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Microsoft Office Professional 2003 [OLD VERSION]
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Product Description

Microsoft Office 2003 Professional, the hotly anticipated successor to Microsoft Office XP, brings even more enabling power to this cornerstone of productivity that helps users connect to the right people, information and processes throughout the world of business and ideas. A host of innovations make it easier for people to take effective action and get better results! Enhancements include:

Microsoft Office 2003 (Professional Edition) represents a major upgrade to previous versions of the world's most popular suite of software applications. Office 2003 includes new and familiar products, features, and functionality that can help organizations and their employees connect to coworkers, information, and business processes quickly and effectively.

The new Reading Layout view in Word 2003 makes it easier to read documents online.

View and organize information in Outlook 2003 for more ease of use. View larger.

View customized XML templates in Excel 2003. View larger.

The Research task pane helps you access online references without leaving PowerPoint 2003. View larger.

Reveal object dependencies and help check for errors in an Access 2003 task pane. View larger.
Advances in intranet collaboration through integration with the collaboration and information-sharing portal, Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003, enable employees to access and share information both internally and externally. Support for information rights management (IRM) and industry-standard Extensible Markup Language (XML) provide a platform on which to quickly build cost-effective solutions that can have an immediate impact in your business and productivity.

Seamlessly Connect People with Processes
Office 2003 is designed specifically to streamline communication and collaboration between internal and external team members using the desktop productivity programs that many people rely on every day. The "Document Workspaces" feature, for instance, enable teams to modify, access, and save documents in a central location. In addition, the "Shared Workspace" task pane displays tasks, related documents, links, and member lists that notify you when your team members are online.

When you share documents with Office 2003, you have control over what gets changed. You can choose permission settings and allow co-authors to alter only the sections or formatting that you choose. Office 2003 also helps protect your documents from being unintentionally changed by using formatting and editing restrictions. Simply set permission controls on entire documents or portions of a document to prevent modifications or reformatting. You can also improve the efficiency of your meetings with "Meeting Workspaces," which offer a centralized location for sharing agendas, visual resources, and other documentation. And instant messaging (IM), which can be displayed in most programs in Office 2003 applications, lets you know when your team members are online.

Broader .XML Support
One of the most significant upgrades that's included in Office 2003 is broader XML support. Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office Excel 2003, and Microsoft Office Access 2003 each offer XML schemas you can customize for using data, smart documents, and programmable task panes.

With these improvements, you can manipulate, analyze, and format data from your most critical business systems and can customize documents and task panes so that they integrate with XML data sources and outside programs. The enhancements also reduce development time with XML. With Excel 2003, for instance, you can use the visual mapping tool to connect a user-specified XML schema to fields in your spreadsheet, and customize smart tags to bring relevant business information directly into your work. (Access 2003, Outlook 2003, and PowerPoint 2003 each support third-party and customized smart tags.)

The Leading Suite of Applications
Included with Office 2003 Professional edition is Access 2003, Excel 2003, Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager, PowerPoint 2003, Publisher 2003, and Word 2003.

Access 2003 provides a powerful set of tools that are sophisticated enough for professional developers, yet easy to learn for new users. With Access 2003, you can create or use powerful database solutions that make organizing, accessing, and sharing information easier than ever. Excel 2003 enables you to turn data into information with powerful tools to analyze, communicate, and share results. Excel 2003 can help you work better in teams, and help protect and control access to your work. In addition, you can work with XML data to make it easier to connect to business processes.

Outlook 2003 provides an integrated solution for managing and organizing e-mail messages, schedules, tasks, notes, contacts, and other information. Outlook 2003 delivers innovations you can use to manage your communications, organize your work, and work better with others -- all from a single location. Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager Update is designed to help small businesses manage customer information and sales opportunities within Outlook 2003. The update includes new capabilities for sharing customer information within a PC network, as well as support for synchronizing business contacts with a Microsoft Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC.

