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Carmela to Tony: "Everything comes to an end." True enough, Mrs. Sope, but on The Sopranos, the end comes sooner for some than others. Though for some the widely debated fourth season contained too much yakking instead of whacking, and an emphasis on domestic family over business Family, what critic James Agee once said of the Marx Brothers applies to The Sopranos: "The worst thing they might ever make would be better worth seeing than most other things I can think of." And in most respects, The Sopranos remains television's gold standard. The fourth season garnered 13 Emmy nominations, and subsequent best actor and actress wins for James Gandolfini and Edie Falco as Tony and Carmela, whose estrangement provides the season with its most powerful drama, as well as a win for Joe Pantoliano's psychopath Ralph. The season finale, "Whitecaps," was a long-time-coming episode, in which Carmela at last stands up to "toxic" Tony, and "Whoever Did This" was the season's--and one of the series'--most shocking episodes.

Other narrative threads include Christopher's (Emmy nominee Michael Imperioli) descent into heroin addiction, Uncle Junior's (Dominic Chianese) trial, an unrequited and potentially fatal attraction between Carmela and Tony's driver Furio, and a rude joke about Johnny Sack's wife that has potentially fatal implications. Other indelible moments include Christopher's girlfriend Adriana's projectile reaction to discovering that her new best friend is an undercover FBI agent in the episode "No Show," Janice giving Ralph a shove out of their relationship in "Christopher," and the classic "Quasimodo/Nostradamus" exchange in the season-opener, which garnered HBO's highest ratings to date. Freed from the understandably high expectations for the fourth season, heightened by the 16-month hiatus, these episodes can be better appreciated on their own considerable merits. They are pivotal chapters in television's most novel saga. --Donald Liebenson

Customer Reviews:

  • The Best Entertainment Out There
    In the Sopranos Season 4, we see a bit of a shake up on many levels. We see trust damaged, we see human frailty, we see what happens when someone hits their breaking point, we see some good things come to an end and a beginning for other things to come. We see a series smack in the middle of their prime, and you wonder, where will it go from here?

    Again, I have to say that it still surprises me that a show like this, can capture such a huge audience, even a fan like myself (who is not normally into this sort of thing). But it shouldn't be shocking, not when you have such a large outstanding cast and creative and gifted writers like this show does. And why is it so huge? Because this show does what many can't- and that's to be about more than one or two central premises. The Sopranos is about a lot of things, one of which is organized crime. But even more it's about family, friendships, morals, inner turmoil. I think it's the characters struggles that we relate to the most. Well, but don't get me wrong, we all enjoy the excitement of the family business as well! That's what we can't look away from, that's where we inhale a breath and hold it, wondering what's going to happen next.

    Buy it, rent it, borrow it, whatever you have to do, just do it. Get this show and watch it. It's the best entertainment there is out there!...more info
  • A Masterpiece of Television History
    I am quite picky to what I watch on TV expecially with all the garbage thats on these days. Lately I have began watching the Soprano Series, currently on Season 3 but have been watching it quite quickly. The writing is brilliant, the acting is one of the best ever to be seen on TV. So convincing that it seems like you're right there watching the real people in action. All the actors in this show are extremely talented protraying the characters. I don't think anything can replace a series like this. Too bad HBO is not in Canada and Soprano's is no longer on Canadian Television, that I have to rely on DVDs. Pure Art!!...more info
  • another sell-out
    david chase said there would only be 3 seasons of the sopranos. HBO tossed a truck load of money at him and changed his mind. does it show? you bet. this is atrocious TV. the episodes are pointless and degrading to the brilliance that the show aspired to. unfortunately, too many people go ahead and defend something that was once great without looking at it objectively. empires fall, people, and the sopranos have fallen. the characters, situations, concepts, story-lines and subplots are misguided, come from nowhere, go nowhere and are dull. episodes like the columbus day parade episode are a travesty. have they really run out of ideas in only three seasons? as much as i hate low-brow manipulation, 24 is putting the sopranos to shame. they should have quit while they were ahead and PLEASE STOP PRODUCING GARBAGE JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE IS PAYING YOU MILLIONS FOR IT!
    oh, the acting is still brilliant - from all of them - they just have nothing decent to work with....more info
  • WARNING ! If you buy this you won't be able to switch off
    I've always loved the Sopranos, mainly for its subtle humour and incredible writing and story plots. I always thought The Sopranos would make a good book, because it would sure to be a page turner. Season four is no different. We start the series revitalised and ready for any new troubles that may face Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini better than ever).

