Baby Einstein - Numbers Nursery
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Product Description

A playful and interactive introduction to numbers!
-- Exposes little ones to the concept of counting
-- Reinforces number recognition using simple patterns

Between 12 and 24 months, little ones become increasingly interested in more complex ideas and begin to explore numbers and counting. Numbers Nursery introduces little ones to numerals 1 through 5 in a captivating, interactive way that invites them to join in, clap their hands and count out loud. Using baby-friendly images of brightly colored toys, plus puppets, children and familiar real-world objects set to beautiful music, this dynamic program is a fun and age-appropriate way for you and your child to discover the exciting world of numbers and counting together!

DVD Features
-- Repeat play
-- Language tracks (Spanish, French and English)
-- Discovery cards - Count 1 to 10 in seven languages
-- Count-along activities
-- How many?
-- Story time with See and Spy Counting book
-- Toy chest

Customer Reviews:

  • Very limited.
    Teaching babies the numbers 1-5 is great and all, but I am beyond perplexed why in the world Baby Einstein stopped at the number 5. Do they really think that babies can't learn more than that? Good grief! They are just getting started there! This DVD is very entertaining. Indeed,it is mostly entertainment as the numbers one through five will be mastered in very short order there by making it pure entertainment. Save your money and buy Rochard Scary's Best Counting Video Ever. It is just as entertaining (if not more so) and goes to number 20, withj lots of cute dialogue that babies love. Similarly, check out Leap Frog Letter Factory (for letters) and Trebellina (for music). You won't be disappointed....more info
    NUMBERS NURSERY IS THE BEST! My husband and I are both teachers and we love Baby Einstein educational videos. Although the numbers nursery says that it goes 1-5; there is a special tab on the menu that shows a video for numbers 1-10. My daughter is 16 months and is able to say and recognize numbers 1-10. Of course we worked with her individually but the numbers nursery video is also a great asset as well. It is an extension of what you are already doing with your child. DEFINITELY BUY THIS VIDEO. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT....more info
  • Simple Fun That Won't Bug Mom
    These movies are well loved by my little girl ever since she was 3 months. (she's 10m now) They capture her attention and are a big help for those "bad days." Plus they're instructive and refreshingly simple with soothing classical music.

    BE Numbers Nursery is great fun with no obnoxious songs that get stuck in tired mothers' minds. I highly recommend it over some of the other B.E. videos! Great for Baby and Mom!...more info
  • What a great discovery!!
    I had heard of Baby Einstein in passing by other people but since my children are grown and in college...except for one that is in High School I didn't have to be in the new ways of teaching children(babies) how to learn their numbers and shapes. Now, that I'm a grandparent I started looking for different ways that I could not only entertain but educate my grand child. I came across Baby Einsten Numbers and Shapes Discovery Cards. Wow, how things have changed in 22 years anyway my grad daughter seem to be captivated by the was then that I saw that two different videos(dvd) went with the cards(this being one of them and Baby Newton) to help re-enforce what the children see on the cards and vise versa.

    When I first showed my grand daughter the video she was anything but intrested but I put it in a little later after she had ate and took her nap and she was just enthralled by what she was looking at on the tape.

    I wish they had these when my children were growing up but one thing is for sure my grand daughter will be a Baby Einstein baby...I have already ordered other products and can't wait for them to arrive and watch my grand daughter's face.

    Great Product, Great Price!!!...more info
    I will make this short and sweet.
    My daughter is 17months old and knows numbers 1-10. She had found this DVD in its case about a week ago and wanted to watch it. So i let her of course....and from that DVD and practicing with me she now knows her numbers, 1-10.
    Great DVD. Buy, watch and reflect on it with your lil ones! ;)...more info
  • The Best
    Now that my daughter is two I thought I would stop buying the Baby Einstein series. On a whim, I purchased Numbers Nursery. This is by far one of the best Baby Einstein videos! Even though my daughter already counts way past 5, this video helps her conceptualize the numbers. She calls the video "tiger numbers" and loves the characters - especially the horse. She belly laughs when he eats a flower. We have been collecting many of the items from the video around the house so that we can count along with the tape - for example, we find 5 apples and count when they come up on the tape. It is very interactive and fun. I highly recommend this video along with the other Baby Einstein classics. Thanks Julie!...more info
  • Looks pleasantly more like Julie's stuff!
    Since my disappointment with Baby Neptune and Baby Galileo it seems as if this new video has finally returned to the original Baby Einstein style. The images are simple and the old puppets are back! My son really enjoyed it, though the beginning was a bit slow. The poems were very cute, and it was great to hear Julie's voice again (which my baby loves!) My biggest complaint was that they didn't teach numbers to ten. A good buy, though....more info
  • Numbers Nursery VHS is Mesmerizing
    My 19 month old is absolutely fascinated by the Numbers Nursery. She loves numbers and this video not only supplies learning the numbers and the words for the numbers, but also the Braille for the numbers. If your child enjoys counting to ten, be sure to note that there is no bonus material on the VHS version, even though it is on the table of contents...A great disappointment. I can't wait for the 5 - 10 video to come out...hint, hint!...more info
  • A Welcome Return to Form
    Now THIS is more like it!

