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Antec USB-Powered Notebook Cooler
List Price: $34.99

Our Price: $21.17

You Save: $13.82 (39%)


Product Description

Overheating laptops are a bigger problem than most people realize, as heat reduces system stability and harms the lifespan of your electronics. To combat this problem, you need the Antec Notebook Cooler! Increasing the cooling your laptop gets can help it last longer, and may reduce or even eliminate system crashes.

  • Protect your valuable investment and reduce heat-related instability
  • USB-powered cooler with pass-through connector included
  • Draw power from any USB port without losing use of the USB port
  • No batteries or power adapter needed
  • AQ3 Antec Quality three-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Wal-Mart sells better fans
    This fan is terrible. Even after mounting it to the window, my room still didn't cool down. I was under the impression that this unit would bring cool air from the outside into my room. It only has two tiny fans underneath the mesh that barely produce any wind. I don't understand why anyone would think to give this to me as a birthday gift. I found a much better fan for 10 bucks at Walmart. Avoid!...more info
  • Does its job and is quiet
    This is the second Antec notbook cooler I have purchased and there is a reason. The price was very reasonable and the dual fan plus aluminum material makes for good cooling.

    I have no reason to believe the fans will fail anytime soon, but it's great to know that, if they do, I will still have the aluminum surface of the cooler to act as a heat sink.

    Just as an FYI, I'm using it right now on a 15" MacBook Pro and it fits perfectly (a 17" would hang off the sides a bit. I use the other one at home on a 15" widescreen Lenovo T61p and it also fits perfectly....more info
    My core temperature had no decrease whatsoever after buying this product. If you own this product or buy it, download mobmeter.exe to watch your temperature on your cpu. This fan did not cool my cpu at all. I did dust out my laptop fans and that improved temperature - free and easy fix. Do not spend money on this gimmick, don't trust the positive reviews like I did - those reviewers must not be monitoring their core temperatures. I hope this review saves you $$$....more info
  • Still Loving It.
    Over the past 5 years, I've had 2 laptops. I realized early on that a notebook cooler would be helpful since the laptops can get pretty hot. The original Antec Notebook Cooler that I bought lasted over 4 years. The fans work, but the USB/power cable port is worn out from taking the cord off and on. This replacement Antec Notebook Cooler doesn't seem to displace as much air as the original one that I had, but it is quieter. And, most importantly, it keeps my laptop running cool. I tried to go without a cooler, but my laptop would get very warm to the touch after a short time. Just the airflow over the metallic coated surface of the cooler causes the cooler top to be cool to the touch. Help your laptop last a little longer....more info
  • It's good for the first 6 months
    It was great for the first couple of months definitely kept my laptop cool for most of the time but then it started to get louder and didn't cool very well. Eventually it broke down completely... although it did somewhat last me for a good college year. Probably won't buy another antec ...more info
  • Best of the Pack
    I've purchased 4 various cooling pads for my laptop. (And my wife's laptop, we both have Dell XPS1530's) I won't mention the other brands because there is no point in smearing their names but the fact of the matter is the Antec cooler is head and shoulders above the rest.

    * The aluminum mesh grill does indeed pull heat away from the bottom of the laptop and in turns does an amazing job of keeping the entire case of the laptop cool. Previously, the palm rests would get warm to the point of hot after a night of gaming, but I have yet to feel anything above a slight warmth that couldn't be attributed to my hand heat.

    * The duel fans while quiet, move enough air away from the aluminum grill to continually cool it.

    * Of the 4, this cooler feels the most sturdy, it has a solid construction and while the majority of the cooler is plastic, its not a cheap flimsy plastic, it is quite sturdy.

    * The rubber pads that come with the cooler are great for not only elevating my laptop to allow more air flow, but also holding my laptop in place.

    Initially, I was out to buy a laptop cooler that could rest in my lap, after extensive search and reading I realized that this was not going to work so I picked up a lap desk and have since fell in love with the antec cooler for its ability to stabilize my laptop on the lap desk and keep it cool while I'm playing at night.

    For those out there looking for a 17" laptop cooler, my xps does hang over the edges on the sides, but I still have a solid and sturdy fit with this cooler and I am still getting excellent results. I highly reccommend this cooler. Don't be lured into some of the other brands that are offering coolers made for 17" laptops, the one I purchased didn't cool my laptop at all and my laptop constantly slid off of it.

    The laptop is powered with a usb connection that has a built in port, my Logitech mouse has no problems working through the port so you don't have any net gain or loss of usb ports while using this product.

    ...more info
  • For my Tivo
    I bought this to keep my Tivo cool inside the cabinet. I already have one that I use with my laptop. A terrific product, saves money longterm....more info
  • Blowers didn't work on two different units
    When I plugged the unit in, only one of the blowers was working.

    I returned it for a second unit and had the same problem. I do not have any other USB devices plugged in so I think it should be getting enough power. I couldn't find anything on Antec's website (support section) about this problem and when I tried to submit a problem ticket, I kept getting a server error.

