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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls start your engines. You're about to take an incredible ride with one of the most wonderful family films of all time! Now celebrating its 30th anniversary, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has never looked or sounded better. Dick Van Dyke stars as eccentric inventor Caractacus Potts, who creates an extraordinary car called Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It not only drives but also flies and floats as it leads him, his two children and his beautiful lady friend, Truly Scrumptious (Sally Ann Howes), into a magical world of pirates, castles and endless adventure.

This 1968 kiddie-car caper is flawed but solid family fare. It retains a quaint charm while some of the songs--including the title tune--are quite hummable. A huge plus is Dick Van Dyke, who is extremely appealing as an eccentric inventor around the turn of the century. With nimble fingers and a unique way of looking at the world, he invents for his children a magic car that floats and flies. Or does he? The special effects are tame by today's standards, and the film is about 20 minutes too long--but its enthusiasm charms. The script was cowritten by Roald Dahl and based on the novel by Ian Fleming, best known for his James Bond adventures. --Rochelle O'Gorman

Customer Reviews:

  • Move over MARY POPPINS-Dick Van Dyke's finest two hours
    Move over MARY POPPINS...CHITTY is a marvelously entertaining of the highlights being the outstanding performance of Dick Van Dyke. Watch it LETTERBOXED or don't watch it at all. The ME OL' BAMBOO segment has got to be one of the greatest musical numbers ever. Van Dyke deserved more recognition for this performance. The rest of the production as well, is stellar. An under-appreciated 60's era musical classic....more info
  • Great for kids
    A favorite of my generation growing up my 3 yo grandson loves it too!...more info
  • Great Purchase
    I love buying from Amazon ! Always get a wonderful product and kindness in helping to find something via email..Great place to shop !...more info

    United Artists
    Release Date(s): December 16, 1968 (London) (premiere)
    December 18, 1968 (USA)
    Runtime: 144 minutes.

    Direced by:
    Ken Hughes
    Produced by:
    Albert R. Broccoli....producer
    Stanley Sopel....associate producer


    Dick Van Dyke....Caractacus Potts
    Sally Ann Howes....Truly Scrumptious
    Lionel Jeffries....Grandpa Potts
    Gert Frobe....Baron Bomburst
    Anna Quayle....Baroness Bomburst
    Benny Hill....Toymaker
    James Robertson Justice....Lord Scrumptious
    Robert Helpmann....Child Catcher
    Heather Ripley....Jemima
    Adrian Hall....Jeremy
    Barbara Windsor....Blonde
    Davy Kaye....Admiral
    Alexander Dore....First Spy
    Bernard Spear....Second Spy
    Stanley Unwin....Chancellor
    Peter Arne....Captain of Guard
    Desmond Llewelyn....Coggins
    Victor Madden....Junk Man
    Arthur Mullard....Big Man
    Ross Parker....Chef
    Gerald Campion, Felix Felton, Monti de Lyle....Ministers
    Tottie Truman Taylor....Duchess
    Larry Taylor....Lieutenant
    Max Bacon....Orchestra Leader
    Max Wall....Inventor
    John Heawood....Inventor
    Michael Darbyshire....Inventor
    Kenneth Waller....Inventor
    Gerald Taylor....Inventor
    Eddie Davis....Inventor


    Caractacus Potts is a widower trying to provide for his two children, by
    invented wacky inventions he hopes to sell and patent. When the kids plead
    with him to save an old racing car (which is their plaything) from an unscrupulous junk dealer who wants to melt down for scrap metal, Potts has to come up with 30 shellings. During an outing at the local carnival, he brings one of his inventions, a haircutting machine, hope to earn the money. However, when it inadvertenly destroys a man's head of hair, he runs for his life, seeking refuge with a dance troupe. He does so well in the song and number, the crowd starts to throw money at him and his giving more by the leader of the troupe. Potts finally buys the car, and over a period of time turns it into a glorious car--Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

    The James Bond Connection:

    There a number of similarities between "CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG" and the third James Bond film "GOLDFINGER."

    Both movies:

