The Journey: The Very Best of Donna Summer
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Import limited edition pressing of 2003 compilation has a different track listing than the domestic & includes a bonus disc with eight tracks, 'Love To Love You Baby' (Original 12 Inch), 'I Feel Love' (Patrick Cowley Mega Mix), 'Hot Stuff' (12 Inch Version), 'No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)' (12 Inch Version), 'On The Radio (Long Version)', 'Melody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved)' (Classic Club Mix), 'That's The Way' (Album Version), & 'Dream-A-Lot's Theme (I Will Live For Love)' (Album Version). Universal. 2004.

The International Edition of the Disco Diva's Definitive Anthology Includes "Down Deep Inside (Theme from the DEEP)", "Love's Unkind", "Rumour Has It" and "Dinner with Gershwin"...all Of which were Not Included on the USA Equivalent. It also Includes Summer's Great String of Chart Hits Like "Hot Stuff", "Bad Girls", "i Feel Love", "no More Tears (Enough is Enough)", "Love to Love You Baby" and "She Works Hard for the Money" and Many More which Are Still Played on Dancefloors around the World Today. The Package Includes a Limited Edition Bonus CD with the Original Extended Mixes of "no More Tears (Enough is Enough)", "on the Radio", "Melody of Love (Wanna Be Loved)" and "That's the Way" (All Not Featured on the USA Equivalent) as Well as the "Dream-a-lot's Theme (I Will Live for Love)", "Love to Love You Baby", "i Feel Love" and "Hot Stuff".

Customer Reviews:

  • What a Journey!
    Anyone who enjoyed Donna Summer will love this CD. I have played it over and over. It is also great as an exercise CD without it being boring. Love it!!!...more info
  • Hot Hot Hot
    I saw Donna at Harrahs Tahoe in the early 80's. Her show was high energy and her vocals were over the top. This album brings that "Time and Place" back to life. ...more info
  • the donna I remember
    a well produced compendium of Donna Summer's sultry vocals. a must have for Donna lovers and for a capsulization or her hits. ...more info
  • Superb compilation!
    A great overview of Donna's pop stuff, but I really bought it for the bonus CD...keeps my workouts moving, great songs!...more info
  • Summer Bound Again
    It is just so unusual to remind people how much in this industry, we often seem to overlook the 70's scene. There were just so many artists that absolutely took the cake. There was Chicago, The Bee Gees, and there was also the Diva of Disco, Donna Summer. Throughout the 70's and early 80's, the legend proved to have the typical stuff, knocking out a whole onslaught of other Disco acts during that era. Still, it is just a shame that many polls, overlook Donna Summer as that influence, as much as they think of Saturday Night Fever, and The Bee Gees. But unlike them, Donna Summer has proven herself as a survivor, and hopefully more.

    The Journey: The Very Best Of Donna Summer, is a collection of Donna's mega-hits from her era in the 70's and early 80's. The songs range very well, including This Time I Know Its For Real, Love To Love You Baby, Hot Stuff, and the seductive Bad Girls. The album also includes I Will Go With You, a not new, nearly new, but more recent song, from her Live record, Live & More... Encore from 1998, and a few new songs as well. The flipside is that many people are surprised to see another Greatest Hits record out from Donna, largely because of the recent 20th Century Masters collection that Universal issued earlier in 2003. The other drawback, is that it is an updated version to her 1994 Greatest Hits collection, Endless Summer. Unfortunately, that record is no longer being sold, and folks will have to consider the new one, if they can't find the last one.

    All that I can say, is that I hope Donna Summer, the Diva from Boston, can intend to make a new record soon. If not, she still has made an impact among thousands and thousands of Dance Divas. Maybe she'll reconsider herself from not issusing new records, and change her mind....more info

  • Enough is enough!
    How many more compilations? Live and more Greatest hits on the radio volume 1 & 2,Walk away (greatest hits 1978-1980, The su-mmer collection, Donna Summer Anthology, The Dance Collection, Endless Summer, Donna Summer Greatest Hits, 20th Century master Series: Donna Summer, Live and more, Encore! and now this latest
    compilation. With her talent she could delight her fans with new recording material so that by the year 2010 we can have her greatest hits volume 3. It's a shame that great singers like Do-nna Summer end up releasing two or three new songs in compilation
    packages. Come on Donna, you can do better. Enough is enough!...more info
  • Packaging is awesome...
    ...but what you get is the same old journey with a couple of new bonus tracks that doesn't even include the radio version of her current hit You're So Beautiful. Instead they give us an 11 minute version of the song on a bonus disc. What is the point of this collection except for the inclusion of some of her later minor hits like I Will Go On. I want to do a compilation that would include Melody Of Love and Power Of One, Carry On, Love Is A Healer and how about the 12" mix of All Systems Go and I Don't Wanna Get Hurt.

