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The Honeymooners - Classic 39 Episodes
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Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 06/21/2005 Rating: Nr

Get the bag. As The Honeymooners continues to get bumped from late-night TV schedules across the nation--by laughably unfunny shows such as Friends and Murphy Brown no less--legions of Honeymoonies will need to get their fix in other ways. This set--the Honeymoonie's Holy Grail--contains all 39 episodes from the legendary 1955-1956 season. There's no commentary from some "expert" who compares Ralph to gods from Greek mythology or memories from some assistant producer--it's just the meat, and that's enough to make any fan salivate. This was the only season that The Honeymooners had a life of its own apart from the Jackie Gleason Show, and as much as we tried to welcome the "Lost Episodes" into our family, they very rarely matched the high quality of the classic 39. Rather than sequence them in order, the producers have decided to group them by eight different themes including Ralph's jealous nature, his life at the Gotham Bus Company, his friendship with Norton, domestic troubles, and financial woes. Sometimes this approach is a bit forced, but it does illustrate why The Honeymooners is the ultimate situation comedy: You can show them out of order. No matter what happens to the Bensonhurst foursome, Ralph will still work for the bus company, Norton in the sewer. They'll be struggling to get by, passing the time bowling, shooting pool, arguing with the wives, and dreaming of a better day. And it's in the mundanity of everyday life that The Honeymooners finds boundless humor. Even when the events were anything but mundane--bank robbers, counterfeiters, TV commercials, game shows, golf dates with The Boss--the real story and the best jokes were about the reality of their lives and the realization that, because of marriage and friendship, they didn't really have it so bad after all. The chemistry between Jackie Gleason and Art Carney still amazes after all these years. Audrey Meadows's Alice is the perfect foil for Ralph, stern but sympathetic. And Joyce Randolph's Trixie? Well, let's just call her "earnest." Still, for all of Norton's frenetic energy and Alice's wisdom, the show belongs to Ralph Kramden. Somehow, Gleason took a chauvinistic, paranoid, insensitive, scheming, bitter, loudmouth, underachieving bus driver and made him a hero to millions. --Marc Greilsamer

Customer Reviews:

    This collection of 39 episodes of the Honeymooners is fantastic. I bought it for my son for Fathers Day,now his son has become a fan....more info
  • Love the Honeymooners!
    This is an excellent DVD for all who are Honeymooners fans. Every great episode is on there and extras too. It's hysterical. My whole family loves it!...more info
  • Amazon Critic Marc Greilsamer is a Grouch!
    This review isn't about this The Honeymooners DVD set, it's about Amazon Critic Marc Greilsamer's bitterness about, well, everything in the world BUT The Honeymooners.

    Read his review above and it'll be clear in no time that he's not interested in thinking too much about anything (doesn't care about symbolism or character or anything else those snooty know-it-all experts pontificate about on commentary tracks, though I doubt anyone's ever put a gun to his head and forced him to listen to one) and he's certainly not interested in any sit-coms produced after 1956, the year the last of these Honeymooner episodes last aired for the first time.

    And what's his beef with Friends? It was hilarious and on the air for 10 years! And it could've gone on longer except that the cast knew when to quit.

    Hey, I like The Honeymooners. The show was certainly much funnier than anything those stupid Three Stooges ever did. (What a waste of celluloid!) But I have to also admit that I've always been perplexed by guys like Marc Greilsamer who are simply gaga about a fat New York City bus driver.

    Get a life, Greilsamer! And please try to take baby steps toward the 21st century by at least restricting your future television viewing to shows produced in the last quarter of the 20th century! (Sorry, no Star Trek TOS, you bitter old fart.)
    ...more info
  • The Show that Changed Western Civilization Forever
    Once upon a time, and that time was not so long ago, women (the weaker sex, the distaff side) were portrayed in comedies as childlike idiots. The celebrated Lucille Ball made her fame by acting like an imbecile. As Lucy Ricardo, she'd hatch these hair-brained schemes, and when they'd blow up in her face, she'd put on that standard wide-eyed look of panic that was considered funny at the time. When, at the end, she'd get caught, she'd do what any normal 6-year-old would do, she'd begin bawling, and everyone'd go Awwwwww! Poor Lucy! Nor was Lucy the only child-woman presented. There were Joan Davis ("America's Queen of Comedy") and Gail Storm as My Little Margie, who, when her zany scheme backfired, would look into the camera and gargle (that was considered the zenith of humor in them there days).

