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NETGEAR WGT624 Super-G Wireless Router
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Product Description

The NETGEAR WGT624 108 Mbps Wireless Firewall Router is 10 times faster than 802.11b routers. When used with NETGEAR's WG511T 108 Mbps Wireless PC Card, it delivers speeds up to 108 Mbps, using Super GTM Technology. It's the next generation of home networking, with the power to stream MP3 & video, share printers, chat and distribute large photo files Exceptional range keeps you connected at the farthest ends of home or office 4 RJ-45 Ethernet ports, 10/100 Mbps auto-sensing Dimensions - 1.1H x 6.9W x 4.7D

The NETGEAR WGT624 Super-G Wireless Router offers:
  • Up to 108 Mbps via 802.11g wireless networking.
  • 4-port Ethernet switch for wired connections.
  • Double Firewall protection to defend your computer from external hacker attacks
Wireless networking is constantly evolving, and the need for increasingly faster speeds and greater range is not only sought after, but expected. If better wireless speed and range with consistent wireless connections is what you're looking for, then NETGEAR has you covered with the WGT624 Super-G Wireless Router. With this handy device you'll have no more dropped connections, and you can kiss dead spots goodbye.

With Super-G networking, the WGT624 can deliver speeds up to 108 Mbps. View larger.
This compact, stylish router provides a simple and secure way to share your high-speed Internet connection. The WGT624 has a 4-port switch, and delivers twice the speed and four times the coverage of the standard Wireless-G protocol. And to achieve maximum performance, NETGEAR suggests using Super-G wireless adapters, such as the Super-G Wireless PC Card, Super-G Wireless PCI Adapter, or the Super-G Wireless USB 2.0 Adapter.

If security is a concern, you can rest easy knowing that your network is being powered by this router. Designed to be configurable for private networks or public hotspots, the WGT624 features double Firewall protection to defend your computer from external hacker attacks. And with Touchless Wi-Fi Security, this device makes securing your network a breeze.

The routing protocols for the WGT624 are both static and dynamic routing. This device works with most Internet gaming and instant messaging applications, and other applications that support Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) for automatic Internet access. Other functions include:

  • Automatic ISP detection
  • Exposed Host (DMZ)
  • MAC address authentication
  • Time-based usage controls
  • "Trusted User" controls
  • URL content filtering
  • Logs and e-mail alerts of Internet
  • Wireless Access Control
  • Wi-Fi Protected access (WPA)
  • Pre-shared Key remote management
Setup is made quick and easy with the Smart Wizard install software. System requirements include a broadband (cable or DSL) Internet Service and a modem with an Ethernet connection; 2.4 GHz wireless adapter or Ethernet adapter and cable for each computer; Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000, NT, Me, 98, 95, or other operating systems running a TCP/IP network; and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, Netscape 4.7 or higher, or Firefox 1.0 or higher, and Safari for Mac. Microsoft Vista Beta drivers are available at

What's in the Box
NETGEAR WGT624 Super-G Wireless Router, setup CD, power adapter, Ethernet cable, vertical stand, setup guide, and warranty/support information card.

  • Super-G Wireless router improves your wireless speed and range
  • 4-port switch delivers twice the speed and four times the coverage of the standard Wireless-G protocol
  • Configurable for private networks or public hotspots
  • Double Firewall protection to defend your computer from external hacker attacks
  • Device measures 6.9 x 1.1 x 4.7 inches (WxHxD)

Customer Reviews:

  • Netgear WGT624 works great No connection drops
    Netgear WGT624 works great. Installation was simple. I download windows vista driver before I begin and burn a CD as recommended by netgear. Router works great but drops Internet connection. If you have the same problem then change IDLE TIMEOUT in BASIC Settings under Internet service provider login. This timer logs you out from Internet connection when there is no Internet activity. I set it to 0 to not logout. Since then the router works fine and I am enjoying greater speed....more info
  • setup issues- poor customer support
    I had a few issues setting this router up and in the end had to sell it. Customer support conveniently got "disconnected" after we began our conversation.. twice.
    Just to make it clear, I am extremely polite and patient on the phone, and I've never had a call drop out... they disconnected. I would say at the very least they should have called me back, seeing as I had just given my phone number to him.
    Do yourself a favor, look to another company, avoid Netgear....more info
  • Unbelievable Customer service
    The quality of Netgear products is no match for the pathetic quality of their technical service. After a long phone hold you can expect the tech to be inattentive, rude and unable to hear you because of the poor phone lines and noise of other techs talking in the background. You get the feeling they're only half there and some of their answers are not even that. Double check everything they say because they will leave out critical steps.
    I will never put myself through the aggravation again by buying a netgear item. ...more info
  • Garbage - Netgear, you blew it!
    You lost my vote. If there was ever a product that should "earn" zero stars in this rating system, wow, do we ever have a winner.