    (1)Are based on stories written by Ian Fleming.
    (2)Feature a villain by Gert Frobe as Baron Bomburst and Auric Goldfinger.
    (3)Have the hero using a gadget car, Chitty and an Aston Martin DB5.
    (4)Were produced by Albert R. Broccoili.
    (5)Had Ken Adam for the production desinger.
    (5)Include Desmond Llewelyn, who plays the recurring Bond character Q; he
    appears in "CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG" as Coggins, the junk dealer.
    (6)Were released by United Artists.
    (7)Author Roald Dahl wrote the screenplays for both "CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG" and another Bond film "YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE."
    ...more info
  • Old favorite
    Like an old but favourite blanket, we had this on VHS, and bought it to add to our children's library of DVDs, so they can view the stuff that contributed to moulding their parents....more info
  • Timeless
    I saw this movie when I was a kid. I am now 47, and I got it for my Brother's kids. They loved it. It it a timeless family classic....more info
  • Chitty Chitty more Bang Bang for the Buck!!
    The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Special Edition DVD is worth the purchase if you compare it to the first DVD release of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which is utterly devoid of special features. If you like musicals like The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz and especially Mary Poppins I believe you'll also find a place in your heart for this film. It is certainly a must for someone who is a fan of the Sherman Brothers song writing team....more info
  • Warm and Wonderful Family Musical
    CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG is a sentimental favorite of mine.
    I saw, and fell in love with, this film when I was barely 8 years old.
    The kids, Jeremy and Jemima, are great little actors, and Dick Van Dyke is wonderful as Dr. Caractacus Potts, who takes the run down former race car and transforms it into a magnificent flying car. Sally Anne Howes is lovely. I agree with the reviewer that the film is about 20 minutes too long, but that's my only real criticism of it. The songs are adorable and the cinematography is for the most part stunning. This film should be in the DVD library of every family. ...more info
  • fun movie
    This was purchesed for my son who loves anything in the world of travel. His birthday isn't until Nov. so he hasn't watched it yet. The product came quickly just as advertised....more info
  • Sadly, it's anotherDisney failed attempt... =(
    Although Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is a timeless classic, you half wish that Disney added a Spanish option to it. I got it as a gift for my father (along with a few others), and due to lack of description upon buying it from Amazon only had the options of English and French. ...more info
  • Timeless
    I saw this movie when I was a kid. I am now 47, and I got it for my Brother's kids. They loved it. It it a timeless family classic....more info
  • Great Fun
    This is a great movie for the whole family. Great humor and acting talent.
    Really enjoyed watching this one....more info
  • Great Movie
    This is our second copy of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Our 3 year old daughter loves it so much we wore out first copy out. This DVD came with a great book and I'm excited to watch the extra features. It's a long movie, but the music is wonderful and so enjoyable to watch!...more info
  • Great for Children in the 1960s, Now Just Memory Lane
    "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" has the unique position in my life as being the first movie I saw in the cinema. When I was 3 or 4 or whenever I saw it, I believed I loved it. My vague memories are wonderful. Now, watching again at age 40, in 2006, it does not carry over well.


    It was probably no help to watch the much superior "Mary Poppins" just before. Dick Van Dyke is a great character actor, with a range of skills that make him the perfect clown actor. However, unlike in "Mary Poppins," he was not given the right materials.

    His female co-lead is weak - Sally Ann Howes is no Julie Andrews. The children actors could not have been more bland. The plot was hard to follow, even as an adult.

    There is one catchy song played too often, based on the onomonopoeticism of the sound the car made while rumbling down the road. Had there been more up tempo songs, or wittier lyrics, I think the movie would have twice the staying power. The other songs sound too close to lullabies.

    So why it is so popular, and why do I still give it four stars? I'm sentimental perhaps, Dick Van Dyke is so good at doing that Dick Van Dyke thing, or I still find the idea of a car that can fly, float, and look retro-cool fascinating. James Bond would have loved the car, and, why not? Ian Fleming, Bond's creator, wrote the book upon which the movie is based.

    The premise is that a well-meaning, hardworking inventor played by Van Dyke, single parents two pretty good kids who help push him forward in life. The kids, by force of accident, introduce him to candy heiress Truly Scrumptious. Although they start off awkwardly, the two quickly treat the children to a fantasy of a kingdom without children, flying buildings, international espionage, and romance.

    For me, the difficulty was that the plot flowed in and out of fantasy. Knowing which was which was hard, and when the ending finally comes around, it seemed as if the worlds became one. I felt confused.

    Did I like the movie? Yes. If I were shopping for a sweet children's movie, and I wanted something with more classic values, I would consider "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang." It would not be the first DVD I picked up, but it would be a far better choice than the latest toy-based Saturday morning cartoon series.

    Anthony Trendl
    editor, info
  • Great family dvd...
    Great dvd of classic kids film. Order processed, shipped and delivered in a timely manner. ...more info
  • exellent
    Everything was as promised. I took delivery in less than a week. Good price. Very happy....more info
  • Very Pleased
    I received this product in record time. I was very pleased at the prompt delivery....more info
  • Lots of bang left in this classic
    My Nieces LOVE this movie and whats not to like.
    Good clean wholesome entertainment. It was one of my favorites as a kid which makes it a classic in my book!...more info
  • chittychittybangband
    I am 67 years old and saw the movie when my children were growing up; I recently ordered it for my 7-y.o. grandson, and he LOVED IT. I just think it's one of the all-time great kid [and grownup] movies!...more info
  • You'll either love it or you'll hate it
    Having scanned all the reviews of this movie, and having read the book and seen the movie product myself (and oh boy, is it "product"), I can honestly say that you will either love this movie or you'll despise it. No disrespect to the people who love it, it has it's moments of fun and is a rare family movie. But to me it's a cloyingly sweet, over-the-top, Hollywoodized perversion of a great children's novel. Oddly enough, Ian Fleming had a great innate understanding of children of Jeremy and Jemima's age and he treats their characters with a respect lacking in most adult novels about children. In contrast, the movie is absolutely condescending to children, as bad as the nightmare babysitter who knew how to sweet-talk your parents but you could absolutely see through. For those of you who love the movie, watch it in good health. For those of you who can't hack the syrupy celluoid, find the original novel (I found a nice bound version through a used/rare bookseller site - take notice, Amazon) and read it together with your child. Now that's an adventure you will really cherish!...more info
  • Imaginative and great music
    My daughter loves watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The musical numbers and the fantastical nature of the movie are perfect for her age (4). I was struck by how mean Dick Van Dyke's character is at first, but that's not something my daughter notices. ...more info
  • One of the best childrens' movies ever made
    My older sister took me to see this movie in the theater when I was four. It is one of the first movies I remember seeing. Today, my four year old watched it with her father and I. Superb performances, and a storyline with real depth about a widower with two children who, as my mother used to say to me, "may not have had money, but was never poor." Both children and adults will enjoy this movie. It has something for everyone. ...more info
  • More suitable for children than adult.
    It has good family values. It touched my heart in some scenes where it unfolded the love and joy shared by the father and his 2 children. One of those moments was where the father prepared breakfast for his children and he sang something like this "Life is not a chore... when I have you two.."

