....more info
    oh yes...just becuase i danced to all their music when i was 5 and cryed every time i saw the movie..i think i loved that movie. but really? music for elton john..who would want to listen to that bloody old bloke singing on a childerns album? not i!...more info
  • I LOVE THE LION KING!!!!!!!!!
    I know it is alittle weird for a 13 year old to love the movie "The Lion King" but it was excellently made. This CD is no exception. One of my favorite soundtracks, way better than the broadway version... lol....more info
  • The Lion King: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Purchased on 08/11/2008)
    Actually I didn't get this item, becuse the owner said to me, 'That item has problem so I'll refund.' He(She) did. Moreover comunication didn't have problem.(it did immdeatry.) So I also saticefay.
    If I want to buy something, I'll use Amazon again.
    I think your system is loyal, so I become trust your system.
    Thanks everything....more info
  • fun but flawed
    in 1994, the lion king came out and broke records. the film itself took in an astounding 312 million dollars in the us. that makes it the highest grossing hand-drawn animated feature EVER (an accomplishment that will never be toppled since niether disney nor dreamworks is producing hand drawn features any more). that year at the oscars it also won two awards for the musical score and best original song (three of its songs were nominated0. so how does the music really stand up compared to other disney features.

    first off there's hans zimmer's score. his score is both powerful and moving. it brilliantly incorperates elements of local african music (provided and arranged by lebo m) these elements give it a great feeling of belonging not only to the film but to it's setting. without these tribal elements the score would have been far less compeling. one small problem is when the score abandons these elementsl; they're not carried through in all of the music. but its not enough to be a real distraction. the power of the score allows the listener to feel the wildabeast charging or smell the rain falling during the monsoon or experience the brilliance of the circle of life.

    SCORE 5 out of 5

    the songs had music by elton john and lyrics by tim rice. the following is a song-by-song breakdown.

    THE CIRCLE OF LIFE - this is a great opening number with powerful vocals provided by carmen twillie and impressive african-inspired vocals in the beggining by lebo m. with the actual film, this is not only a moving but inspiring piece of cinema. even without, this is a great song that still gives me goose-bumps. this definately warranted its oscar nomination
    5 out of 5

    I JUST CAN'T WAIT TO BE KING - this is a really fun song by simba and nala along with zazu. its infectious beat and lyrics definately leave u humming. this may not be the most memorable song, but it definately captures the youth and innocence of simba at this point
    5 out of 5

    BE PREPARED - this is scar's big number so to speak. it features the hyenas in a very dark yet memorable song. the rhaspy vocals and wonderful musical arrangements make this a great piece that is both eery and impressive.
    5 out of 5

    HAKUNA MATATA - this is the second oscar nominated song, and although its fun buddy type number, it does get old and doesnt really age as well as the rest. this is honostly one of the weakest songs, believe it or not, its good but just cant really hold up to the other stronger pieces.
    4 out of 5

    CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE TONIGHT - here it is, 1994's oscar winner for best original song. honostly i feel that the circle of life deserved that award, but here's the song that got it. the film's version is very romantic, especially for featuring a couple of lions, timon and pumba's parts are funny, but it is simba and nala's portion that takes it home. btw elton john's version at the end is a definate winner.
    5 out of 5

    SONGS OVERALL - 5 out of 5

    so if the score gets 5 and the songs get 5, why does the album only get 4? the answer's pretty simple. for the first time since 1989 with the little mermaid, two composers helped on this film. one provided the film's score and one provided the music for the songs. because two composers worked on this, it feels a little incohesive at times. this isn't really noticible within the film but on the soundtrack it definately stands out. elton john and hans zimmer both did a great job and the only really saving factor are the african rhythms that they both used. although this is a great soundtrack, that lack of unity does bring it down.