    The economy is down and the mob business is slow. That can only mean one thing. All the guys are going to have to work twice as hard to make more money. As this happens on Tony's mob side of life, it becomes clear he's also facing troubles at home - amazing acting takes place between Edie Falco and James Gandolfini in the incredible final episode.

    This is one of the best things ever to come off of TV, and each episode is almost like a mini movie, action - drama - twists and turns. The only problem is, you buy this DVD, you're guaranteed to call in sick for work the next morning to carry on watching. You may even find yourself dropping the words 'BADA BING, BADA BOOM' into a conversation unknowingly......more info

  • Furio, Furio, Furio
    Wow, what woman's blood wasn't heated by the interactions, so subtle, so sweet, between Furio and Carmela? Junior's trial was a much needed addition to the show--I was starting to wonder if the law enforcement was ever going to be shown to the natural conclusion. I thought the Paulie in jail storyline came out of left field, but enjoyed the treatment of his time away. Pie-O'my was a wonderful, creative addition to resolve the emnity between Tony and Ralphie (with a very well done, but graphic, conclusion). The Artie storyline felt a little forced, but the Ginny Sacks joke was a lighthearted treatment of the tempers involved in the 'family.' The final epidode, Whitecaps, was truly clever and funny--something many of us could relate too. I still miss Furio, though....more info
  • The Sopranos Gets 2 Thumbs Up
    So many hidden clues were pointed out and mentioned in this finely written season of The Sopranos. This season was all about the relationships within families. It showed the beginning of what is going to be the end. The acting is so perfect, the actors and actresses really fit the glove of the characters. The Sopranos isn't just about organized crime, it's about modern families and how they stick together through thick and thin. When you watch The Sopranos, every sentence has a clue of what is to come. This would be my 2nd favorite season after the 2nd season. David Chase really stepped up to his word, and deserves credit, and so does the cast along the writers.

    What makes this season so nicely arranged, is it left the viewers wondering of what is to come. So many problems are left unsolved. That is what The Sopranos are all about. You never really expect who's next to sleep with the fishes.

    This season really brought up the images of the characters that were not really in the action last season. With Adriana being the rat, this season, really made the show more interesting, it kind of reminded me of those old days when Big Pussy was around. With Furio having feelings for Carmela, really polished the image of Sopranos. Junior got off the trial really hyped up the relationship between the family. Johnny Sack conspires to cap Carmine. So many things have left us wondering. Even if Tony does bad things in his life, he's still a family man. He loves his wife. The show lets the viewer realize that these
    kinds of situations happen in real life.

    If youre a Sopranos fanatic, you will find many clues this season. I would suggest every individual with a taste in organized crime to get this DVD. The Sopranos combine humor, romance, crime, and action into one.

    This season gets 2 thumbs up!!!...more info

  • A complete season of BAD ACTING
    Ok everyone. I will boycott the sh*t out of this godawful show for as long as i have a breath in my body. Has anyone notice that this show is about as real as the jetsons? Jackass was the best show ever. It can never be topped. Well, hell at least the jetsons is written better. It seems someones addicted to smack, smacking woman and at the same time seems to be going thrugh the mafia ladder. Wow!! hate to blow the season for you. Even the boy in the bubble had a deck of cards....... Boring. I dont care what the episodes are called, they all have the same plot. This show is nothing short of a soap opera. i would honestly rather watch the bold and the beautiful before this show anyday. BAD...more info
  • Another knockout season from David Chase & co.
    If you are just getting into the Sopranos this might not be the season for you. I personally think it is the weakest of all the seasons but none the less it is good and there is great continuation of character development. In other words Start watching from season one. This season isn't the most action orientated and that let alot of viewers down. I for one don't need to see action every second, the Sopranos aren't that type of show, and the Sopranos always has delivers on all fours when it comes to plot and drama. This season was more of a focus on the marriage of Tony and Carmella and as you see in the season finale "White Caps", everything comes to an end. That episode is explosive (drama wise), and is one of the best Sopranos episodes. It leaves the door wide open for Season Five, which debuts on HBO on March 7th.