PowerPoint 2003 includes new tools to help you create, present, and collaborate on presentations that have more impact. Keeping in touch and communicating with customers is essential for any business. A complete business publishing and marketing materials solution, Publisher 2003 can help you reach out to customers. With Publisher 2003, it's easier than ever to design, create, and publish professional marketing and communication materials in-house. And with Word 2003, the latest version of the best-selling word processor, you can create impressive-looking documents faster than ever before and help you collaborate more efficiently with others.

  • Suite includes Access 2003, Excel 2003, Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager, PowerPoint 2003, Publisher 2003, and Word 2003
  • Facilitates document sharing within teams; control what gets changed with enhanced permissions settings features
  • Advanced security features and IRM capabilities lets you control when email or documents can be forwarded, copied or printed
  • Word Formatting and Editing Restrictions let you set permission controls on entire documents or portions of a document to prevent modifications or reformatting.
  • Outlook 2003 let you view multiple calendars next to your own to help you quickly compare schedules and plan meetings.

Customer Reviews:

  • Ripped off!
    Ordered product never arrived, repeated emails without response, and a filed complaint with Amazon and no satisfaction leave me feeling ripped off! I'll NEVER order another product for my business through Amazon....more info
  • Office Pro 2003
    Office Pro 2003 works perfectly for our office environment. It's compatible with all of our programs....more info
  • What item?
    I filed a claim two days ago that I had not received this item. I contacted the seller and never heard back prior to filing a claim.
    ...more info
  • Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 ( Old Version )
    While I was pleased with the ease of placing the order of purchased product, I was not happy when I received the order. The product was advertised as new in orginal box. It was not shipped in the orginal container and was not new or was somehow defective. Perhaps the sellars should be held to a higher level of accountability in their advertising....more info
  • Great Product but...
    Microsoft makes the best office suite - period. However, I still do believe that the price is a bit of a rip-off. I have been using Open Office (...) which is developed by Sun Microsystems and is FREE. It is also compatible with MS Office - you can save the files in Word, PowerPoint etc. format. The more I use it, the more I wish I had it during my undergrad days. If money is not your concern - MS Office is definitely the best productivity suite out there. However, if you are a student and wish to make presentations or documents for school/university work I would definitely recommend Open Office as you simply cannot get anything better for free and it shall suit all your needs. I mean at the end of the day - you are graded on your work now how the slides come flying in. But Open has the flying slides too - thought the MS ones still look cooler:) I particularly liked exporting Word Files to PDF format within Open Office. For the record I am not anti-Microsoft - they have some good products - I just wish they would make them more affordable. I hope this helps....more info
  • Business contacts doesn't work and CAN'T be Shared
    I bought this upgrade because I thought it would let me share my contacts. It says so on the box, but it doesn't. It works just like the old contacts which you can't share with others except if you export it. No live sharing. Why couldn't they make it so I could put the file on my server? Or on a secure site? Then all my office can work off one contact list.

    50% or more of the time the business contacts can't be found when you search for a contact. It's like the business contacts is an add in that doesn't work with Outlook. Or you add contacts, save it, email to the saved email address and then go to find the contact later and it is gone.

    Also, lots of times when you try to SEND, the email won't SEND, it stays in the outbox. And repeatedly you open and hit the SEND button but it won't change to SEND status. Now, if you leave it in the outbox, sometimes that fools the program into letting you send other email. Or sometimes you can FORWARD and SEND.. Geez, what a waste of money this upgrade was. We won't be using it on any of our other computers and we haven't bought it on the new computers we have ordered. ...more info
  • Open Office is better and it's free!
    Microsoft is simply sloppy with their programming!

    "Open Office" is a better program, is open-source (meaning if you don't want some paperclip's help, you simply don't download that part of it) AND OPEN OFFICE is FREE! It is also compatible with most of the functions that MS Office uses (and is upgraded with new features faster than MS's product, which is a rip-off!)