    There was nothing unusual about these early TV shows, and another such show had its roots back in Vaudeville. Gracie Allen not only portrayed a child-woman, but she seemed delusional too. I leave it to you to adjudge the validity of this view of women, but it was an accurate reflection on how women were regarded in our society. They were all nuts, of course, all hysterical, easily reduced to tears, fainted regularly, and could not be trusted with any responsibility, but we loved them as we love our children, even the retarded ones, and besides, we wanted to get into their girdles.

    Just as the late-night comedians of today have only two basic jokes (George Bush is an illiterate hayseed and Bill Clinton is a sex hound), comedians back then had only one joke - women drivers. (Example punch line: "But officer! I was only GOING one way!").

    Then, on October 5, 1951, everything changed. It was a cataclysm of epic proportions. A paradigm shift. A sea change. [Add your own hyperbolic clich¨¦ here.] Suddenly, Father no longer Knew Best. The wife with the sarcastic mouth became the norm, and now the men were the child idiots who made the funny noises and whose harebrained schemes were certain to end in humiliation. At the show's end, they were the ones who came whimpering back to their wives, the grown-ups of the house, with sheep-eatin' grins and their tail between their legs (so to speak).

    From that day on, in all situation comedies without exception ("Home Improvement", "The Simpsons", &c.) women were the only responsible adults, and men were the goofs who just wanted to go bowling and drink beer. But The Honeymooners changed everything, not just situation comedies. Three years after The Honeymooners was introduced, there came Gail Davis (1925-1997) as sharp-shooting sherif's assistant Annie Oakley:Vol 1 TV Series. Formerly, women were supposed to be afraid of guns - even being in the same room with a gun would result in hysteria. It was a the man's job to protect women and children. (In the movies, when a man and woman were being chased over rough terrain by a mob of armed outlaws, the woman would invariably twist her ankle and fall, leaving herself to the hero to carry her to safety.) Now, suddenly here was this petite woman with a big gun shooting badmen in every episode (since she just carried a hand gun, she only shot the guys in the hand). Eventually, lady detectives and lady spies would be shown.

    But the influence of The Honeymooners was not merely limited to entertainment. Prior to the show, there were no women judges - indeed, there were few women attorneys. Women were typically homemakers or, if spinsters, librarians. Women would occasionally rise to serve in government assemblies, but those were flukes, and the women (e.g., Jeannette Rankin, who voted against both W.W.I and W.W.II) were not taken seriously. When a woman was somehow elected to the city council, the newspapers would say nothing about her ministrations, but they would be certain to run, on a regular basis, a photo of the lady alderman wearing her ridiculously-gaudy flowered hat.

    Of course, women never became heads of state. The few women rulers who had existed had gained their uncertain power merely by hereditary succession when the previous king failed in his duty to produce any male issue. But after The Honeymooners, and only in the English-speaking world where The Honeymooners has been shown -e.g., Canada and the United Kingdom- women became elected as prime ministers. (Germany and South American nations followed their lead only much later.) As of this writing, it seems likely that a woman will be elected the President of the United States - something utterly unthinkable before The Honeymooners.

    How ironic it is that modern feminism began with Jackie Gleason - or whomever conceived of the show. If that person is yet alive, I says we hang him from the nearest cellphone tower! We had a good thing going back then, guys! Women would fetch us our pipe and slippers before cooking our meals and washing our clothes, but now we're expected to serve them and go back to candles for illumination. During most of past human existence, a bride came with a dowry - her father paid you handsomely to take his daughter off his hands. Now, you pay and continue to pay, until you lose half of everything you've earned prior to your divorce, including your pension.

