Nostalgia CCM505 Cotton Candy Maker
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Product Description

Now you can enjoy the wonderful taste of Cotton Candy anytime in the convenience of your own home!

  • Ideal for bringing carnival flavor and fun in to the home
  • Antique-cart style design looks good on any counter
  • Spins sugar into delicious cotton candy in minutes
  • Convenient countertop design; easy cleanup
  • Includes 2 plastic cones,

Customer Reviews:

  • very nice
    This is a great product.
    It works great and looks cute.
    If you want a small cotton candy machine, buy this one.
    Don't bother with toys.
    ...more info
  • Makes great cotton candy if you get a good machine
    I purchased this model at a local Target store in the kitchen appliance department for $39 + tax after reading all the reviews. Target may be clearing their stock out, but I'm not sure. I figure that I can return the product more easily if it doesn't work.

    This machine is not a toy and is capable of producing a full size cone that you see on the outside of the box that the machine comes in. But, I did go through some trials and errors before I got there. I hope my experiences below will help you get that big fluffy cone all of us cotton candy lovers dream about.

    Here's my experience with my cotton candy machine...

    I followed all the instructions in the manual and warmed the machine up for 10 minutes first. A tiny bit of sugar came shooting out into the air before each scoop melted, even after I was careful in making sure the suger was level and way below the opening where you pour in the sugar. This is normal since the machine hasn't melted the initial sugar before the floss is cranking out. I have a tiny toy cotton candy machine that I purchased years ago which has a clear plastic lid to prevent flying sugar granules from happening in the begining stages of processing, so I'm not sure why Nostagia decided to go without a lid. After all, this is for home use and not for commercial use. In other words, we either have ants running outside our houses who are just waiting to come in and/or we'd prefer not to have sugar granules our kitchen floors (i.e. we can't easily clean up what we can't see).

    After about 5 minutes from putting in my first scoop of sugar, a thin layer of floss came out and I started to pick it up and roll the cone from side to side horizontally over the heating element/sugar pan according to the instruction manual. I was only able to roll a paper thin layer. Then, I added a second scoop knowing that cotton candy makers needed a first scoop just to get it started (i.e. before the real action starts). Unfortunately, I got another paper thin layer after all the sugar was exhausted from the sugar pan. Most of the crystalized sugar seemed to cake around the edge of the bowl, which is also normal. At this point, the machine started moving across the countertop. I put a rubber shelf liner underneath the wheels/legs and it held on to my countertop better.

    I'm persistent, so I added still a third scoop of sugar. The same thing happened...only able to get a thin layer after all the sugar had been exhausted from the sugar pan. The final result after 45 minutes of having the machine on was a 1/2 inch layer on my cone. That's how much cotton candy I got using the tiny toy cotton candy machine that I had purchased from the toy department years ago.

    I read that another reviewer had to make the crevice/opening wider himself to get a lot of floss to come out. After examining the way the sugar pan was welded togther, I decided against doing what he did. Instead, I went back to Target to exchange the machine for another one...especially seeing that reviewers either got a good machine or a bad one. The possibility of the heating element not being hot enough also existed...although I doubt that was the case because the sugar pan was really hot.

    I did everything exactly the same with my second machine. More sugar came flying out this time at the beginning prior to collecting the floss due to the larger opening for the floss to come out, but I got a ton of floss from the larger opening. So, I was very happy. I was able to create a head of floss 6 inches wide on a cone with two scoops of sugar. After my third scoop of sugar was completely processed, the head of floss came out to be about 10 inches wide on my cone. It took about 30 minutes to burn through three scoops of sugar. I was grinning from ear to ear.

    The second machines still did the following, but I'm still grinning from the nice head of cotton candy I just ate to really care...

    1) Machine likes to jump off my kitchen counter (solution: write to Nostalgia that the rubber feets fall off while the machine moves across the counter and the wheels don't grip to anything. In the meantime, put rubber shelf liner/mat underneath the wheels and legs)

    2) Sugar pan likes to spit out sugar, which is normal if you don't have a heat resistant clear plastic lid (solution: write to Nostalgia about making a lid or suggesting in the instruction manual the use of maybe using clear ovenware as a lid before collecting floss and after collecting floss. You might also want to check the size of your sugar granules. If the granules are too small, more granules will shoot out.)

    3) Some machines have small crevice/openings where the floss comes out, resulting in almost no floss output (solution: write to Nostalgia about putting in adjustable screws to widen or narrow the crevice so users can adjust for floss output. In the meantime, return low floss output machines for another machine and hope the next machine is better. Keep in mind that the more wider the opening for more floss to come out, the more sugar get's spit out from the crevice/opening before floss collection).

    9/30/08 Update: Per instruction manual, I tried adding a small pinch of Kool Aid into the scoop of sugar and mixed it well before adding the dry mixture to the sugar pan. The floss that came out tasted much better.