    MS's Office 97 was the best of the Office suites, even though it did have it's problems, Spending the money to supposedly "upgrade" to this (or any other Microsoft product for that matter) is simply burning your money!)

    OPen-source software is FREE, it's perfectly legal, it is open t anyone decompiling it, so if you want to make your own custom goodies, you can, but then there are so many written by so many people willing to share, you don't have to develop your own, as there are already *SO* many freebie ones (and some low-cost additions by some places, but most are free) that if you want whistles and bells, or even a Christmas theme in February, you can get it for OPEN OFFICE! (Not so with this or ANY Microsoft product for that matter)

    Simply sloppy programming - nothing more, AND you can get a fully functioning and compatable office suite for free legally!...more info
  • Software
    I never received this software, after waiting many weeks. I am very disappointed and trying to get my money back....more info
  • Microsoft Office 2003 Review
    Microsoft Office Professional 2003 [OLD VERSION] To anyone who reads this; I would be able to rate this product if I received it. I was promised delivery of said product between September 26th and October 13th. As of today, October 23rd, I still have not received the software. It would be appreciated if someone recieving this transmission would forward it to someone who could look into this matter. Needless to say, my reaction has gone from concerned to miffed!...more info
  • Not happy
    It took this seller WEEKS to send me an in-stock item. When it did arrive it was in a cheap mailer that looked like it came from someones house. I would not order from this seller again....more info
  • Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003
    This is the newest version of Microsoft Office. I think this is the best also because they have added programs that you couldn't get with 2000 or XP. They include:

    Microsoft Word 2003
    Microsoft Outlook 2003 with Business Contact Manager
    Microsoft Excel 2003
    Microsoft Access 2003
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2003
    Microsoft Publisher 2003

    Word 2003 has really improved and it has much more fonts than the older versions. I love PowerPoint now and I use it a lot with work and just sometimes to fool around with. Outlook has finally gotten a new look to it which looks awesome. Publisher has even more things you can do with it. Excel has become a little bit easier with more things built into though. I love Office 2003 and no other company can even compare to it....more info
  • LIAR (Not Amazon)
    Bought this product from a company named "TeddySoftware".
    I had to return it because the CD couldn't be read.
    Also the picture isn't what I received.
    The one I received was a office 2003 pro bulk that's suppose to be sold only with a new computer.

    So this is a fake product picture....more info
  • Simply Awful
    Office 2003 is quite simply the worst pile of bloated crapware I have ever had the misfortune of installing on my computer. Its slow, costs too much, eats up way too much precious hard drive space, and is difficult and unintuitive to use. Absolutely the worst experience I personally have ever had with "productivity" software. Do yourself a favor, go to, download their suite and use it. You won't be disappointed. Sometimes, I truly wish there were a "zero star" option from Amazon in rating a product. If anything deserves it, this garbage does....more info
  • Disk didn't work!!!!!
    THE DISK DIDN'T WORK! It was defective & would not load! We had to remove our old version before installing this new one & then THE DISK WOULDN'T LOAD!!

    We have a home-based business & this caused a HUGE hardship for us!
    We asked for an immediate replacement, but instead, received a refund a few days later. Not worth the inconvenience, nightmare & downtime! This cost us time & business!

