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RediCheck Remote Cooking Thermometer w/Taste Settings
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Product Description

While digital probe thermometers are a great invention, they have one drawback: they keep you tethered to the oven or the grill. Not anymore. The Redi-Chek Remote digital probe means you can take the receiver with you, up to 100 ft away (1/3 the length of a football field), and still stay updated on the cooking temperature of your food. Requires 4 AAA batteries (incldued).

Designed for accuracy and remote readings, this digital Maverick cooking thermometer untethers you from the oven or the grill. You can even lie down in the hammock knowing the unit will signal you when food reaches pre-programmed settings. In addition to gauging internal temperature, the thermometer tests degree of doneness, tracks cooking time with a 24-hour timer, and can be programmed for six different categories of meat. When your roast or turkey reaches ideal levels, the receiver beeps and flashes its alert.

Composed of two digital units and a stainless-steel probe on a heat-resistant wire, the kit requires some basic practice at first. After that, use is straightforward and simple. In action, the transmitter shows the current temperature, while the receiver shows meat category, doneness level, set and current temperatures, and cooking time. Each of the digital units includes an integrated stand, and the receiver also sports a clip for your belt or apron. The kit requires four AAA batteries total, which Maverick includes to get you started. --Emily Bedard

  • Remote cooking thermometer with LCD probe and receiver
  • Monitors temperature and doneness of food and signals when ready
  • 24-hour timer programs for six different categories of meat
  • 100-foot range; elapsed cooking timer; LCD screens on both probe monitor and receiver
  • Stainless-steel probe; integrated stand; belt clip; batteries included

Customer Reviews:

  • Not The 2-Probe I Thought I Was Ordering, But Still Good!
    Amazon was sold out of the ET-7 2-probe thermometer. But when I saw the ET-72 for sale, I added it to my shopping cart and ordered it without checking for how many probes it had. When I got it, I was disappointed that it only had one probe. BUT...

    The first thing I noticed was that the temperature read 77 degrees - the exact temperature of the room I was in. So much for it being 15 degrees off, as reported in another review. Just to make sure, I put the probe in my mouth (oh yes I did!) and the temp read 99 degrees. (If it had read 114 degrees, I would have passed out.) So the thermometer really works!

    I haven't cooked with it yet, but I am sure that it will read the temp of my food perfectly. And yes, I will sanitize the probe before I use it on the food. :-)...more info

  • Thank Goodness!
    I bought this remote thermometer to use with my Weber Smoker and can't be thankful enough! Let me start by saying that I read all the reviews and was very skeptical when purchasing this device due to other users complaints. I usually use a Polder probe thermometer to measure the temps when smoking but the only way to check it was to go outside, and I found that I was constantly running in and out. I decided to smoke two large pork shoulders on New's Years Eve night starting around 6pm and ending at around noon on New Years Day for a total of about 17 or 18 hours. Let me say I was not chained to my smoker one bit. I was able to enjoy my evening from inside while constantly monitoring temps. I kept it on my night stand and set the alarm to go off if the temps got too high. Needless to say it was around 35 degrees outside, very windy and then it began to snow very hard. I cannot praise this little device enough and it worked flawlessy. I was able to stay warm inside and only had to go outside a few times to add a little more charcoal and turn the roasts. For the price you cannot beat the convienence this thermometer offers. It was also very easy to figure out and use. Hopefully this will last many more smokes!...more info
  • Poor accuracy
    I purchased this product as a gift, and unfortunately it was my worst purchase of the holiday season. The temperature is not accurate at all, and is 10-30 degrees off when tested in various types of meat.

    I don't know if the unit is bad, the probe is bad, or what is wrong with it but it's completely useless when it comes to preparing food....more info
  • Works well, mostly
    I ordered this remote thermometer after seeing a brief review in the Wall Street Journal. I find that it works well and reports temperatures quite accurately, more so than other electronic thermometers I've tried. I don't consider it "perfect" for two reasons:

    1. There are two components - the sender and the receiver. You have to turn them on or reset them in the right order for them to communicate with one another. I don't use this frequently and always need to refer to the instructions to get them talking to one another.

