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Porter-Cable FR350A Round Head 2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer
List Price: $408.77

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Product Description

The Porter-Cable FR350A Round Head 2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer drives nails into engineered lumber up to 3-1/2 inches and features a consistent power in each shot. The 64 nail magazine fires via selectable trigger that can be set on either restrictive or contact actuation mode. The FR350A requires 70-120 PSI air pressure to operate. Its compact body and precise balance make it easier to shoot, as does the bypass nail pusher for quick reloading. The innovative nail lockout system alerts the user to reload tool when magazine is empty.

  • 2-inch to 3-1/2-inch round head pneumatic framing nailer with 64 nail capacity magazine
  • Selectable trigger -- restrictive or contact actuation mode
  • 70-120 PSI operating pressure
  • Measures 19-1/2 inches long and 14 inches tall; Weighs 8 pounds
  • Includes carrying case, 1/4-inch air fitting with dust cover, and oil

Customer Reviews:

  • Not happy with it at all!!!
    The first day of use, the nail gun started to leak air. I called the Porter and Cable, and the rude service rep tells me that I did not oil my gun. I am a weekend warrior, but knew that and did that carefully before starting to use the gun. The gun was rather heavy and not balanced. Did not want to go through the service center, so sold it in ebay and bought Bostitch RH88 gun. Man! It was a night and day difference. The Bostitich gun was a lot ligher and well balanced. No james and NO Leaks so I don't have to deal with a rude service rep. Glad I sold this one in ebay and got a Bostitch.

    Note that the manual actually says that the 1-yr warranty does not cover the leak caused by seal failure. If you have the same problem as I did, you will probably end up paying for fixing the leak, even if the gun is less than 1-day old. ...more info
  • Nice Framing Nailer
    I purchased this framing nailer after having owned the Porter Cable brad and finish nailers. They worked well so i finally decided to buy a framing nailer and went with this one. I have used this nailer on a few large projects and it has worked fairly well. One thing that i have noticed with this gun however is that if the nails run low in the feeder and there are only two or three nails left it is best to add another string of nails. The gun jams up many times at this point if nails aren't added. This is the only time i have experienced jams when using this gun. The gun works fine otherwise and seems durable. ...more info
  • Really good framing nailer!!!
    I can't say anything bad about this nailer, I use one just like it at work all the time, It's a real labor saver, and it's never given us any trouble, I would recomend this tool to anyone for any framing duties......Brownsboro, TX....more info
  • Porter-Cable lives up to its reputation
    I've used the FR350A for a few weeks now and I can say I am very happy. No jams, just consistent effortless nailing from this heavy hitter. It's a bit heavy, so some may want the magnesium version. But I don't plan to us it all the time, so the lower cost was appealing....more info
  • Excellent Nailer
    I've framed my entire basement now, and didn't have a single jam or other issue with this gun. Toenailing is sometimes tricky, but very possible. At 100psi I toenailed 3-1/4" studs and it only left about 1/4" (at most) of the nail to hammer the rest of the way in. I believe this is fairly typical with guns that aren't meant to specifically toenail.

    Overall excellent and quite satisfied....more info
  • Nice Nailer
    I got this as a refurbished unit about 6 months ago. It's built a couple fences and a small remodel and worked very well. It may not be a tool I absolutely need, but I sure do love using it. ...more info
  • This Machine "GUN" Out shoots Bostitch-Senco-Paslode!
    We own all 4 brands and many different guages of each Mfg type. We have just upgraded to this model from the FR350. The first thing you need to do is invest in GOOD SAFETY GLASSES! And watch your fingers!!

    No problem finding round head nails in our area. Ctrl Oregon. The feature that we like the best is going from full autonail to (semi).

    I have an apprentice working with it and this is a good safe feature for him. If you have a need for this size and type of nail gun this is the one you want!

    Very easy on the wrist in any prolonged position. I hate reloading some guns but the rear load feature helps get the job done faster!

    We recomend the case on this gun to keep it protected when not in use. One note about the case, remember to retract the nail spring load to its fully closed position or the gun will not fit in the case..Nice safety feature.

    I have to give the FR350A a 5 out of 5 stars. It has never jammed once in over 250,000 shots of 3.5 in nails! Great design and highly recomended for the home owner and contractor in general

    ShowCase Cabinet & Door Co....more info
  • Great Iteam!!!
    This is a great Air Nailer for the price, easy to maintain, works great!!
    The day it arrived, I started framing my new garage, The depth control leaves a little to be desired for siding, I could not adjust it low enough for siding, so I had to lower the air pressure at the regulator which was no big deal. All in all Great buy
    ...more info
  • glad I did it
    I am more than trilled that I purchased this gun. I am renovating an 1813 house in Maine and with all of the framing invoved this tool has been a god send. My only problem has been locating 22 degree nails in the home centers. I had to go to a contractors supply store to get them. That aside, I would buy this tool again in a heartbeat. It has all the power needed to drive into the old timbers in my structure and after over a thousand nails it still has yet to jam. My arm fels much better thank you....more info
  • Framing nailer, Porter Cable
    I purchased this nail gun based on reviews already posted and have been very satisfied with it. Very few jams and it certainly beats hammering nails. Great product....more info
  • Light, powerful and agile
    I bought this based on a lot of positive reviews that I read while researching framing nailers on several different websites. I must say, I am VERY pleased.