    I wasted far too many life-minutes of my time troubleshooting this product. I'll never buy Netgear again. I've switched to the Linksys-Cisco WRT54GL and I'm not looking back. I haven't had to reboot this box in six weeks so far!! Hey that beats Netgear's record by six weeks already!!!

    This Netgear required constant rebooting. I experienced dropped VoIP calls, lost my connection with all three laptops sporadically throughout the day. A dozen router reboots wasn't uncommon. I yelled at my ISP, my VoIP provider etc. read the forums and even bought a second one of these pieces of garbage just to make sure.

    Well, I'm sure. Faulty design must be the culprit.

    What a piece of garbage!!!!!!!

    I read somewhere that Netgear is aware of the issue - well I have a really super idea for you - are you ready? - release a fix for the problem so that the folks that bought your router can fix it and do part of your job for you. You may salvage some customers and goodwill if there's any out there. I accept PayPal if you care to reimburse me for that extraordinary bit of technology consulting....more info
  • Excellent - very fast service. I would recommend this seller highly.
    Wireless came even faster than promised and in the midst of the Christmas mail rush....more info
  • good product
    Recommended to me by a friend. Does the job, works well, is compact with orientation options upright or horizontal. I would recommend this product....more info
  • easy peasy!
    Though I am tech dependent I am not exactly tech savvy! This router was simple to set up, i easily set up the wireless internet and printing, great buy. ...more info
  • Great router with some hiccups
    This is a nice router and runs well. I gave it 4 stars as it drops the connection once in a while and reconnects in a couple seconds. You won't really notice this unless you are downloading something.

    The setup was very easy. Didn't really needed the manual. Just connect the LAN cable and you get connected immediately. Go to to setup wireless connection and other settings. The web interface is nice and easy to use. Would recommend it!!!...more info
  • wasste of money, time and patience
    I had a WGT614 and i was almost happy with it, however i was looking for more range.
    This router will give you some 5% more coverage at the expense of stop working every two hours ore so. Even with low traffic. The only solution is to reboot it. Which means i have to stop whatever i'm doing, go downstairs (three floors), open two locked dors, reboot the thing, and then go back to work.
    The net is full of complaints about this router. And no solutions.
    I should have known better. And Netgear should withdraw this product from the market for the bad rep is giving them.
    ...more info
  • It crashes and locks up. Only work around is rebooting the router.
    This product is pretty good when it works. Unfortunately that is not often enough to get it a good rating. I am a computer engineer by trade and I know how to run a network. The NetGear WGT624 is a piece of junk. If you plan on using the wireless connectivity you better leave the router where you can get to it easily as you will be rebooting it frequently.

    If you google up WGT624 and CRASH you will see what I mean. Also note that the amazon ratings show more one star reviews than all the good review combined. That is unusually bad for an Amazon score.

    This router crashes, Netgear has known about it for over a year and they do NOTHING. Not only do I hate this router, but I doubt I will by Netgear again.