    despite that minor flaw, this is a must-own for any disney fan or music fan in general. this is a great soundtrack that ranks right up there with beauty and the beast and must never be forgotten....more info
  • Music for the soul, enchanting and graceful...
    Spunky music such as Can't Wait to be King, from deep emotional music as This Land, to daring music like To Die For, and powerful music like King of Pride Rock. This CD is a perfect blend of the best soundstracks I have heard since...welll...ever! Absolutely amazing, it will grace your soul with such power, and soothe your mind, you feel as if you were actualy there with Simba along his trek to become King of Pride Rock. This is one great CD, every TLK fan should have one! And those of you who like Classical music, there are a few tracks on here that would please you as well. Well done and a two big thumbs up!...more info
  • One of the greatest Disney soundtrack, not a very special special edition though.
    My father bought me the initial edition of this soundtrack when I was an 8-year-old pupil, and I was attracted by it, then I listened to it before I went to bed every night. After The Lion King's platinum edition series have been published, I bought the DVD, and also collected this special edition soundtrack. In fact, the songs in this special edition soundtrack are not very different from the ones in the initial, except the new song "The Morning Report". But I think this special edition soundtrack is really collectable to Lion King fans.
    Actually, till today, I can't say which song is the theme song of this movie, "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" or "Circle of Life"? They're both so good and very famous, they have wonderful melody and excellent backgroud music. "Circle of Life" has faithful and beautiful lyric that tell us the endlessness and strength of life. "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" has romantic lyric, and the romantic atmosphere often attract our attention and will always be remembered by everyone. When I was young, the song "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" was the most impressive and attractive to me. Maybe it was because that I was at the age of Simba and had the emotions and thoughts that Simba had. Besides, the tune and vocals of this song are great and funny. "Be Prepare" is a good song too, it expressed the absolute careerism of Scar, the rhythm and musical instruments that used are good and suitable. "Hakuna Matata" is a very humorous and comical song, it makes me feels that leading a problem-free life is wonderful. The new song "The Morning Report" is funny, but I think Simba's dubber in this song was not very good, the voice was too different from the initial dubber's of Simba. The scores are so glorious, sometimes I think they feel like symphony! I love "To Die For" and "King of Pride Rock" very much. "To Die For" is so powerful, while "King of Pride Rock" is very inspired, especially the last several seconds that the chorus sang "Circle of Life", it's so beautiful!
    Well, when I'm listening to this special edition soundtrack, my emotions and feelings are a little different from that I had about 11 years ago when I first listened to the initial edition, though the songs are almost the same. Maybe it's because that I just enjoyed myself when I was first listening to it 11 years ago, but now, I can often recall many good memories in my childhood when I'm listening to this, including the laughter and tears when I first watched this glorious movie. This soundtrack is a great thing to who was moved by "The Lion King" and love it so much....more info
  • An album that's still Disney's best work!
    This album is still one of Disney's best musical albums. Standing high up in the top 5 of the best selling soundtracks of all time, this multi-platinum album has sold 10 million copies in the US alone. The sweet melodies and flute inspired music is peaceful and relaxing. It's just like listening to new age music. Kids as well as adults will love this work of art. Some of Elton John's greatest works can be found on this album. The music from "El Dorado" is nothing compared to this masterpiece. Hans Zimmer's music and Elton John's vocals make a great collaboration. This multi-Grammy award and Oscar winning album is a sure winner. It's for lovers of all traditional Disney music (like the music from Beauty&the beast, Mary Poppins, and the Jungle Book). If you're also interested in great instrumental music and originality, you'll love this creative album! It was the first album I ever bought ( when I was 7).

    The album starts out with the powerful popular "Circle of Life" with a great beat and a powerful vocal performance! It's a powerful passionate masterpiece! Next on the album is the ever-so-popular single that kids will still love today, "Oh I just can't wait to be king" another track with a good beat collaborated with great African drum sound sin the background!

    Then the music suddenly changes into an evil creative track, "be prepared". But then you go on to the movie's most popular single at the time the fun-loving Timon and Pumba dance to "Hakuna Matata".

    The album is filled with peaceful, fun-loving, romantic, and evil tracks as well as great instrumental works by Hans Zimmer. But still alongside the addictive "Hakuna Matata" is the romantic melody with great vocal performances. Yes it's "can you feel the love tonight" a passionate track with good lyrics and an influencing theme. Even though Elton John would probably be given the credit for making this album such a hit, it's hard not to think of Hans Zimmer. It's the main reason every track is fantastic in it's own way. If you're looking for an album for your kids, looking for peace, looking for enjoyable music, looking for instrumental new age type works, and looking for inspiring &influencing music-this is something you should buy!

