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Call of Duty: Game of the Year Edition
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Product Description

Call Of Duty brings to life the power and drama of life on the frontlines of global war! Exciting 32-person multiplayer action via LAN or Internet Developed by the team that originated the award-winning Medal Of Honor series, for the most immersive & realistic WWII game yet!

  • Play as part of a well-trained squad in this first-person, action game
  • Delivers the gritty realism and cinematic intensity of WW II's epic battlefield
  • Experienced through the eyes of citizen soldiers and unsung heroes
  • Authentic squad movements and tactics
  • Each soldier's distinct personality and training comes out on the battlefield

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Game!
    Call of Duty is the best WWII Shooter I've ever played. It's realistic, intense, and has a wide range of missions in which you play through all sorts of battles.

    The American Campaign is my favorite. As Private Martin, you battle through French towns and countrysides, take a wild car ride through occupied territory, and rescue prisoners from a huge house and later a POW camp. Awesome.

    In the British Campaign, you are Sergeant Evans, and assist in taking and holding a bridge, destroying a dam, sinking a battleship and more.

    In the Russian Campaign, as Alexi, you fight through Stalingrad, drive T-34 tanks, and capture the Riechstag in Berlin.

    The weapons and voice talent are great, although they could have added a little more German death sounds. It gets rather boring hearing the same cry every 10 kills.

    Overall, a great game, with plenty of interesting action to keep things stirred up....more info
  • Excellent
    This just might be the FPS world's crown Jewel.Gameplay is immaculate, and the graphics and sound are supurb. My ONLY gripe is how quickly I beat it. In a year when this game and Far Cry have graced my PC, my computer feels well taken care of.

    Thanks, Activision. Thanks, Infinity Ward. You have made a masterpiece.

