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SpongeBob SquarePants - The Complete 1st Season
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Product Description

The adventures of nautical sea sponge SpongeBob Squarepants and his friends in the underwater town of Bikini Bottom.
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Media Type: DVD
Title: SEASON 1
Street Release Date: 10/28/2003

Customer Reviews:

  • The Complete 1st Season of Spongebob Squarepants
    This Is One of The Best Spongebob DVDs Out There. The 1st Season is The Best Season of Them All! Spongebob is One of The Better Cartoons Out There Now-A-Days. I'm Now Starting To Collect All The Spongebob Box Sets At The Moment, So It May Take A While Until I Review and Get Them All.

    Anyways, On To The Review.

    Episodes Include:

    Reef Blower - A Short Including Spongebob Anoying Squidward With A Brand New Reef Blower. For The First Ever Short Episode For Spongebob (Though Not The Best) It's A Great Short and The Humor Happens With No Words Just Random Gags Happening With Nothing Except Noises With A Reef Blower. (5/5)

    Tea At The Treedome - The First Episode Involving Sandy, In Which Spongebob Is Invied To Sandy's Home Which Is A Dome With Air and Spongebob Starts Having A Hard Time Breathing. Though I'm Giving The Prouduct Five Stars, This One of The Few Episodes That I Felt Was Missing Something. Not The Best From Spongebob. (2/5)

    Bubblestand - Spongebob Opens A Stand Where Fish Can Blow Bubbles For 25 Cents. After Squidward Can't Stand It No More He Tries Spongebob's Bubblestand and Tries It Out. One of The Best Spongebob Episode Made and It Succedes Yet Again. (5/5)

    Ripped Pants - A Hilarious Episode Involving Spongebob Ripping His Pants His Pants For A Cheap Laugh At Goo Lagoon, But The Laugh Wares Off, And FAST! The Best of The 1st Season Which Also Includes One of The Silliest (Yet Catchy) Singing Moments in Animated History. (5/5)

    Jellyfishing - Squidward Ends Up Jellyfishing With Spongebob and Patrick After A Bikcyle Acciedent, Which Spongebob and Patrick Think This Would Make Him Better, But Squidward Has Been Having A Horrible Day and This Dosn't Even Make Him Better. An Absolutely Great Episode (Though Not As Great as ''Squidville'') and It Contains What Might Be One of The Best Endings in Spongebob History. (4/5)

    Plankton - The First Episode That Indroduces Plankton Who In This Episode Tries To Control Spongebob's Brain To Get The Krabby Patty Formula. Plankton Is One of The Best Carecters on The Show and He is Like The Carecter Brain From Pinky snd The Brain. The Episode Also Includes A Commentary. (5/5)

    Other Episode Include:
    -Naughty Nartical Nieghbors
    -Boating School
    -Pizza Dilivery
    -Home Sweet Pineapple
    -Miermaidman and Barnicaleboy
    -Hall Monitior
    -Jellyfish Jam
    -Sandy's Rocket
    -Squeaky Boots
    -Nature Pants
    -Opisete Day
    -Culture Shock
    -Muscelbob Buffpants
    -Squidward The Unfriendly Ghost (And NO! It's Not Making Fun of Casper If That's What You're Thinking!)
    -Employee of The Month
    -Scardy Pants
    -I Was A Teenage Gary
    -Karate Chpers (Includes Commentary)
    -Sleepy Time
    -Valentine's Day
    -Rock Bottom
    -Walking Small
    -Fools in April
    -Neptune's Spaturala
    -Mermaidman and Barnicaleboy II

    Overall Rating - 5/5...more info
  • A wonderful gift for kids
    SpongeBob is one of the few cartoons that I am not displeased when I see my kids watching an episode that they already seen before.
    The DVD set would be better if subtitles or closed captions were available....more info
  • Essential Cartoon DVD
    There are two types of people in the world- those who like Spongebob Squarepants and those who want to untie their shoes, take their socks off and rip their toenails out at the nasal sounds of the little sponge. But I'm with the former group and I love the adventures of the little yellow sponge and his friend Patrick. The first season contains some classic episodes such as Bubble stand, Ripped Pants, Help Wanted, Reef Blowers, Tea at the Treedome, Jellyfishing, Plankton, Naughty Nautical Neighbors, Boating School and Pizza Delivery. The subtle adult jokes make the series eminently re-watchable. A must-have DVD for sponge fans. The movie's great too. Essential cartoon TV....more info
  • Not the "complete" first season, part 1
    I love this DVD. Spongebob is the toon of the century. It would be against the law to never watch or not like Spongebob. I'm very happy with this DVD. However, there was only one problem with this DVD;it says The Complete 1st Season and it's incomplete. It doesn't contain Help Wanted(the very first episode). Fortunately,it contained all the rest of the rest of the episodes in the season.
    ...more info
  • Spongebob Squarepants, Spongebob Squarepants!!
    My nearly 2 year old is obsessed with "Punbob". The child will literally wake up at 2 AM and cry for Spongebob. These DVD's have been a saving grace. This is a wonderful collections with great episodes with a nice low price.