    This movie has some funny moments but it drags in a lot of scenes. For example, in the candy factory, they sang for a long long time, at least more than 10 minutes. That distracted me from the story. The director seemed to concentrate more to the music and dancing than the plot.

    This movie is good but I won't watch it the second time. I prefer Sounds of Music....more info
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang I Love You!
    This is one of my favorite movies from childhood.
    The movie stars Dick Van Dyke, Sally Ann Howes,Lionel Jeffries and Benny Hill. The plot centers around a very talented but nere do well mechanical engineer/widower named Caractacuss Potts, his two children Jeremay and Jemimah,his father and Truly Scrumptious, the daughter of the local candy baron. Caractacuss invents a candy called "Toot Sweets" which after much encouragement from Truly he presents to the local candy baron,Lord Scrumptious. However he ends up blowing the deal as the candy literally goes to the dogs by calling them into the candy factory. Caractacuss feeling as a failure purchases a once famous race car from Mr. Coggins the local junk man and transforms it into the famous Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, named so because this is the sound the engine makes. The Potts family along with Truly go to the seaside for a picnic where Caractacuss spins a tale of the famous Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and her encounter with the evil Baron of Vulgaria and her ulitmate triumph in liberating the country and her people. The musical score is brillant from the Sherman Brothers. My favorite song is when Lionel Jeffries sings the song "Posh" while being transported in his "hut" in midair. Benny Hill is a riot as the toy maker. This movie is great fun for the entire family!...more info
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Movie brought back fond childhood memories. This DVD was bought for our grandchildren. Probably the best movie I have ever seen....more info
  • The Kids Loved It
    There is really nothing to say, this classic is just that...A CLASSIC...more info
  • Classic
    I've loved this movie since I was a kid and now my kids are watching and loving it as well. High quality production and enthralling story make for a timeless classic. ...more info
  • Fun movie
    Kids love it. Great color and action. Mostly decent content. Scene of a husband and wife dressing for anniversary party slightly immodest. Childcatcher scenes scary to 3 year old, but not too overwhelming....more info
  • My kids think its great
    MNovie companies should take note... No violence, No fouls words, just pure entertainment.. My boys have watched it many times.. This is a great classic for all ages...more info
  • family masterpiece
    A favourite for generations, CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG, based on the book by Ian Fleming with a musical score provided by Richard & Robert Sherman, now flies home with a brand new Special Edition.

    Dick Van Dyke stars as the zany inventor Caractacus Potts; with lovely Sally Ann Howes as the aptly-named Truly Scrumptious. The story blends elements of reality and fantasy as the Potts family enjoys a colourful adventure aboard their "fantasmagorical" motorcar, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

    The beautiful musical score provided by Richard & Robert Sherman ("Mary Poppins", "Bedknobs and Broomsticks", "The Slipper and the Rose" and "The Happiest Millionaire"), perfectly sets the tone for every character and plot-point.

    Definitely one of the all-time family greats, CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG looks really spiffy on this Special Edition DVD--very glad that I finally decided to upgrade my fullscreen copy. The Special Edition features a new widescreen transfer and some very worthwhile extra features....more info
  • Young
    We were thrilled we had recieved it so fast. Several days later we found nothing towathh on the tube....Lo and behold pick one to my wife.
    We watched and sang with the movie. Chitty is a 5 star rating with us.
    Phil & Maggie...more info
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    I am very happy with my DVD purchases from Amazon. The price was reasonable, they got delivered relatively quickly and the product quality is great....more info
  • Great for young children
    I had not seen this movie in well over 30 years but remembered loving it as a small child. I recently bought it for my 4 yr old son. He absolutely loves it and asks for it repeatedly. I find all of the content acceptable and age appropriate for him....more info
  • excellent family entertainment
    my kids really enjoy this movie and think parts of it are hilarious. they like to sing along. my husband and i were surprised at how much they liked it.( i purchased it in a moment of fond nostalgia)...more info
  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    We are very satisfied with this purchase. It came very quickly and in perfect condition. Thanks!...more info