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As Time Goes By...The Great American Songbook: Volume II
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At least Rod Stewart is consistent. Long accused by critics of selling his considerable interpretative talents short and playing it safe for the trappings of fame, Stewart revisits the font of his latest career revival here. But while 2002's It Had To Be You at least turned on the novelty of hearing raspy Rod the Mod tackle a slate of American pop standards with a boozy, world-weary tone that sometimes reinforced the originals' intent with trans-generational flair, the British rock icon unfortunately reverted to form a year later on this 14-track sequel. Set against the laconic, cocktail-friendly productions of vets Richard Perry and Phil Ramone, Stewart's performances seem strangely detached throughout. Even when offered the chance at some real human interaction on a pair of ill-conceived duets with Cher (who at least attempts to bring some dramatic flair to "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered") and Queen Latifah (whose recent turn in Chicago informs the title track), Stewart seems almost blissfully unaware of their presence. These are songs that virtually demand to be acted out, not phoned in. Brilliant vocal performances often reinforce the notion of "the singer, not the song;" here that old adage sounds more like a suggestion of where to place the blame for this album's disappointments. --Jerry McCulley

Produced again by luminaries Richard Perry, Phil Ramone and Clive Davis, Volume II consists of 14 all-timers such as "I'm In The Mood For Love," "Smile," "As Time Goes By," "I Only Have Eyes For You," "Someone To Watch Over Me," "Til' There Was You," and a delicious duet with Cher on "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered," with the almost-never-heard original sexy lyrics.

Customer Reviews:

  • Gotta luv it
    I have thought several times that Rod Stewart's voice wasn't always quite right for some of these songs, comparing him to Sinatra, for example. But I was so totally drawn to listen, and find myself playing them over and over. However, I recently took a road trip with my 87 year old mother, a die-hard Sinatra fan and a certified member of the generation that these songs inspired. I put this cd on, sort of apologizing that his voice might not be the smooth style she was used to, and she listened quietly for several numbers. Soon she asked me who was singing and I told her it was a rock and roll singer by the name of Rod Stewart. I told her that I heard Rod in an interview say that he used to warm up for his rock concerts by singing these tunes. She smiled and said that she could tell that he truly loves these songs by the way he sang them, and that she thought his style was absolutely fantastic. She wanted to know where she could buy the cd we were listening to, and added that she felt he has a "great career" ahead of him! HA! Well, I am totally in love with the Rod Stewart classics - all the albums he has created have really meant so much to me. And now here is my elderly mother asking me to order them for her! I am also a fan of Frank, Nat, Dean, and many of the kings of that style of music, and I think that Rod stands tall among them. He commands a beautiful orchestration and production of these songs, and he sings them with feeling and respect for the timelessness of their appeal. Anyone who pans him for singing these is just a romanticless soul and/or really needs to sit down and shut up. I appreciate every note. And Rod now has a new fan - my mother!...more info
  • Another one? Rod, this is getting serious..
    Once is forgivable, but second one? I know money is really tempting, but you are losing my respect here........more info
  • WOW!!

    cuz its looks that way to me....more info
  • Butcher job
    Rod should stick to what he knows and leave the Standards for grown-ups....more info
  • Not Even A Good Copy
    Sitting in a movie theater a while back, I heard Rod Stewart's first oldie album and I thought that this was very different from the Rod Stewart I saw perform at Big Surf, in Tempe Arizona many years ago. Then I realized he had simply stolen the concept and part of the track list, from Bryan Ferry's "At Time Goes By" album, which came out in late 1999.

    With this sequel, Rod Stewart completes the caper by including more tracks from "As Time Goes By" and, well, the album title too. He teams up with Queen Latifa and Cher, perhaps because he needs to. The cover of the album shows Mr. Stewart looking kind of embarrassed. He should be.

    If you want an album of romantic music from the 1930s, performed by talented musicians then don't buy this one. Take a look at "As Time Goes By" by Bryan Ferry....more info

  • igottaview
    There is only 1 ROD STEWART and this album WILL NOT DISAPPOINT his fans! AWESOME! TIMELESS!...more info
  • Incredible
    I got this CD along with "Thanks for the Memories" by Rod Stewart for my dad and he absolutely loves them. Next time I see him, he said he would save a dance or two for me. Great music!...more info
  • Great Album
    If you like Vol.1, try this Album no2.
    Volumes 3 and 4 are algo great!