    Spongebob truly is hillarious... I have watched it for hours myself. The only complaint would be the lack of proper grammer from Mr. Crabs.... "Me money". It isn't funny when your kids are walking around the house saying, "OH me, socks".

    ...more info
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - The Complete 1st Season
    My 2 grandkids age 10 and 4 both love this series. ...more info
  • Fun, Fun, Fun!
    I love the show and it's great that I can have all the episodes in one place. ...more info
  • where's "help wanted"/
    disappointed pilot episode was missing after buying it specifically because someone said it was included in the 1st season set.
    otherwise,it's a good daughter angelina likes it....more info
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    It contains all of the many episodes from the first
    season of spongebob.

    Spongebob SquarePants is a smash-hit television show that both
    adults and children both love...more info
  • BORING!!!!!!!!
    I've written Spongebob Squarepants on to see how much this show sucks, Made by Beybladefan1615 (DragonSlayer9565, deepthinker566) and other nicknames. Yep, this show has everything, the booing is major annoyance and frightful, so annoying, its bad!! The minced oath they played can be annoying at sometimes. the characters in this are extremely annoying, Spongebob however, is an idiot that he is always happy and he's getting on my nerves,Patrick is another one to these crappy characters that hangs around with Spongebob a lot, Squidward is just a grouchy, grumpy neighbor who does not hang around with Spongebob and Patrick.

    Now lets move on to the Worst Episodes on Spongebob:
    Culture Shock: Yep thats right, the Worst freaking episode ever, Why? booing of course!!! Krabby Land: Its probably the most overrated episode I've seen. Whale of a Birthday: ... booing again? yes. I'm done, this show is awful, the booing gave me a headache and causes me to scream.

    All of that annoyance drives me crazy, If you want to watch a good, awesome TV show, then go watch Beyblade, Robot Wars, South Park, and Battlebots! But.. If you want to watch a show that is so boring, lame, awful, and horrible, then Spongebob is for you.

    Avoid it at all costs!!

    This show is boring!!!!


    ...more info
  • Sponge-boy-me-bob
    I'm trying to get every season as this is my favorite cartoon.
    It's great to see the original episodes again....more info
  • awesum
    if you think you're too old for cartoons....think again... spongebob is a character we all could relate to in some sit down with your nieces,kids,grandkids pop in a dvd and enjoy...more info
    GOSH! I LOVE SPONGEBOB! I now have all 3 seasons and I love all three of them! But about the 1st season.......... I love all of the episodes and they are hysterically funny! I am a huge fan of Spongebob and very proud to own all the seasons. This season is packed with laughs, cheers, and screms! YOU MUST BUY!...more info
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - The Complete 1st Season
    Disc 1 has special features, including only one preview, the closing credits for the episodes, and a commentary on "Plankton!".

    Disc 2 has special features, including the closing credits for the episodes, and the commentary on "Karate Choppers."

    Disc 3 has special features, including the closing credits for the episodes, 4 featurettes including: The Origin of SpongeBob Squarepants; Recollections from the First Season Crew; Everybody's Talking: The Voices of SpongeBob Squarepants, and Drawing the Goo Lagoon; a virtual DVD game entitled The Bikini Bottom's Up Tour; a DVD karaoke series entitled In the Key of Sea: Krusty Krab Karaoke; SpongeBob's Life Strategies, and three music videos called: Violent Femmes Sing SpongeBob; SpongeBob Scaredy Pants Music Video, and SpongeBob Dancin' Pants Music Video.

    The pilot episode entitled Help Wanted is not included on my three-DVD box set....more info
  • Spongebob Rocks
    My son and I love Spongebob immensely. I plan on purchasing every season of Spongebob and I am pretty sure I will be buying them from Amazon, I love ordering from Amazon it is the greatest. ...more info
  • Child's Addition
    My daughter is addicted to this set. When we think she's had enough, we have to pry her away, and usually hear "one more, please?". It's a great collection of early SponeBob. ...more info
  • Sheer escapist brilliance
    I had barely heard of Spongebob until the movie got shown while I was deployed abroad for a year with the National Guard. OK, so I'm 41, but yeah there is a kid in there somewhere ... and he loves this stuff. Which is the beauty & intelligence of Spongebob, because it works both as serious fun for kids and adults.