    On to the expansion.....more info
  • wow...
    I got this game a almost a year ago now but I just started to write reviews on Amazon now so I did this game. When writing this review I will split it up into 2 parts: Single Player and Multiplayer.
    Single Player: This is, by a long shot the most amazing game I have ever played. The game has three campaigns:American, British, And Russian (you play them on that order too) First you play as Pvt.Martin, A Soldier in the 101 Airborne Division Dureing the invasion of Normandy (D-Day) Then you parachute into the fatherland: Germany itself, where you must rescue two British Officers that were captured. As Pvt.Martin, you are a pathfinder, the ones who want ahead of the other Airborne soldiers, you land alone and must place radio beacons for the the C-47 Dacotas so they know where to drop the troops, when the rest of the Airborne troops land, all Hell brakes loose and there are some very intense battles after this from a car chase to a P.O.W. (Prisoner Of War) rescue the U.S. campaigns are very fun. In the British campaigns you play as Sgt.Evans who is in the 6 British Ariborne Division which captured Pegasus Bridge, and guess what you do too! Your Horsa Glider lands at night and you must take the bridge by surprise... After that you go undercover to distroy the Elder Dam and then you sabotage the Tirptz Batlleship. The British missions my least favorite ones because you play alone in a few of them (I like having lots of allies fighting beside me) BUT dont think that the British missions suck or anything, it is just that you play alone in some of them, but they are still great The Russian missions are simply amazing. You play as Yuri (I dont remember his last name) a pesant conscripted into the Soviet army fighting in Stalingrad. The Russian missions are the most gritty and realistic missions I have ever seen in a game, they are just plain stunning. In the first level you are in a very slow moving boat chugging its way across the Volga river with the commisars yelling Soviet propaganda to you and your comrades, with Stuka divebombers straffing your boat, and the other boats getting blown up by German artilletry it is a simpley amazing expierence. Once off the boat you are lined up to get weapons (in that time of the war the Soviet army had more men then guns so every second soldier got ammo, and every first got a gun) I wont say weather you get a gun or not, so you will have to find out for your self. Then you charge up Mamayev Kurgen (A hill with Germans on it) into the city where you take on sniper missions untill you get out of Stalingrad, then you go to poland and then invade Berlin. so that is singleplayer and it it hope I you found it helpfull
    Multiplayer is a very great expierence. Even three years after the games release there are still quite a few people playing online (I do, and my name is Spitfire) There are a lot of maps to enjoy and you might find yourself playing for a long time on multiplayer. Depending on the map you get to play as American, British, or Russian soldiers (you can be the Germans too but they are on every map)and that is the multiplayer review.
    In Conclusion: An Exellent game worth every penny you will spend on it.
    Thanks for reading
    ...more info
  • Still an awesome game
    Though this game came out a few years back, this game is still awesome and folks who havnt played it can get a great gaming experience at half the cost of a new game.
    The graphics are great, doesnt make you feel like you are playing a dated game.
    The multiplayer is excellent and free. Though i have had this game for 6 months i never tried multiplayer thinking that a subsrciption is required. Well you dont need a subscription or pay any fees, and the thrill of competing with "real" people as opposed to CPU is awesome.
    Also since many of the battle settings are out of movies (like "enemy at the gates" etc.) it makes you feel like you have been to those battlegrounds, which is just great.
    All in all, I would recommend people who havnt played this game to try it out....more info
  • Buy this game before call of duty 2
    Wow this game is awesome. I havent even tried the single player part of the game. I have been playing multiplayer for more than a week now. I've put in at least 7 hours to this game. O and let me remind you that i bought this game because i played the single player demo. the reason i tel you to get it before cod 2 is because its just as good, at 30 dollars less of a price. when you beat this game, or get tired of it, then cod 2 will probably be 20 bucks. the reason for the 4 star rating is because when i joined a server it downloaded a mod with out me knowing. a few servers did this. so when i downloaded the patch it had problems because the 1300 servers it added were all pure (meaning that it blocks all weird mods and doesnt allow you to get in). i figured out the problem, all you have to do is disable auto downloading in options. after i did that and deleted the mods it all worked. i would give it 4.5/5 if i could have because its just a minor problem....more info
  • WOW!
    This game is amazing! one of the reasons I bougth it was that it was supposed to have a long play time and it does! this graphics are much better than most games I've played even though I run them on a low setting due to an old computer. the maps are very well designed, and the AI's are actually difficult to predict because they seem to be smarter than other FPS's I've played....more info
  • Highly Overrated
    I heard quite a bit about Call of Duty, and was prepared to enjoy this game. Unfortunately, there is little to be found here that doesn't already exist.

    First off is the single player game. You start out as a soldier in charge of flagging in the incoming paratroopers. Right as you set the signal there is a rumbling in the background, and CoD is about to show one of its shining effects. The sound is truly amazing, and is a perfect mix artillery fire, airplane engines, gunfire, and the faint sound of the alarm going off alerting all of your enemies.

    Unfortunately the game doesn't keep this level of excitement and starts drifting off to the world of normal FPS's we see all the time. Every now and then something interesting comes along, like the car missions, but for the most part it's just an average single player shooter where you kill half of the world's population in order to save the world from Nazis. And this doesn't last that long either, you can easily get through all the missions in about 5-7 hours on normal mode. Hard offers higher damage so tack on another hour or maybe two and that's it. Each level feels extremely short and when you switch over to a different campaign/nation, you ask yourself what just happened.

    The game play isn't that great, and while I played it didn't feel like I was continuing because I was addicted, I was just playing it so I'd finish it and be done. There were only a couple moments when I really thought it was cool, and those were the first encounter that I explained earlier, and the last. The highly acclaimed Russian introduction failed to stun me, which is odd considering that it's usually not that hard to do.

    So after that you crack open the multiplayer and hope for the best. The version of CoD's multiplayer that I played is 1.5. CoD offers a few modes of play such as Death Match, Team DM, Search and Destroy, and Headquarters. There are 2 other types, but those are rarely seen.

