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Canon 2344A001 E1 Hand Strap for Eos Rebel Series
List Price: $39.99

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Product Description

Canon is a leader in professional business and consumer imaging equipment and information systems. By developing innovative, high-quality business solutions Canon makes it easy to create, manage, and share images and information better, faster, and more efficiently.

  • Handstrap E1 Requires Battery Grip Bg-E2
  • Compatible With All Eos Cameras

Customer Reviews:

  • Neck pain no more
    As the owner of a new Canon 40D - and BGE2 battery grip - I quickly found the metal bodied camera and two battery grip were much too heavy to attach a neck strap to the camera - (without dire body consequences).

    My lens of choice (until I recover from the cost of the 40D) is the 28-135mm IS f3.5 with a 72mm glass front element. THIS IS A HEAVY LENS, and the combination with the camera body would be a neck breaker using a neck strap.

    As a left handed photographer - the right handed hand strap is a perfect tool for my camera control. My strap is positioned and loose enough for access to the "on/off" switch for portrait shutter and camera controls, and allows very precise control of this heavy camera/lens combination.

    My fingers are long enough to reach necessary controls to include both the wheel and buttons above the shutter release on the 40D. I assume the 20 and 30D are similarly laid out.

    Yes - it requires a BG (Battery Grip) anchor point - and yes it took me a few minutes to figure the attachment arrangement (without resorting to instructions)... It was the ONLY POSSIBLE way it could work...

    I like it. It works. It's comfortable... and I wouldn't even think of using a neck strap on this heavy rig... worth the cost to have Canon imprinted on the pad... your choice......more info
  • Comfortable and easy to install
    The hand strap did not come with any instructions for attaching the strap to a camera, and it's not quite intuitive. The instructions are found easily online though. The hand strap is easy to slip on and off, and is quite comfortable too....more info
  • Not that great on the Rebels
    Yeah, yeah, you need a battery pack to attach this. Know what you're buying. Its not a negative aspect to this product. As far as the quality goes, this isn't as great as I thought (coming from Canon and not a third-party vendor). It isn't cheap (as in 'price') as far as most hand-straps go, but its barely padded, not that comfortable, and it started to wrinkle where it has to twist when I try to adjust the top dial on my camera (Rebel Xti) after only a few days of use (and I have small hands). So it could be that I am a freak with a short index finger (high testosterone levels or something), or that I like the strap to be very snug (the purpose of this is to ensure my rig doesn't slip out of my hand when it relaxes on the grip). But I think its just kind of a junky strap that doesn't let you reach that top wheel on the Rebels. Its probably more comfortable on the higher-end cameras where the wheel is on the back.

    I will say that its somewhat complex to attach (from what I see they all are). There are NO instructions with the E1, and I'm sure more seasoned photographers can tie this on without looking, but I sure can't. Its easy enough if you're a sailor or boyscout or x-sailor/boyscout, or some creepy hybrid combination I haven't even thought of yet, but I had to Google-up the method. Not a HUGE deal, but theres no good reason to omit a simple instruction sheet. Its kinda stupid I think, not to. Even free crap at the fair comes with shoddy instructions. I'm just glad I was near a computer and not in the jungle, when I had to install this thing....more info
  • strap
    This could be a great thing if you could hook to the camera WITHOUT the battery pack! It is not worth the hassle to change straps depending on do I want the battery add-on or not. I gave mine away and bought a op/tech strap works a lot better fo me. Do your research before purchasing a hand strap and make sure what you buy is what you are expecting and not just a waste of time and money....more info
  • Pretty Good Strap
    The strap is a good strap, it makes the camera handle a lot easier and feel more stable. It's tricky to figure out how to attach the strap to the camera. It requires the optional battery grip (which I have). I wrote Canon about attaching the strap, they told me to contact the retailer so I wrote Adorama Camera, they told me to contact Canon. I thought either should have helped me with this issue and was disappointed with both of their answers. I figured it out - I think - at least it's on there and feels secure. ...more info
  • Strap REQUIRES battery grip
    Although not an inherent problem with the strap itself, the description does not indicate that a battery grip is REQUIRED to install....more info
  • Great add-on for extra battery pack.
    I use this handstrap with my 20D when I have the extra battery pack attached and it's great.
    Highly recommended....more info
  • Great Accessory
    I love the hand strap, but can't figure out how to make room to keep a neck strap on the camera at the same time. It's great for a tiring hand at the end of an 8 hour wedding, though!...more info
  • a must have option
    this canon e-1 hand strap is a must have, for any photogapher, light or heavy, the strap helps in making your camera easy to hold and makes your hands relax more. I bought 2 of these for my 1D's for my trip to florida, i have no regrets.

    it doesn't have a manual on how to put the strap on thought....more info
  • Great Strap for the Money.
    I hate neck straps. Love this item. As others have said, a little confusing to put on but the diagram posted in the pictures section is excellent. Obviously you have the have the battery grip. Worth the money....more info
  • It's a strap.
    Canon makes this hand-strap to go with some of their higher-end models, or some of the high end consumer dslr's when you add a battery pack grip - i added this to my xti setup when i put the bg-e3 on for longer shooting without needing to worry about changing batteries - the grip feels good, much better than the cheap one i had previously bought on ebay.

    if your camera has the ability to use this, or you add a battery pack to your camera and can add this on, it is a good feeling hand grip - if you are comfortable shooting without a neckstrap, this is the way to go!

    it does seem pricey, but the quality is worth it for a 'real' canon product. ...more info
  • Very Handy Accessory
    I'm using the Canon 20D with the BG-E2 battery grip (a must in order to utilize this hand-strap) and this is a very nice accessory to have. It not only gives me a much better sense of security with my shooting, but it is very comfortable. Sometimes I use it as a padding for my palm instead of use it as a strap. It's just a GREAT product. Definitely suggest getting it if you have the BG-E2 (or any other) grip attached....more info
  • OOPs. No battery grip.
    This item is very well mad and comfortable against my hand. The problem is that I have a different brand battery grip. I should have read the other reviews before ordering because the need for a Canon battery grip was not mentioned in the description of the item. Lesson learned - research thoroughly before purchasing....

    Still trying to find a way to attach it... Yeah, I know - sad....more info
  • Useful
    As an amateur photographer, this item has proved its' worth to me. It is very comfortable and gives me a sense of security for my camera, at any time someone could accidently bump into you; knocking the camera out of your hands. This item helps to prevent that from happening and is well worth having....more info
  • E1 hand strap
    Another issue I'll add is that when you remove your hand from the strap to use the battery grip shutter release in portrait orientation, inevitably the neck strap falls in front of the view finder. This requires using two hands and is not always convient especially outdoors in rainy weather, shooting at high camera angles. I did this for two weeks straight in a rainy Europe and it was very irritating. I like to have the neck strap left on with the hand strap so I dont have to return the camera to my sling bag for a while. As others have mentioned, fast disconnect clips on both the neck strap and hand strap would be a nice addition. (read Canon call Rock Lockster) they furnish the clips for Lowepro camera bags....more info
  • A Must have for any serios photogrpher.
    A handstrap is a great addtion to any camera system. You won't believe the stress it will relive from your hand/arm especially when using bigger cameras and/or heavier/longer lesnes.

    It could be better if the strap was more robust or padded, but still this is great overall....more info
  • great strap
    This strap is super soft and very comfortable to use. I would be nice if you could adjust and remove the strap a little easier. ...more info