    So, then I found myself making it home from work in time to see new episodes ... and, finally, buying the DVDs of the first season. I have to really, really, really like something to get the DVD.

    Turns out, this set is great value, with a bunch of episodes plus extra features on three discs.

    It's just great stuff ... the characters, the animation, the stupid jokes, the scenarios. And what makes the whole deal is Spongebob himself, by turns nerdy, mischevious, funny, lost, brilliant, incompetent, etc. You get the picture: Complex.

    Spongebob is my new adult test: If you don't like it, it's time to quit taking yourself so seriously and lighten up.

    I generally find I don't like wild pop culture successes. I'm usually disappointed when I give into the marketing. Spongebob is a huge exception--it lives up to the hype. And the story behind how it happened -- told in one of the bonus features on this DVD set -- is just great. It reaffirms my belief that you generally can't set out some cynical masterplan to be truly successful: Ya gotta do what you love, and everything else will follow. Which pretty much sums up the Spongebob approach to life, I think....more info
  • Fun for the Whole Family
    I love SpongeBob Squarepants, though my younger brother (who is autistic) is by far the biggest fan in the entire family. He's got quite a handful of SpongeBob memorabilia, and he's forever reciting the names of certain episodes. (It's enough to drive one nuts at times.)

    Probably my most favorite characters are SpongeBob and Patrick. The two of them can be pretty stupid at times, but that's what makes the whole cartoon so dang funny. And there are a few thematic elements here and there, but nothing too bad. I recommend this DVD to anyone who's a family person, and a big fan of cartoons. ...more info
  • its worth it for plankton alone
    ok, its a serious defect in my personality, but i think theres something soooo bizarre about these characters that i tend to enjoy the cartoons while overlooking that theyre , um, just not very funny.
    ...more info
  • Christmas present for my granddaughter
    The first season will make an excellent present for my granddaughter, who absolutely loves Sponge Bob. We couldn't resist watching it ourselves. It plays really well and I am sure my granddaughter will get lots of enjoyment out of these....more info
  • The episodes that made Spongebob the icon he is today.
    I have to say, that I am unpleased with the lack of the pilot episode. But anyhow, we do end up getting some of the most classic and memorable episodes of Spongebob! The following are short reviews in which I will rate episodes individually.

    Reef Blower: (4/5) Technically the second episode. The characters look a little more primitive than in subsequent episodes, which makes it interesting. Good humor!
    Tea at the Teadome: (5/5) Exceptionally funny!
    Bubblestand: (2/5) One of the weaker episodes of the season.
    Ripped Pants: (5/5) Arguably a television classic!
    Jellyfishing: (5/5) Very strong episode. Extremely hilarious!
    Plankton!: (4/5) Introduces Plankton.
    Naughty Nautical Neighbors: (5/5) Like "Jellyfishing", this is just HILARIOUS!
    Boating School: (5/5) Bob and Patrick's mastermind plan comes to bite back at them!
    Pizza Delivery: (5/5) A very unique episode in the whole series.
    Home Sweet Pineapple: (4/5) Funny! Main point of interest is that we get to see Bob's parents.
    Mermaidman and Barnacleboy: (5/5) Purely a classical episode!
    Pickles: (3/5) This one is interesting, but not exceptional.
    Hall Monitor: (3/5) It's okay.
    Jellyfish Jam: (5/5) Silly and Funny!
    Sandy's Rocket: (3/5) Average.
    Squeaky Boots: (4/5) Above Average.

    Nature Pants: (5/5) Classic, Funny, and has a good resolution.
    Opposite Day: (2/5) In my opinion, this episode is weak.
    Culture Shock: (4/5) Another Classic!
    F.U.N.: (5/5) Very silly and f.u.n.n.y!
    MuscleBob BuffPants: (4/5) Strong storyline.
    Squidward, the Unfriendly Ghost: (4/5) Again, strong storyline, but not greatly funny.
    The Chaperone: (5/5) Very funny. Good writing on this episode.
    Employee of the Month: (4/5) Yet again ... good storyline, but not that funny.
    Scaredy Pants:(5/5)HILARIOUS ENDING! My favorite of the season!
    I Was a Teenage Gary: (5/5) As funny as its predecessor!
    SB-129: (5/5) Exceptional storyline and humor! Superb animation, also.
    Karate Choppers: (4/5) Very good writing and directing.
    Sleepy Time: (5/5) Classical episode!
    Suds: (4/5) Good laughs from Patrick's antics!
    Valentine's Day: (3/5) Average; but still worth seeing.
    The Paper: (2/5) Too over-the-top; like "Bubblestand".

