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Philips Avent Newborn Starter Set
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Product Description

The Newborn Starter Set is the ideal gift for new moms and their babies. It includes everything that you need for that special day when you bring baby home. The Avent bottle is specially designed to help you and your baby combine breast and bottle feeding with ease. The wide soft nipple mimics the breast in form and function. Also, all Avent bottles attach to the ISIS Breast Pump allowing you to express and store your breastmilk for later use.

The key feature of the Philips Avent newborn starter set bottles is the patented anti-colic nipple. It has an anti-vacuum skirt and one-way air valve that reduces air into the baby's stomach, and hence, reduces painful gas and colic. The natural shape and feel of the silicone nipple closely resembles the breast to make it easier to combine bottle and breastfeeding. The wide-neck bottles are easy to refill and clean. The cap seals the nipple to prevent leaking while mixing or traveling. The set includes two 4-oz. and three 9-oz. reusable bottles and five Avent anti-colic nipples, five dome caps, two newborn pacifiers with caps, and a bottle brush. --Scott Teal

  • Includes two 4-oz AVENT Natural Feeding Bottles with extra soft Newborn Flow Rate Nipples, three 9-oz AVENT Natural Feeding Bottles with extra soft Newborn Flow Rate, two newborn pacifiers with protective caps and bottle brush.

Customer Reviews:

  • Convenient package
    I give this 4-star ratings as I don't quite like the cleaning brush. I think the brush could be improved and also include a smaller brush to clean the silicon teats.
    Overall, Avent is good brand and it's 'Made in England' so quality is better. It's easy to hold, easy to wash. My baby's on it since a few days old as my milkflow came on the 5th day, so we had to supplement her with some formula first (Malaysia is a hot country, so I need to keep the baby hydrated) I find that my baby is able to switch from bottle without problems, and there was almost no confusion at all. NO COLIC at all. Most importantly is that there are only a few parts to wash for Avent bottles!!

    Dr.Brown has got 6 different small parts to wash after each usage, so life can be a havoc if you're a busy working mom. Dr.Brown is 'Made in China'. And so is 'Tommee Tippee' bottles.
    ...more info
  • Leaking problems - big time!
    I uses these bottles for my first two children - they were fine but with a few annoying leaks. Because they are so easy to wash, I was willing to overlook a few leaks when our twins were born, so I bought a few more. These are possibly the most "leaky" bottles I`ve ever used. I have read the directions, checked and rechecked that the nipples are installed in the ring properly, tightened and retightened the rings but to no avail! For the price paid for them, they should be of much better quality. I am dissapointed!...more info
  • Avent is the worst
    While I'm a stubborn Anglophile, I'm very disappointed by Avent's products. The bottles are not comfortable for people with small hands (or stubby fingers) to hold, and the worst part is with the nipples, which are made of semi-hard plastic and too large for young babies. I think Dr. Brown's or the Playtex Ventaire is way better. Even Gerber's one-use disposable nipples are way better....more info
    Don't buy Avent bottles. They LEAK! Yes I followed the instructions and pulled the nipple through the white ring then attached the clear dome cap and assembled that on to the bottle and they still leak. I've tried numerous times and they leak about 70% of the time. It's a waste of breastmilk and formula and so frustrtating. I switched to Dr. Brown's on a friend's recommendation who also had the leak problem w/ the Avent and they are great!...more info
  • These bottles leak whether you follow the instructions or not.
    These bottles leak around the nipple even when assembled correctly. This can be extremely frustrating when you can't even get through a feeding without getting breast milk all over your hands and everything else. I would give these bottles zero stars except for the fact that my baby accepted the Avent bottles and has been reluctant to drink from the other popular brands. If she would accept any of the other brands I wouldn't still be using these....more info
  • Great Bottles but a little tricky!
    I have been using these bottles for 7 months now and the only complaint I had was the tendency for the nipple to leak, especially new ones. Well my husband finally figured out a fool proof way to check for a leaky bottle. Once you screw on the nipple,not too tight, turn the bottle completely upside down, over the sink of course, and if nothing comes out or just one or two drops the lid is not on right. Unscrew and put back on and repeat. Once you get a good flow coming out of the nipple it is on right and will now leak out the side. ...more info
  • You want these bottles!
    I love, love, love these bottles. They're incredibly easy to get powdered formula into -- the scoop is smaller than the top of the bottle.
    They have helped with my daughter's gas.
    They're very easy to handwash (I have put them in the dishwasher -- but we don't use it everyday.)
    When I was pumping, the catchbottle for the Medela breastpump easily poured into these.
    The nipples are easy to wash.
    You do have to ensure the nipples are snapped completely into the rings. And that the ring is tightened enough or it will leak.
    The caps are bigger than on other bottles and easier to deal with.
    Because they have a broader base than other bottles, they don't tip over in the fridge, on the table, on the couch, or on the changing table as easily.
    The pacifiers are great.
    However, the bottlebrush isn't anything special. Don't buy this set just to get the bottlebrush. I have an avent brush but use a regular bottlebrush.
    ...more info
  • Avent system: excellent quality bottles and nipples, some concern about BPA with heating
    Despite the concerns about BPA we are using these bottles for our daughter, and using canned formula to supplement breastfeeding. The concern with BPA seems to be heightened when the bottles are washed with hot water, or sterilized at hot temperatures. We bought this sterilizer, but have stopped using it. However, we still use the dishwasher, which is fairly hot. I am keeping an eye on Avent's statements:

    We keep using them because they seem to be really excellent bottles and nipples, she feeds easily and doesn't get a whole lot of gas. The nipples are designed so that you can graduate her to faster flow nipples as she gets bigger. We are hoping that the BPA concerns will turn out to be unwarranted....more info
  • Great for Breastfed Babies & Formula Ones Too!
    I am truly at a loss as to why people have had problems with these bottles. I ignored all of the negative online reviews figuring people must be doing something wrong. I was right, I think Avent bottles are great! We haven't had any problems with leaks and they've been used by many different people all of whom didn't have to read the directions in order to use the bottles properly. In fact, two people had never given a baby a bottle before and neither of them had any problems! We haven't had to use the 9 ounce bottles yet because our daughter is only 11 weeks old, so she doesn't take more than 4 ounces at a feeding on the occasions she is given a bottle. I really like the size of the 4 ounce bottles. The wide design of the Avent Naturally bottles is comfortable to hold. So far we have found that our daughter likes the #1 nipple best. It has the slowest flow and mimics the flow of breast milk best. I highly recommend these bottles....more info
  • Leaky Bottles, A Waste of Breast Milk/Formula
    I am very disappointed with the Advent bottles. I am constanly struggling with them to keep them from leaking and my son seems to take in a lot of air while feeding. I looked through these reviews to see if other mom's had the same complaints. Sure enough I wasn't the only one struggling. Some of the good reviews gave advice on how to put the bottles together "correctly". No one should have to go through all that wasted formula or breast milk to get a bottle to work properly. I prefer a bottle that is easier to work with. We are still trying out bottles to see which one best works for us and so far I like the Soothies and the Playtex AirVent better! ...more info
  • No where near as good as Ventaire
    These bottles have been used in the UK for years. I bought one and my husband made the passing remark, Oh, everyone uses these back home (him being British). When shopping for bottles while I was pregnant, we'd bought the Newborn set of Playtex drop-ins, a gift-set of the Ventaires and it wasn't until my son was about 2 weeks old that I bought one of these.

    My son is now 11 weeks old and I can honestly say that I only use this bottle as a last resort. My husband and I, both have had problems with leaks, though not terribly so. It isn't due to the lack of following instructions, either. As I said, these are the most common ones my husband has used in England and he's very familiar with them.

    The main reason I don't like these bottles is that the vents are on the nipple ring, allowing the air to pass through and aerate the formula, contributing to gas, which is thought to be the main cause of colic. The slower flow nipple is still too fast for my baby, even with him being a big eater. He has trouble controlling the flow on this bottle, that's where he gets messy, stuggles to feed, gets frustrated and then refuses the bottle. The ventaire bottles allow the natural vacuum in the bottle to suck air in through the bottle of the bottle via a thin silicone membrane on the vent rings. No air enters the formula and bubbles stay far away from baby's tummy.

    Like others, I too, have found that the nipple isn't helpful to a breast/bottle fed baby. The shape looks like it would be helpful with latch as the pacakge suggests, but, really, any wide neck bottle provides a bit of latch help just as much. The silicone on these is just too thick and firm.

    If you do want to try these bottles, I suggest putting in an anti-gas agent, like simethicone (Mylicon, I use the Wal-mart brand... much more affordable), into the formula before shaking. This will greatly reduce the retention of bubbles in the bottle, and burp your baby well. I also suggest getting the nipple slower than what the package suggests.

