Bulldog Security Deluxe Remote Car Starter Kit
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Remotely start your car from up to 800ft.-1000ft. Warm it up in winter and cool it down in summer. Locks and unlocks doors, pops the trunk and turns the engine on/off using the 4-button remote (included). Programmable 15 minute run time and automatic cold start. Includes FREE second remote, installation video, test light and programmable auto start and trunk release. For use with vehicles with fuel injection and automatic transmissions only. Limited lifetime warranty. U.S.A.

Customer Reviews:
  • Caution!! You might need extra parts!!
    We bought this as a Christmas present for my in-laws. First of all - unless you know about installing electrical things yourself and have the time to do it - buy one from someone who installs them regularly. Second of all, if you have a newer vehicle, you will need extra parts! The newer cars and vans have chips in the keys and that is the only way that the car will start, so to make the thing work you have to buy a bypass module for certain vehicles and other vehicles you need a key holder module - which means that one of your keys to your car will be in this holder all the time. I think that it is a neat idea but very difficult to install and it doesn't tell you that you MIGHT need other parts to make the thing work. Very misleading. ...more info