    This season focuses on developing the other characters on this show. I mean Tony Soprano is cool, but this show would get very stale if it was all about him. You see the rise of characters like Johnny Sack, Ralph Cifareto and Christopher Moltisanti as they rise to greater mafia power. There is a very memorable fight scene in the episode, "Who Ever Did This?" with two "made men", and it is very graphic and gory. This isn't a show for immature people, because last year some kids killed their mother in the same fashion from that famous scene.

    Like I said earlier, this season did disapoint some and it did start to resemble a soap opera at times but don't let that sidetrack the truth of the Sopranos. It is the best show on television and season four is a must buy for all Soprano fans. Definetely check out this season and enjoy it because "Nothing lasts forever" and the Sopranos is a modern day classic....more info

  • Excellent
    Package was perfect. Product was perfect. Delivered on time. What more could you ask for....more info
  • As Good, Better than ever
    I found the fourth season to be at least as good as the third. The acting was excellent, particularly the last episode's marital bust-up:very realistically done by all.
    I've read that the currently being-filmed fifth season might spill into a sixth: so many new characters are introduced. I look forward to seeing the fifth, but think I'll have to buy a DVD player to do so. I was able to see the previous seasons in VHS, but the fourth is probably the last such available....more info
  • Sopranos Rule
    Tony and the rest of his peeps offer the greates entertainment value on the market, on or off television. And the "New Sex Now" dvd offers unparalleled value as instructional enligtenment for adults....more info
  • Another Brilliant Season
    Above all other seasons, the forth in this groundbreaking series focuses on the complex enigma that is Tony Soprano. Creator David Chase allows Gandolfini's character to go places rarely reached in television or film. Traveling through these thirteen episodes with Tony, a viewer will get to experience utter joy, limitless rage, and the unequaled pain that accompanies an acknowledgment of personal culpability in creating one's troubles.

    Tony comes to realize how others truly see him in the early episodes of Season Four. He laughs at his friend Artie and his cronious cohort Councilman Zellman when they nervously try to discuss different requests. He does not understand why they should be so afraid. But soon, he validates their concerns and sees the monster inside that drives away the closest people in his life.

    His marriage is also falling apart, a plotline most associated with this season. Gandolfini and Falco provide career performances, particularly in the finale's blow-up scene. But Tony's most powerful moments concern two important losses in his life. Sudden news of the passing of an old acquaintance sends an unstable (and violent) Tony back to therapy and another tender relationship with an animal (remember the ducks) ends with Tony out looking for blood.

    Chase loves to allow small incidental moments to provide the genesis for much of the show's conflict, a comment on the fragile nature of life. In the first season, the jokes about Junior's acquired "taste" of his girlfriend drive the wedge between he and Tony that causes many to get whacked. In this season, a throw-away line made about the weight of a tangential character builds and festers animosity all season. Plot built in such a masterful way is just another example of why The Sopranos is television's finest hour....more info

  • Season Four - "Soparano's"
    The "Soprano's" continues to entertain and indulge the viewer in the ongoing saga of life in organized crime. There is not as much nudity as in the previous seasons (good or bad?)....more info
  • Beginning to fade
    Upon the suggestion of my soon to be father-in-law, my fianc¨¦e and I embarked upon the Odyssey that is The Sopranos. He loved it to such an extent that he began to emulate specific cultural traits of the characters. While my fianc¨¦e and I will incorporate certain "catch phrases" into our conversation we didn't take it that far.
    At this point we're at the beginning of Season 5 but all the seasons' are starting to blend together. This may be high praise in the sense that the overarching storylines are so well entwined that seams are non existent or this may be damning in the sense that it's all the same and nothing stands out.
    Whichever the case may be, this can be said; for these two viewers the series started off great, got better with season 2 when we admitted our commitment to it, stalled with season 3 or at least maintained itself but began to boor a bit with season 4. Of course, the outrageous highway robbing, price gouging cost of the later seasons jumping to $100.00 dollars a pop in stores has left a bad taste in my mouth just for the principle of the issue. Even Amazons discount, as good as it is, is still pricey for a series that boasts only 13 episodes per season, most of them under an hour. Don't even get me started on the price of the 6th season which has been divided into 2 boxed sets. The DVD distributors certainly took a page from the playbook of the characters being depicted in this series....more info
  • The Sopranos fourth season contines the story of Tony Soprano
    Many people thought that the fourth season of The Sopranos was too much talking, not enough whacking. However that didn't stop this season from delivering masterpieces of confrontations and back stabbing. In this season Tony Soprano's relationship with his wife starts to take a turn for the worse, his business associates are starting to work behind his back, and then to top it all off someone may be talking to the feds...

