Pentax I-USB7 USB Cable for the Optio WPi, WP & S55 Digital Cameras
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Product Description

Pentax has been a leader in the photographic field for many years. Many Pentax innovations have become standards in the industry. Pentax's enthusiasm and devotion towards the development of high-quality products have thrived over the years and continues to be stronger than ever.

A high-quality USB cable for camera to computer connection, you can download images quickly and conveniently. It is easy to connect and use, and also features a shield covering that protects from electrical interference. This cable is compatible with the Optio 450, 550, 555, S, S4, 33WR, S40, S4i, 43WR, 750Z, S50, S5i, and X.

  • High-quality USB cable for camera to computer connection
  • Download images quickly and conveniently
  • Easy to connect and use
  • Shield covering protects from electrical interference
  • Compatible with Pentax Optio 450, 550, 555, S, S4, 33WR, S40, S4i, 43WR, 750Z, S50, S5i, and X

Customer Reviews:

  • great cable
    Man, this is a great cable and so reasonably priced! I mean heck, it hooked by camera right up to my computer with on two movements. Who'd a thunk......more info
  • Not for my product
    Optio Camera. Was not for my product. My product has a yet smaller USB like connector. This one does not fit. I rate it low, because it does not fit my product....more info
  • Just what I needed
    Tried to find a replacement cord for the camera in local stores with no luck. This product arrived as ordered and works perfectly with the Pentax Optio W30 camera. I do not have any negative comments as it is made just for my camera....more info
  • USB cable for Pentax Option WP
    my original thought was to contact pentax directly for this cable, but was advised by Pentax to go to Amazon, which was fine with me of course. the cable works naturally, and is NOT available directly from Pentax! Happy trails and good shooting, ...more info
  • Cable for Digital Camera
    Works perfectly. Very pleased with service I received from Amazon and seller....more info
  • Optio S50 Compatible?
    Either there is something wrong with my camera or this is not compatible with the Optio S50. I was unable to transfer any of my pictures to my computer, and kept receiving an error message every time I plugged the device in. I have tried other usb card readers with no problems. The only reason I ordered this was so that I would not have to remove the memory card each time I went to transfer the files to my computer, and risk losing the data by not ejecting it properly. Why I keep getting this error message I do no know....more info
  • They're wires!
    They're wires!! They have a small doodad on one end that fits in the camera and a larger one at the other end and electrons magically travel from one end to the other. I can't tell you how they do it but pictures somehow appear on a computer monitor and so I'm pretty sure that there are no shorts in the wire which is nice because the only reason to have the wire is to allow electrons to move from one end to the other without interruption. It's a black wire which sort of gets me down in that it reminds me of long winter nights rather than colorful spring flowers but since the wire is usually kept in a dark case, I guess it doesn't make a difference.One hint...This wire is not an appropriate anniversary or birthday gift for the lady in your life ...more info
  • Pentex USB transfer cable
    This product is exactly what I was looking for. I searched in stores but they were unable to provide me with the correct wire.
    ...more info
  • erroneously advertised at Amazon
    Amazon's description says this cable is compatible with the Optio 450. Not true. The black plastic lug at the camera end prevents coupling....more info