    ...more info
  • the best soundtrack of all time
    first off, its music was written by Elton John, so immediately, that should spark some respect for the album. the lion king has always been one of my all time faves and this CD is simply amazing. from start to finish. you just can't go wrong w/two versions of the song "circle of life" and the cute "i can't wait to be king" and "hakuna matata". it doesn't matter if you're 10 or 30, when something is good, it's good. and this is REAL music. whether it be the instrumental pieces or the three tracks at the end performed by Elton John himself, this is something that deserves the recognition. Unlike everything else polluting the air waves today, this is QUALITY music. this has real meaning and talent. ...more info
  • Wonderful Soundtrack
    I'm writing this review not of the release of this Special Edition, but of the music contained within. Disney's release and re-release of products is nothing new. It's one of the reasons that Disney is so strong in the market today. With that said, I have to admit that this is one of the best Disney soundtracks that has ever been cut to a disc. I never owned the original release of this music, so I'm glad that Disney did decide to re-release the original work with a few extras as part of the "The Lion King: Special Edition" release. Everything on here is wonderful, and the score itself was key to the development of the story. Selections such as "King Of Pride Rock" and "To Die For" encompass the emotional ups and downs of this film. Elton John's music is also wonderful on this disc. His most notable offerings are "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" and "Circle of Life." His only downfall is "I Just Can't Wait To Be King," which should have been left to the youngster who performed Simba's singing voice. It comes acrossed as forced by Elton John as he performs it.

    The "extras" for this Special Edition include a mild and unnecessary remix of "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" and "The Morning Report," which is included on the Special Edition DVD release. Neither add to the collection, but it is nice to have "The Morning Report" on the disc.

    Overall, this is one of Disney's strongest soundtracks. In my personal list, I rank it in second place behind Phil Collins' wonderfully tribal "Tarzan" soundtrack. If you don't already have the "Lion King" soundtrack, I highly suggest that you purchase this special edition copy if you are a true fan of the film or of Disney soundtracks in general.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • real music
    Elton john had done wonderfull music, I should say that this is an example of a real music bit Great are his works on piano and zimmer has done some great jobs...more info
  • Loved it!
    This is by far one of the best soudtracks I have ever purchased, it's one I can listen to over and over again. The movie was incredible as well as the soundtrack. It makes you feel like a kid again. The instrumental songs are completely moving, I love the mixture of the African rhythm incorporated into them. It's a great album for kids and adults alike and one that will be enjoyed for years to come. Only Disney could produce such wonderful work. You won't regret buying it!...more info
  • Fans can never be objective...
    From the OBJECTIVE reviewer...dull pop fluff from Elton and beyond his songs it's karaoke sing-a-long. Skip this and find the Elton songs on a greatest hits package unless you have kids who love karaoke and the movie....more info
    i recently just digged this album out from my cd collection. and WOW, the music is AMAZING. i'm not a big soundtrack fan at all, but this one is a MUST. not to mention that the movie is simply the best disney film ever. the first song "circle of life" is a magnificent piece with awesome drums, vocals, and of course, unforgettable lyrics. Elton Johns' version of the song is probably THE best on the album in my opinion. Now i see why he's so popular in the Grammys. wonderful singer and song writer.

    this takes true talent and there is no reason why anybody wouldn't appreciate this....more info
  • One of the greatist Soundtracks of all time!
    Composer Hans Zimmer teams up with pop star Elton John and lyricist, Tim Rice to creat one of the most incredible sondtracks of all time. The first 5 songs were the movie songs by Elton John and they are some of the most heartwarming songs ever! Especially "Circle of Life" which had a very unique arrangement by composer Hans Zimmer. Next are 4(extremely short, I might first point out,)incredible melodic and evocative score pieces that ONLY Hans Zimmer could compose. "This Land" comprises of the main theme, with a pan flute, and then leads into Simba and Mufasa's theme played with nice melodic strings-GORGEOUS!!! Then it ends with Simba's regal majestic theme with a chorus and beautiful arrangements. The track ends with the "busa" theme which contains african chorus lines and percussion. "To die for" is the stampede scene and it is no less than perfection. "Under the stars" is a very melodic sequence with a combination of some african rythms and chorus. "King of Pride Rock" is the scene where Simba confronts Scar( but skips the fight scene!!! SCREWBALLS!!!)It ends, however with the nice reprise of all four major themes and brings the score to a terrific close. There are 3 Elton John performances, but I don't recomend those. The more I listen to Zimmer's score, the more I think those pop songs are just trash. It's really embarassing too. You have four brilliant score cues and then, subsequently apply 3 pop songs. YUCK! The movie songs however, were very good.Especially "Circle of Life". This is basically Zimmer's soundtrack. He worked his butt off to get the respect that he has now! This is a must have for any soundtrack fan, especially Disney music fans....more info
  • Disney, why fix what was never broken?
    I love this CD, Hans Zimmer is a brilliantly talented person, and and all the original music on this CD are amazing, very few soundtracks today can compete....
    SOMEONE saw fit to add a song...both to the original movie, and now the only soundtrack a person can buy. :S (Stupid 'Morning Report')
    Why? Its like raping talent...
    If Disney is going to lock up our childhood movies for years at a time, can't they at least give them back to us uncorupted?...more info
  • Umm.. hi, Lebo M.?
    Sure, E. John is fine, but no one seems to talk at all about the other MAJOR contributor to this work and that is Lebo M; that small detail aside...

