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Targus TXL717 17 XL Rolling Notebook Case
List Price: $99.99

Our Price: $64.99

You Save: $35.00 (35%)


Product Description

Targus XL Rolling Notebook Case combines the features of the XL Notebook Case with rolling capabilities for travel ease. With its 36 telescoping handle, "in-line skate" wheels, air cushion protection system and ample storage space, this rolling notebook case is the easiest way to transport all of your mobile computing essentials. And the removable accessory pouches allow for maximum versatility! Locking zipper pulls on the padded notebok compartment Exterior Dimensions - 19 x 8.5 x 16 Interior Dimensions - 16.5 x 2.2 x 12.9 Targus Lifetime Warranty Color - Black Water-resistant nylon

  • Compatible with Most Notebooks with 17" Screens
  • In-Line Skate Wheels and 3-Stage Telescoping Handle
  • Zip Down Workstation for Business Cards, Media, Pens, Pencils and More
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Handle and Padded Detachable Shoulder Strap
  • Meets Carry-On Restrictions for Most Major Airlines

Customer Reviews:

  • Gets the job done
    Order went smoothly. Bag is good quality and fit my 17" Aspire laptop w/ a bit of room to spare....more info
  • Perfect for my needs
    The bag has lots of compartments and can hold both my HP dv9999us 17" laptop and my MacBook Pro 15". I can even fit my Canon CanoScan LIDE 500F scanner, Targus PA248U laptop cooler, and my WD 250GB portable drive. Yes, even the cables fit. With all that I still have room for a book or 2. But it can get heavy. The bag is durable and well made....more info
  • Great Large Student Backpack
    This is the largest backpack I have ever used. It has room for everything. I can put all of my books and my computer in and still have room for more. If you like to have room for all of your stuff this is the right backpack. The only down side I can think of is that the padding on the back could be a little thicker, but I still would recommend this product. ...more info
  • You will never believe the storage in this bag.....!!!!!
    There are so many cool places and unique storage spots on this bag!! I do not have a laptop yet, so I cannot speak to that unique point, but I have been able to fit a rain jacket and long sweater coat inside that space alone and never really notice they are there. I use the second and third smallest spaces quite a bit, and I STILL have lots more room. When I was looking for a college backpack I was looking in several areas. None were really working for me, and then this bag came up, and I decided to try it. For the money, it pays off in less than a week in what it will do for you!! I have at least 2 days of the week where I LOAD this bag with books and binders, and while it is heavy, the bag takes it. The handle is DURABLE and overall I cannot recommend this bag enough!! Everyone notices my bag and remarks how big it is, but I tell everyone the same thing: I was looking for something that would hold everything I would need, and in THIS BAG, I found it!!! For only $50 on Amazon, this is the ideal bag for anything you need it to do.........more info
  • asome backpack
    I got this backpack for my son. He loves it. It is big and has a lot of room to hold all his books and binders. The thing that i like the moste was that it has a place for his laptop. I am satisfide with the price i paid. I though that the backpack was going to be a lot smaller. Then when i opend the packadge i was schoked on how big it is. I may order another one for my other son. ...more info
  • worth the money if you have no ther options
    I needed a 17" laptop backpack for a trip and this is what I found on short notice. I have already broke one of the front clips while trying to pull it out from under a seat on a plane. I did do quite a bit of riding with this pack on through the hills of Santa Barbara and will give it credit for being resonably comfortable for long periods of wearing it. I own a 15.4" Eastsport backpack also and that one is set up a lot better with more convienient side pockets and secondary pockets inside the larger storage areas. The Eastsport also has an air pack at the small of your back that can be adjusted which really does help to keep the laptop from feeling like a board against your back (The Targus pack did not and you could really feel the shape of the laptop).I will look at other brands than targus next time for a decent 17" pack....more info
  • Awesome HUGE notebook bag
    This is an awesome bag and will fit a wide variety of products. It has lots of pockets and seperate comaprtments for all your stuff. The pouch for the NOTEBOOK is enourmous and will fit the largest notebook out there easily. However in that light the compartment was much to big for my 17" MacBook Pro, about 3-4 inches on the side and 2inches on the top. In that light its still a great bag but just not going to wrok well if you have a MacBook, even with a sleeve on my computer the compartment was to big. ...more info
  • A fine laptop backpack
    I purchased this to take on a Caribbean cruise in September. I am no spring chicken anymore--I'm 64 and have one lung--but had no problems at all with this backpack.

    It accommodated my 17-inch P-7811FX Gateway laptop with ease and provided decent, padded protection. I also included a laptop cooler stand, the power supply and cables, and an assortment of odds & ends that I wanted to keep with me (iPod, cell phone, chargers, reading materials, snacks, water bottle, passports, ...). This combination weighed in at about 30 pounds. I had no problems hefting it to put on or take off and there was no shifting of contents. There was room left over for a light change of clothing or a wind breaker and careful packing could include more. I don't doubt you could get this heavy enough to not want to carry it far!

    I used this bag as my carry-on on Continental Airlines (along with my camera case) and had no fit easily into the overhead bins and the "briefcase handle" on top made it easy to carry down the narrow aisle. The numerous compartments were handy for keeping things separated and protected. The adjustable straps and waist belt allowed for a good fit and the weight seemed evenly distributed. I noticed no irritation points where the bag fit against my body.

    All in all, this worked very well for me on a 12-day trip and it seems to have withstood the rigors of travel with no ill effects. Only time will tell about wear over the long haul but the construction and materials seem OK for a not-too-expensive backpack. I can recommend this one for those that need the additional room with a 17-inch laptop--mine measured 16 x 12.5 x 3 inches with the cooling stand which I kept in the compartment behind the laptop).