    First of all, this tool has copious amounts of power. I was able to sink 3.5" 8d nails with no problem, even while adding a work bench and shelving in my new/old garage which features some really tough dimensional lumber. Further, and in spite of what I had read, I thought that the recoil was minimal.

    Some of the reviews I read gave this tool mediocre to above average reviews w.r.t. balance and weight. I'm not sure what inspired these comments. The only issue that I had with balance was when the air hose got caught on something and pulled on the nailer but let's face it, this is an issue with any air tool. In fact, after using it for residential framing for two days straight, I did not notice any fatigue in my forearm or wrist. When I first opened the case, I looked at the size of the thing and assumed that it would be heavy. Quite the contrary. I've had the opportunity to try a few other framing nailers (Senco, Hitachi) and I thought that this felt lighter. Just my opinion.

    I live in Chicago, Illinois and have had absolutely no problems finding nails (Lowes and the Borg have multiple selections for this tool). A box of 2500 2-3/8" nails cost me $25.00. Strangely, this is perhaps one item that is cheaper to buy locally when you factor in shipping charges.

    I had read somewhere that the exhaust was not tool free. I bought the nailer conceding this fact however I found that it is not true.

    I've read a couple of gripes based on the fact that the nailer does not have a holder for the mar-free nose piece. To this I say "big deal." When you are doing framing work, do you really care if you leave toenail spike marks in the lumber when you are face-nailing??

    I was suprised to note that, when the magazine is down to 2-3 nails, the gun no longer fires. I don't really see this as an issue though.

    One other reviewer noted that it is difficult to remove nails from the chamber if for instance, you wish to change nail lengths/sizes. I own several different nailers including Bostich, Campbell Hausfeld and PC. To date, I haven't found any that are particularly easy w.r.t. removing nails that have already been loaded. On the other hand, loading nails in this gun is simple. You shove a set in the rear of the gun, pull the tensioner back beyond them and let it go. Voila!

    To summarize, I am not a professional framer/carpenter. I do not use a tool like this for a living although as a woodworker and homeowner, I probably use my framing nailer more often than most. I think that it is a great product for the money. Can you buy a better nailer? Without even looking, I'm sure you can but at what cost? Finally, the quality of higher-end tools is quite subjective, much like a good pair of home stereo loudspeakers. I think that this particular product is a fantastic combination of quality and value.

    Skeptical? Buy one from Home Depot and try it out. If you don't like it, all you have to lose is 35-45 minutes in line trying to return it! ;o)

    ...more info
  • sky hook needed
    I do alot of roof framing and I do beleive that a sky hook would be essential for this product? The Porter-Cable FR 350A seems to have all the needs that I am looking for but that seems to be the only downfall that I see with this product! Does Porter Cable even make a sky hook for any of their framing guns? Will some other brand of sky hooks fit or work with this product? Petedawg framer in
    arizona...more info
  • this gun rocks
    i've had this gun for 4 yrs and running. driven untold boxes of nails through it. dropped it. the metal magazine is solid, the loading mechanism fast and stout, the depth adjustment straight forward and rugged. but the true beauty is the trigger which allows single shot or bounce with the turn of this little dial. so nice. year ago the main gasket went, but the rebuilt kit and 1/2hr and she's good....more info
  • One Homeowners Review
    I spend 3 days siding the house and another 2 days building hanging shelves in the garage. The FR350A is powerful and consistant. It only jamed once when the nail hit a metal support -- the jam was easily cleared. I was supprized to find that the gun quits firing with ~10 or less nails in the holder. Slip another set of nails in the holder to continue. I had problems double nailing but I chock that up to inexperience. I am very happy with the FR350A.

    Note that I took another reader's advice and purchased nails separately (get twice the amount of nails at Lowes for the same price as Amazon). I had no problem finding 2-1/2 and 3-1/2 coated and ribbed nails....more info
  • Exceptional performance, durability, and value
    I have completed many projects with my FR350A in the two years I've owned it, including framing out a complete basement and many remodeling projects, and just finished a couple hundred feet of fence framing with ease. I have zero regrets about buying this nail gun.

    I am very hard on tools, and started buying the good stuff a few years back rather than have to replace things all the time. I have dropped this gun off the roof, run over it with my truck, dragged it by the hose through mud, left it out in the rain. I have never done any maintenance or adjustment to the gun other than a few drops of oil in the air fitting before use. Despite much abuse, it still works as good as it did when I bought it.