    TDM is fast paced and insane, and can be fun, but often isn't. On the rare occasion that people use a range of weapons, varying from rifles to bars to Thompson's, the game is fun and somewhat of a challenge. But this is rare. Most of the time people either choose one of two weapons. The first weapon is the thompson/mp40/ppsh/sten. These guns are all very similar and have their use, but in TDM they are used to spam every corner where an enemy might be. With this on, TDM turns into a contest of who can run, gun, and get lucky the most rather who can out skill their opponent. The other vastly used weapon is the sniper rifle on larger maps, where people just prone and take a seat, just picking people off. The problem isn't necessarily that the guns are wrong (they actually are, but I'll explain this later), but rather that servers never put any limitations to these weapons and there for everyone and a half uses them, making using any other gun extremely inefficient. TDM is truly a travesty to CoD, and it's amazing it made it to release.

    S&D plays a lot like Counter-Strike, with one death per round, which is played out until the objective is completed or one side is eliminated. Here you will find the most skilled players and the best of CoD's multiplayer experience. People tend to play much more conservative and with a variety of weapons. Its only downside is the time waiting during death, which isn't that bad. The lack of in-game voice does make for some loss of entertainment while dead, but people still tend to chat using text.

    The two less popular modes, HQ and DM, are ok. DM is well, death match, and HQ is a capture and hold type of game, like a mobile king of the hill.

    One of the major problems with CoD is the weapon balance and selection. There are a total of 16 weapons, which is slightly off. There are actually more like 8 actual weapons. Most weapons are clones of each other with slight differences such as the iron sight and ammo, as well as the model, of course. But the real problem here lies in the fact that there seems to be minimal weapon balance done. Each weapon has a point and range to be used in, but some excel at every range and situation. This is the BAR and Bren. These guns can pick off people at long distance, have minimal recoil, and can be spammed to destroy the endless MP40s and 44s, all while doing high amounts of damage. These guns just aren't fair and are extremely easy to use. Meanwhile guns like the MP44 seem to be average at long range and close range, making it seem that the guns were balanced at random.

    With games on the market like Day of Defeat and such, the multiplayer just seems to lack creativity and flow. If you already own DoD, then there really isn't much of a reason to pick up CoD if you are looking for a new multiplayer game. The single player isn't that great either mainly because of its abruptness, and especially now that Brother in Arms is out, isn't worth the pick up....more info
  • Way too short but has features MOHAA does not
    I played Medal of Honor Allied Assault (MOHAA) and the expansion Spearhead. MOHAA made me love FPS war games. Call of Duty (COD) has a lot of things that I wished MOHAA had when I was playing it. COD allows you pick up any type of weapon in the game including the enemy's. It handles the supply of ammunition much better by letting you take the German weapons and take their ammunition as you kill them. MOHAA would give you Thompson rounds for picking up MP40 rounds and similar for the rifles. The stance feature is setup better. You can change from standing to crouch with a single button you don't have to hold it down as in MOHAA and you can drop to a laying down position, which MOHAA did not have. COD also has an improved aiming feature where you can look down the weapon site on all weapons not just sniper rifles. The only playability feature that COD did not have was stealth mode. In MOHAA you could sneak right up behind the enemy if the opportunity presented itself. Since a lot of the missions involved team movement you wouldn't be able to use this feature often; however, there were several times that it would have been nice to have.

    I also like the game engine that COD uses. MOHAA also has some missions where you work with other guys on your side; however, the teammate AI was generally awful. In COD, your teammates actually act like soldiers. They use cover effectively and can engage the enemy without getting themselves killed (at least some of them can - the Russian troops just act like cannon fodder). They are useful they don't just get in the way as in MOHAA. However, they aren't always careful with their grenades (watch the shrapnel). The enemy AI has even improved over MOHAA. In MOHAA, the enemy would always react the same way (always). The Germans in COD sometimes take different routes (they do still spawn from pre-determined locations). They also use team-attacking tactics. This is very evident in one of the Russian missions where you are holding the building waiting for reinforcements. Holding the building against 100+ Germans for 4 minutes is hard on veteran difficulty (no health packs, more accurate enemy, more damage if hit) when all your teammates are wiped out. The AI attacks in groups using guys to draw your fire while they get better firing positions. And boy they are just waiting for you to run out of ammo and have to reload. Needless to say that took a couple of loaded saves.