    Now we must ask permission (get it in writing!) before a seduction (is that word even permitted?), and the universities teach the buncombe that in ancient times there were matriarchal societies ruled by women. Now, jokes about women drivers are unheard of. The brethern of Islamic societies see this, and no wonder they're hostile.

    The influence of television on society cannot be denied. Two handsome guys were shown cruising Route 66 in a Corvette, and suddenly 'Vette sales skyrocketed. (The same is now true of Glocks.) Even during a severe winter, kids dress in light clothing, because that's the way people on TV dress. They assume that's normal, as people on TV don't wear caps and scarves and mittens. And marriage in America today is typically an uxorious relationship, all because we saw it on The Honeymooners....more info
  • The Honeymooners-Classic Episodes
    I love the Honeymooners.Jackie Gleason,Art Carney,and the rest of the cast were wonderful and the show was brilliantly written.I love the fact that the show was taped in front of a live audience,in fact all sit-coms should have a live audience to play to.Also,I love the quality of the DVD'S.Once again,it is a pleasure to view....more info
  • Serendipity
    I was pleasantly thrilled with the quality of the content, and the content itself - all my remembered favorite episodes. So, if you're a Gleason fan (that's Jackie not James), and are longing for "live" entertainment in the early days of television, "The Honeymooners" fit the bill as far as I'm concerned......more info
  • Terrible quality!
    I agree with the other reviews. Although the content is excellent, the quality is absolutely TERRIBLE. For this amount of money, they could have remastered the episodes. Not only have they not been remastered, but they seem worse than when I used to watch the episodes on WPIX years ago.
    This is only for avid "Mooners" fans like me!...more info
  • AWESOME !!
    This DVD set is awesome. Even though I have seen every episode 1000 times in the past I continue to watch them. If you are a Honeymooner's fan this is a MUST have !!...more info
  • Excellent
    It's an excelent serie. The DVD's have a lot of quality. The seller that send me was very honest and kept is compromise.
    The package just delayed because the portuguese costum work very badly....more info
    I was very disappointed because the DVDs were damaged and could not be viewed AND this was given by me as a Christmas gift! The replacement was also received damaged. No more Amazon DVDs for me....more info
  • The Honeymooners Classic 39 Episodes
    This is a great product especially since I am a huge Honeymooners fan. Great set of classics....more info
  • 39 Episodes Minus 2
    I echo what a lot have already said. I had to turn my TV sound up almost
    full to hear TV or Not TV. I have this episode on VHS, and it is very good
    so I know that the episode is okay. The transfer to DVD was not. Also, the
    episode Please Leave the Premises seems like it was done from cable TV.
    Near the end of the episode, the episode goes into slow motion, with the
    picture breaking up, such as when your cable starts acting up. It is SO
    BAD that they actually write the dialogue on the screen!! Didn't anybody
    check these transfers? If the transfer was that bad that the dialogue had
    to be written on the screen, you would think that they would have done
    it over. Other than that, the other 37 episodes seemed okay, but I agree
    with the others, this series should have been digitally remastered before
    it was put on DVD. My VHS tapes are better....more info
  • BANG ZOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!
    This is a great set! The classic 39 episodes that never seem to get old! I still laugh out loud watching these shows and I can't even count how many times I've seen them! The transfers look good to me,but this show should have perfectly restored quality! Some extras would have been nice too. The box set is still worth it for the shows, it's just a shame they didn't do more for the release. ...more info
  • The Greatest!!!
    What can be said that has not already been said about The Honeymooners. The younger generation may not "get it", but if you grew up watching and loving The Honeymooners" as I have, this is the collection to get. I remember watching these episodes on our black and white television set that got only 13 channels, or stations as they were called. If you arranged the rabbit ears just right, the quality was still not nearly as good as you'll find in these videos. I'm sure others in my age range would agree of how many fond memories these classic "Honeymooner" episodes bring back and speaking for myself, continue to create as I watch them over and over again with my mother. As Ralph said in one of his episodes.."Some day Alice, I'm going to hit that high note". You already have Ralphy already have. Thank you!!! ...more info
  • 39 Episodes of Perfection
    There isn't a lemon in the bunch. I can't imagine anyone saying "oh, I don't really care for this episode." There may be personal favorites but every one of the 39 hits the bullseye.
    The vhs series was put out by CBS Video and are crisp and clean. This dvd set is from Paramount Viacom and wasn't restored but the individual episodes are complete. They are still very watchable and are so entertaining that technical restoration should matter less....more info
  • Honeymooners DVD
    This is a must for all Honeymooners fans. You'll laugh out loud every time you watch these episodes as if you are seeing them for the very first time!...more info
  • The Honeymooners, just what you would expect!
    There is nothing much to say about this DVD package except that that it is just what you would expect and the transfer quality is excellent!

