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Saturday Night Live: The Best of Chris Farley
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Studio: Lions Gate Home Ent. Release Date: 02/06/2007

Customer Reviews:

  • "Dad, I Wish you could just shut your big YAPPER!!"
    So sad. So much talent, so little left for us to cherish, but this IS IT. This is the treasure trove that Chris Farley left us before he passed. The Matt Foley: Motivational Speaker sketch is without a doubt the funniest piece of sketch that I have EVER seen on SNL. Just look at David Spade and Christina Applegate's faces, they cannot stop laughing, it's just that funny. This DVD version does elimate some classic skits such as The Herlihy Boy and Schmitts Gay but the remainder and the extras make this worth the price of purchase. Among the best are Chippendales Dancer, Da Bears ("I'M NOKING...NOKING!!!), Bennett Brauer's Weekend Update commentary ("maybe the network would be happier with someone who doesn't EAT THEIR OWN DANDRUFF or FRIGHTEN SMALL CHILDREN"), Grandma Sketch w/Sandler & Married Old Couple sketch with Sandler and of course, The Chris Farley Show. The bonus features on this DVD are great too, there are 2 talk show performances, one with Conan O'Brien and one with Jay Leno. I'm convinced that Farley suffered from anxiety/panic disorder because if you watch these interviews you can see that he is so uncomfortable (sweating and clenching his fists) during these interviews. I truly believe if he would have gotten some professional help for his anxiety instead of self medicating he might still be with us today. But anyway, this is some of the funniest sketch comedy ever created and is an absolute must-own for even a casual fan. Highest Recommendation...R.I.P Chris Farley.

    P.S. "I Don't give a damn, cause i'm movin' in...I'm sick and tired of livin' IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER!!!!!!!!!!"...more info
  • this is the best fukin SNL movie ever
    this is one hilarious gut busting comedy with all of chris farleys greatest SNL moments. GET THIS DVD...more info
  • Gotta love Chris
    This movie was awesome. Really makes me miss this man. All i got to say is there should have been more on there!...more info
  • One of the Greats
    I had purchased and lost a copy of this DVD several years ago. I was very happy to track is down again. Chris Farley is one of my all time favorites from SNL, and this dvd shows him at his very best....more info
  • An Icon Of 90's Comedy
    This is one of the most hilarious DVD's I have ever laid my eyes to. The only flaw is that they cut the Zagat's skit short, but you can easily watch the full version on the Best of Adam Sandler, which I also have. Favorites include Matt Foley, who lives in a van down by the river, Bennett Brauer, telling kids not to "eat their own dandruff" and "leave dried up deodorant cakes under their armpits for long periods of time" and such, the Tokyo Gameshow with contestant Larry Templeton (I think that's how you spell it) who doesn't speak Japanese (you can also view this on the best of Mike Myers), and, of course, the HiberNol commercial.

    I wish they had "The Herlihy Boy" or "Schmitts Gay" on there, because they're on the best of Adam Sandler.

    R.I.P. Chris Farley
    1964-1997...more info
  • Excellent skits, but they took out a couple things
    This is a great DVD - very funny. If you like SNL, you will probably like this DVD. I had only seen the original 2000 release (by the exact same name as this one) of this DVD before buying this new 2003 release. The 2000 release was made by Vidmark/Trimark (ASIN: 157362862X @ instead of from Lions Gate Home Entertainment. This version is edited a little from the original, so the actual tribute is probably about a couple minutes shorter than the original release. However, the one upgrade is more extras (special features). There are two hilarious clips of late show appearances that are not on the original release. Then there is a short outtakes reel which is decent, a deleted skit which isn't very good, and some photos to look at. So it depends on which you would rather have.

    Here are the cons:

    I'm not sure exactly how much was left out on this new release but I do know that the "Herlihy Boy: House Sitting Service" skit with Adam Sandler was cut out (which is my favorite SNL skit of all time). Another great segment that was left out was the "Little Women"-esque sequence where they fall through the ice and start cursing and make a pact with the devil. Yet another skit that was taken out was the "Shmitt's Gay Beer" skit, which doesn't bother me because I did not like it anyways (but some people like it). One final segment that was left out was the "in memoriam" introduction by Tim Meadows at the beginning of the previous release.

    Now for the pros:

    Excellent skits include Matt Foley's Motivational Speaker "Go For It" skit, "Hidden Camera Commercials," the "Chris Farley Show" with Paul McCartney (and clips of 2 more), & the Japanese Game Show, which are four of my favorite SNL skits ever (after the "Herlihy Boy" skit of course).

    Some more pretty good skits include a classic Bennett Brower skit, the Superfans skit with Michael Jordan, "El Nino," "General Norman Shwarskoff: I Want Holyfield!," "Lunch Lady Land," & "Chippendales,"

    They did try to substitute some new scenes for the left out scenes. "Focus on Beauty II" is an added segment that is decent but not great.

    Although this release is missing some skits, "The Herlihy Boy" & the "Schmitt's Gay Beer" skits are both on the new "Best of Adam Sandler" DVD (from Lions Gate), so I bought that in addition to this DVD to get the missing skits. I'm satisfied enough because the Adam Sandler DVD is pretty good too (although not as good as this Chris Farley DVD)

    Now that Will Ferrell got a Volume 2, it would be pretty sweet if Lions Gate made a Volume 2 for Chris Farley. they could include the falling-through-the-ice segment, as well as some more skits that don't appear on either release of Volume 1. The first skit that comes to mind is the hilarious "baseball commentary" on Weekend Update when Farley was talking about his favorite baseball memory (he remembers the 1978 World Series and he talks about "climbing over the fence out onto the field and running around wild and free until the security guards come." Some more great additions would be some more Bennett Brower reports, or some more "Matt Foley: motivational speaker" skits, some "valley girl" skits, & some more "Bill Sharwsky's Superfans." I'm sure they shouldn't have a problem finding at least an hours worth of footage to please us with. They could even put a biography, or some interesting special feature in the Extras section.

    Even if they don't make a volume 2, this release is pretty good. If you liked Chris Farley on SNL, this is a must have DVD for your collection. You shouldn't be disappointed. I definitely recommend it....more info
  • Hilarious!
    This is Chris Farley at his best. Hyper, crazy, and A LOT of fun. He had me laughin so hard on the "HOW CAN YOU GET BACK ON THE RIGHT TRACK!" VERY VERY funny DVD, a must have for all Chris Farley fans and "SNL Best Of" Collectors. GREAT DVD...more info
    This was everything great about chris farley. All his best moments in one funny movie. Highly recomend it to anyone who enjoys a good laugh....more info
  • Terrible "best of" for a really funny person.
    I really don't like this "best of" because I can't stand that they included clips and montages instead of the entire skit at times. The skits that Farley was in were absolutely hilarious, and you'll want to watch the entire thing but you won't be able to on this DVD. I'm a huge fan of Farley and just thought that this collection was only ok, maybe for someone who likes Farley and just wants a basic reminder of how funny he was. I wish a longer and more complete SNL Best Of would come out. As somebody said earlier a volume 2 would be great, especially if the skits weren't dissected so much. It reminds me of an E special of best of SNL, where they only show 5 seconds of the skit they say is great....more info