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Cosco 11-120RED1 Retro Chair/Step Stool, Red
List Price: $69.99

Our Price: $59.74

You Save: $10.25 (15%)


Product Description

Red Retro Fashion Trend Design Chrome Step Stool, Easy 1 Tool Assembly, Stylish Chrome Finish, Step Stool Slides In & Out Easily With Smooth Tracking, Padded Vinyl Seat & Back, Sturdy Leg Tubing For Stability, Over Molded Step Treads For Security, Convenient Counter Height Step Stool, 10 Year Limited Warranty.

  • Stylish Chrome Finish with padded vinyl seat and back
  • Easy, one-tool assembly
  • Step stool slides in and out easily with smooth tracking
  • Over molded step treads for security
  • 225-pound weight capacity

Customer Reviews:

  • GREAT BUY!!!
    This chair is the exact one I'd been looking for and it was a good buy, too! ...more info
  • Do NOT buy this!!!
    I purchased this step stool and regret wasting my money. This is cheaply made and takes a long time to assemble. The step chair moves out of place when you move the chair - I hesitate to put my full weight on the chair. I would not buy this again or recommend this to a friend. I suggest spending more money on a chair that is better made!...more info
  • Retro Step Stool Chair
    This product is very solid, especially the steps for climbing. It is a good height for sitting or using as a booster chair.

    Instructions were clear and easy to follow for assembly. Product is solid,very stable and peforms well. I would highly recommend this product to anyone....more info
  • Chair/Stool is not easy to stand on
    I have an old Cosco chair/stool which I have loved for at least 25 years.
    It's not "retro" and I like it much better. This yellow chair/stool has very narrow steps (measures an inch or so smaller) and the stool slides out rather than lifting up and out. If we didn't have to put it together, we would have probably sent it back. We ended up giving it to someone else and I'm still using my older Cosco chair/stoo.
    ...more info
  • Unsafe at any size
    A kitchen step stool must be safe. This one is not. The top step, the one that must be used, since we are cautioned not to step on the seat, is very small and is made even smaller by the fact that it does not fully pull clear from the seat. Thus, only the toes can be put on the step. For one of normal size this is dangerous; for an elderly person it is lethal. I have requested the US Consumer Protection agency to recall this stool. Beyond this important concern, the product is cheaply made, plastic - which is never stronger than steel in such products - is used in critical areas and will never well or sufficiently support its functions....more info
  • cosco retro chair/step stool
    I am so disappointed! This chair is very cute in person- however not sturdy. It wobbles like crazy and the steps are very small. Looks like I am going to have to send it back. Was really hoping to have this for my little girl to use in the kitchen with me, however I am afraid she will fall off with all the wobbling. Too bad they don't make them like they used to!...more info
  • Kitchen stool / chair
    With free shipping and tax free due to my location it was time to replace an older model (15 years. The new one is better in some ways but you should have some mechanical ability and a good screwdriver or you may strip out some of the preset fastner receivers. I had to find another screw and used a stainless that basically retapped the screw slot. It makes it much easier if you have a third hand while you assemble. I also used a six pack and did it when time was not an issue. The instructions were done very well....more info
  • Not my mom's kitchen stool!
    I was happy to have found this stool. However, it is only a cheap replica of the original ones. It is smaller, the step does not fold out and stay out. Save your money, or go to an antique shop and buy a real retro stool, not a replica...more info
  • Dr. Jo
    When I was a kid, Grandma had a stool like this in her kitchen. When company came, we fought over who got to sit on the stool ! All of us kids loved it. When I saw this stool for sale I ordered one immediately. And I was NOT disappointed. The stool is light weight enough to carry easily. It is sturdy. The steps slide out or in with no difficulty. And it was not hard to put together. I highly recommend this stool....more info
  • lovely retro step stool
    I love this little retro red step stool. It is just like the one I remember in my Grandmother's kitchen 50 years ago. It is also sturdy and practical to have in my new kitchen....more info
  • Extremely Happy with my Cosco Chair Purchase!!
    I recently got my mom the Cosco Chair for Christmas and it is her favorite gift!! It is comfortable (with padding in the seat), convenient (easily fit in a small kitchen) and even stylish. It was a little difficult to assemble, but it feels very sturdy. My mom recalls the chair from when she was a child and says it is a much better quality and the bright red color lends it a stylish design element....more info
  • great retro stool/chair
    Some reviews have said that there is a lot of plastic. I don't know where all the plastic is, b/c mine has very little. It is easy to put together, sturdy, and fits well in a corner of my small kitchen when I'm not using it. It's easy to move around, and I've never had a problem with the steps slipping and sliding when I pick it up and carry it. My grandmother has a white version of this that she's had for years, and mine seems to be just as sturdy, comfortable, and well made as her old one. As far as comfort--it's a stool, not a recliner. The cushion isn't very thick, but that's normal for these stools; that's how they've always been made. I've wanted one of these stools for years, and I'm very happy with mine....more info