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Ultimate Vacation Collection (Vacation / European Vacation / Christmas Vacation / Vegas Vacation)
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Product Description

Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 11/11/2008

Customer Reviews:

  • The Best Family Films To Watch During a Vacation!
    These are the best movies for Families who have ever had a absolutely terrible vacation, or just want to see the worst case scenario of the perfect vacation. The original Vacation with Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo have great chemistry and always have laughs. I am personnally glad Warner Brothers got smart and put all four in a box set in WIDESCREEN format(the best format because full screen takes 50% of the picture away;why do you think WIDESCREEN televisions are so popular?!?!?)

    I hope these movies are digitally remastered, and in jewel keep case boxes this time.

    A definite buy for anyone who has ever had a vacation to an amusement park across the country, European countries where your ancestors once lived, a Christmas vacation with all the grandparents, or to the wonderful city of Las Vegas. It doesn't matter, all through and through these movies are and remain funny because of their comedy, and all comedy is funny because it has a little truth, like having Grandparents over for Christmas....more info

  • Finally!!! All In Widescreen!!! Buy It Now!!
    It seems like these classics (although I wouldnt consider vegas a "classic") have all been around the dvd world for quite some time, but in FULL SCREEN with zero extras! Finally someone got smart and decided to make em widescreen (the way it should be), and give us extras, although not much, like commentary, is still better then what we had!! I give...

    Vacation 1- 5 stars easily
    European 2- 4 stars
    Christmas 3- 5 stars!!!
    Vegas 4- 3 stars..pretty funny, but not as good as the originals!...more info

  • ultimate vacation collection
    as always i was well pleased with the dvd collection is the only place i trust and are very prompt and do what they say they will do and that's important, thanks bj daniel...more info
  • Love Them
    These Vacation Movies are the best! They are soo funny and never get old. There a must have.

    ...more info
  • Greatest movie series ever?
    Possibly. In my mind, they're better than Star Wars. Ok, ok, by comparison to many films these days they're cheesy and predictable, but they're so great! My family always has very organized trips, so it's a joy to sit back and watch a vacation fall to pieces, knowing that things will be put right in the end. If I could give it more than five stars I would, BUY NOW!...more info
  • Hilarious Collection
    This is one of the funniest comedy series ever to be made. Chevy Chase is really on top of his game in these films. You can probably enjoy most of these films with your family, but number 2 has quite alot of nudity, and number 1 has some swears but i'm sure your kids will be able to watch them with you. In every film, they change the kids to make them stay around the same age, that's what chevy chase said in the commetary in the second one.

    Vacation- very funny with great plot and actors. This by far would have to be the funniest of the whole series. Since this is a special edition, they put in alot of features which was great because the non special edition version of this dvd had barely any features. The commentary in this is nice. The whole family does the commentary.

    European Vacation- this is a hilarious sequel to the classic comedy. It's not as good as Christmas Vacation or the original Vacation but don't let that fool you, it's still a movie that will make you laugh all the way through it. The special features do lack on this disk for all we get is a trailer and a commentary by Chevy Chase (which sucked, i'm not kidding). Anyway, this is still a hilarious film.

    Christmas Vacation- this is just as good as the first one. It will make you howl with laughter. This is the perfect Christmas comedy and the family could watch it. Now, warner bros box sets usually make the first one a special editon, but it this box set, the first and this one get the special edition treatment. This has the most features out of all the disks

    Vegas Vaction- what can i say, this was a funny movie, but wasn't that strong. mostly because national lampoons didn't make it. But it's still a funny movie and is really a family movie. This is an ok disk when it comes to features, but what can you do.

    So, buckle up and get ready to ride with the Griswalds in a non-stop pack of laughter....more info