    2. The transmitter range is so-so in my house (wood frame, two stories). The receiver loses touch with the transmitter if I take it more than a room away from the kitchen. It would be nice if it worked all around the house....more info
  • It doesn't indicate the correct temperature
    The thermometer reads 15 degrees higher than it should (we checked it with a second standard thermometer at the same time)....more info
  • 2 year test drive
    I have a 2 year old version of this product, which took a bit of getting used to...but now it is working out well. Initially I made the mistake of running one of the probe wires right over hot coals and I fried the electronics of my sending unit. I contacted Maverick and they were great about replacing it at no charge. Since then I've had no problems. There is that quirk mentioned in another review about the order in which the transmitter and receiver have to be turned(which I can't remember). I simply try it one way, then the other, need be. Temperature accuracy is good and the product has been reliable. Makes outdoor cooking a breeze and you'll never overcook..which most folks do because they're afraid of the opposite. Make sure the unit continues to receive once you begin. A blinking radar dish icon tells you the sending and receiving units are in touch. If the temperature of your receiving unit doesn't move progressively, be mindful to check for a signal....more info
  • gourmet cook at home
    This worked fine 4-5 times, and then suddenly, the remote unit wont receive the signal. Piece of junk. Dont waste your money....more info
  • Good single probe remote thermometer
    We use this model as well as the dual-probe ET-7 for competition BBQ contests throughout the summer and fall. Sure is nice to be able to tend to other tasks, or just shoot the bull with other teams and still have confidence that you know what your pit is up to at any given time. Highly recommended....more info
  • Redicheck remote cooking thermometer
    This is my husband's favorite tool for grilling and cooking meat without overcooking or undercooking. We had a Redicheck thermometer for many years and just recently to go on a search for a new one. Unfortunately the store where we purchased the original unit had closed. Wefound other thermometers, but they were just not the quality or the price we had with the Redicheck. I finally located the same exact Redicheck unit on Amazon. We love the RediCheck Remote Cooking Thermometer and the great prices and service from Amazon....more info
  • Great product
    The timer and/or thermostat allow me to other chores while the grill is doing its thing. The "belt clip" leaves a little to be desired. I would not use it....more info
  • RediCheck Remote Cooking Thermometer
    We bought this thermometer because one of our adult children got one for Christmas and brought it to our house to use for the roast on Christmas Day. It worked like a charm. The roast beef was done to perfection. As a result, my wife and I decided to get one for ourselves. We have used it several times since we got it.
    Like any of these types of gadgets, it takes a some getting-used-to-it time. We haven't used it on grill yet just in our kitchen oven....more info
  • Great product works like a charm
    I have used the two probe version everytime I have grilled out for about a year, I also use it for meats in the oven. The thermometer works great, meats come out perfectly every time as long as I get the probe in the middle of the meat. I was a little worried that this was a gimmick and would not work or it would be cheap, but it is really a solid product.

    If I have to point out one weakness, I would say that the 100' range is optimistic. I use it about 40 feet from my grill through 1 wall. Any further and it stops updating the temperature....more info
  • Works great!
    I was looking for a thermometer with a remote readout and was reasonably priced. This one is just what I was looking for. I've used it on the grill and in the kitchen and it has improved the quality of my finished product. Before I bought the probe I would overcook the food (erring on the side of safety) and end up with meat that was too dry. With this thermometer that's no longer the case.

    I'm going to address complaints raised by other reviewers. I haven't had any trouble with the probe. It's worked fine and the temperature is more accurate than I expected. It indicates room temperature correctly and when put in boiling water (with the probe not touching the bottom of the pan) it reads 212F. The food I've cooked using it comes out appropriately done. The range is a little shorter than I expected but not so short that it's a problem.

    In short, I would buy this product again....more info
  • Terrible
    This thermometer is very difficult to set up wirelessly. Sometimes it worked and other times my wife and I just used the probe and remote as a stand alone unit.

    Yesterday, the probe stopped working all together. It stated that my meat out of the fridge was 125 deg. I am already researching a new wireless thermometer. This one was a waste of money....more info