    This season comes with the usual 13 episodes, including:

    For All Debts Public and Private: A slowing economy is affecting business, and the Sopranos are finding money a little tight nowadays, and Carmela [Tony's wife] is starting to worry about insurance issues. Adriana has made a new friend, who doesn't really get along with Adriana's fianc¨¦, Christopher. Meanwhile Paulie is behind bars on a gun rap, and he starts finding resentment toward Tony. And finally Christopher sets his sights on avenging an old murder.

    No-Show: With Paulie behind bars, Christopher is put in charge of Paulie's turf. Meadow [Tony and Carmela's daughter] decides to take a year off from college to go to Europe, much to the objection of her parents. A construction site is starting to become a hotbed of criminal activity, and Tony has harsh words for his sister Janice's new relationship with Ralph, a made guy.

    Christopher: Tony's uncle, Uncle Junior, is on trial for his life. Silvio and Furio intend to make sure a Native American protest does not stop the Columbus Day Parade as their pride sets in. Bobby Bacala suffers a loss that affects everyone in the family, especially Janice. Paulie starts talking to Johnny Sack, a New York crime boss, which includes several eyebrow raising topics. Tony also starts to wonder whether or not someone is talking too much.

    The Weight: After someone makes a joke about Johnny Sack's wife at a dinner party, Johnny Sack goes on a rampage of words and threats. When the fighting of words and actions gets out of control, something must be done. Christopher and Silvio go on search for someone to take a hit, and it leads them to a group of men who seem past their prime, but are as deadly as ever. Carmela and Furio start a close relationship, and finally Meadow decides to volunteer to work at the South Bronx Law Center.

    Pie Oh My: Tony starts taking an interest in a race horse that Ralph bought, and still has to deal with Carmela's insistence of investing in medical stocks. Adriana finds that the club Christopher gave her is now being used by Tony and his crew for "business" reasons. Meanwhile Uncle Junior is still in trial and now faces insult to injury when it comes to the court artist. Janice also reaches out to Junior's helper Bobby in his time of need.

    Everybody Hurts: Artie, Tony's friend who owns a restaurant, finds that his new hostess is seductive enough to convince him to borrow money from Tony and give to her brother as a loan. However the brother can't pay the money back and now Artie is in debt to Tony. Christopher meanwhile has been given a lot more power in the family, but his drug addiction may get in the way of the responsibility he has to fulfill. Tony also hears news about his old mistress Gloria that sends him in a rage to Dr. Melfi.

    Watching Too Much Television: Paulie finally gets out of jail and a party is held to welcome him back, however he still holds a couple of grudges, especially if it concerns his mother. Johnny Sack seems to be the only person who understands Paulie, so the two start talking. Carmela's cousin Brian, who is a financial advisor, tells Tony of a "hypothetical" housing scheme that would bring in a lot of money.

    Mergers and Acquisitions: Tony has a lot more time on his hands now that he has Christopher running things for him. Ralph introduces Tony to his new girlfriend, Valentina, who is an art dealer. Paulie also gets his mom to go into the Green Grove nursing program, but is shocked when he sees how the other retirees treat his mom. Furio is in Italy and realizes a new revelation in his life and Carmela finds something really important in her own backyard...