    The depth adjustment is simple and effective. It will put nails through metal brackets with ease (read: don't worry about lining up with the nail holes so much). It has never jammed, it's easy to use, and has never, ever, failed to work properly. What more could you want?

    I do not recommend overriding the trigger in favor of pressure actuation. I have accidentally bumped the snout of the gun on my thigh enough times to tell me that is a very very bad idea. Leave the trigger alone unless you wanna explain the metal in your leg to the TSA next time you are trying to clear security at the airport.

    ...more info
  • Porter Cable?
    Surely Porter Cable did NOT make this! Brand NEW out of the box and it would not drive 3" nails? Bought mine on sale at Home Depot and fortunately they allowed me to return it. I have used nailers over 15 years and could not believe this. Shame on you Porter Cable for advertising this gun will shoot 3 1/2" nails and it would NOT drive 3" nails. This is not the Porter Cable I used to know. Buyer beware, this gun is not as advertised. The telling end was my offer to the store manager was that I would buy 2 if he could get it or another new one out of the box to drive 3" nails. He would not accept the offer, stating some things may be over stated on their (Porter Cable)labels. My prayer is that potential buyers read this BEFORE purchase and someone, anyone from PC also read this...shame on you PC...more info
  • Works Great
    I was worried when I ordered this nail gun because it was so much cheaper then local retailers. The first time I used the gun I knew I had made a great purchase. It's just as good as my old Porter-Cable nail gun, but actually seems to jam less. The FR350A has an additional safety that prevents double fires that took a little getting used to. The additional safety can be turned off, but the extra safety is really nice when you're toe-nailing or any other funny angles. It also loads directly from the rear which took a little getting used to. I can't tell you how many sweaty afternoons I tried to stick the nails in the top when I was switching back and forth between guns, but once you get used to it, I believe the rear loading is faster. ...more info
  • Excellent service and nail gun
    Ordered on Monday and received the nail gun on Wednesday. Used it to build a cedar fence. Excellent gun no problems. I enjoy getting this great of service. Jim...more info
  • No big problems, minor inconvience with toenailing
    This is my first experience with a framing gun. We have used it in framing our house so it has gotten a good trial with heavy use. We have had no problems sinking nails except sometimes we have had to finish them off when toenailing, but I understand that this is typical of any gun so I still gave it five stars. I wish it came with some sort of a hook for hanging it on ladders, trusses, etc.....more info
  • Very Happy - homeowner use
    Works perfectly every time. I own P-C Brad, Finish, and Framing nailers. I am very happy with all three.

    Qualifier: I am not a professional. That is, mine are used in a homeowner setting and are not subject to heavy daily use. I cannot rate them in that setting....more info
  • Porter-Cable FR350A Round Head 2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer
    Item as described, fast shipping, haven't had time to use it yet but will be helpful in future projects....more info
  • This nailer shoots straight!
    I am very pleased with this nailer. As a homeowner/handyman type, I have found that contractor grade tools, while more expensive, usually work better and last longer. This one worked as advertised out of the box. When I was youthful, I used to throw instructions away. Now at twice that age, I read them and follow them. There are safety concerns with a framing nailer that has this much juice, but this one has good safeguards and if you pay attention to what you are doing it does a great job. I would buy another or give one to a family member without concern. Wives, this is THE framing nailer to buy him for that next gift....more info
  • Wrong Nailer
    Looked good, until I had to purchase the nails. In New Mexico, one of the hardest items to try and locate is round head nails, especially for the FR350A. Had to return the unit and purchase the FC350A, which I can honestly say is Outstanding. Word of advice... If you are about to get a Nailer, check on th availabilty on the nails first. ...more info
  • Basement and Shed Framing
    This is my first nailer, and I don't see the need to ever get another one. I've used this to frame my unfinished basement and construct a foundation for my composite shed made by lifetime. This nailer works great, and I'm thoroughly satisfied with this purchase. Also if your looking for nails you cant beat amazon esp. with the free shipping....more info
  • excellent framer
    I'm a first time user of an air powered nail framer. The Porter Cable I purchased from is great for beginners. It is very easy to use. Loading nails was very easy. The depth adjustment on the front of the nailer makes it very easy to change the depth of the nails depending on the hardness of the material you're nailing. I particularly like the fact that the nailer can be set up to ensure safety in that you have to depress the head and the trigger in order for a nail to be fired. I was a little tentative at first but I'm very comfortable using the framer after having used it to build one wall of my garage. I'd recommend this product to anyone needing an air powered framing nailer....more info
  • Pretty good
    So far I like this nail gun. The biggest strike against it that I've found is the difficulty in finding the appropriate nails for it - at least without buying a huge quantity....more info
  • Porter Cable FR350A
    This is an excellent product. Can't beat the Amazon price!

    Louisiana...more info