    ...more info
  • Drops local connection!
    This router is easy to set up and works great. But every now and then it drops the connection between the computer and the router if you are inactive. When you put your computer on standby it's not always able to reconnect via network cable and wireless. Unplug the router from power and it reconnects after it powers up. This is unfortunate since it is a great product in all other aspects. It's easy to set up, use, and place out of sight. Most of us use a router to keep our internet connection up all day and just connect to the router as we need with our computers, printers, game consoles, etc... This product is too unreliable when it comes to keeping the local network connection....more info
  • Its OK But Not Great
    This is my first router so I was excited to set it up. The directions explained it as easy and only taking 20 minutes to set-up....I followed the directions and know enough about computers to know what I am doing but it took over an hour. I have used for awhile now and almost everyday the router drops the signal and I need to unplug it and reset it, wait for to warm-up and then reconnect to it. I call customer service only to find-out you need to pay for customer support!!!! That is insane. I understand big corporations who have compicated networks and tons of staff to require a level of customer service that needs to paid for but come on....Me, one consumer, should not have to pay for customer support. Is Netgear that worried about their products' reliability that need sooo many customer service reps to field calls they need to charge customers for asking for help and answers? Aweful. I will not buy a Netgear product again. Customer Service is VERY important. Netgear should learn from Amazon who has millions of customers and FREE customer service....more info
  • Fine while it lasted
    This is an inexpensive wireless router with many of the features you would expect -- support for encryption, an opt-in MAC address list to screen out freeloader neighbors, child protection features to protect your kids from unwanted content, and a decent firewall to keep the older "kids" out.

    I found the advanced settings hard to configure. Netgear seems to be so bent on making the setup process simple that more sophisticated features like "I want certain services to be let through the firewall" are hard to find and even harder to configure. ...but in the end I got it working.

    The real reason for giving it 2 stars was its poor longevity. A home router usually lasts me about 2-3 years. In fact, I gave up my last router not because of hardware failure but because it wasn't able to defend itself against a newer DoS attack. I bought this new in May 2008. When I changed a setting in February 2009 it stopped remembering my settings, and thereafter would only operate with factory default settings (so it couldn't remember things like the PPPoE login and password).

    I wouldn't even write about this except that this is apparently not an isolated incident. Several boxes are experiencing the same problem, and all within days of each other, as you can see here:

    Netgear is replacing mine under the original manufacturer warranty, but what a hassle!...more info
  • Works well with dual boot Intel Macbook.
    I just set one of these up with a dual boot Intel Macbook using WPA2 & the wireless connection is excellent in OS X & Win XP Pro. You have to download a patch for XP in order to use WPA2. I give the router five stars because it's relatively inexpensive & provides excellent signal strength in both OS's. Windows was kind of a pain to set up, but Windows is... Windows....more info
  • Unreliable product - Horrible Customer Service
    I purchased the original router in December 2007. Since that time the router has been replaced by Netgear 3 times as it was defective and has stopped working again. The first time it stopped working, I spent several hours on the phone with a tech support rep that I could barely understand before he would agree that the unit was defective. The second and third times it stopped working, I needed to correspond with tech support via email unless I wanted to pay a $75 fee because the unit was over 90 days. Both times it took 6 weeks of emails back and forth before they would agree that the unit was defective. In each instance I needed to ship the router back at my cost before they would consider shipping out the replacement. Four defective routers in less than 18 months is crazy, not to mention I've had about 5 months of lost usuage during that time. I would never buy a Netgear product again....more info
  • Hangs frequently on XP
    Easy to install but frustrating disconnects. Have been trying to fiddle around for fixes but to no avail. What a waste of money......more info
  • Great IP connection, but!
    I bought this router the day before I received my new Gateway NX570X laptop. It installed beautifully within 30 minutes and both my desktop and laptop connected to the internet. Beautiful, but I have still not been able to share any resources between the two PC's. Any comments/suggestions most welcomed!
    [edit] Less than 30 minutes after posting this I found out that my S/W firewall was the culprit. I turned it off on both PC's and I guess I have to increase my 4-star rating to 5-stars. Strange that Gateway techs couldn't find this problem....more info
  • My refurbished model works wonderfully
    I bought this from Amazon as a refurbished model. It works great, was very easy to set up, never loses the connection or sends out a weak signal.

    The only reason I give it four stars is that the instructions that come with the refurbished model are awful barebones; I had to go online to get the model before I could figure out how to install it.

    But once I did that, it worked perfectly and has continued to work perfectly. My refurbished model was only $23.99 and looked brand-new. That's a helluva deal for a wireless router. I'd definitely recommend this one....more info
  • Works Once in a while
    When this unit works it works well. The problem is it constantly needs to be unplugged and plugged in as it drops the internet connection about twice a day. I have version 3 and the latest firmware.

    I can't believe Netgear hasn't fixed this problem yet or has taken this defective product off the market. Maybe there needs to be a class action law suit to wake them up?