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SELLER! The only good thing I can say about them is they DID give us a refund after several days of downtime.
    ...more info
  • Nice Piracy..very well done
    The product I recieved was PIRATED. They did a nice job of making it look convincing. However, Office 2003 requires activation- this process was circumvented. The entire install was not the norm. None of the usual options appeared, just a generic 'Installing...' dialogue as if the install was done in Setup2Go or similar. Also, the CDs had a hologram and it looked genuine, however it was a clear plastic label. Microsoft NEVER uses labels. The included User's guide was the clear giveaway. None of the illustrations were legible - all black and white and poorly photocopied. It was absolutely fake.
    I will never purchase from 'MYBACKPOCKET' again. (It was a very good fake however...)...more info
  • Microsoft Office Pro 2003
    When we received the software it wouldn't work and we had to return it. There was no problem returning the item and getting refunded. The seller was very pleasant and easy to work with....more info
  • getting worse over time
    While Microsoft tries very hard to make Office "think ahead of me," they almost always seem to get it wrong. The result is a package that consistently annoys me. It is true that one can turn off the "helpful" hints and otherwise customize the programs so that they are less hindering, however the bloated package will nevertheless usurp your computers resources like nobody's business. In my opinion, Office '97 was an excellent package, and the versions since then have gone steadily downhill. As with many people, I use Office at work because I have no choice. At home I've had good luck with StarOffice from Sun. While not perfect, StarOffice has read and created files compatible with Microsoft Office very consistently in my experience, and it's a whole lot less expensive. I am therefore hesitant to recommend Microsoft Office Professional Edtition 2003 to anyone except those who need the most advanced functions of Excel and/or need to use Access database frequently. ...more info
  • Dear XMLers...
    I am primarily an Excel user; this review is intended for those who primarily use Excel...

    If you work with a development team that has the ability to produce XML files, and you want to get away from using gigantic flat databases for references, Office 2003 is your solution. Copying and pasting will be no longer necessary; just query a URL. It's proven to be an indispensible tool for us.

    So, if you're in the serious business of producing reports, and you have a development staff that can produce dynamic XML pages, this is the product for you. With the previous version, you could Web Query; XML provides so many more possibilities --especially if you're coding. The code is much simpler.

    Other than that, the program is not much different from 2002. Many other features that people want were still not implemented, such as extending the columns beyond 256 and the rows beyond 65K+. Word still has the same ole quirks (you know what they are if work with it often), and Access is just about the same. For the latter two programs, the only noticeable difference is the 'feel,' or the look of them....more info
  • Damaged Goods
    Received software but my CD rom would not read the disc! I tried it on 2 other systems as well, so I know it was not my system. I e-mailed the seller and go no response! I am currently disputing the charges with American Express. Seller has yet to make good on this purchase.

    Joe...more info
  • Totally Dis-Satisfied
    I have wrote several times to this vendor trying to get credit for this purchase or return of my funds to no avail. I have also request a trade for a like product which has also not met with any response from this vendor. I will never buy another product from this vendor and will not probably purchase via Amazon again....more info
  • item never received
    This item did not reach my room. I am calling the the attention of Amazon. If I did not receive my refund I am planning to inquire with Secureties and Exchange commission why Amazon would allow this kind of seller to deceive customers....more info
  • Microsoft Regular User
    Product delivered in DVD paper carrier as OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer software. Loaded and registered fine. Bear bones no frills exactly what I paid for and expected. Microsoft updated software to current support conditions....more info
  • review of 2003
    The microsoft really messed up on this one. This is nothing more than Microsoft Office Professional 2003 [OLD VERSION] warmed over and has way too many options. I found it difficult to use. ...more info
  • The copy of microsoft office sent to me was not a stand alone product. It should have been bundled with a new computer.
    I feel duped. It was not as described. I want my money back. I thought I was purchasing a stand alone older copy of "Office". Please stop that vendor from advertising....more info
  • Microsoft Office Professional
    I did not receive this product. I got an email a day or so after I ordered that they no longer had this product. Had to purchase elsewhere...more info
  • Only if you're serious
    I have been using Microsoft Office for at least 10 years, pretty much day in and day out at work. Some computer geek in a store convinced me that Open Office on my home computer would do everthing for me that MS did, and it was free. Well, I'm all about "free," so I gave it a shot. Maybe if all you do is type letters and balance your checkbook, Open Office will do the trick. But if you are a serious office product user, Open Office does not touch the functionality of MS. And believe me, I WANTED it to work. I had $500 riding on it! But I finally gave in. Yep, they've got me. I hated to drop the cash, but there's no real competition. So I guess it depends upon how much functionality you really need. I will probably load Open Office onto the other computers for "incidental" use, but I doubt I will ever wean off of MS....more info
  • The latest version
    Perhaps I am jaded but again it seems that Microsoft has cranked out another product that looks and acts so much like its predecessor that you wonder at first if you loaded it onto your computer properly.

