Maverick CT-03 Digital Oil & Candy Thermomter
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Product Description

Both candy-making and deep-frying require precision timing and heating. Take the guesswork out, along with the hovering by the stove routine, using this easy gizmo. Your end result will be better, and so will your temper.

Equipped with 14 pre-programmed settings, this digital Maverick thermometer helps you achieve ideal results for both candy confections and fried treats. Plus, the simple operation means that you no longer have to stand by the stove and make estimates. In addition to helping get candy textures just right, the thermometer ensures that fried food cooks for the minimum time, so results are more crispy and less fatty.

Sturdily built with a stainless-steel splatter/heat shield, the thermometer features a 10-1/2-inch pivoting probe and a large LCD monitor. Simple icons guide pre-set use, while a handy temperature guide on the back helps out with measurements. Readings can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, and when the ideal temperature is reached, the monitor beeps and flashes. The unit comes with a sturdy clip for the side of the pot and wipes up clean with a damp cloth. Maverick also includes automatic shut-off and a low-battery indicator. The unit runs on a AAA battery, which is included. --Emily Bedard

  • Digital thermometer with 14 pre-programmed settings for hot oil and candy
  • Signals with beeps and flashes when ideal temperature is reached
  • Large LCD monitor; splatter/heat shield; pivoting stainless-steel probe
  • Automatic shut-off after 3-1/2 minutes
  • Runs on AAA battery (included); wipes clean with damp cloth

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Thermometer
    I bought this thermometer for deep frying after watching Alton Brown on the food network channel. It works great. Is easy to read, the flip down splatter screen does what it is supposed to. The thermometer reacts quickly to temperature changes. This has helped me to improve all of my deep fried dishes, which I love.
    Would definately recommend it. Only thing I did not like is it scratches the inside of my fry daddy but I blame that more on the fry daddy's coating.
    ...more info
  • Kept shutting off
    I was using it to monitor the temperature of fondant for making chocolate covered cherries. You have to dip the cherries into the melted fondant and the temp has to stay around 100 degrees. I don't know if it was because the temp was so low but the unit kept on shutting off after about 5 minutes of use and I had to keep turning it back on. When it was working I liked having the digital readout because those analog thermometers are so subjective. One look and you know the exact temperature. If you look at the analogs from the side it looks different than looking at it from the top or the other side. And of course, as my byline says, I do "love my gadgets" so I will keep it and see how it works with something else. ...more info
  • good thermometer
    works perfect for what it was made. for the price it should multifunction as multiple thermometers....more info
  • Digital Thermometer
    I have used this Digital Thermometer to fry various fresh and frozen food items. After I select the display option, I like that this thermometer beeps every time the oil goes back up to the "set" temperature. ...more info
  • Ditigal Thermomter
    I bought this product due to I have purchased many thermomter for making candy. They did not always work. My candy was either to hard or to soft. With the ditgial thermomter I dont have to worry about that. It has a timer that goes off when you candy reaches a certain tempature. I love my digital thermomter. ...more info
  • Great Product
    I have a pastry kitchen set up in my basement.I do refrigerated high end entremets and candy as a side business. I just ordered another one of these thermometers to have a backup to the one I have had for 4 years. The thermometer is very accurate as I have checked it against my mercury laboratory thermometer. No the clip doesn't fit tight against some pans that's just the nature of these things. I have no problem with not being able to put custom settings in the thing because with most candy you have to stir,stir and stir the point is you really have to watch it closely anyway so whatever temp you need you should be there to remove your pot....more info
  • good thermometer
    works perfect for what it was made. for the price it should multifunction as multiple thermometers....more info
  • Awesome
    This has to be the best candy thermometer made. The only complaint is that it would be nice if the readout wasn't quite so big so it would be easier to store....more info
  • Good, not great
    I bought this thermometer after our glass, analog Pampered Chef one broke. I figured digital was "better" somehow than analog, and probably more accurate and easier to read precise temperatures for candy and deep frying.

    Well, a couple things have turned me off to this particular digital thermometer, and some free comments about digital in general.

    First, this thermometer: I must say first that this one is 'OK' -- it works and I use it. Here are a couple annoyances: It has a clip on the metal rod/probe that I think is supposed to hold it firmly against the side of the pan/pot you're cooking in. Well, in short, it doesn't. I was deep frying something last night and again, I had to either catch it from falling over or reach over the hot oil to get it off the stovetop after it slid off the pot several times. It's top-heavy, and it tips and falls over easily, and the clip is not strong enough to hold it steady. Point two, this thermometer only goes up to about 390F, and if what you're cooking is higher than that, the temperature blanks out and it beeps until the temperature comes back down below 390F. Fine -- so the oil is too hot. It's OK to beep, but can I please see if it's either 391F or 500F??

    Next, digital thermometers in general: I don't think they are any more accurate then a regular analog type thermometer. The analog one we had was just hard to read the scale and tell the difference between, say, 233F and 238F, which could make a difference in how your candy comes out. So in that sense, the digital one with numbers is easier to read. The electronics are nice to be able to have an alert when the temp reaches a specified number (one of their preset ones only, though). But, you're probably watching or stirring the pot right there anyway.

    You know, I think next time I would take a well-marked analog thermometer that has a good pan clip on it. You can see how fast something is heating/cooling, it will probably tell you whether your oil is 391F or above, it's not top-heavy, and no batteries are required!...more info
  • Delighted Customer
    I am very pleased with the candy thermometer. I make an old-fashioned fudge recipe, and the cheap thermometer didn't work accurately enough and I ruined three batches. This digital thermometer is a dream kitchen tool for this purpose. The fudge came out perfectly!...more info