    Not happy with this product at all and will not buy Netgear products again. ...more info
  • Great Router For Great Money
    I have the DG834GT Netgear modem router but I wanted to make a wireless network in my basement lab.So I needed a wireless switch. I didn't have much money to spear (because access points costs twice as this one I took it 25 euro) and I saw this router as an Offer in an Internet store.When I got it and plugged it I was very satisfied with its piece of cake adjustments and plug and play capability.

    First I took a LAN cable From My Home to the basement and plugged into the router.So now I had two routers in the same network.Surprisingly there weren't any conflicts and the basement pc worked just perfect connecting to the intrnet but I was using a different set of IPs from the Primary router and I couldn't tranfer Files to another computer attached direct to the Primary's router network and I did the following Steps and had it work perfect.

    If you don't want to connect two routers together don't read this

    Primary Router = The router that connects to the internet
    Secondary Router = Router that connect to Primary to connect to the internet

    1)Plug a cable from a pc to a numbered port on the secondary router
    2)Go to the Secondary router settings
    3)Go LAN IP settings and write the same set as the Primary(my primary has so I've put be careful,the LAN IP you've chosen shouldn't be used by another computer on your network
    4)Disable DHCP server
    5)Plug a cable from your Primary router to secondary But BE CAREFUL DON'T PLUG IT IN THE WAN PORT BUT IN A NUMBERED ONE

    You'll have them work together perfectly.
    Actually you turn the router to a switch with this way

    ...more info
  • Works well for now
    I was reading a review about how this does not work with the xbox 360, and i just wanted to tell anybody who cares that it does. I just hooked it up and played a game of halo. My room is about 50 feet away from the router and i only get 3 bars, which is ok. I also have a ps3 and wii, but have not tried to hook those up yet. the only reason why i gave it 4 stars was because i only get 3 bars, but it's probably something that i did and not the router itself. A good website to check out is, they gave it a 7.9 out of 10, which is a good rating. ...more info
  • Great Router
    This router is very useful and even though i was very very skeptical when looking at these revies before my purchase I went ahead and took the risk and overall I'm very happy because the router hasn't dropped any connections so far and the speed is also at a good average. This router is great for gaming as well. ...more info
  • I won't provide the details---
    I won't provide the details since there are numerous entries already describing the same problems I have encountered. I will just put my rating and add one more to the list that says this product isn't worth the cost. It has given me more hassle and is slower than all the Linksys, and Dlink wireless/routers/switches I have used before....more info
    Ok, UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE, the following devices, refuse and WILL NOT connect to the WGT624 Wireless Router:

    >>XBOX360<< (with 360 Wireless Adapter - latest updates)
    >>PSP<< (with latest firmware)
    >>MACBOOK<< (which is based upon the widely used Atheros chipset, and this was tested in both OSX and Windows Vista - also latest updates all around)...

    A DELL AXIM and other Netgear wireless products will connect, so it's not entirely useless, but Good luck in getting it connected with your device......more info
  • Great Model
    This particular model is great. Right now I have three, one as an access point and two as clients for XBOX and HTPC. If I ever need another client Ill buy this model for sure. Search for WGT624 Configuration Manager....more info
  • I've always used Netgear routers and I'm always happy with them. Including THIS one.
    This is my 3rd Netgear router(2nd wifi) with which I have had experience. Just as described. Very easy to install. And they have great support--Very easy to manage settings and update the software.

    I live in a small apt., so I'm not sure about the range....more info
  • Security software effects a lot on the performance
    I installed this router for a week already. It's a version 4. The installation and set up really is 100% foolproof because I am not a tech savvy person. Good thing I read the reviews before the purchase so I followed the firmware upgrade instructions rather than ignoring it. The 2nd day it started loosing connection very frquently on one computer but on my Toshiba satellite it works beautifully. My toshiba uses Mcafee and the other uses Kaspersky (I am not too thrilled about this software because it blocks almost everything to earn it's reputation as the most secured internet security software). However starting from day 3 even the computer that disconnects slowy gets better. I guess the router has a break in period and its performance will be greatly effected by the internet security program in your computer....more info
  • It works and I got it cheap. Otherwise, meh.
    This is the router I'm using now. It's unobtrusive and it does its job, just like a home router is supposed to. It seems to work fine passing packets back and forth, and the range seems okay, although with it being located in the basement it probably could be a lot better. It handles a Mac laptop old enough for middle school pretty well despite the Powerbook's WiFi-B card. Perhaps most importantly, I got it for $20 at a flea market.