    One other thing I really liked is the historic battles. I use to play Close Combat (1 thru 5) and I recognized a lot of the locations in the airborne drops by the Americans and British. Other than the D-Day landings MOHAA story line seemed kinda generic.

    The only reason I don't give COD 5 stars is the single player is way to short. I played on the highest difficulty and finished in less than 24 hours, MOHAA lasted a lot longer. I haven't played online yet, but I can't imagine it being much different than MOHAA. However, as I remember multiplayer is pretty addictive.
    ...more info
  • as if it were a movie!
    finally got a copy after 2 years. glad i did. fabulous is all i can say. just great2 nothing like ive ever played on pc or platform. a true must buy!...more info
  • Fun Game!
    It was a lot of fun. I didn't expect it to be so much like an arcade game.

    To the developers: I would like to have games like CoD but taking place in Viet Nam, Iraq, and the pacific theater of WW2. How come virtually the only enemies you get to shoot in war games are Germans? I think that really SUCKS! I want to also shoot Japanese, Vietnamese, and Muslims. I especially want to shoot Muslims after 911 and everything. I also think it'd be fun to nuke Japan in a game. I'm really tired of shooting Germans. Give us some different frigging enemies! All you game companies are missing a lot of easy money by not making an FSP about Iraq.

    ...more info
  • Be a Hero!
    ...But wait until you can buy this and the new United Offensive Expansion together. To be honest though if you really want to play the next best 1st person shooter to Half-Life 2 then get the expansion pack and this, but they should be out together soon enough.

    This game can run on a 32mb graphics card meaning if you have a high-end 64mb module or a 128mb you are going to be in for a good time. I ran it on a 256mb and it was very good with the UO expansion was astonishing. Nearly anyone with a somewhat recent PC can play this 1st person shooter and I am sure it will leave most happy that they did. Was it better than Medal of Honour: Allied Assault, as we have heard? Yeah, it is, but not by much, a margin maybe, but still anything that can live up to MOHAA surely can't be missed and COD lives up to the hype.

    The concept is the same as MOHAA except that there is more action, more high-octane moments, a different type of enemy AI. UO has a lot more going on in terms of what you can pilot and drive in the story, although not freely but as part of the story. The Both COD and UO game play certainly have the Cinematic intensity that it claims including various set pieces like the storming of the Reichstag. UO has more thrilling missions but this one has the original Enemy at the Gates opening. UO has an Enemy at the Gates finishing, a train bombing run, a lighthouse demolition, the Soviet offensive, all stunning to boot.

    COD or OU iare not however HL2 graphics quality or anything close, but does offer a vast improvement over MOHAA, so in that respect is quite good, just nowhere near cutting edge. However COD:UO does have very convincing camera jitters and spectacular smoky explosions. So does COD but not as good quality. The textures let both games down a small bit but the environments and maps are genuinely war like all the way through and can not be faulted. The enemy AI and your own team AI can vary between very helpful and not so helpful but this depends on if you do your job or not. It is actually quite reliable. More so in UO - when your team take on an enemy the AI allows each to take multiple hits so that they eventually come into close combat and start hitting each other. This AI must be taken as is, even though slightly unrealistic, the game is not a war simulation but a 1st person war adventure and to be honest, does exactly what it says on the tin. So apart from the staged element, which actually ads to the game, it is more of an experience than a game you will turn to time and time again, however it is worth it for the experience of the single player mission alone.

    I can not fault it much except to say that it is shorter than UO, a bit easier than UO, and UO is shorter than MOHAA. Weapons realism is not fantastic and the game was a little shorter than UO (this is a 1.5 day game span while UO had 3) but to be honest I am only cribbing. The pandemonium of war is all here in a spectacular fashion because the story is a winner as you play a mini version of BAND OF BROTHERS as part 1 and then a mini version of ENEMY AT GATES in part 2. So WOW! You even feel loss at the end.