    This DVD clearly illustrates the numbers one to five, in a clear, fun format, with music, great visuals, and logical format. The graphics are simple and uncluttered, the toys are new, and the puppets are not doing the same things over and over again.

    It teaches not only counting, but also reading, and this is the first time in the series that the bonus material is as good as, or better than, the main feature.

    The main feature runs nearly 30 minutes, exactly as stated on the box, and the bonus material doubles the fun.

    An essential Baby Einstein DVD to jump start your child....more info

  • Hooray for the Tiger Tape!
    Like many parents, we own all of the Baby Einstein videos. Baby Bach and Baby Einstein are the only two my kids never enjoyed. Numbers Nursery is another HIT!

    Disney has finally been smart enough to go back to Julie Aigner-Clark's original Einstein concept. What made Baby Einstein so special in the first place was that it was so simple. Babies don't need special effects and computer-based graphics - such as in Baby Newton - ugh!

    Both my 11-month old daughter and 2 1/2 year old son love this tape. Yes, it would be nice if it went higher than five, but the point of the tape is not to teach your children how to count. That's your job. It's educational entertainment, or so I like to think.

    If your kids love Baby Einstein as much as I do, they are going to love Numbers Nursery....more info

  • Great video - Entertained my 23 month old
    My daughter has been a big fan of the Baby Einstein video series and we have nearly all of the videos. This one has gone back to the B.E. earlier videos, in using some familiar puppets from previous videos and has the typical classical music playing while showing one toy. I watched it with my daughter as a before bedtime video and she sat with me the entire time and didn't move. When they counted she would hold up a few fingers to show me "how many" and when I asked her if she liked her video, she nodded yes.

    Sure it would be nice if they went a bit higher in the numbers, but this isn't supposed to replace me teaching my daughter how to count. It's an entertaining video and helps associate one-two-three with how many objects are in front of her. I highly recommend this video for your younger child and also for those children who are my daughter's age and are big fans of the baby einstein videos....more info

  • entertaining and educational
    Baby Einstein: Numbers Nursery manages to be entertaining while teaching numbers 1 to 5. We have almost all of the Baby Einstien DVD series and this one is similar with a mix of puppets skits(well done), animal scenes, and cute kids(with a more diverse mix of boys and girls and ethnic groups). For kids over 12 months....more info
  • Terrific!
    I purchased this DVD the day it came out, hoping it would intrigue our 15-month-old on a 10-hour car trip. It worked - she loved it! She really likes the puppets, and was very excited to see a ladybug puppet. It's a great way to teach the first 5 numbers to young ones, and done very simply and with a lot of charm. I think that people who complained about the previous releases being too "new" will love this one more - it has some of the simpler appeal of the older ones while combining some of the better qualities of the newer ones. It also has great music too. We all love this new addition!...more info
  • Cute, but has some flaws
    We are definitely a Baby Einstein household. I received the first 11 DVDs as a baby gift from a *very* generous friend. My daughter starting watching them as early as seven weeks old. They held her attention even at that point. She likes some better than others (Baby Beethoven and Baby Neptune are favorites). I picked up this latest one when I was Christmas shopping. We watched it this morning for the first time. I'd definitely say it's more in the style of the older videos... less video footage and more "toys in motion" kind of stuff. She seemed to enjoy it and it definitely kept her attention (she never took her eyes away from the TV).

    My major complaint is that for a DVD that's supposed to be an introduction to numbers, only introducing the numbers 1-5 seems a little silly. Even Sesame Street goes up to 20. The box says that "Numbers Nursery" is intended for 1 year and up. I'd say it seems more something for even earlier than that. My daughter is now 6 months old and it's about perfect for her. If they wanted it to have appeal to a later age range (up to 2-3 years for example) they needed to include a lot more than the number 1-5.

    Overall though it's still an enjoyable addition to our Baby Einstein collection....more info