    I personally don't care for the animated movie version of the songs for my everyday listening... but this sound track is great for the "adult songs" maninly the wordless themes, and the E. Jon versions... I've had and destroyed about 10 copies of this, everyone who loves great music should listen!...more info
  • Beautiful, thrilling, thoroughly enjoyable
    It's not often I can give a Hans Zimmer soundtrack five stars without feeling a certain amount of guilt. The guy has a real penchant for ripping off his own music, resorting to fairly obvious musical ideas, and using an obnoxious number of synthesized sounds in the process. BUT - I do enjoy a fair amount of his music, and The Lion King is one of his masterpieces. His score is truly delightful, reflecting a marvelous intermingling of his own distinct style, more traditional film scoring, and significant African influences. Unfortunately, not much of this score is on the soundtrack, which is why I highly recommend getting your digital hands on the nearly-complete bootlegs floating around on the Internet. There are a number of themes that are never heard on the commercial album - for instance, there's a sneaky English horn theme for Scar, humorous scoring for Timon and Pumbaa's adventures, and an important motif in the violins that's used in several chase scenes. But what you hear on this CD does a pretty good job of representing the most important and most enjoyable elements.

    The songs, which take up more playing time on this soundtrack, are a mixed bag - Elton John's versions can be grating, but the film versions are consistently delightful. "Circle of Life" starts the film (and soundtrack) with an emotional statement of the film's main philosophical concept, with a perfect mix of Western and African sensibilities. "I Just Can't Wait To Be King" is pure fun, from the opening bars with African percussion to the final cheer. "Be Prepared" scared the living daylights out of me when I was a kid - it's just that good. Jeremy Irons delivers a frightful performance as Scar. "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" is my least favorite of the songs, but it's not a wide margin. The vocal work for adult Simba and Nala is really wonderful. You should note that the instrumental track "King of Pride Rock" also concludes with a stellar reprise of "Circle of Life", too.

    It's also worth noting that this "special edition" really isn't too special. The few extra tracks do not necessitate buying it if you already own the soundtrack, as far as I'm concerned. But I highly recommend buying this if you're new to the musical universe of The Lion King....more info
  • Great, but still could have been better
    This is a great CD overall. All five songs by Elton John from the movie are wonderful, varied, and memorable. Circle of Life is a serious chant that mixes great harmony with wonderful chorus. I Just Can't Wait to Be King almost sounds like a ripoff of Under the Sea (Little Mermaid) but is still very fun and happy. Be Prepared is almost sung in the talk-sing style popularized in The Music Man, and actually comes out very well. Hakuna Mitata is a great comedy song, and Can You Feel the Love Tonight is a nice ballade. While the songs are all Disney-esque, they are good, unless you really hate that style.

    The next four tracks are the gem of the CD - the score tracks by Hans Zimmer. All four are similar to each other, and could easily have be one track without much problem. It's some of Zimmer's best work. The score features a chorus singing African chants (made up I beleive) with great percussion and it's overall great music. I can't praise this music enough. Unfortunatly, at only about 17 minutes, it's all WAY too short. They could have easily fit another 30 minutes on the CD if they wanted to, and there is certainly alot of score from the movie they could have used.

    The final three tracks are pop versions of Circle of Life, I Just Can't Wait..., and Can You Feel... They are good for what they are, but I would have personally prefered more score to them. They certainly aren't bad, and are enjoyable enough that they don't distract from the rest of the CD....more info

  • A soundtrack fit for a King
    When speaking of soundtracks, weyve all heard of the good, the bad and the ugly. However, every once in a while we do have one that qualifies under the category of "the outstanding". One of those is the soundtrack of "The Lion King", a true masterpiece by rock star Elton John and London producer Tim Rice. With lyrics that will move the deepest corners of anyone's soul, and music that soars and lifts the spirit like no other, it was no surprise when the soundtrack was awarded the Oscar in 1995.