    That would make me want to purchase a 2 CD retrospect. Tired of the SOStuff. Also could have made it more interesting if they used the rare original single versions of Love To Love You Baby and Could It Be Magic.

    Guess she just doesn't want to work hard for the money info

  • Another permutation and combination of her "Best" and "More"
    Okay, so I had to sell Donna's "Endless Summer" CD at $3.00 to finance the purchase of her new "The Journey + The Very Best of Donna Summer".

    I saw her for the first time in concert on August 21, 2003 at Rama, Ontario. She hyped her yet to be released CD. And this is it?! She never mentioned that it was going to be another mathematical permutation and combination of her anthology of songs with 3 new additions.

    Donna's disco era of music are great tunes to boogie to at nightclubs, or while driving stop-and-go in rush hour traffic. Her 1990's to present tracks aren't the same. Donna's 1970's to 1980's walk of fame are exactly that.

    Let's keep it that way on her, hopefully, final "Very Best of" and her near-ultimate "The Dance Collection" CD's....more info

  • The Three Phases of Summer's Career
    This compilation can be divided into three segments: the hit-making years (the 70's), the transition (early 80's), and the nostalgic return. The first twelve tracks are from Summer's dynamic four-year run as the darling of commercial radio, the time of which she soared on the pop, R & B, and disco charts. Longtime fans will know that many of the songs are parts of longer compositions on Summer's various "concept" albums of the period. But, even in their "single" form, the memories and Summer's talent still shine.

    "The Wanderer" represents Summer's attempt to distance herself in 1980 from the disco backlash of the decade. It is more a "reinvention" than it is just a pop/rock tune. From the same decade comes her ill-fated collaboration with Quincy Jones in 1980. The master producer was responsible for "Love is In Control (Finger on the Trigger)" and "State of Independence". Both songs display the stamp of Jones' production (intricate instrumental arrangement with guest musicians and a BIG chorus), but they did little to showcase Donna Summer the singer. It's as if Jones really didn't know what to do with a former "disco diva".

    Noticeably absent from this compilation are any cuts from her 1981 release "I'm a Rainbow". Though it was not a commercial triumph, the work is probably the most personal and introspective of Summer's career.

    Summer jettisoned Jones and returned with the monster smash "She Works Hard for the Money" in 1983. Featuring a killer bass hook and danceable rhythm, the song also veered into social commentary (as she had done earlier with "Bad Girls"), thus paving the way for the singer's return to the top of the charts.

    Six years later, Summer would return with the pop-friendly (if lyrically lame) "This Time I Know It's For Real", produced by the same team that introduced blue-eyed soulster Rick Astley to the world.

    Now, with the emergence of interest in nostalgia, Summer returned following a successful VH1 concert with "I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiro)". And disc one concludes with two new cuts that harken back to bigger days.

    The inclusion of a disc of remixes is also a treat for Summer fans.

    It would be nice to see a FULL concept album with Moroder and Summer coming together for one LAST blast....more info