  • the anti-purchase
    I ordered national lampoon's vacation series. Never received it. Credit card charged then credited (thank you) but never received any notification as to cause or reason. It seems you should have some quality control follow up. At least let the customer know what's happening so they can take action....more info
  • Clark, Eddie, Rusty and the girls
    These shows have caused me to laugh more than anything else that I can think of. Just the soundtrack from the original Vacation gets me started. I guess these shows remind me of some of my own adventures. Cousin Eddie alone is a riot. Who can forget Todd and Margo? You can't go wrong with these if you need to laugh....more info
  • Half Great, Half Not
    National Lampoon's Vacation: This was, is, and always will be a classic. Chevy Chase's best performance ever (next to 'Fletch') as the good-natured Clark W. Griswald. You feel bad for the poor guy who always tries to keep people's spirits up and make the best trip for his family, but keeps screwing up. Beverly D'angelo is awesome and beautiful, Aunt Edna is awesome, and Dana Barron and Anthony Michael Hall ('Sixteen Candles') are also the best Griswald kids ever. Plus, the movie has an awesome mean streak (the fate of the evil dog and the demise of Aunt Edna, for example) and a great cameo appearance by John Candy. This new DVD features "I'm So Excited" in all the scenes with sexy Christie Brinkly flirting in the car with Chevy Chase instead of "Little Boy Sweet." I don't know which song is in the theatrical version, but my video from the 80s has "Little Boy Sweet," which I REALLY prefer. 5/5 A+

    National Lampoon's European Vacation: YUCK! This boring sequel is way to mean spirited and offensive to even come close to equaling the beauty of the first film. A new writer and director replaced John Hughes and Harold Ramis, and the movie suffers because of it. All the jokes fall flat and the Griswald kids suck. Plus, Randy Quaid is absent and you'll notice. This movie definatly brings this collection down. 1/5 F

    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation: The series gets back on track with this great entry. The Griswald's stay at home for this one, but the movie's just as funny as the first. The in-laws are awesome, and the entire last 45 minutes (after Randy Quaid shows up) are non-stop hysteria. The kids change again, and Rusty shrinks into 'Roseanne's' Johnny Galecki. FYI, 'Roseanne' is the best show ever, and the man who played Roseanne's dad on the show is also Clark's dad here. A+

    Vegas Vacation: Meh. Randy Quaid is hilarious and brings the movie up, but they definately should have ended with a big bang with Christmas Vacation. The kids aren't funny, and Chevy Chase is too old at this point. Also, the spark is burnt out and seeing Chevy Chase trying to have a fun vacation but only having disaster is, by now, a little old. 2.5/5 C

    I would suggest buying buying Vacation and Christmas Vacation separately and saving the money for two movies you'd never watch. Plus, European Vacation and Vegas Vacation don't even get special edition treatment, so they're pretty much useless. Either way, one and three will forever remain classics. ...more info
  • Great Franchise All-In-One!
    Everyone has seen at least one of these movies and now you can get all four of them in one place. I highly recommend the Vacation movies as classic, silly, comedies that the whole family can enjoy....more info
    Cool, now on widescreen. But my question ia, why didn't they put special edition on all four of them? The one that's the turkey in the eropean vacation. i would the ones on in special edition....more info
  • Ultimate Vacation Collection
    I love the Vacation movies. This was bought as a Christmas present. The recepient loved it. She had asked for just Christmas Vacation, but I decided to get her this collection. The price was excellent. It came out to $4.25 per movie. Great products and very reasonable prices on Amazon.

    ...more info
  • Scratched disc
    This collection was shipped on time and was in almost perfect condition until I opened European Vacation to find that the center plastic piece that holds the disc in the case was missing half of the little pop-up pieces resulting in the disc moving around inside the box becoming scratched upon my opening....more info
  • Great Movies, But Cheap Packaging!
    I was so disappointed after thinking... four great movies at a wonderful price! Unfortunately, after opening the box set, I discovered that Christmas Vacation was in a smaller, plastic sleeve whereas the other 3 DVDs were in normal size cardboard covers inside the larger box. It was obviously at least a half inch smaller than the others in the box although it was shrinkwrapped to look the same, like it didn't even belong and was added at the last minute to replace the appropriate one. After ripping off all the security stickers and removing the plastic wrap from Vegas Vacation, we discovered that there was NO DVD inside... a completely empty sleeve. Moving along to European Vacation, we unwrapped and began to watch, only to discover that the voices in the film did not match up with the mouth movements of the actors. How pathetic is that? Sadly, the manufacturers of this box set cut an awful lot of corners to sell it to us at a nice price - I would have gladly paid an extra couple of dollars not to have to go to all the trouble of returning it to Amazon. Quality should NOT have to be compromised to offer a sale price....more info
  • Great price
    I thought it was a great price for all 4 movies. And my boys loved getting it for Christmas. As always, service was excellent with Amazon. ...more info
  • Instant laughs
    We love the fact all the movies were in a set and we can enjoy all at once as a marathon or here and there as a single movie. Great fun!...more info