    Whoever Did This: Uncle Junior's case seems to be getting worse and worse, that is until an incident on the courtroom steps outside leads to an all new defense strategy. Meanwhile Ralph has some fun with Paulie's mother, and that only adds fuel to the fire that Paulie has been brewing for a while. However things take a turn for the worse for Ralph after his son is involved in an accident. [Really big twist in this episode!]

    The Strong Silent Type: Tony and his crew are trying to find Ralph, who has mysteriously disappeared. Furio is back from Italy and is struggling to suppress his feelings for Carmela, who is struggling with feelings of her own. And finally Christopher's drug addiction is turning worse and worse, with Adrianna's pet dog the newest victim.

    Calling All Cars: After a series of dreams follow Tony all through the night he now has to talk to Johnny Sack and another mob boss, Carmine, to contemplate the future of his new property business. Meanwhile Johnny Sack and Paulie are talking about Paulie's new loyalty to the New York crew. Janice is trying to move in on Bobby and his family, and AJ [Tony's son] gets on everyone's bad side after playing a mean trick on Bobby's kids. And finally Tony surprises Dr. Melfi after saying he doesn't want to be in therapy anymore.

    Eloise: Tony continues to butt heads with Johnny Sack and Carmine who want in on the profit that Tony will get with his new housing scheme. Furio and Carmela continue their suppressed feelings relationship and Furio finds himself in the awkward position where he and Tony are out on the town with several ladies. Meanwhile everyone starts questioning Paulie's loyalty, but harsh reality hits Paulie when he gets to talk to Carmine. Meanwhile Carmela and Meadow start yet another argument.

    Whitecaps: Tony buys a beachfront summer resort to calm down all the hassles in his family right now. It almost works until Carmela gets a call from someone in Tony's past that changes everything...Johnny Sack proposes a power play that relies on Tony's cooperation, and Tony needs Christopher now more than ever. The season also ends up in the air in a dramatic way as Tony deals with hassles in his family and his crew.

    The fourth season of The Sopranos I thought was not a disappointment. The violence and killing is toned down a bit, but there are still twists in this season as well, especially in the ending. Plus James Gandolfini still does a wonderful job as Tony Soprano. The acting is superb, the drama is intense, and this is one season you should definitely get if you are a fan of The Sopranos...
    ...more info
  • not boring like some say but not sopranos like others say
    okay, this season is hard to talk about (heck, they all are but earlier ones for different reasons, ie lack of befitting superlatives); no, this fourth season is heartbreaking-and not just for carmela and tony. watching the series in one fell swoop the problems are even more jarring. it's like an entire episode is missing from the set. plots begin and end without lead-ins or follow-ups. i don't know if there were production or cast problems early in the season but it sure seems like there were. christopher in rehab-never touched once, come on, that screams to be shown (cold turkey days, interacting at group, the steps). ralphie and janice-starts like a whim (not how the plotting soprano sis usually operates) ends with a whimper. meadow just moves into an apartment? with two other roommates the parents never meet?? and one of them is a guy (who, much to tony's chagrin, is not gay)??? and she's suddenly in love with a new fellow without so much as a mention?! as for all the complaining about the season being boring due to a lack of killing, this is just stupid. there's plenty of entertaining beatings and murders; as well as some inspired monologues (Colombus day and Syvetlana come to mind). the episodes' problems are that the pacing and plotting is off. it is as if they were completing the writing throughout filming of the season which is certainly not how the previous, almost operatic and finely-tuned, seasons felt. on the plus side the last two eps are up there in the pantheon and compared to other tv shows this season rates a four....more info
  • Sopranos
    I have found the series 4 season a great watch as i have every other season, well done and thank you...more info
    With season 4 the series starts to slide a little. I don't think the show is weaker,it's just that how long can you watch a story before it starts to seem like you been there done that already? Look, I love the Godfather one and two,but three is just not as good. The total time it takes to watch the first two Godfather films is a little over 5 hours! That won't even get you through season one of the Sopranos. I hope I speak for everyone out there when I say that as good as the Sopranos is, it will never come closed to the Godfather movies. So I guess it is just starting to get old. I will certainly be watching the finale episodes, I just hope it isn't too big a let down. For those who are interested the DVD set has great transfers, but few interesting extras....more info
  • If only I could give it more than 5 stars!
    I love HBO's classic, The Sopranos. Each character is a case study and I enjoy watching the episodes over and over again. Every time I have a mini-marathon with popcorn, Pepsi, and one of the DVDs from the season sets, I see why America is hooked on David Chase's fabulous writing. If you are a fan of Tony and crew, you need all the seasons on DVD at your fingertips to get your daily, weekly, or monthly fix. Having the DVDs in my home makes the ending of the series easier to accept although I could have watched it for six more seasons. I have to mention and give mega kudos to the fabulous music that the series used throughout its run. Will America still be watching, discussing, and devoting websites to The Sopranos in fifty years as we do Gunsmoke, Star Trek, The Andy Griffith Show, I Love Lucy, etc? Definitely! The startling ending of the series guarantees that we'll still be arguing over whether or not Tony, Carmela, AJ and Meadow walked out of Holsten's alive. Oh, and let's not forget Sil who we last saw fighting for his life in the hospital. Oh, to have just one more episode...or two...or three. Hey, Don't Stop Believin', and the family can go on and on and on and on...............more info
  • Phenomenal Season
    Season 4 was another fine instalment to a ground-breaking series. Sure, many would like to see more "whacking" and such; however, the mob element of the storyline is simply background to what is a superbly crafted family drama. "If one family doesn't kill him the other one will" was how HBO marketed the series from day one; an observation that is very astute.