  • Sing on, sister
    I've been a fan of Donna Summer since 1978, when I heard MacArthur Park blasting on the airwaves. Although I heard her earlier hits, I wasn't a big fan until that song came out. Her voice is simply great. I agree with others that there are too many greatest hits compiliations, but it's not totally Donna's fault. The record company feel they can make quick money by releasing these packages. I like The Journey, because it's remastered and it includes 2 new songs of which I enjoy. I think they should have deleted Could It Be Magic, I Love You, and Love Is In Control and included Unconditional Love, There Goes My Baby, Dinner With Gershwin, Love's About To Change My Heart, Work That Magic, Friends Unknown, Melody of Love and The Power of One. As for the second CD, they should have deleted I Feel Love (the Dance Collection and Bad Girls Deluxe Set already has it) and included a remix of Melody of Love. Donna should include more R&B and ballads to her repertoire. Whatever she sings on her new album, I will buy it. I AM A FAN. And a note to Donna: Please come back to Hawaii to perform, because the last concert you did was back in 1979, when Bad Girls was the rage. Aloha....more info
  • Superb collection by the brightest star to emerge from 70's
    There's just no question about it. Donna Summer was one of a handful of shining stars to emerge from an otherwise lackluster decade in the history of American popular music. Lots of people agree that the 1970's left a lot to be desird musically. Having said that, between 1975 and 1989 Donna Summer would place an impressive total of 31 singles on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles chart. Of these, nearly half hit the Top Ten while 4 of her records made it all the way to #1! She was definitely the exception to the rule! In 2003 UTV records released the impressive single disc anthology "The Journey: The Very Best of Donna Summer." This sensational collection features 17 of Donna's biggest and best hits as well as 3 brand new recordings for you to enjoy.
    One thing that makes "The Journey: The Very Best of Donna Summer" so unique is that this collection includes hits from Donna's tenure at four different labels. As you might expect, most of Donna's biggest hits from her days at Casablanca records in the 1970's are featured here. Enjoy once again all-time favorites like 1978's "Last Dance", "Heaven Knows" recorded with the group Brooklyn Dreams and her #1 remake of "MacArthur Park". Also included is Donna's huge duet with Barbra Streisand. "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" also rose to the top of the charts in the fall of 1979 and stayed there for a couple of weeks. I was also pleased to see that a pair of personal favorites from later on in Donna's career, namely "She Works Hard For The Money" and "This Time I Know It's For Real" also appear on this disc. As I mention earlier, "The Journey: The Very Best of Donna Summer" also includes three brand new tunes. I enjoyed all of them but most especially "That's The Way" which I really thought had all the earmarks of a huge hit for Donna. But alas, that never happened.
    "The Journey: The Very Best of Donna Summer" also comes with a nifty 16 page booklet that will add to your enjoyment of this collection. I thought the remastering job was outstanding! As far as I am concerned this is the best collection of Donna Summer you will ever find. Very highly recommended!

    ...more info
    Another Greatest Hits of Miss Summer, although it's not far from being "Endless Summer" repackage, this album includes the long awaited new tracks and some contemporary hits. This Greatest Hits represent the talent that Donna has and will deliver surely in a new album soon enough, her voice is one of the most gifted in the industry. Only she can deliver sensual, bittersweet and husky voices all at the same time, so talented, and all her music is a big example of that. The only Star that Disco truly produced....if she should be labeled as disco?..Donna Summer stands for the test of time...The Journey represent something and is TIMELESS MUSIC...more info
  • Donna's Back - Better Than Ever
    Just when you think Donna can't outdo herself, her she is with another amazing compilation of her greatest hits but with 3 new songs that are great. It's worth buying another greatest hits CD just for these new songs.

    Hopefully we will be able to get to see her do them live....more info

  • For new and old fans!
    Ok, I admit it, I didn't buy this because I don't have a greatest hits package from Donna! I have many....!
    But here you get the hits in new and wonderful remastered sound and they sound really good and fresh! Here you'll find all the hits that catapulted Donna to stardom all over the world.
    From "Love to love you baby" up until the great "I will go with you (Con te partiro)" from a few years ago. There are 3 new tracks that really make this worth buying. The first 2 are on disc one. "That's the way it is" - a really catchy straight up popsong with sort of a reggae feel. The second one is "I will follow love" and it really lives up to Donna's standard of melodramatic showtunes with a hard discobeat! I love them!
    But the real standout track is found on disc two (the bonus disc). This track is the underground dance track that leaked out all over the internet in the beginning of this year and was picked up by DJs all over the place! It's called "You're so beautiful". This has Donna singing over a throbbing bassline and it builds up to anthemic proportions! I mean, who can sing "hey hey hey, mmmmmm,oooohh" (or something like it!), and make it sound as sexy as Donna?
    I'm only asking.
    BUY IT!...more info
  • Sounds fresh after all these years
    I really only expected to get some good driving music out of this CD, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found it to be much more. It was great to revisit the stuff I listened to in high school. Sure brought back some good memories. Great sound, great voice and a lot of fun!...more info
  • GREAT SUMMER for the Winter....Now GIVE US MORE !
    The collection of songs found on this CD are pop treasures.