    ...more info
  • Hooray For Roddywood !!
    The performances contained in this CD demonstrate a song stylist master at work.Rod has simply taken all the talent,creativity and energy he has remaining and applied it to these masterpieces.Everyone associated with this recording must certainly be proud of their musical endeavors.In all candor,after listening to this CD for several repeated plays,I can honestly state the the American listening public richly deserves this product. Rod has shown the American Idols winners, and losers, how it's done. They, and other musical hopefuls, can certainly take a page from Rod's "playbook", on how to conduct a successful longterm career in show business.I suspect that Rod has modeled his career from the great singer and showman Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards. Hopefully, Rod's career will continue into his 90's as did Cliff Edwards.
    The song selection on this CD and Rod's unnatural interpretation are simply delightful. My personal favorites are," Crazy She Calls me" and Don't Get Around Much Anymore.The later tune delivered,I suspect,with just a wee dose of Rod's special irony. Have you noticed that not only is this music a delight to listen to individually but also fun when used in conducting group singalongs. All the long time Rod fans in my town gather once monthly for fun Rod American Songbook singalong dinner parties. We are also blessed to hear Rod's American Songbook tunes constantly in our local shopping mall. To be honest,I've also taken great comfort in listening to Rod's American songbook stylings in the waiting room of both my Local Vet and car repair shop. These can be stressfull times and I find Rod's song stylings comforting. Finally,I feel compelled to respond to all the naysayers who cast there negativity on Rod's music. Sure,he's not the artist he once was( who is ?) and possibly his voice and stage performance is somewhat limited but he's still that madcap Rod with that million dollar sense of Scots humour.I understand that a possible 2007 US tour is in the planning stages,to take the music"to the people".I'm simply disregarding the unfounded rumours that he may perform on the stage "seated". However, saying that,I'd still love to see Rod perform the American Songbook live, even if he did it lying in his bed.I'd also love to see a live CD with Rod singing the American Songbook with Sam Butera and the Witnesses.A match truly made in heaven. That would be a one time classic performance. Perhaps something could be arranged as a charity event.
    Finally, can anyone confirm that Rod's next project is a spoken word tribute CD for Lorne Greene with a possible advance single release of Rod's, special American Songbook treatment, of Mr. Greene's international hit"Ringo"? Rod rules everyday and everyway!!...more info
  • Another favorite
    As Time Goes By...The Great American Songbook: Volume II This series of CD's is just wonderful--great listening, very romantic and relaxing. It's hard to choose a favorite....more info
  • where's the rod stewart we once knew
    It makes me wonder why great icons agree
    to create work that do not live up to their legendary
    talents. This was such a sorry production. The famous
    Rod Stewart voice was absent throughout the album.
    It was sappy, sentimental and dull from start to finish.
    I bought the album enthusiastically expecting his famous,
    unique, raspy, gutsy interpretation of the old standards.
    I was sorely disappointed. It was just another boring
    collection of standards. One song just drifted on to the
    next like a long, dreary run-on sentence. Each cut
    was indistinguishable from the next.
    Listening to this album was just like going back to a
    familiar place after twenty years and realizing things have
    changed so much for the worse. I would like to remember
    Rod Stewart for his memorable collection of songs , not this dribble of an album....more info
  • An compiliation to feed your baby by
    We heard The Great American Songbook I in a restaurant on our honeymoon in St. Thomas last May. We loved it so much we bought it. When This album was released, we immediately purchased it. It's my favorite of the two. We have a beautiful baby daughter now. As the dad, this album helps pass the time at 3AM and later and also adds sentimentality to the bonding experience. The lyrics in "Until the real thing comes along" are especially poignant. Yeah the "rocker" Rod Stewart was great but - truth be told - this Rod Stewart is far more appealing to me....more info
  • Not Happy
    I ordered this item thru Amazon but with another company. I never received the album and could not get them to respond to my e-mails.

    I finally called Amazon and they refunded my money. Amazon is a stand up company; just don't get envolved with and of there sub companys.