    Every time I watch it I am transported back over 50 years in time to my Bronx apartment where I first watched The Honeymooners with my mother and father. ...more info
  • The Best Sitcom Ever
    These epiosodes still make me laugh after all these years. My friend and I discovered these classic 39 episodes back in 1974 when they were airing late at night. We watched them religiously and never got tired of them. Ralph's facial expressions are particularyly hilarious. The man was really quite a comical genius. They truly are timeless. ...more info
  • Honeymooners
    this is all quality tv, with no sex or props. Just good old fashion comedy the way it should be. If you like old style tv this is a must buy....more info
  • Lots of great episodes!
    Excellent DVDs. Lots of early Honeymooners--early Gleason as he is getting his act together. The Honeymooners will always be funny! Highly recommended!...more info
  • A Honeymooners set for the digital age
    I bought the famous 39 episodes when they first came out on VHS many years ago. The tapes allowed me to introduce my kids to a show I'd loved over the years, first as a fuzzy memory from childhood and then in reruns on local TV. This new DVD set is something else again. The transfers are razor sharp, and the picture holds up beautifully, even on a big plasma TV screen. Occasionally, I pop one of the discs into my computer and watch an episode at my desk. The viewing technology has changed a lot over the years, but these shows never grow old. Gleason, Carney, Meadows and Randolph invented he TV sitcom -- and perfected it as an art form -- all at the same time. Their genius is beautifully preserved in this excellent boxed set....more info
  • Good clear video and sound
    All the episodes are clear and sound good. This pack is exactly as it is stated. I would like more special features as I am a fan of this old series. But this is definately worth the money....more info
  • It's a love affair for the Honeymooners
    I bought this for my brother's birthday as he's always been a huge fan of Jackie Gleason and especially the Honeymooners. I couldn't have picked up a better gift for him as he was so pleased at the quality of the DVD's and of course, the Honeymooner episodes. Every one of these episodes are classic and there's always the great interaction between Ralph, Alice, Norton and Trixie that has normal situations turn into huge disasters for Ralph. Even after all these years, these episodes are wonderful to watch and laugh with. As far as comedy goes, this is the series that all strive to match but never come close. A big thank you for this DVD compliation to be able to watch all the episodes that have made people laugh for years and years....more info
  • the honeymooners 39 classic episodes
    the honeymooners is a true classic. hard to believe only 39 episodes. i wanted to see more!!! the only thing is if you watch more than 4 shows in a row ralphs 'to the moon alice' gets to you. i wish just once alice wouldv'e said 'to the moon ralph'. truely she was 'the greatest'....more info
  • Great DVD
    If you are a Honeymooners fanatic like I am, You should
    absolutely add this DVD to your collection!! 5 stars!!...more info
  • The Honeymooners Are Back
    I grew up watching the Honeymooners and missed the reruns. I was so glad to see that Amazon had them available for the public uncut and without commercial interruptions. The DVD's are clean and well digitized. I am as happy with the technology as I am with the actual episodes I remembered. Thank you Amazon for bringing back Old TV the way I remembered and loved it....more info
  • The Honeymooers SUCK
    Give Me The Beverly Hillbillies any week ! At least you get a great laugh with Granny & the clan . But the honeymooners there is NO CHEMISTRY to the show no wonder it had 39 shows That Enough to suffer through !!...more info