    The new material is great however it does make listeners want to hear more new songs performed by this legend.
    This is a muss have for any lovers of great dance music....more info

  • Drowning In A Glass, Can't Find Love At All
    Let's be honest we're not buying this CD for the hits, we're buying it for the new material. "That's The Way"--Giorgio and Keith hit the nail right on the head. This has radio hit written all over it. Donna's vocals shine in this very slick, well produced production. Very breathy and playful. She hasn't used her voice in this way for years, and it's a very welcome change. This is the new sound of Summer and I like it! "I Will Live For Love"--Donna's previous co-writes with Nathan DiGesare haven't impressed me at all, but this song is a complete twist. Written for Donna's children's musical "Dreamway Express", the lyrics and the vocals scream classic Broadway. Giorgio lifts this fairy tale from standard theater fare, by wraping the production in enticing effervescent dance beat. "You're So Beautiful"-- Loved it. Although I would love even more to hear a version that features Donna's vocals more prominently. This at least proves that Donna was on the right musical track when she was at Sony. All and all, these new recordings show a Diva awaiting (and deserving) a rebirth. Will it happen? I can only pray. Mykol (I Wanna Love You Baby Like You Know I'm Donna Summer)...more info
  • One of the All -Time Greats to Me
    while this is the 99nth thousand Greatest Hits Package I still enjoy thinking back to what Made Donna Summer's Great to so many of us back in the day&still.that Voice is timeless.She got the Disco Tag but Donna has the CHurch in her SOul&Reached so much depth but was tagged as being a certain type of Artist without given the credit She deserves on so many levels.Very Prolific&Productive back in the day.Her range is strong&You feel the Soul in her Overall Presentation.Props to a Great Artist&still a Foxy Lady....more info
  • 2 cd set of hits and bonus remix cd!
    This is yet another collection from Donna Summer and you can not complain about the songs on here because they are all classics. The 2 cd Anthology is a better compilation than this but I defy you to find a bad song here at all. The main reason for me to own this collection is the 2 new songs that are on Disc 1 -"That's The Way" and "Dream-A-Lot's Theme(I Will Live For Love)" that reunite her with the legend that is Giorgio Moroder. The second disc also contains the 12" mixes for "Dream-A-Lot's Theme(I Will Live For Love)" (12"Extended Remix-9:16) and You're So Beautiful(The Ultimate Club Mix-10:50) that are sure to be classics as well. Hopefully Donna will try and put out a new cd of brand new material or if there is another compilation from Universal in the next few years then try and put out a box set of ALL(and I do mean ALL) the 12" dance mixes that Donna Summer has ever put out----I know I will buy it....more info
  • You're so beautiful
    juste excellent. le rythme est top, la voix sublime, le mixage impec, bref fabuleux....more info
  • Yes it's a repeat
    Donna Summer is timeless and I adore her. Ever so often the classic artists come out with a greatest hits CD and it's nothing new. (Paul Simon, Elton John, the Beatles, the Carpenters, on and on and on release greatest hits to gather up new fans and to remind old fans who don't have a greatest hits package it's here).

    Love it!...more info

  • Another--albeit first-rate--compilation
    Donna Summer was that rare vocalist who managed to transcend the whole disco era, despite the fact that she was its' appointed "queen"(a title that's probably done more harm than good). And since it is the new millenium(well, three years into it), might as well throw out another Summer-lovin' compilation(no doubt trying to keep up with Cher in the greatest hits dept). Not that there's anything wrong with what's here--unlike many artists, Summer could be colored brilliant on more than one occasion("Hot Stuff", "I Feel Love", "Bad Girls", and "Dim All The Lights" to name just four). And apparently she wants us to know she's alive and well, thus the two new tracks with old partner Giorgio Moroder, the both of them tasty little pop nuggets. One suggestion--next time, let's throw in , I don't know, eight or nine addtional new tracks and leave off everything recorded before the year in which we're releasing it. Wait--scratch that bit about the additional new tracks. That would constitute...a new album?...more info
  • Here We Go Again...But It's Worth It!!!
    It's not Donna Summer's fault for yet another compilation, but buying this for the remixes was totally worth it!!!

    I will be patient for the next masterpiece!!!...more info

  • Summer CD
    I received this cd quickly and it was in great condition. Will definitely buy from this seller again!