    I've since ordered many things from Amazon and usually can't believe how fast they get things to me....more info
  • I wanted Rod Stewart, not....
    I wanted Rod Stewart, who is great at these standards. I did not want duets with Cher or Queen Latifah! It's not that I don't like those two women, but I like them individually, as I do Rod Stewart. Those two songs I had to edit out of the play list. :-(...more info
  • A Mixed Bag
    I didn't enjoy this collection quite as much as Volume One, but it does have its strengths. The title track, "As Time Goes By," sung as a duet with Queen Latifa, is probably the best rendition of this classic song that I have ever heard. On the other hand, the duet of "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" (sung with Cher)is downright painful to listen to (and this is one of my favorite songs ever). I have long been a fan of both Rod Stewart AND the "Great American Songbook," but his particular style only works on about half of the songs--but when it does work, the result is often a fresh, innovative, soulful interpretation of an old classic. Like its predecessor, this collection has strengths and weaknesses, but, on balance, I would much rather listen to Rod Stewart sing these great songs than to Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole singing "Maggie May" or "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy."...more info
  • Another hit for my collection
    After inadvertently receiving Volume I (because I forgot to return a Columbia House card), I became a convert to Rod's new "style". I couldn't wait to get Volume II. I wasn't disappointed. As I said in my review of the first CD, be aware of what you are getting: Rod Stewart, with his trademark scratchy sound, singing classic American songs. If you prefer the Legendary Crooners, by all means listen to them instead. The somewhat surprising choices for duets have all worked for me, somehow. I love Frank Sinatra and all the rest, but Rod singing these songs doesn't take away, for me, the greatness of the classics. A special favorite of mine from this album is 'Till There Was You~a song not often recorded (at least in my experience), from Meredith Wilson's The Music Man. So Rod's capitalizing on America's greats... for whatever reason, that doesn't bother me at all!...more info
  • 10 Star Keeper
    Being a fan of Sinatra's Duet CD's and Linda Ronstadt's Lush Life and What's New CD's which I think are MUST OWNS... I was intrigued with this CD of Mr. Stewart's so I bought it.

    Am I glad I did.

    Maybe it's the fact that my best friend and lover, my husband of thirty-eight years died unexpectedly in February ('04), but the songs are something he would have loved to listen to with me at home or driving in the car. As I write this I am listening to 'Smile' from the CD with a smile and tears streaming down my face.

    The arrangements are so well designed and executed. Queen Latifah's duet with Mr. Stewart knocked my socks off. Heck now I want her to do a classics CD, if she hasn't already (I am off the check). And the duet with Cher made me giggle and smile. I am so impressed I am off to order the It Had to Be You... The Great American Songbook CD from Amazon.

    Being able to understand the words being sung is something I savour. For a time I feared I a baby boomer, had been born in the wrong era. But with CD's like this the classics are in great shape. Heck my thirty-seven year old son wants the CD. Talk about a multi-generational CD.

    Gawd I hope and pray Mr. Stewart does a third CD. Please............more info

  • Simply Rod
    I love the classics and Rod Stewart so when the two are combined - perfect!! Great music to have in the background over dinner....more info
  • Smooth and Easy Listening
    Can't go wrong with this CD and it will keep your feet tapping....more info
  • Yikes...this bizarre "collection" is REALLY PAINFUL!!!
    First of all I have several Rod Stewart "Greatest Hits" collections and several studio albums and love his soulful and expressive voice!! So I was excited to hear that he was doing "old standards" and checked out the first collection. Volumn One is a bland set that is one tone and flat emotionally so when I heard that a follow-up was in the works, I was hopeful that with more practice this would be the one with fireworks! Sadly its more of the same with only Cher sounding great on "Bewitched" making it clear that she is the one who should be doing a set of standards as it would be a winner! Rod has the same raspy sound on every number sounding like a Billie Holiday parody on heavy medication after inhaling a few hits off of a helium filled balloon!! What he should have brought to the project is himself with his own soulful interpretations, not the bland ones here...sorry but for me it is not happening in this bizarre collection! For great singing on this kind of classic material go back to any of the great Bobby Darin sets or Joe Cocker's "Heart & Soul"...these cook!!! ...more info
  • creates the mood
    This is a great CD to have on while entertaining. It helps create a relaxing and yet up-beat mood....more info
  • SO NICE.....
    This has been my first cd of Rod Stewart and I am very proud to have this cd,because worth every penny.
    This CD has class. Congratulations to the men behind. The duet with Cher "Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered" is the best song.duet with Queen Latifah "As Time Goes By," I was astonish, She has a nice voice TOO!!. All songs are relaxings. Actually ,I listen this cd before to go bed....more info
  • As Time Goes By...The Great American Songbook: Volume II
    Rod Stuart is a great singer and musician.
    Whole GREAT AMERICAN SONGBOOK(S), whole four volumes are **********
    (10) stars.
    PERFECT & OUTSTANDING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just buy it, because this music will make you fill better and younger.

    Amir Diatlowicki...more info
  • Disappointing
    Rod Stewart is a great singer. His hits are timeless, but he can't sing the classics. His voice si not designed for the slower songs. He appears to be rather monotoneous and does not sound at all lke his other albums. Unless this is playing very low in the background, it does not sound very good....more info
  • As Time Goes By The Great American Songbook Vol 2
    A really great nostalgia CD. ...more info
  • Easily found my Easy Listening CD's
    I had been looking for more Rod Stewart music and found these at a great price. One of the songs he sings is the one my husband and I danced to at our wedding reception. You can't beat the price and I'm really happy I found this set of CD's....more info