    Office 2003 gives you what you already have in Office XP (and a few earlier versions) so learning how to use it is never going to be a problem. In virtually every way the program looks and feels like the previous Office versions.

    There are improvements although I am not sure how much a home user will need the XML functionality. It may be a god-send one day but today it is still not a major factor and certainly does not demand a major update. The RESEARCH option is something to contend with and could be quite useful - it is almost like having Encarta loaded on your machine as well. I found it a bit limiting though; it is good as a thesaurus but there is no world atlas, quotation source, etc. Many people have applauded the new look and feel of Outlook. Again, it behaves just the same as previous versions of Outlook did.

    Microsoft chose to retire the Office bar and that is a big mistake. They are trying to push the Quick Launch bar but most businesses and almost all Office users preferred the Office bar.

    Don't get me wrong: Office 2003 works very well and with Word, Outlook, Excel, Access and Publisher you can literally do anything! It also preforms very well. But, again, unless Microsoft starts making major changes, these releases should not be heralded as new. If anything, they should be upgrades that former users should be able to download if they registered the original product - the cost is too prohibitive to justify upgrading. And, as your Office 97 or XP works just as well, you should think seriously before spending the money....more info
  • Good product -- industry standard
    I decided to get this office suite after using it recently. I've usually worked on Office 97 and 2000, but the 2003 version has some pretty cool features not found in the older versions. The feature that I really enjoy is the Pivot Report feature in MS Access, which wasn't in MS Access 2000. This is a truly great reporting feature. You can now use Access as a front-end to slice and dice data stored on data warehouses in Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase and other enterprise-type databases. If you're used to creating crosstab reports, you'll definitely like the Pivot Report feature. Crosstabs are limited to 2 dimensions but there's no limitation on the number of dimensions in Pivot Report.

    To me, the main drawback is the price. (I did get mine at around $370 at J&R, which is a great price.) I figure I can upgrade this in about 5 years time, which works out to about $70 to $75 per year (assuming that I'll be paying about $370 to upgrade in 5 years time.)

    A big positive is that this is the industry standard. So the work you put into learning the multiple new features of Word, Excel, MS Access is not wasted because you can reuse the same skills in another job. Your time will be well spent. Note that the software may seem bloated but the intelligent user is able to choose and pick the most useful and relevant features of each application and ignore the features that are not useful. Different features are useful to different people...

    Another positive: Each product in Office Professional is fully programmable using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) which you can use to build custom programs. This very powerful feature is sometimes overlooked when shopping for Office suites.
    ...more info
  • MS Office Pro 2003
    I don't like the auto format correction in MS Word when typing an outline or indented list. It is difficult to figure out how to turn off the auto format functions. Otherwise, the 2003 suite of products are easy to use....more info
  • Return of Product
    The company sent me an illegal copy of Microsoft Office, and I returned it to them. They were prompt with their email answers to me, and the refund was handled in a timely way....more info
  • Microsoft Office Professional 2003 {OLD VERSION]

    I was disappointed when I found that this version didn't contain Microsoft visio. I suggest that you add to the advertisement the list of software that each version of Microsoft Office provides....more info
  • Buyer Beware!!! Don't deal with this seller...
    It took 22 days to receive, was not a valid install & I did not get a response from my email to the seller!

    I ordered & paid for MS-Office XP Pro 2003, advertised & posted as new with key code, etc. I use this version at our office, and wanted official MS software for complete updates, as our original disks were missing. The version I received is a "Server Administrator's copy & cannot be updated unless I'm the Server Administrator" . My email went unanswered. BTW -- Amazon's A-to-Z return policy does NOT cover third-party transactions!

    Don't Deal with this Seller! ...more info