    Just remember, bubbles going through the formula means bubbles in the tummy, and bubbles in the tummy means gas and discomfort....more info
  • Avent makes toxic products. Do not patronize.
    Do not patronize products from Avent because Avent is one of the most vocal pro-BPA manufacturers because of its functionality, regardless if it poisons our children. Buy from Playtex or Born free. They are more responsible. Dont buy this garbage. I am a doctor and I bought these bottles at first because of the marketing, I threw them away when I found out they are poisoning my child....more info
  • Durable
    I've had this set since my daughter was born 11 months ago and have never had a problem. The bottles are very high quality and well worth the extra $$....more info
  • Ok, leaks???
    My son is 7 months old and was a gas filled newborn. I used Playtex VentAire until now. Very good bottles, but when your baby is walking and pulling up on things who has time to spend on bottles. You have a bottom plastic part that has a seal that you put on then the regular top ring, nipple and cap. Lots of parts...and no time. I switched and have had no problem with leaks from the Avent bottles. I tried almost every other bottle to find one that he liked and had less parts. But as far as colic goes no clue on the Avent. A good bottle and no leaks for me....more info
  • their not bad.
    im still debating whether or not i really like these bottles. Recently, i've notice the bottles leak alot when I would test the temperture on my wrist.But the nipple works great with my daughter and they do well on the gas department....more info
  • This product meet all my expectations, my baby loves it
    This product meet all my expectations, that is exactly what the advertising says. I understand that some babies seem a little hard on the nipple but for my baby and babies of two of my friends are the best products. With regard to the quality I must say that I have almost 2 years using the same bottles and nipples, and these have not been bad by the continued use and sterilization.
    This product does not produce gas at all in My baby , I simply put him over my shoulder and the gas is out. If your baby has a gas problem could you check what kind of hole is at the tip of the nipple... that would be the only cause....more info
  • Not for gassy babies
    The tiny lip on the nipple does not count as breakthrough technology in preventing the baby from swallowing air. I recommend Dr. Brown's bottles. They cost more, but they're worth it....more info
  • Pretty Great Bottles
    I used these bottles for the entirety of my first son's bottle use. He seemed to have a real difficult time with any other bottle. I had breast-fed exculsivly for the first 2-3 months and pumped for the next 4 as well as nursed. He had no problem with nipple confusion and took the bottle almost immediatly. I was very impressed and will be using it for my next baby. I truly would recommend this to a new mother. The problems with leakage as far as I could tell is user error, I found that the nipple is a little fickle in its placement and once you get the hang of it the leakage goes away. As for the gas, I never found anything for my boy that isnt bubble free, except for the breast of course, it just meant that I had to make sure to do a good job burping before lying them down....more info
  • BPA
    I tried these, however, after calling AVENT I was informed that the bottles contain BPA! I switched to the tempo liner bottle and my son took the change fine. ...more info
  • Great transition from breast to bottle
    I love AVENT bottles. I tried a few others, but most of my friends had used these & I did to. My son took right to them without a second thought. However, it's just to each thier own. I know what works for one may not work for the other, but I love these....more info
  • good bottles
    Like others have said, the bottles leak if you don't follow directions when putting the top on, but once you get that down it is not a problem. My baby has little spitting up and is not fussy or very gassy....more info
  • LEAK!
    These bottles are horrible! They leak no matter how much or little you tighten the ring. ...more info
  • Too big
    My husband and I had decided to use the Avent bottles for our firstborn because they went with the breast pump that I bought. However, when we started our daughter on formula on day 3, we weren't able to use these bottles with her. She was a big baby but, her mouth wasn't quite big enough for these large nipples. She much prefers the Gerber newborn bottles or the playtex bottles. The nipples are too formed for her "taste". These bottles cost way more than the other brands and we had less problems with them. They aren't anywhere near worth the money....more info
    I have been using Avent bottles since my daughter was born. She is now 10 months old and we have had no problems with the product. It has never leaked as some people have complained. I use powdered formula and have to shake the bottle to mix the formula.... still no leaks! Avent was even the first bottle my daughter was able to hold on her own! Good job Avent on making a wonderful product....more info
  • NOT for newborns
    These bottles may be great for older babies, but are not good for newborns. The nipples are far too large, letting in too much air causing spitting up and lots of burps. We do not have these problems with Nuk or Medela newborn bottles and nipples.

    Contrary to another reviewer, even if you do assemble these bottles perfectly correctly, the still leak from time to time.

    For these reasons, I cannot recommend them for other newborns.
    ...more info
  • Quality is not as good as the price
    I have a set of these bottles and I also have the evenflo. Both my baby and I prefer the evenflo, and the price is MUCH better on evenflo. I'm giving away my avent bottles. Some of disadvantage for me - can't use a standard nipple. Some of the small apple juices come with their own little plastic bottle ready for a standard nipple - can't use the Avent nipple - it only fits the Avent. Also, the nipple set is three pieces which isn't as convenient to clean and put back together as the evenflo. Lastly, I cannot tell that my baby gets any less air from the Avent. Evenflo seems to do a much better job reducing the amount of air she gets. Avent isn't a bad bottle, just isn't as good as some of the others out there, and the price is on the ridiculous side for what you get. ...more info
  • Leaky Bottles
    I see where others have stated that if you read the directions these bottles will not leak. That is NOT so. I am an educated person and I have checked and re-checked the bottles, they are assembled correctly. These bottles are awful about leaking, and sometimes you can just turn the bottle a certain way to keep them from leaking, but it is very frustrating to leak your hard-earned breast milk from a poorly constructed bottle. The other reviews are correct unfortunately-the nipples are the best and that is why I continue to use them. My daughter will not take any other nipple even after trying other brands. She likes the advent ones. My recommendation to all moms would be to not even start with the advent ones. I have been told the vent aire from playtex are great and never leak. ??? ...more info