    Season 4 built on themes that have been around since the first season: Tony's increasing isolation from his own family and his business family; Carmela's moral issues with respect to her husband's career in "solid waste management", and the effects that the "business" has on everyone around them (Dr. Melfi, civilians, AJ and Meadow's friends, to name just a few. Replace the Mob element of the storyline with nearly any other type of career and the show would still shine. Picture the Sopranos family as a political family or oil business family, that would be interesting. But, there is something special about stories involving the intrigue of the mob isn't there?

    In the end, Season 4 moved the plot along very well and has set us up for a phenomenal conclusion to the Sopranos' family history. (Re)discover a great Season 4 and bring on Season 5!...more info

  • Season Four takes the family into uncharted territory
    "The Sopranos" earns its accolades in so many ways, but for me its best trait is its gift for risk-taking. Too many beloved TV shows rely on the comfortable patterns of the past to maintain their popularity, and only when threatened with cancellation will they try to break out of their rut, and usually with less-than-stellar results.

    "The Sopranos," on the other hand, has no ruts because it is always changing. Characters are killed off with aplomb, other characters are the focus of an episode or two and then fade off into the margins for five or six weeks. Nothing is safe, and no pattern exists that can't be broken.

    The lodestone for Season Four remains Tony, that hulking brute of a teddy bear. Tony continues to struggle with his bizarre duality - he is a nice guy, capable of tenderness and affection, and yet by his own omission is the scorpion who stings the frog. The writers throw all kinds of curveballs at Tony this year, from new mistresses to Chris's drug addiction to a beloved racehorse to Tony's fatigue with Dr. Melfi's therapy to a face-off with Ralph to a face-off with Carmine and the New York families (and there's more). Tony, who is no Superman, faces all of it head-on, with a twinkle in his eye and a murderous rage kept just under a boil.

    Mercifully, the writers have given us a huge cast of supporting characters worthy of Tony, and many of their plights are just as dire as Tony's. Adriana must juggle her devotion to Chris with the intrusion of the FBI into her life. Furio has to cope with his unrequited love for Carmela (and vice versa). Meadow struggles with the independence of college and finally seeing her parents as human beings rather than ATM/authority figures. Paulie struggles with being passed over in favor for Chris, and Sil needs to show Tony that he's worthy of some respect, too. And then there's poor Bobby Bacala, who loses his beloved wife only to find the ultimate, user, Janice, ready to sink her claws into him.

    Wonderful acting and writing keeps "The Sopranos" at the highest level, and the domestic-oriented Season Four never flags even though the body count may not be as high as previous seasons.