    However when a new war simulation like OPERATION FLASHPOINT comes out for high-end cards I know we will have the true war winner. Please bring on the real war simulator!

    - Play the two films mentioned above.
    - Best new war game and 2nd best 1st person shooter.
    - Awesome war atmosphere.
    - Smoky explosions.
    - Can run on a 32mb card!
    - COD + UO makes for a great experience.

    - 1.5 day lifespan for COD and a 3 day lifespan for UO.
    - Weapons are not so realistic.
    - Graphics are not 128mb worthy.
    - We really need a new Operation Flashpoint with map editor!...more info
  • Nice!
    Okay, i am a die hard medal of honor fan, so when i first downloaded the demo for this one thing hit me hard. whoa, realism. i could no longer lock and load with a weapons factory on my back, i could only have 2 guns, a sidearm, and some grenades. the other thing was that 3 shots and you are dead! health is abundant but run and gun is not a option! tactics, cover, so many things were new. but soon i found this was what made the game fun. this had a unbelievible amount of intensity, with tradcers flying everywhere, men yelling, machine guns cracking all around. there was only one thing i didn't like. your allies and enimies are... well... really short and sometimes just bad looking. their legs seem too short, faces are kinda repetitive... I know that the games Quake III engine is old, but i have just seen it put to better use in games like jedi outcast and medal of honor. overall its worth the money, but medal of honor will always be my favorite graphically...more info
  • Medal of Honor 2?
    If you like first-person shooters set in World War II, then you'll probably like Call of Duty. It has very nice graphics, good squad combat, good level design, and runs well if you have an upper-midrange system like mine. And-oh yes-it's much like Medal of Honor.

    If you've played Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, then you should have a good idea what Call of Duty is like. I would say that overall, though, Call of Duty is better because it doesn't have those ludicrously difficult sniper levels in Medal of Honor. Call of Duty lets you choose the difficulty level, and the easy setting IS easy as it should be.

    I'm impressed with the graphics and level design in Call of Duty. The levels are laid out in such a way as to enhance combat and allow a bit of interesting exploration. Moreover. The levels have a lot of detail, and yet the game runs smoothly even at the highest screen resolution.

    Well, it'll run smoothly if your system is at least as good as mine, and my computer is configured with a 3 GHz Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM, and a 128 MB ATI Radeon 9800 Pro graphics card. If your system is not so well endowed, then don't give up. You could easily set the graphics settings at lower levels to get smooth frame rates.

    So why not five stars? My only beef with this game is that it's rather derivative of older games. There's not a whole lot here that other shooters haven't offered before. But that's not too bad because Call of Duty takes what came before it and refines it.

    To sum it up, Call of Duty is a very good game that deserves a try from any shooter fan. I gave it a try, and I'm glad I did....more info
  • Exciting WW2 FPS
    I bought Call of Duty recently. A friend suggested, with CoD 2 and 3 out, why bother with CoD 1? Well I figured I would give it a try to know if I liked the series before going on to the more expensive versions. I was not disappointed. It is a great game, and although I'm sure the newer games have better graphics and stuff, this game does not feel outmoded at all. I only missed the chance of playing as German in the single-player campaign, but this game is all about the Allies. Excellent anyway....more info
  • Best First Person Shooter to have if you only have one
    While there are many improved FPS games out there that are improved in graphics and complexity, this is the one game you should learn to be good at before you ever move on to online or other, more difficult First Person Shooter or multi-player combat games. This one will make a gamer combat veteran out of you and give you the eye, the reflexes and raise you to a level of competance you'll need for the games you'll move on to. I get this "old" game out every few months, just to remind myself of HOW to game, using all the basics. Best first time FPS made, in my book....more info
  • great game but not enough single player missions
    The gameplay in Call of Duty is excellent. The single-user missions are well-put together, with the minor quibble that they are disjoint: You alternate missions by the handful between British, American, and Russian forces. You even drive a tank in a couple of missions. The level of realism was excellent; the game hits home hard and makes you cringe in spots.