    Lisa...more info
  • Great cd import!
    I just receive the import version of "The Journey:The very best of donna Summer yesterday. I bought it because of the second cd with extended remixes of songs like: "I feel Love"(Patrick Cowely mega mix) "On the radio" 12 inch version. I haven't heard "I feel love" (Patrick Cowely) in 30 years! I heard "I feel love" on a Disco station called Disco 104 FM in Sonoma county when I was 13. It brought back memories! "On the radio 12 inch version was from the movie (Foxes) It is different than the version from Donna Summer's "On the radio" greatest hits in 1979. I wished that would have had seperate reviews for the improt version and US version of "The Journey The best of Donna Summer because I ended up buying the US version twice! I bought the Us cd from a local store for 18 dollars when it came out in 2003. It does not show on the back of the cd that there is a bonus cd included. The information listed for the import showing all the tracks is NOT the import version at all! It is showing the US version. This is misleading!!! It needs to be corrected! Don't like buying the US cd twice! Not worth sending back since it's a better deal at $[...] that $[...] when it came out. The import is well worth it. The Us cd has remix of "Your so Beautiful" over 10 minutes long and and the album and remix of Dream a lot's theme that also 10 minutes long. I tried to find out if the first order with the Journey for $[...] was what I had since the information listed on it showed the first cd I called coustomer service and the person said the order number I told him was wrong and when he asked for my e-mail he said that was wrong too! Very fustrating! It was too late for me to cancel that item online,so I'll keep it.
    ...more info
  • Best of the best and More!
    We LOVE this cd! My wife purchased it for us. It has all of Donna Summers best songs and then a few surprises. Some songs that we never knew she recorded. GREAT beat and an added bonus disc of remixes.We put it on our mp3 players. Great for the gym and the car. Must buy this if you love Donna Summers or 70's disco....more info
  • Just what she wanted!
    My girlfriend asked for this CD and was so happy to receive it on Christmas morning! She has listened to it and downloaded most of it to her ipod. ...more info
  • Donna passes the test of time....
    After many thought that the disco era was passe, Donna summer has proven to me that true talent will always rise to the top. Her powerful voice and passion are evident...coupled with excellent arranging and production it's still a great cross section of her career. ...more info
  • Donna Summer
    I would like to thank the people behind the sending of this CD. I love it and, thanks for your promptness......more info
  • a good collection of songs,the jouney's not over
    the journey;the very best of donna summer is a good collection of songs.from the '70s there are the songs hot stuff,bad girls,love to love you baby,last dance,heaven knows,and i love you.from the '80s threre are the songs on the radio,she works hard for the money,love in control(finger on the trigger),and this time i know it's for real. the journey is not over for donna summer,she has a lot more music to make. ed wilson...more info
  • Everything You'd Want
    This is a great compilation of Donna Summer's works. If you're old enough, it'll take you back to your youth and fun times at the disco.
    I thank the powers that be for this gift and reminder of how great Donna Summer is. ...more info
  • very best of donna summer
    its a double cd and it is excellent listening. I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes fast music....more info
  • I Luv Donna
    Excellent CD! Donnas voice is timeless. The second CD is all 12" dance mixes. I forgot how great the MacArthur Park Suite was. If They included the Hot Stuff/Bad girls Mix (Anthology) in the CD, It would have got 5 stars from me!. ...more info
  • Donna Summer Rocks!
    Donna Summer is a Diva of all times. I listen to this CD
    over and over again. Her vocals are outstanding and her music
    is timeless....more info
    In September of 2003, Donna Summer released her twenty-seventh album entitled, THE JOURNEY: THE VERY BEST OF DONNA SUMMER. This is, yet, another great album by the Queen of Disco, despite the fact that it is missing a few tracks here, a few tracks there. But still a great compilation.

    From the album LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY (1975). Still a great song.

    From the album A LOVE TRILOGY (1976). Just simply an amazing cover. It's a song that I could really dance to.

    From the album I REMEMBER YESTERDAY (1977). An amazing song. I love it's Disco-vibe.

    From the album ONCE UPON A TIME...(1977). Great song.

    From the original motion picture & motion picture soundtrack THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY (1978). Still a classic after all of these years.

    From the single MacARTHUR PARK (1978). Great song. This is definitely a song that I could really dance to.

    From the single HEAVEN KNOWS (1978). Another great Disco song.

    From the album BAD GIRLS (1979). This is, yet, another great song, with it's Rock-Disco combination.

    From the album BAD GIRLS (1979). Awesome.

    From the album BAD GIRLS (1979). Great song.

    NO MORE TEARS (ENOUGH IS ENOUGH) (performed by Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer)
    Original version from Barbra Streisand's album WET (1979). Still the best Diva Duet in the history of music.