    This is not a router that will knock your socks off. The web interface is fine, but Netgear for some reason doesn't provide telnet access the way my old RP114 did (you can enable it, but it's difficult and I don't think the functionality is anywhere near as nice as the 114's menu-driven interface). It's not especially hackable either; there's four major hardware revs out there and OpenWRT doesn't seem to know what to do with any of them (they say they're working on it). On top of all that, unless you're willing to go end-to-end with Super-G gear and have an actual application for it (wireless multimedia/NAS, maybe, or a clustering system of the SETI@home ilk), Super-G is a waste of money, since it's nonstandard and not really supported out of the box on most laptops.

    In conclusion, you won't go wrong with the 624, but if you're not jumping on the WiFi-N bandwagon, the 614 is a better investment if you want Netgear stuff. Why pay extra for the privilege of vendor lockin?...more info
  • Poor Quality
    I owned a Netgear 624 router for a few years, and it had worked great. One day the DHCP function decided to stop working, and my network was dead. Since I didn't want to be bothered trying to upgrade the wireless devices I own to an N protocol, I decided the smartest thing to do would be to replace the old 624 with a new one. Made perfect sense, right?

    The new one is terrible. I didn't really pay attention to hardware and firmware revisions between the old router and the new one, but suffice it to say that I wish I could re-incarnate my old router. A few somewhat quantitative examples: Nothing else has changed but swapping a new router for an old one.

    Connection strength: Office used to be excellent, now very good
    Patio used to be very good, now good

    Streaming video: Previous- could view video files from my network storage devices (NAS)
    Now: Video will pause to wait for data

    Finding the network: Old Router: Rock solid- network was always listed under "View Available Wireless Networks"
    New Router: Sometimes it isn't there. Sometimes it comes back by itself, sometimes you have to power cycle the router.

    Dropped connections: Old Router: Hardly ever-maybe once every couple months.
    New Router: Once every couple hours.

    There are a few more other bugs.

    Occasionally the wireless connection to my laptops will slow down, and only rebooting the laptop seems to clear the problem. Not sure why this should happen like this, but the problem started with the new router.

    The "attached devices" menu option in the router is unreliable. It often doesn't show devices which I know are connected, because I can address them. Not a big deal, but certainly something that should be implemented correctly.

    I also have one device (a dell all-in-one printer) that seems to work best with a fixed IP address. (Don't ask...this took a 1/2 hour with a very smart gentlemen in the Philippines to work out). The old router had no problem assigning this a fixed IP address. The setup screens on the new router are the same, and about 75% of the time, the router assigns the printer the desired address. The rest of the time, it gives it a random address.

    Netgear tech support was...well- not very supportive. After an hour on hold, I was connected. The gentlemen on the other end of the phone made no sense. Luckily a friend was visiting who is a native speaker of the language in question. After a minute he handed the phone back to me and said "that person makes no sense in any language". Score one for 3rd world tech support.

    I will probably unload this thing on Craig's list- who needs the hassles of Best Buy.

    The old router was a great piece of equipment, and I have a Netgear switch was has been a flawless performer. Not sure what I will replace this with- since Linksys and D-Link seem to have their own problems.

    ...more info
  • Support Limited and Doesnt work for me
    I have had a problem with this for over a year (owned it a year in Jan)> It worked for a few days and hasnt ever since. I have spent wasted time with tech support from both netgear and verizon. Last night verizon tech called netgear and was told from India that support was not available without payment or going online...HAHAHA>>>CANT go online with it.
    Going to get a different one come Monday from verizon....more info
  • Netgear is atrocious.
    Buyer beware - I have used both Netgear wireless routers and adapters, and have had nothing but trouble with them. This particular model failed after just 4 months of use. In my opinion, Netgear products are simply inferior to just about any other brand on the market. If you want consistent, reliable, and long lasting wireless hardware, I strongly suggest you look elsewhere. ...more info
  • Excellent router with lots of features
    Bought this router to replace a piece of junk Linksys WRT54G. The WRT54G, like every other Linksys I've ever had, needed to be rebooted constantly and had poor features and range.

    The Netgear has at least twice the range and rarely needs a reboot....more info