    ...more info
  • pretty decent
    A stylish cooler that does the job right and has a fair price and has some very interesting features, i didnt expect it to come with the USB adaptor so that you could still use a memory on the same slot where it is connected and that way you dont get robbed space for any other USB accesories. Very light for comfort but that same lightness makes it feel quite fragil...but naah its held its post in more than a month on duty!!...more info
  • Works well until breaking
    This product keeps my laptop acceptably cool when it was previously overheating. However, one of the fans died a few days after I received it. I only happen to need the fan on the side that still works, but I'm not very pleased with the quality of this product....more info
  • Notebook Cooler
    Does a great job keeping my 17 inch laptop cool. Only negatitve is it uses power from the laptop through a USB port which means it shuts off when the laptop shuts down....more info
  • Bought two - one was defective out of the box
    I bought two of these units. They have two fans each. One had only one fan working out of the box. The other one works fine and seems to do a very good job cooling. I don't know how long it will last given the other one was broken day one. Another drawback is that the power indicator LED is obnoxiously bright....more info
  • FINALLY!!! This is the cooler for you!
    After owning a Targus cooler, and a Belkin cooler (check my 1 star reviews of those), I decided I'd give the cooler thing one last go. My laptop gets HOT... like burn your thighs hot.

    My Targus lasted about 2 weeks, my Belkin cooler lated about 1 week. For $5 to 10 dollars more you can get this.

    It is much more sturdy than the Targus or Belkin. It's build feels more sturdy and well built. The other two mentioned above feel like they cost about 30 cents to make. Very cheap.

    I've had this unit for almost 3 months and still its going strong. The airflow is several times better than the Targus and the Belkin combined.

    It has a Dual USB plug in... so you plug it in, and the plugin itself has a USB connection, so you don't lose a USB slot from using it.

    I would say the only quip I have with it is a bright blue LED on light. No way to turn it off. I thought about covering it with black tape but I've found I don't really notice it.

    Geek tested and approved!...more info
  • Looks pretty but doesn't work
    I am impressed with the design and appearance of this Notebook Cooler, but unfortunately it just does not work. I have used iStat Pro to measure the temperature of my processors before and after using the cooler. No difference at all. Even after many hours the Cooler did nothing to reduce the temperature of my MacBook Pro. Very disappointed....more info
  • The perfect cooler.
    I spent a totally of 23 dollars on this thing after tax and shipping. It was brand-NEW! And for 23 dollars, this thing is top notch! It keeps my laptop about 30 degrees Fahrenheit cooler. It went from 107C to 85 to 90C. It keeps it from getting so hot that it will wreck the hardware.

    Warning, this device is not portable. I read some reviews and the cord is very very fragile.

    Yes! It is made out of metal, better heat sink....more info
  • Perfect
    This is a great product. A friend of mine messed up a connection in my laptop which affected my cooling fan. My computer kept over-heating and turning off. This was frustrating. I read some of the reviews and was scared cause one complained about the blue light and another about the short cord. WELL...the blue light is not that bad, and as for the comment on the short cord....all you have to do is turn it around. The USB connector is for the left side. If you have a laptop like mine (with the USB on the right) simply turn the cooler around. No need for an extension. TRUST ME!...more info
  • Works Like a Charm
    Awesome. Worth the money. People complain about the blue light but it doesn't affect me at all. Keeps my 16 inch HP laptop cool. I have it running for about 12 hours a day and have had no problems. Its really sleek and classy looking and just makes my whole laptop entertainment package awesome. Definitely a must buy if you're worried about your computer overheating....more info
  • Great for World of Warcraft players
    I have a Dell Vostro 1500, and when I used to play World of Warcraft for more than 5-6 hours, my laptop would overheat and my computer would shut down. The keyboard used to get really warm, and the bottom would be molten. To be honest, the keyboard is now chilly (which I like) and the bottom is cool, not even warm.

    Like other reviewers stated, this pulls out the hot air, and vents it through the bottom of the cooler unlike similar products that just blow air at the bottom.

    What's also great is it's USB powered, AKA, portable. Also, the USB connector has a USB port on the back of it, so you dont lose a USB port from it. 5/5 product. Also, the blue light is not annoying at all. If it is, just put a piece of electrical tape over it....more info
  • Fills the need!
    For a moderately priced cooler I have found this to be adequate for my needs....more info
  • Smelly, but works well
    Until recently, I wasn't aware of a product to cool your lap and laptop. I carefully researched other similar items, powered or passive and decided to try this Antec powered. It is ugly in design and smells heavily of plastic when initially used. It fact the smell lingered many days, slowly lessening (or I became accustomed). The 2 fans are extremely quiet even on the higher setting. My Sony 17" laptop sits atop nicely and the unit is fairly lightweight in the lap. I do have to use a USB extension cable because my USB ports are on the right side. The Antec is designed for laptops with USB ports on left side. Overall, I'm glad I bought it. Just wish it didn't have such a strongly offensive odor.
    Note to Antec: Lose the strong plastic odor and make the proprietary cable longer for those laptops with USB ports on the right side....more info
  • 5stars
    I got what i want with this item, I purchase it cuz my laptop turns hot... And this cooler refresh my laptop in a very good way...

    The only complaint is the blue light is very very shine! I simple put a little tape on it...

    Im very happy with this item...more info
  • Excellent notebook cooler
    I love this notebook cooler. It has a wide cooling surface. It is quiet, has two speeds. It has a pass-through USB but my other USB plugs don't fit in it, that's my only problem, othewise I am pleased with this product. ...more info