    Arrgh!: (5/5) Deserves a '5' for the storyline!
    Rock Bottom: (2/5) Definatly not a better one. The very end is funny, though.
    Texas: (4/5) Good storyline; good writing.
    Walking Small: (4/5) Plankton is at his best thus far in the series.
    Fools in April: (5/5) This begins to sum up the season with hilarious antics!
    Neptune's Spatula: (5/5) Neptune's reactions are HILARIOUS! A classic episode.
    Hooky: (3/5) Honestly, could have been better. The only truly funny part is the ironic ending.
    Mermaidman and Barnacleboy II: (5/5) A worthy sequal to the first, and a worthy episode to sum up the season! I was very pleased with this one....more info
  • the best cartoon since Looney Tunes
    No cartoon of today will ever compete with Bugs or Steamboat Willy because, well there made by computer instead of handdrawn! but SpongeBob has for awhile come very close at least to me... and First Season was no different especially since it was actually hand drawn... it showed many qualities of being a great cartoon, having wacky characters willing to sacrifice others well being for the sake of humor and ending up hurting themselves. the characters are wacky and quirky, (not to mention more flexible then physically possible) and while the slapsticks scenes are completely unbelievable it's still hilarious. Plus I'd like to point out this season not only featured the Halloween Episode but The Valentine's Day Episode! But you know honestly I just watch for Patrick and Plankton! ...more info
  • Mr.
    All my 3 kids enjoy all the cartoons. They watch them at least 3 times a week. ...more info
  • The Neptune spatula is funny
    I think all the episodes on this season are funny but one of my favorites is the neptune episode. When I first saw it I didn't realize that SpongeBob was in a lose-lose situation. (Namely if he lost he couldn't fry cook anymore but if he won then his friends couldn't go either). The part that was weird was Mr.Krabs betting all his money on Neptune. (Okay it wasn't that weird but still). I would've bet my Ds and all my games on SpongeBob. One of the best parts ws SpongeBob saying"I've got two left hands"...more info
  • Get This
    Whatever you do, stop buying those little grouped Spongebob dvd packages they keep putting out. They never put every episode out, and you end up spending more in the long run. This is all 20 episodes from season 1, and it is well worth the price. Spongebob is one of the best cartoons to come out in a long time that the whole family can enjoy. Sure it is not as edgey as Family Guy or South Park, but then you can't sit your 5 year old down and watch those shows with him. The complete season also comes with lots of nice extras including the origin of Spongebob and some nice cast commentary. I have the first 3 seasons, and they are all worth the money to me....more info
    This series rocks! Especially with all that: "Squidward annoyed with spongebob". I finally get to understand what Spongebob said to Squidward in the last of their conversation. I fave. EPPIE is the episode with the "SEA BEAR", I also like the Campfire Song. (Like it even best with the *fast* version) C,A,M,P,F,I,RE S,O,N,G song! Simply love it!!!!! Below is a list of eppyies that i like in this SEASON.


    Great lesson, Mr. Krabs! He deserved to be hooked in his (u watch it 4 urself!) One thing I can't hold back, is that Squidward was controling the HOOK!

    Squidward was wearing his hat upside down!(Well the Sea Bear did it upside down)And Squidward couldn't possibly have an underwear, because he has NO PANTS!

    Were the Jellyfish still alive after MR. KRABS sucked they're juice out with that big OLE-machine?

    The Texas song even made me cry!

    What they didn't do to prevent Sandy from taking SB to the doctor for his Suds!

    Squidward didn't actually have the whole "Patrick & SB bringing the coffin to him, in his mind, (It was sweet of them, though!)"

    This season rocked me up. I was humming the tone of the CAMPIRE SONG in my bed!

    Thanks for reading, hope I advised u enough to go and BUY THIS DVD!!!...more info
  • The best Spongebob season
    The best season of them all. I laughed so hard for hours. I got the second season as well, but this one is better.
    It never gets old, so it worths every penny.
    If your a Spongebob fan, definitely get it.

    ...more info