    I would only add a pinch of Kool Aid to the sugar granules though. Due to the Kool Aid granules being smaller than the table sugar granules, I had a ton of flying granules into the air as a result (even more so than with my second Nostalgia machine)...again before the sugar was in the floss producing stage. You get less stuff flying in the air if the granules are larger in size.

    Again, flying sugar can be avoided by using a inverted oven/heat resistant tupperware and holding it over the plastic bowl in the beginning of the process (not sure how safe this is though. As soon as I see threads of floss coming out, I pull the lid away so that a large dome of floss can form to enable floss collection.

    I found it to be critical that I wait for a dome of floss to form before collecting from side to side and horizontally over the heating element. Otherwise, you end up with dense and flat floss (i.e. not a fluffy cone)....more info
  • Cotton Candy Maker
    Easy assembly and cleaning of machine. This would be best if used outdoors due to flying granular and spun sugar. My 5year old child who was standing a few feet away was pelted in the eye by sugar granules. Performed slowly and for the small amount of sugar it is able to spin this is not a product I would recommend or purchase again. The kit should have included safety goggles for kids to watch an adult operate the machine....more info
  • Displeased
    This machine slung sugar all over the kitchen and made very little cotton candy. Would not recommend this product....more info
  • Excellent!
    product works well, just takes long time to make candy, but well worth it!...more info
  • Video from a reviewer is showing the wrong cotton candy maker!!!
    I knew I was taking a chance when ordering this cotton candy machine because the reviews were all over the place from good to bad. I'm disappointed to say that I have to side with the BAD! I let the machine heat up for a full 10 minutes. I then stopped the machine, put in the measure of sugar and waited...and waited...and waited...and waited. When I noticed that I was feeling some prickly hot stuff on my skin, I saw that it was the tiny bits of sugar from the machine being flung on me, my counter and floors. All I got was a small,granulated ring of unedible stuff atop the edge of the bowl. Absolutely nothing was clinging to the plastic cone. So, I stopped the machine, put in another measure of sugar (a little less since I didn't want to clog the machine) and tried again. With the same result. It appears that the machine just cannot get hot enough or something? When I finally stopped the machine after 15 minutes of zip, I noticed the sugar inside the head still there -- as white as can be. So, I am packing this little do-nothing machine up and returning it tomorrow (after cleaning my kitchen to avoid any ants). Buyer-Beware! Please note that the video placed by a customer is a different cotton candy maker....more info
  • floss maker
    this makes great cotton candy!it takes a little practice toget it onto the cone. everyone loves it!...more info
  • cotton candy machine....great for home w/ kids
  • great item for low price
    I was initially focussing on items that cost hundreds of dollars and was thinking that I need to spend that much to get a good cotton candy machine... until I discovered this one

    I trusted the reviewerswho had purchased this item before me and went ahead and purchased it.

    So far it has worked great.. the only thing I learnt through experience is that it is better to use large granules sugar since it has a hard time melting the dominos type of small granules of sugar..also the small granules fly off and most of it got lost.

    it does come with a packet of colored sugar (large granules) u will know what I am speaking abut when u purchase it too....more info
  • Great toy, not to be confused with a real appliance
    Excellence toy for children under adult supervision and a novelty for teenagers and adults. The machine delivers the product: cotton candy, but only in kid-sized portions. Tastes the same as carnival cotton candy but takes 5 to 10 minuets to get a decent sized cone....more info
  • Fun item
    I purchased this item for my daughter for christmas. She loves cotton candy and this was a thrill for her to watch as the cotton candy is made. It does need to be pre heated for a few min for optimal use. It wll shake all over the table because the little suction cup feet do not work. I would not have any child even my 11 yr old could not use this machine. It is soley adult use. It will over heat after making about 4 cotton candy. The candy itself tastes good but it is not like the cotton candy you get at a circus. This one is very lite. But it is fun to watch and the kids were thrilled with it....more info
  • Homemade Fairy Floss Mmmmm
    Overall a good product. It took me a little while to get the hang of it but once I did, I was very pleased. The only thing I found dissatisfying was too much sugar sediment forming around the bowl of the maker. The plastic sticks it comes with makes the cotton candy "slip" a little when you try to really pile it on! Keep the instructions & purchase the paper sticks if possible! Very easy to keep clean & I love the antique look! It makes my kitchen smell like a carnival! Recommended!...more info
  • Good for a home use only product
    i think this machine s fine. I followed the instructions and was able to produce really nice looking cotton candy you just have to have patience. I had no issues getting it to work once you start making cones and the machines heats up well , the sugar really starts going. I had no issues with the candy flying up into the air or heated sugar hitting me. I poured the sugar around the metal spinner and was careful not to get any on the part that spins. if you don't twirl properly the candy will start to move and fly up but you really should be twirling it on a stick or something.Once you get the hang of it , it is quite fun. ...more info
  • Nostalgia Electrics CCM505 Cotton Candy Maker
    The machine itself is cute. I don't like the fact that it put out so much hard melted bits before it actually turns the sugar to floss. Also you can only add a very small amount of sugar at a time and have to turn off the machine in between, when you add the sugar. If your using it just for fun, ok but if your trying to use it for a small party forget it. It is not worth it....more info
  • Good toy for nostalgic persons
    Really good product if you want to just have a toy for remembering old times, it's not fast, it's not professional, it's just a toy and you can get fun of it, not business, I recommend it!...more info
  • Great Product
    We just finished making cotton candy with this machine and found that with some practice one can make a cone of cotton candy that equals the picture on the box. The trick is to shut the machine off, put a scoop of sugar in the hopper and then turn the machine on to force the sugar to the sides of the spinner. Immediately turn the machine off and reload the spinner. Restart the machine. When the web begins catch a little of the web on the cone and then continue to rotate the plastic cone horizontally over the spinner. This will pull the web over the spinner and on to the cone.

