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Kensington 62238 Contour Backpack
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Product Description

Contour Backpack is the ultimate in mobility for comfort-minded professionals. Unique, fully-adjustable lumbar support that uses a contoured panel to hug the back and help shift weight onto the hips. The curved, shock-absorbing shoulder straps help keep the load light while the padded SnugFit sleeve delivers heavy-duty computer protection.PRODUCT FEATURES: Contour adjustable lumbar support panel reduces fatigue by shifting weight onto the hips; Endorsed by American Chiropractic Association; Padded, contoured shoulder straps ease neck and shoulder strain; SnugFit compartment suspends and wraps laptop for drop protection; Flap-free access to quickly reach computer and contents; Convenient front pocket organizes key items at your fingertips; Handle doubles as strap to hang case from wheeled bag; Expandable bottle Holster and headphone port for MP3 player; 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon protects against abrasions, punctures and tears.

The Kensington 62238 Contour Backpack is the ultimate in mobility for the comfort-minded professional. The Kensington Contour Backpack has shock-absorbing, heavily-padded contoured shoulder straps that ease neck and shoulder strain, and an adjustable lumbar support panel that reduces fatigue by shifting weight onto your hips. The Kensington 62238 is constructed with 1680 Denier Ballistic nylon that provides protection against abrasions, punctures, and tears, with a SnugFit sleeve that suspends and wraps your notebook for drop protection. This notebook bag features a handle that doubles as strap to hang your case from wheeled bag, an expandable bottle holder, and a headphone port for your MP3 player. Endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association, it also features one-zip, flap-free access to the laptop compartment for quick removal at security check points, and a convenient front pocket that organizes key items at your fingertips. The Kensington 62238 fits most notebooks that are 17-inches or smaller, and is backed by a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty. This backpack weighs 3.9 pounds, and has exterior dimensions that are 15.75 x 9 x 19.5 inches (WxDxH), and interior dimensions in the computer compartment of 11.5 x 1.9 x 15.8 inches (WxDxH).

  • Kensington Edge: Carrying Case has contour adjustable lumbar support panel reduces fatigue by shifting weight onto the hips.
  • Carrying case made of1680 Denier Ballistic nylon - protects against abrasions, punctures and tears
  • SnugFit compartment suspends and wraps laptop for drop protection
  • Flap-free access to quickly reach computer and contents. Convenient front pocket organizes key items at your fingertips.
  • Carrying case includes expandable bottle holster and headphone port for MP3 player

Customer Reviews:

  • Attractive and light but not sturdy for long
    I bought this backpack for my husband when he went back to grad school. It lasted through 2 years of grad school so it served its purpose however, every zipper is now broken and the lumbar support in the back has cracked. He still uses it but the main features of the backpack are now not usable. He did say that while using it those 2 years it was a great backpack in that it was light and easy on his back and surprisingly fit a lot of stuff. ...more info
  • Lowering quality
    I had the earlier version of this backpack - excellent and best I have come across for back support on very full computer-school-stuff loads. One of the main support features was the belt strap - but they removed this in their latest version, and made it thinner with cheaper components, probably not as durable. (The current picture is the older version.) - Otherwise, the structure is similar and still has very good back support, despite the corners they have been cutting....more info
  • Good for the price
    The backpack is as advertised. I don't know about the long term but I've used it a couple of times the last 2 months and I have no complaints. I wouldn't get this bag if my laptop was over 15.4 in. My fits snug but any bigger and I think I would have had a problem...more info
  • Great Curves
    these guys really know what they're doing!...this is a great bag!...i carry my 117 " hp laptop(not lite @ all) with all its cables + some more of my own, a huge external harddrive, its cables, a couple books and not only does it fit everything, but once i put it on u couldnt tell that i have so much stuff in there. the weight is so well distributed that i could carry all that stuff for hours and still be fine!...its just an awesome purchase , i hightly recomend it!
    Its made 2 carry 17"laptops very tight and snuggly...well thast exactly what it does!...exept my laptop(hp 17" zd 8000) is bigger then the average 17" so its held even tighter then i'd its takes some manuvering to get it in....more info
  • Good backpack
    This is quite a padded backpack. SnugFit laptop compartment really means snug fit for a 17 inch laptop such as a HP Pavilion. However, it should be noted that the top of the notebook would protrude to the level of the zipper beyond the foam padding, making this part the most vulnerable to damage. This location is also the top of the backpack, also adding vulnerability to damage. Gravity impact on the laptop is minimized due to the suspended SnugFit foam compartment (the bottom of the notebook compartment does not touch the base of the backpack). Thicker foam shoulder strap is also a plus. Lumbar strap is not that useful. They only add to the dangling bulkiness. You may like the lumbar plastic contour which partially rests the weight of the backpack on your back waist. The backpack can hold two larger books such as 18 inch books. Overall, it offers good padding and is quite durable....more info
  • Some nice features but overall a disappointment ...
    I purchased a Mobile Edge Express backpack here on Amazon a couple of years ago; and I really love it. However, I decided recently that I wanted one a little larger ... so I ordered the Kensington 62238 Contour Backpack. I can already tell that I'm not going to like it. It is larger; but surprisingly I don't find that I can fit any more into it. Don't get me wrong; it does have some nice organizational features. I especially like the dedicated key ring that the Mobile Edge Express lacks. Otherwise, even though it seems to have a couple of additional pockets, some of them are not convenient; and now that I've done the male equivalent of cleaning out my purse, I'm OK without them. Also, it's simply not comfortable to me. It has a rigid mechanism that lays toward your back that is supposed to provide more support. To me it just feels like a rigid piece of plastic on my back. The feel of it around the shoulder and arm is also not comfortable. The Mobile Edge Express was like wearing nothing compared to this. This unit has one of those waist bands; and the Mobile Edge Express does not seem to need one of those as it stays close to my body and fits me well without the additional strap around my waist. I walked to work with the Kensington 62238 Contour Backpack this morning. I can tell you for an absolute certainty that once I get home this afternoon, I'm going to give my Mobile Edge Express a good once over to clean it; it doesn't show any wear at all. Then I'm putting everything back into it and will never deviate from that brand again....more info
  • Great Bag with Minor Defect
    I love the bag, there is a lot of space and it carries my laptop well. I love that I can put my Ipod in and listen to it as I walk to class. However, I am having some issues with the inside of the bag fraying and having some little strings coming lose just about everytime I open the bag. Other than that I love the bag I just wish it would stop losing string....more info
  • Most comfortable backpack I have ever had
    This backpack has far exceeded my expectations. The lumbar supports make it very comfortable. The way it is organized on the inside is great and very convenient. I like the plastic "D" rings on the pull straps to tighten it and also the phone pocket on the left-hand strap. The triple weave material is very sturdy and looks nice too. Fortunately when my son set some very dirty boxes on top of it in the truck I was able to clean it very easily. I think I will have this backpack for a very long time....more info
  • big but doesn't seem to fit much
    I expected this to be big, which it is, but it has a weird shape, sticking out at the bottom. Several times I knocked something over or into someone while turning because it sticks out so much. Even so, I expected it to hold more. ...more info
  • Fabric not strong enough
    Backpack has good capacity, however just after 3 months of use the fabric started to tear off from shoulders....more info
  • Nice backpack, I got a lemon
    I was glad to find a notebook backpack that doesn't make it look like I am going camping. It fits my Dell Inspiron 9300 (17" Widescreen) snugly and has space for my college books.
    Unfortunately after a week the stitching along the inside that connected the laptop compartment began to come out.
    Fortunately there is a lifetime warranty and Kensington is going to replace it, but they are currently on back order from Kensington until September. It will be alright until my replacement comes....more info