  • Another Great Addition to the Baby Einstein Collection
    LOVE this DVD. Our 2 year old already knew his numbers, but we got this episode anyway, and he was ecstatic to see the counting on t.v. in an easy/entertaining format. He quickly began shouting out the upcoming answers.
    I only wish that they would go beyond number 5 - maybe to #20 would have been better. Either way, it's worth adding to your Baby Einstein DVD collection!...more info
  • Better than most of their collection, but not great
    I got this at a consignment store for about $3, and that's the right price for it. I think this is among the best of the Baby Einstein collection, but thats not saying much. I did notice that this one (unlike many others) was actually designed with the help of a developmental psychologist. Finally! As a result, it has a better structure, good pacing, and makes a better attempt at concept reinforcement than the other BE products. As is unfortunately typical among Baby Einstein, they make mistakes that interfere with the concept development, or add content that is only minimally related to what they are supposedly trying to teach. Buy BE because it has pretty music and pictures, but don't be fooled by BE marketing that your child will learn from them. I do think this one is entertaining but would not get it for a child over 12 months.If you're purchasing something educational for your child, stick with Sesame Street DVDs. The Children's Television Workshop does a far superior job of actually teaching as well as entertaining. ...more info
  • She loves it!
    One of our favorites yet. The puppets are great and it's coriographed nicely with the music and narration....more info
  • Makes learning fun
    This is a good movie for exposing little ones to numbers. It has lots of fun puppet shows and pictures. Lots of extras on the DVD too. My son (20 mo.) loves to watch it and I know it won't be long before things start "clicking" and he starts recognizing the numbers....more info
  • Captivating
    This video keeps my 18 month olds attention. The thing I love most is he is not zombied by it, he talks about it we name the puppets and make it an interactive learning experience....more info
  • Another hit from the Baby Einstein company
    This is a great DVD. That's the bottom line. My daughter loves it, and it really is helping her to learn her numbers. The 4 stars instead of 5 is because, as others mentioned, it only goes to 5...however, with the way they reinforce the numbers over & over & over, they would have to make it an hour long video in order for it to go to 10. I think that the fact that they repeat the numbers several times is very useful for learning, even if it's only the first 5. ...more info
  • Magnificent from a baby einstein picky viewers
    This is such a magnificent production above all the other Baby Einstein DVDs. I assure everyone that children and adults alike will enjoy the video. Never boring and dull. It's less of a puppet show and really stress out on NUMBERS. Though they just featured from 1-5...great educational tool for beginners. So if your children has learned recognizing, counting, and sequencing from 1-5, then this is not for you. Try "Rock and Learn's Colors, Shapes and Counting". It's for advance learners.

    WE also love the bonus features that came along. The discovery cards which featured counting from 1-10, the count along activities, and the how many game are so much fun to do with your child/ren. I have a 22 month old here and he is very responsive to these particular games. He also appreciates the See and Spy Counting Digital book that came along with the bonus track. It's an interactive counting book.

    He never got tired of this one.....he always asks for this morning, noon and night. A treasure to recommend to any household....more info
  • Cute video for teaching numbers 1 - 5
    Unlike most of the Baby Eistein videos that show toys, puppets, spinning things, etc for really no reason at all, this video at least has a purpose for showing all of those kinds of things. For the number 1, they start with a puppet scene and a little poem. Julie Clark is the narrator and if you have read any of my other Baby Einstein reviews, you'll know I do not care her voice at all (sorry Julie!). But, if you can get past that, then it's a pretty good dvd.

    After this little puppet scene they show 1 apple, 1 duck, 1 cup and then they show all kinds of things for the number one (a toy, a flower, an animal, etc). There is lots of live-action video here. One little thing that bugs me is that the number 1 should just be a straight line, not with the little thing at the top which makes it look similar to a 7. I mean, these videos are for our little children and we should teach them how to properly write their numbers.

    Each number, from 1 to 5, has about 5 minutes of video for it. For the number 2 they will have a puppet scene again with a poem, then show 2 apples, 2 ducks and 2 cups (these 3 items are shown for each number) and then this is followed by things in two's. There could be a little more speaking of the numbers when they show these things, I think.

    At first I thought I wasn't going to like this dvd because it only goes to the number 5. But, my little girls is only 18 months and can't even really count to 2 yet, so I guess a video that goes up to 5 is a good place to start. For beyond the number 5 you might want to check out Baby Brainy 123's (I have a review for that too).

    On the Main Menu for the dvd there are some really nice added features. There are Discovery Cards (these say the numbers 1 - 10 in 7 different languages), there are Count-Along Activities, How Many?, and See & Spy Counting Book. I don't know if the vhs video version would have these bonus features. If they don't then the vhs is really lacking in some good added activities.

    Despite a few little negative things (Julie's voice, the number 1 looking like a 7, etc), which caused me to only give this 4 stars, I ended up purchasing this one for my daughter. This one along with Baby Neptune (water), Baby Galileo (sky), and Baby Newton (shapes) are the only Baby Einstein videos that I personally like. For the rest of the Baby Einstein videos.......well, I am sorry but I just can't believe how they have become so popular. I have written reviews for all of them. ...more info
  • 1-5 counting exercise for toddlers
    this video will help your toddler count to 5 using visuals and other kids and make it all very fun and entertaining. i recommend this for kids without the knowledge of numbers, for a more helpful and entertaining way to learn. my son is almost four and he is a little bit past this. i had to search for the videos and dvd that go to higher numbers. if you child is just beginning to learn to count, or you are planning to introduce numbers to him/her, this is a wonderful way to help the learning process. i highly recommend this video and all the others in the einstein series. ...more info
  • My daughter loves this!
    My daughter will not sit still to watch anything, except this. I love that she'll watch it and it will actually teach her something. She is 16 months old....more info