    From the album ON THE RADIO: GREATEST HITS VOLUMES I & II (1979). Awesome song. I could definitely tear up the dance floor with this track.

    From the album THE WANDERER (1980). Another great song, with Donna Summer leaving Disco behind.

    From the album DONNA SUMMER (1982). Awesome tune.

    From the album DONNA SUMMER (1982). Awesome tune.

    From the album SHE WORKS HARD FOR THE MONEY (1983). Great song.

    From the album ANOTHER PLACE AND TIME (1989). I'll never forget the day when I first heard this song. The minute I heard it, I instantly fell in love with it. This is one of Donna Summer's great dance tunes of the '80s.

    From the album VH1 PRESENTS DONNA SUMMER: LIVE AND MORE: ENCORE! (1999). An awesome song. I must have listened to this one at least ten times.

    Previously unreleased. Great.

    Previously unreleased. Great.

    Even though I am asking myself, "How many 'Greatest Hits' compilations can someone have?", this compilation is still very amazing, even though the compilation is missing the following: "Spring Affair", "I Remember Yesterday", "Our Love", "Once Upon A Time", "Rumour Has It", "Sunset People", "Cold Love", "Unconditional Love" (performed by Donna Summer & Musical Youth), "There Goes My Baby", "Supernatural Love", "All Systems Go", "I Don't Want To Get Hurt", "Love's About To Change My Heart", "When Love Cries", "Friends Unknown", & "Carry On". But still a great compilation....more info
  • what an amazing journey
    i love most of the songs on here, but it's the songs that aren't included that really made me a donna summer fan. songs like "working the midnight shift" and "now i need you" .... those were the precursors to what we call Techno these days. that said i certainly hope the journey isn't over yet. she deserves to go out with a bang like Cher did with "Believe" ... but with Donna it should be a pounding rock song to remind people that she was much much more than "the queen of disco"....more info
  • The best of one of the greatest Disco Queens Ever!
    This album is a terrific compilation of Donna Summer's greatest hits. The album has primarily the disco songs that made her a smash success such as "Love To Love You Baby," "Hot Stuff," "Bad Girls," "Last Dance," and "Dim All The Lights." You also get her classic duet with Barbra Streisand, "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough);" and a group called Brooklyn Dreams helped Donna out on background vocals for "Heaven Knows." There are twenty (yes, twenty) songs on this single CD, so you don't get many 12" extended versions of the songs. To compensate for that loss, however, there is a second bonus CD included inside the jewel case with remixes of some great songs including "Hot Stuff," "I Feel Love," and "You're So Beautiful."

    The remastering work was well done; the sound quality is excellent in both my regular CD stereo at home as well as in my portable CD player. This highlights the richness, sexiness and electricity in Donna's voice. Her voice is exciting and always leaves the listener wanting more!

    The liner notes are great. There's an extensive essay by Brian Chin, quite a few color photos of Donna, song credits and listings of where each song charted at its' peak of popularity after its' initial release. I also liked the excerpts from Donna's autobiography called Ordinary Girl: The Journey. The extra bonus CD comes inside the regular sized jewel case, however, so you need to carefully pull it out as to not break the plastic case. (They manufactured the CD jewel case this way to save a few bucks on production costs, no doubt.)

    Summer fans also hear her great "crossover" songs into something that is more like mainstream pop. You get "She Works Hard For The Money" and "This Time I Know It's for Real." Donna performs a sublime rendition of "I Will Go With You" and there are two "new recordings" by Donna called "That's The Way" and "Dream-a-lot's Theme (I Will Live For Love)."

    Overall, the songs Donna sings are the best and this CD is excellent proof of that. The melodies are catchy and the musical arrangements impressed me. Congratulations are due both to Donna for her outstanding accomplishments in the field of music over decades of time and to the other people who helped produce this electric album.

    I highly recommend this album as an excellent starter album for people who want to get to be more familiar with Donna Summer's talent. This CD is also great for disco fans, pop fans and even fans of dance music in general.

    This album is called "The Journey, The Very Best Of Donna Summer," as if they are somehow implying that Donna's work is done and this is some type of complete and final retrospective. However, I for one will bet that for Donna Summer, the journey to produce great exciting music is far from over.
    ...more info
  • Donna Summer is the Best!
    This is a great CD from a great female disco legend. There is not a bad song on the cd. My favorites are Love to Love You Baby and Last Dance. Buy it! You will not be disappointed. ...more info