    I don't know if I'd recommend this for school...I can remember text books weighing quite a bit and I think I'd rather lug around a smaller laptop for University work. This is more for the person who wants (needs?) to have their gaming with them or needs a desktop replacement when traveling....more info
  • Fantastic!
    This backpack is huge..lots of room and comforatable to wear when weighted down. Quick shipping, great seller......more info
  • Nive product, fell apart within three days, however
    The item arrived new with tags, and was in great shape, but without out overloading it, at all, the latch ( I do not know what you call it) broke. I was surprised after only it broke. Unfortunately I do not have the time to return - so I have to live with it....more info
  • Great Backpack with only one drawback...
    I received this after a lot of research. Great backpack with lots of room. The only drawback I have is that it is NOT waterproof. Was just caught in a rainstorm and thought no big deal, my computer is safe. Got home to pull out a computer with lots of water dripping off of it.
    Now that I know I will take more caution, just would have thought they would have made it waterproof....more info
  • Really Big!!
    This is a great bag. It is very large. It holds my large lap top very nicely. I have a 17" screen lap top, so the smaller bags were too narrow. This is great....more info
  • You can't fulfill this backpack!
    BIIIIIIIIIIIIG! Fits my 17" lcd laptop and lots of stuff! I can't get it fulfilled! Very well-finished and strong-looking. A good notebook - and other stuff - backpack....more info
  • Outstanding versus Pegasus
    I went to a retailer (where I bought this for much more) to compare in person this backpack with the Pegasus. I'm glad I did. The main thing you need to do is to think about what you actually want to put in it. I have my PDA, which fits in the side pocket, my thermos, which fits in the other side ("water bottle") pocket, cell phone, which goes in the frontmost, small pocket, plus my HP dv9000 series 17" laptop, which goes in the padded compartment with inches to spare [the pocket is almost too big], dvd/cdrs, which go in the holder for those [great idea], some file folders, which go in the file compartment, and some huge books and the ac adaptor, which all fit in the other compartments. There are still pockets left over. It's as comfortable as the Pegasus in the straps, but thankfully lacks the odd hooks and stitches on the straps of the Pegasus which do nothing, as well as a strap that connects the back straps, which also looks ridiculous. Except for the rather odd skate board strappy compartment, this really suits. The Pegasus, by contrast, seemed to have pockets that didn't suit what I need to carry around. That is the crucial question....more info
  • Great Notebook Backpack
    My wife needed a good notebook backpack for our recent trip to Mexico. We looked at several different models and found this one to be the best. It fits her 17" wide-screen notebook easily and can quickly remove it for security check points. There is plenty of room for all notebook accessories as well as other items for the trip, such as medications, toiletries, books, magazines, and anything else you need on your airplane ride. I liked the front pockets for our passports and airline tickets. It was very convenient and seems like a high quality backpack. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a light-weight notebook backpack for traveling....more info
  • Very cool
    It's a huge, nice and very cool backpack. I can take all my tech stuff wherever I go. Recommend....more info
  • best buy
    This bag carries everything I need for my job and I don't go home with a backache every night. The compartments make it easy to stay organized and find what I need quickly. It came in the mail several days before I expected it, GREAT SERVICE!

    Teresa...more info
  • Nice to see something better than advertised
    If you're lucky enough to have one of the new 18.4" laptops, this is the bag for you as well. It's been a challenge to find a decent bag to fit my new HP HDX 18t laptop, and I'm thrilled with this one! The straps are roomy and comfortable, there is AMPLE room for my widescreen laptop, and there is a place for everything you might need to carry. It would even serve as a nice overnight camping pack. Definitely a good value for the money!...more info
  • Big, but lightweight backpack
    I bought this backpack about a month ago, after reading a lot of the reviews here on Amazon. I'd say the backpack is as advertised. It holds my 15-inch laptop easily. The backback itself is very light weight, and hardly seems to get any heavier when the laptop is added. I carry my makeup, hair dryer, curling iron, etc to work with me every day. So, I wanted a backpack big enough to carry all that stuff, plus my laptop, plus my planner and a notebook. This bag handles all that with ease. The shoulder straps are nicely padded and distribute the weight evenly. I also have a 17-inch laptop and it fits in the padded slot with no problem. If you're looking for a good quality backpack, that will carry a laptop and a lot of other items, this is a good buy. I also think it looks stylish, with the combination of blue and black. I'm very happy with my purchase....more info
  • High Volume and Comfortable but...
    My brother gave me his old one of these, and it was very comfortable and held a ton of stuff on a summer long trip in Europe, but the zippers would slide open, which caused me at one point to drop my portable hard drive on the sidewalk and ruin it, so I ended up zipping all the way to the left or right and tying the zippers together. I guess locks would do the trick, but why should you have to?

    I agree with the other reviews, too, including it being bulky and the personal item for carry on bag, but it's handy as a single carry on piece. I even used it on Ryanair twice, although it would not have fit in the overhead compartment had it been completely full.

    I have a previous Targus bag, also from my brother when he bought this one, which is still in great condition but won't fit my 17" laptop. I need a new bag and am still debating buying this one again???...more info
  • Great Buy
    I was looking for a computer back pack for a 17" that was not $100. I was initially a little leary about this one. No need to worry...It is a great backpack. It is a pretty big pack. If you filled it with books as full as the picture, it would weight about 400 pounds (lol). Only down side is there are not a lot of 'organized' pockets in the backpack (like dedicated places for keys, pencils, pens, flash drives and cell phones). That is probably what they add to make the $100 back packs. It also has decent padding in the laptop pocket. I think you will like it. ...more info
  • Targus TXL617 17 XL Notebook Backpack review
    Lots of space for my 17" laptop and more. Durable and takes a beating.
    Its exactly what I wanted, with lots of pockets and space....more info