    You absolutely cannot dive into Season Four without knowing what came before. So be patient, get Season One on DVD, and start watching....more info
  • a little loose around the edges
    Bottom line: this is not as good as series 1-3. That's not to say it's terrible - it had a hard act to follow. Where series 1 and 2 had an edgy Friday night tension to them, this perhaps picks up where series 3 was heading, into more lazy and rambling Sunday afternoon territory. Much of tension from series two, especially from Richie, seems to have evaporated, to be replaced by (OK, fair's fair quite bold) rambly discourses on topics such as race relations and sado-masochistic sex. Most of the running plot, of what there is, just doesn't seem to bite - will Furio hook up with Carmela, will Chris stop using the H?. will Ralph end up dead? Plus Tony is in a strange mood all series and makes a series of strange moves - would series two Tony ever have hooked up with Valencia La Paz after Ralph? - and the budding "romance" between Janice and Bobby Baccala had me reaching for the FF every time.......more info
  • Yet another Masterpiece
    When I watched the first series of Soprano's, I got hooked. As soon as the Series come out on DVD, I order them...the only problem is, I have to watch them in one a whole weekend is gone but it's definately worth it. It's a must for every ''Italian Mafiaholic''...more info
  • The Sopranos still the best drama on television.
    HBO is still at the top of its game with the Sopranos. Although this season wasn't the strongest I still believe it was the best drama on television. I think the brighest point of this season was Joey Pants. His portrayal of Ralphie Cifferrato was everyone's character we loved to hate. He was most deserving of the Supporting Actor and he will be missed, no one can forget the Bowling Bag scene. Then there is Big T, James Gandolfini what can I say he's untouchable. I look forward to another great season of The Sopranos this March....more info
  • The season finale sealed the deal
    One word: "Whitecaps". The season finale of Season 4 where Carmela and Tony open up and let all their hurt, pain, and anger out. This one episode completely made the season for me. Edie Falco's pain just leapt off screen. I could feel her anger about being married to a man who slept around as much as Tony did. I could feel her heart breaking as the marriage she committed to is revealed for the sham it really is.

    Tony's anger surfaces when he repeated punches a wall inches from Camela's face. His resignation about the marriage failing and watching him leave his

    Compelling TV.

    After "Whitecaps", I forgot the majority of season 4. Whitecaps, to me, is Season 4. An amazing season finale. Brilliant writing. Off-the-charts acting by James G and Edie Falco. They both won Emmys for their roles....more info
  • Get out the holy water
    Season 4 is dead. Get out the holy water. THey spend too much time on Tony's kids and wife problems. If you think season 4 sucks, wait til you see season 5. THey should re-name the show to "Tony's family"......more info
  • Product not Content issue
    First, let me say I love the series, even though season 4 left a bunch of us saying "WTF was that?" allot. It was still better than most everything else out there.
    My issue is with the DVD's themselves. I had numerous problems with skipping, stopping and general bad play issue with this season of DVD's. After paying $50 for these I was not expecting this kind of quality. Of course we had been watching the series in sequence so by the time I found this it was too late to return it. I even checked to see it they may be counterfeit but from all appearances they appear to be genuine. Was I the only one who had this issue?
    In any case, starting season 5 now and they appear to at least work properly.... ...more info
  • Click the order button!
    Frankly I think they need to make the sopranos a couple more seasons. This season is just as good as all the other ones except for the fact they they jump to conclusions. If you're looking buying this season then that probably means you've already seen the first 3. Anyone who needs to read weather the Sopranos are good from this point has something seriously wrong with them. Go ahead and finish it up already! Why would you stop now!...more info
  • True to life characters
    In many ways, this is the most realistic show on TV I think. The characters have foul mouths and poor morals, just like many people in New Jersey (sorry, but it's true. I went there one time and you would not believe how people talk there, even the women. Lots of loud arguments in public as well). Also, I have seen a lot of movies about La Cosa Nostra (which means Mafia in Latin), and the way the characters act here running their various criminal enterprises is very realistic. I would not be surprised to find out that some of the writers themselves were involved in organized crime as they seem to know a lot about the subject. The guy who plays the uncle is good too....more info
  • Sapranos die hard fans
    If your like me these selections really get you coming back for more. this season is very good and you should definitaly keep getting the next seasons as they come out....more info