    We have owned two other "toy" cotton candy makers and neither produced the amount of cotton candy that this machine can produce. While it is not a professional level machine, at this price range the output is quite satisfactory. ...more info
  • Maybe defective?
    I got this for my kids for Christmas. We were all really excited to try it out. I read all the reviews and researched it. I have to say I was really disappointed. I was never able to produce any cotton candy. I thought that maybe the first time I used it maybe it just didn't get hot enough or that maybe something was clogged, so I cleaned it all up and retried the next morning. I let it warm up longer the second time before adding the sugar and still nothing. It spit out some granulated sugar and the only thing that I got was a small sugar ring around the bowl. I thought, ok maybe it just needs to warm up some more, but after an hour of being on and still not producing anything but a ring, I gave up. I am returning the product. Other reviews have been good, so maybe mine was just defective. I'm debating on whether or not I want to replace it. At this point I will probably wait. ...more info
  • Great for home use
    This unit worked great out of the box. Just preheat like the instructions say and in a minute or so, it starts spinning out floss. We only made a couple of cones at one time so we can't opine about the problems people might have had making multiple cones at one time. It worked very well with the sugar supplied with the unit....more info
  • Don't Buy It
    This product works poorly, you are lucky if you can get it to make enough cotton candy just to cover the stick with a thin layer of cotton candy.
    Don't buy it, I wouldn't if I had the choice again....more info
  • Great product
    Great product, easy to use, easy to clean, cute looks. We got it as a Christmas gift for my daughter. She loves it and uses it at least once a week. Great taste too, depending on the sugar one buys. ...more info
  • Doesn't even last a day!

    I received this machine as a gift. It hardly worked my first time!
    I tried it again a few days later and all I had was a ring of burnt sugar.
    I sent it back and received a new one. It worked really well the first day
    but then sugar went flying everywhere! I won't even sell this product!
    I will let this machine sit under my cabinet, coating in dust. I have other Nostalgia products and I'm happy with them. But this is a dud! ...more info
  • fun but challenging
    It takes about 15-25 minutes to make one like the picture. This is after hours of practice. I noticed the real floss works better than one that came with it. Still, it is fun couple times but when kids are lining up to get some this thing can not keep up and after while it stops working. For 19.99 this may work better but for $39.99, waste of money....more info
  • Yay machine #2
    This the second machine I have purchased both the same type CCM505. I geuss the company I purchased it from didn't handle with care( The problem was with the spinner.
    Anyway this machine was the best! The amount of candy produced is great.Just warm it up for 5mins and your ready to go.It's also really easy to clean.The best part it eating the cotton candy. Competes with the carnival candy.
    My advice BUY IT! You will love it....more info
    I saw all the reviews about this machine and despite the mixed feelings i purchased it. It looked cute too cute to pass up...but I quickly found it to be a total hunk o' junk!. I called the manufacturer who were quite responsive i must say. They thought that the problem was an easy fix and sent me the replacement parts... they even sent it to me 3 day air! yet to my dissapointment the machine still did not work. I sent it back and purchased for $10 more the red cotton candy maker from a competitor and was greatly pleased!!! It cranked out 15 cones in about 30 - 45 mins. Please save yourself some time and energy and dont get this machine. Dont be fooled by the video of the nice lady making the cones... look closely .. the machine that she is using is NOT the same as this one.. not even close!!!...more info
  • Fire hazard
    During the second batch of cotton candy (the first one failed miserably despite following directions) the machine caught fire and flames began leaping from it. It also spewed molten sugar on all of us and severely burned one person. I would not recommend this machine to anyone. Not only did it fail to make cotton candy, but it was a danger to body and home....more info