    Disney struck a hard cord with the story first: a young cub destined to be the King of the Jungle from his birth, frolics in the savannah surrounded by friends and happiness. However, evil and jealousy lurk too close by and suddenly, his father Mufasa is murdered. The cub escapes just by, but grows up believing his fatherys death was his own fault. He grows with guilt, but grows strong and beautiful, and finds his lifetime companion in old friend Nala. Simba - that is his name - comes back twofold to reclaim what is rightfully his and should never have been taken from him in the first place. Thus the circle of life is completed. Incidentally the song "Circle of Life" is my favorite of the whole CD; in both versions. The first one that opens the soundtrack is sung by Carmen Twillie and includes African vocals by Lebo M. It is outstanding, and it ends with a bang - literally, making it appropriate for a short film of the same name currently being shown at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center. The second song is entitled "I just can't wait to be King", and is sung by young Simba and his friends. It expresses the young cub's frustration of being too young and having to obey orders, and his illusions that once he is King, he will have to obey no one. (Smile, anyone?) I cannot praise Jeremy Irons enough for his performance of "Be prepared", playing the voice of the jealous ridden Scar and his plans to assassinate both Mufasa and his son Simba. A few instrumental tunes composed by Hans Zimmer follow, until Elton John gives us the piece de resistance of the whole CD with his own versions of "Circle of Life" (with lyrics that move me every time I listen to it because they truly reflect life), "I just can't wait to be King", and the Oscar winning "Can you feel the love tonight?"

    In times like these, when the balance of nature is trembling and about to be broken forever at any second, it is good to remember that what has been previously ordained for thousands and thousands of years, will ultimately prevail. That is the best feeling of all, and this music captures the mood....more info
  • Excellant Entertainment And Children Friendly
    I am so very happy with this CD and so is my 8mth old daughter. She listens too it at bedtime and we often play it in the car and have a sing along. To tell the truth I actually love the CD and listen to it even if she isn't in the car as it has a happy innocent calming effect, not to mention I find the whole CD very fun. And behind all the fun there is something to take in and learn from each and every song. Absolutely beautiful....more info
  • Zimmer deserved the academy award...
    Shame on Disney, I say they all burn in hell. Why? Because only "4" Zimmer tracks were included on this album. Why??? I just don't understand it. Zimmer's score is incredible, yet we only get "4" tracks. It makes me hurt. Are the songs bad? No... Some are actually very, very good. "Circle of Life" and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" are very well done. "Be Prepared" (Jeremy Irons singing!) isn't a very good song. "Hakuna Matata" and "Can't Wait to Be King" are fun, but after several listens get annoying. I also don't see why there must be a pop version and film version of every song. Oh well, can't win em all I suppose. Get this cd if your child is obsessed with the movie. Get this cd if you like Elton John. Whatever YOUR reason for getting the album, the strongest part of this cd is the score. Long live Zimmer... Let Elton John burn in hell as well (he must have had some "personal" relationships with some of the Dreamworks guys too, seeing that The Road to El Dorado only got 3 score tracks released). It's a shame... A true shame....more info
  • Brilliant
    This has got to be the BEST EVER film/cartoon soudntrack. Just listen to the clips to get an idea of what it's like. Trust me folks: it doesn't get any better than this!!...more info
  • Simply Perfect
    This is hands down one of the best Disney soundtracks ever! Elton John came up with some killer tunes here! The opening song always give me goosebumps!...more info
  • Awesome soundtrack! All "Lion King" fans will love this!
    This is, by far, my favourite Disney soundtrack. Everything about it is wonderful; the inclusion of the songs from the movie, and especially Elton John's versions of some of those songs raises the memorability factor of the soundtrack a great deal. They compliment Zimmer's beautiful orchestrated tracks very well. And I have no idea what Jason Farcone's problem with Elton John is, but please, don't blame him for the lack of orchestrated tracks (Jason: You want to complain about the exclusion of a few of Zimmer's songs? Well, take it up with the censorship-crazed executives at Disney Records, but please DON'T take out your feelings of anger, confusion, and insecurity on Elton John). Also, despite what Jason thinks, the song sung by Jeremy Irons entitled "Be Prepared" is absolutely amazing (and is one of my favourite songs off the entire soundtrack). Anyway, this is an excellent soundtrack; if you love all things "Lion King", then this soundtrack is for you!...more info