    The missions are challenging enough to keep you engrossed, but not too challenging that they're impossible. The biggest problem I have with Call of Duty is that the missions are far too short. It took me about ten hours to complete all of the missions.

    Once I finished the missions, I tried out multiplayer. So far I've found it to be less than compelling. Most servers (there are a lot of them!) are set up as team death-match, which means it's a pointless bloodbath to rack up the most kills.

    From a performance standpoint, I had almost no problems with the game once I updated my video drivers. I noted a couple of odd polygon problems but nothing that detracted much from gameplay....more info
  • Most Realistic Shooter Ever (and my Favourite)
    Yes. This is the ultimate fps. A lot of people will say Half Life or Half Life 2 is, but I'm standing by this. This one is more realistic. It is a World War II fps, not an alien filled romp that is fun. Anywho, in this game you play through three campaigns: American, British, and finally Russian. You are a soldier in one of those three squads and attempt to successfully complete whatever mission you were assigned. This game focuses on the heroes of the war being a group of "nobodies" not just one big hero.

    The graphics may be a little dated, but they still get the job done very nicely. You unfortunately do not get to drive any vehicles, though on two different missions you are in a moving vehicle being chased by enemies and have to take 'em out.

    The gameplay is exceptional and by far the best in any FPS I have ever played. I am not joking. This is once very intense game and is by no means a "run and gun" ala Quake or Doom. If you decide to go out guna a blazin' you may get a bullet popped right in the head. You have to be careful, move slow if need be and watch out, depending on what type of gun you have. You may want to lay prone for a while in order to assess the situation. Though there are times when you will have to run out firing.

    The online play is even better. I have not played every mode that is offered but there are some exciting ones like Behind Enemy Lines and Headquarters. The old Deathmatch is fun as well. But my personal fav is Team Deathmatch. The gameplay is just as exciting, and even more unpredictable because you are playing against real people. And if you still have a dial up modem like me, do not worry, with the exception of a few times, I run very great at pretty good ping times. It is still very much fun.

    Personal Highlights:
    1. Holding the bridge as the brits
    2. The car battle
    3. Going into Stalingrad without a weapon. If you turn and run, the Russian's open fire on their own men.

    This is the first game where I really took a lot of screenshots at really cool things that happened or I did. If you like FPS games weather they are run and gun or strategic you should get this. And if you are a WWII buff then you should get this as well. It is well worth your money....more info
  • great start to the call of duty family
    great game I got for my Birthday.


    .3 campaigns America at D day, Britain at France, Russa at Stalingrad
    .realistic weapons
    .Good graphics
    .great online multiplayer
    .this game got me use to first person shooter games on computer by using the w,a,s,d keys

    cons- none...more info
  • Fun for hours
    What a Journey!! This game has it all. There was one level which gave my computer trouble loading. The detail and graphics in this game does require a rather robust machine to drive it, but overall it definitely has my recommendation. ...more info
    Ok, i just want to say that i know nobody is probably gonna read this review. BUT, if they do, i want to say GO BUY THIS GAME. this game has an awesome single player campaig and BETTER MULTIPLAYER THAN HALO. and i have halo. but this game rocks and its not that pricy. so buy this game, and trust me if you liked halo, you'll like this....more info
  • Call of Duty
    Had a hell of a time installing this game.You need to get a patch for it to work, maybe they've fixed that on later versions. Game play is a blast and very user friendly. Online play can be addicting, be prepared to get waxed until you get good at it. Would like to hit Omaha beach like on Medal. ...more info
  • One of the best military-action games on the market...
    I've played enough military computer games to know that Call Of Duty: The Game of the Year happens to be a great game. I actually already had this PC game, but it was damaged, so I bought another one knowing how good it was. The best part about this game is that you can also play a multiplayer game on the internet. I also would highly recommend Call Of Duty: United Offensive. This game utilizes tanks, airplanes, jeeps and more weapons. Plus, if you're a military enthusiast life myself, it is amazingly accurate with geography, weaponry, etc....more info